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Laetitia Casta: Baby Bump Bikini!

Laetitia Casta: Baby Bump Bikini!

French model/actress Laetitia Casta proudly shows off her baby bump while wearing a bikini at the Castiglione della Pescaia beach in Tuscany, Italy on Thursday (July 9).

The 31-year-old former face of L’Oreal, Dior and Chanel splashed around the water with her children and fiance Stefano Accorsi‘s parents.

Laetitia was also featured in the 1999 Chris Isaak music video for “Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing”.

20+ pictures inside of model Laetitia Casta and her baby bump bikini…

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laetitia casta bikini baby bump 01
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 02
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 03
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 04
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 05
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 06
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 07
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 08
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 09
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 10
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 11
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 12
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 13
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 14
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 15
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 16
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 17
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 18
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 19
laetitia casta bikini baby bump 20

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  • me


  • porsche

    Ewww, that is seriously gross. No one wants to see you falling out of your bikini.

  • lilly

    I think I’m going to be sick. She does not ‘carry’ well at all but I wish her all the best.

  • Raquel

    Lilly how on eath does she nor carry well? WTF, and porsche get a life, dont click on the photos if you think pregnant women are gross, dumbass!

  • L

    Sorry, but it isn’t attractive to be that pregnant and wearing a bikini.

  • yawn

    Wow and proud to be pregnant! I can’t see nothing wrong with it!

  • ohno

    These pics should be used to promote safer sex and birth control. Oh well, she’s happy with her bump so good luck to her.

  • WTF

    sorry, but I wouldn’t be wearing a bikini if I’m pregant…

  • brownstar

    no class whatsoever. cover up honey, you look cheap

  • vanessa

    gawd prego ppl scare me…I’m never having kids. there is nothing beautiful about child birth…nothing what so ever.

  • cool dude

    don’t they only have MATERNITY one piece bathing suits? that’s for a reason!

  • cool dude

    don’t they only have MATERNITY one piece bathing suits? that’s for a reason!

  • rotflmao

    aliens yuck

  • lilly

    Oh be quiet! I’m a mother and have absolutely nothing against pregnant women. I am entitled to my opinion. Her bump is not particularly pleasant to look at in my opinion. If you don’t like my view too bad. FYI, I did not click on the photos either, dumbass!

  • ri23

    Vomit. Her preggo belly looks like a boob.

  • Honey

    I don’t know who she is…

  • Vicki


  • grumpy

    vulgar, immodest, disrespectful, distastful. were I her intended, I would have serious reservations, considering she treats her unborn child with such disrespect. If she thinks that look is attractive, she is sadly mistaken………..

  • lilly

    Some pregnant women can certainly wear a bikini and look great, but usually they have a nice round bump, not pointy like Casta. As long as the baby is healthy.. that’s what matters.

  • lily

    Ew. Her belly looks like a third boob.

  • Jane

    I don’t a damn if you are pregnant. COVER UP YOUR STOMACH IN PUBLIC. SOME THINGS ARE JUST NOT FOR PUBLIC VIEW! It does not look good. It looks trailer trashy.

  • Tom

    She looks good

  • letitbe

    Pix are pretty gross and raw but it seems she likes being preggars. Good for her!

  • lk

    I think Pregnant women are cute but at least put on a tankini! You can be ok with your bump and still present yourself in a classy way!

  • Ariana

    ew im sorry but thats just nasty….

  • Djofra

    I dont see anything wrong, she is pregnat and she is having fun at the beach. Nevermind what people think – is she fat or thin, or pregnat or blond ..etc. these women who are shame of their bodies …just stay at home!
    go go letitia!

  • Pinkrose

    What a sl;ippery slope we are on as a society!!
    The paps need to show more respect to a pregnant woman…not be shooting her crotch and posting it online…while she stoops playing with her toddler. And this woman ought to have more respect for herself and learn how to conduct herself as a female and especially as a pregnant female. Stooping and opening your crotch to the paps and bending uver with your exposed as in the air is not proper behaviour. Little kids on the beach don’t need to be seeing her exposed crotch. Who does she think she is?

  • chloe moely

    this is so gross & unladylike. My grandmother is turning
    in her grave.

  • kate

    I’m happy that she’s happy to be pregnant – good on her.

    BUT – seriously, there are some things that are just best kept from full-on public consumption. Like full-term pregnant women in bikinis. There’s no need for a whole lot of the excess skin we see in public nowadays. Jesus – what happened to mystery, personal decorum, subtlety……..

