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Gerard Butler Points Gun At Jennifer Aniston

Gerard Butler Points Gun At Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston throws her hands up in surrender as costar Gerard Butler takes aim and points at gun at her in Queens, New York on Thursday afternoon (July 9).

The pair was filming scenes for their latest film, Bounty. Synopsis: Bounty hunter Milo (Butler) learns that his next target is his ex-wife Casidy (Aniston).

Looks like Jennifer was handcuffed to a trailer or a car and she tried to escape but Gerry hunted her down!

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  • tina

    Another bad movie from this old cougar.

  • Linda

    Does anyone still care about JA? I am sure she will talk about Pitt/Jolie to get some publicity.

  • Ron

    Is it just me or does this look like another BAAAAAAAD film? She keeps pumping them.

  • Kookabear

    This move looks really bad… surprising because separately I usually like these two.

  • Kookabear

    This movie looks awful !! surprising because I usually like these two…separately…

  • ri23

    Well, pointing the gun is a good start.

  • ellie’

    Jennifer is the best actress, sweet innocent & talented and always will be. I’ve noticed people like stars that have a kinky sexual past with animals drugs men & woman or still does, I personally would pick Jen over anyone at this time. This is a woman with class..

  • asdf

    Is Bounty actually an action movie? Or is it another romance comedy?

  • StinkyLouise


  • Pinkrose

    LOL at # 6 and 9. Does Jennifer wear the same outfit in every scene in this movie?


    I agree with you Ellie. Jen is the most talented actress, she can talk without moving her upper lip. Not even Meryl Streep can do that.

  • zup

    @Linda: Dude, no one cares about “Pitt/Jolie” anymore either. People need to let it go all of this drama, there are most fascinating celebrities around here now.

  • irish girl

    @StinkyLouise: haha be nice!
    I’ll see this movie. Jenn looks like she’s playing against her nicer, sweeter roles (the movie with Clive Owen being another exception). I think the two of them would burn up the screen with their hotness. :)

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @ri23: Shoot! Shoot!
    I couldn’t resist. Ellie. Don’t judge. I think everyone has something in their past they are not proud of. The thing to be admired is when anyone changes for the better. We all were stupid and young at some point. Thank goodness we all turned out to be better adults. Leave the past in the past. Let’s look forward.
    Although I fancy Gerry, Andy Tenant is directing and his last movie “Fool’s Gold” was really horrible. Maybe these two (J & G) can generate enough chemistry to get past a director whose vision for filming is questionable.
    This role might work for Jen because it is so much up her alley. Doesn’t look like a big drama piece so maybe she can do it.

  • Amy

    I’m with Ellie. :)

  • Karen


    Please list them.. I want to know who they are.. Because you are on this thread and not theirs.. And the JPs must be of some interest because they are mentioned every chance anyone get whether the story is about them or not.. Yeah it would be great if the media and haters moved on, but like you everyone has to make a point of always commenting on how over they are of them.. How much they don’t like them and on and on..

    The fact that you made that comment shows that statement to be UNTRUE..

    Jared has post about many different celebs everyday.. Even their fans are not interested enough to get their post to 100 comments..

    But I could be wrong.. please list some of these most fascinating personallities.

  • Emanuelle

    The plot kinda sounds like Mr & Mrs Smith.



    LMAO.. she wishes this film could be that HOT..

  • Jenny Shimizu

    Beautiful as always!

  • ellie’

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    Who did I judge? Also what age is young to you.. 29yrs old?. Thats young?

  • Jack

    Love Aniston! Just because she sometimes answers questions about Brad in interviews doesn’t make her a bad person. At least she’s not exploiting kids for PR. She doesn’t publish intimate photos of family life or talk about her sex life. And she NEVER exploits people who are starving to death to sell movie tix. As usual, expect Brad and Angie to conveniently donate money somewhere the same week that Tarantino movie comes out. I know, I know at least they give money away. It’s how they do and the reasons behind why they do it that is so disgusting.

  • heonlymarriedjen

    This looks like it’s going to be entertaining. Looking forward to seeing Jen on the big screen again!

  • lovealwaysjen

    Classy and funny! Love her!!

  • liverwurst

    Gerry looks like the kind of guy I could cuddle up with…and he’s funny. Love both of these two and looking forward to the film.

  • lmpressedbyJA

    Gotta love her, such a good person. Wishing her all the best.

  • ellie’

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    One more thing did I say someone changed… I don’t think I did ! Read my comment again. Some just never change , they make you think they do… BUT NEVER…..

  • notimpressedbyAJ

    Look who’s laughing now!!

  • kola

    she is very hottttttttttttttttttttttt, than jolie

  • angie’s old nose

    Wonder how many times Brad’s called lately?

  • just for show

    JJ only post the least flattering pics of Jennifer which actually backfires because if this is the worst pictures of her, she’s looking really,really good.

  • Somebody

    Great, just what the world needs another bad Jennifer Aniston movie. Why doesn’t she just go back to tv where she belongs and while she’s at it, get a new hairdo. This is 2009 not 1999.

  • Davids

    Maybe they will date. Get married and divorce.

  • ellie’

    Are you kidding me.. Where the ones that aren’t obsessed. Look at Angies site my GOD you people are fending for her left & right. You all have this need to defend her against Jen.. We Jen fans like Jen a real lot, where not obsessed with not even Jen, thats why we don’t fight on here. Go see for yourself..

  • blalbla

    Same old comments from the haters, they don’t have anything else to say except for the usual stupid comments.

    Everywhere on the internet they say what a stupid people there are on here and that is why i been reading for a while and i have one thing to say they are so right about it.

    I am curious what brad and angelina think of people like you, i have read a comment once from brad who said those people i like to punch them in the face and they need to get a life. I totally think the same way as him.


    Wonder what Gerard thinks about Jen’s upper lip not moving.. I bet men are fascinated by it when she talks to them. They’re probably fascinated to distraction.

  • ellie’

    Looking forward to seeing this movie…

  • StinkyLouise

    So has anyone read the new G interview in Esquire? I hear he denies the Aniston rumours, AGAIN, and drools over Megan Fox. Anyone?

  • kola

    me too looking froward to seeing this movie

  • StinkyLouise

    …………Oh I forgot……SHOOT……DAMMIT………..SHOOOOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!
    It bears repeating.

  • They must be kidding

    Jen Maniston a desirable woman? It’s a joke.

  • chloe moely

    OMG…she looks so stiff.

  • julie

    she is so beautiful and funny! I love her! a lot!

  • gerry


    I wouldn’t characterize it as drooling over Megan Fox. It was in reference to last months Esquire cover. And the Aniston denial was in reference to the non-stop rumors surrounding him. Overall it was a good article. And surprisingly his pics were good too. That is saying something since lately I think he looks horrible…..
    and this movie looks horrible too.
    Enough with the non-stop pics everyday. It’s getting boring. Post them when they are worth posting. Quality over quantity would be a nice change, IMO.

  • lila

    thanks justjared!!!
    I love see jen aniston!!!
    she’s so sexy!!

  • StinkyLouise

    @gerry- Is there a link to the interview?

  • Gracie

    angie’s old nose @ 07/09/2009 at 4:13 pm Wonder how many times Brad’s called lately?

    Which Brad? Do you mean the first dumper or the 7th dumper?




    No Jennifer does not exploite her kids..
    ( Oh wait.. She has no kids.. and taking your kids outside is not exploiting them. I am sure you have posted this about Jen G, Halle, and all the other celebs who have kids who are photographed and the celebs like Gwen, Mattherw, Julia and others who sold baby pics.)

    No Jennifer does not use photos of her family.
    (Wait she does not have one to take pictures of.. unless you count Norman.. and I don’t think her breast feeding Norman would sale.. OH snap maybe it will)

    No Jennifer does not talk about her sex life
    (Wait she does not have one to speak of.. OH are you counting her ______.. and if I was having great sexy time with Mr. Pitt or Ms. Jolie I would be shouting it from the mountain tops)

    No Jennifer does not talk about starving people.. So true. .
    (Wait..she has probably never met, talked to, or touched a person in a refigee camp. nor has she visit injured soldiers. Brad and Angie both took a look in the mirror (credit Michael) changed their ways, and are trying to make the world a better place. I’m sure the refugees she has comforted and the people in NOLA who are in homes are not complaining nor critizing their efforts.

    No Jennifer does not talk about donating money..

    (Wait…she does nothing for anyone unless she gets something back.. Smart water anyone)

    So you are just so on the mark.. Thanks for pointing these things out.. I had not really thought about it before I read your post.. Bravo

  • Karen


    NO you are not fighting on here. because you all have your stupid as$$$ on the Brad or Angie thread. So you might want to climb off that holy then thou mountain. Look at the post from the “Jen fans” that have to compare her to Angelina.. And you are a good one to talk when you are always on a Brad/Angie thread. Don’t call the kettle black..

    Take a look at your self. You are talking out of both sides of you mouth. I can’t count high enough to count the number of times you post on a Brad/Angie thread.. so stop acting as if you are so above it all.. You are in the shi& like everyone else..

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Jack: Conversely, Jen could easily be accused of fauxmances for PR when her movies come out. You say potato, I say pot tato…


    yerr its a mr and mrs smith ,..for fuglies LOL ..they (i love gerard butler but damn man looks frumpy and ugly must be the maniston effect anyhoo…) they both look fcuking fugly ha-ha