  • Maud

    @ Djofra:

    Thank you. Finally someone with an open mind.
    She probably didn’t even know there were paps on the beach.

    And in Europe pregnant women are not forced to follow stupid conventions like “wear only one piece bathuit suit”, “cover your belly woth a tankini”. She’s beautiful. She’s happy. And her man is sexy.

    Go on and criticize Britney Spears who never wears a bra whatever top she’s got on! That’s gross to me!

  • stellartes

    OMG people here…she is just pregnant…jeeez

  • bubbaness

    I don’t see anything wrong with bare pregnant bellies. She just doesn’t look good because her bikini is way, WAY too small.

  • Mother Hubard

    She is pregnant,NOT FAT!!! Ok, preggo lovers. I don’t get why people say pregnancy is beautiful.Can retire that old saying.

    Do you think a crackhead mom of 4 is beautiful? NO!!!

    That being said, she would look better in a maternity tankini ,swimsuit .That is what they are made for and they are made with support. .

    If she is beautiful,then an over weight woman is beautiful too. Fat is natural. We all can’t be a size 0 or a fat size 2.

  • eva

    pregnant women SHOULD NOT wear bikinis. It’s sick. WEAR MATERNITY WEAR!

  • Me!

    Ouch! Looks very uncomfortable! She must be due like now:-)
    And that is a serious baby bump—no doubt about that!

  • cutiemcfreckles

    I’ve always loved her. She is a true beauty!

  • depeche

    I dont care about her, but her husband is killer hot, God im so jealous Stefano Accorsi is such a cutie

  • Mousse


  • ri23

    Mother Hubard: Exactly. Pregnancy is beautiful is just what preggos tell themselves so they won’t slit their wrists for nine months. It’s disgusting.

  • Ckayed

    I don’t think pregnanat women are gross but there comes a time in the pregnancy when one doesn’t don a bikini — seriously, it is not attractive… it just isn’t.

  • irish girl

    Americans are so CONSERVATIVE! It aggravates me.
    As for the posts that say she should behave more “lady-like” and cover up because she’s a woman… guess what folks? This isn’t Saudia Arabia. Women fought hard to be able to express themselves in any way that they want. In some countries, you would not even be able to type, let alone speak, your point of view. If you don’t like it, there are many more conservative countries that would welcome you with open arms, I’m sure.
    Just remember this… the same freedoms that allow you to express your opinions are the same freedoms that allow this woman to dress how she pleases. I wouldn’t be so quick to relinquish her of that right… going down that road is a very, very slippery slope.

  • Sarah

    Give the girl a break, its super hot in Italy at the moment, and she’s very pregnant, the last thing she probably wants to do is cover up! She’s a mum, she’s playing with her child and as for “crotch shots”….you try bending over when you’re that pregnant!! The fact that paps are taking photos of her is the most sick thing and if you don’t want to see her, don’t click on the photos!! Stop being so judgemental!

  • jaye


  • Toni

    ughhh there went my mcgriddle

  • Toni

    ughhh there went my mcgriddle

  • mel

    and who said she wants to be attractive by wearing it?

  • Lilou

    I cannot believe what I am reading….

    Some people want her to cover up… But it’s the most natural thing in the world!!! Why should she hide it???

    How do you think you moms looked like when they were pregnant with you???? I am sure they would be thrilled to read your sorry comments….

    This world is so up side down….

    Women always have to be so prefect… No cellulite, no extra pounds, no pregnant belly… It’s a shame if you see that kind of things… But it’s OK to have fake boobs, fake hair (with extensions), fake tan, fake teeth etc….

    Serioulsy, people… She is PREGNANT…

    The problem is not her 2 pieces bathing suit….

    It’s that they are people taking her pictures while she is in vacation. The problem is that those pictures are sold. The problem is that those pictures are published on website and magazines.

    It’s all upside down… The girl is BLAMED for being on vacation while pregnant…

  • irish girl

    @Lilou: Excellent points.

  • Kitty

    Wow there are some really shallow people posting comments on this site. I think Laetitia looks great and it’s awesome she’s pregnant and proud. We need to stop shaming women about their bodies.

    This is what motherhood looks like and to say it’s “disgusting” or “nasty” is just plain ignorant. Your respective mothers looked like Laetitia when they were pregnant with you. Were your mother’s ugly?You should be happy for Laetitia instead of putting her down. Shame.

  • mel