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Megan Fox is a Sexy School Girl

Megan Fox is a Sexy School Girl

Wearing a sexy school girl uniform, Megan Fox shows off some serious leg in this new poster for her upcoming movie, Jennifer’s Body.

The sc-fi thriller tells the story of a cheerleader who is possessed by a demon and starts feeding off the boys in a Minnesota farming town. Jennifer’s Body opens everywhere on Friday, September 18.

If you missed the trailer, be sure to check it out now!

Bigger poster inside…

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megan fox jennifers body poster 01

Credit: Bloody-Disgusting
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  • karenina

    only watching it for adam brody:)

  • hmmmmmm

    looks kinda dumb… but she’s gorgeous.

  • sooo

    i have a great feeling that the movie is gonna suck!

  • j


  • very much photoshopped

    she trashes everybody because she wants to be taken seriously as an actress and yet all she does are lame movies that only shows her cleavage, ass and legs

  • foxy wanna be

    I might watch it since I like sci fi thriller stuff but probably not in the threatre! No I will paid my bus fair, the ticket and food to watch her when I can watch it for free on line.

  • vicks

    @karenina: same here :)

  • Jensen


  • jd09

    I love that she actually wears those shoes as part of her ensemble. Most celebrities wouldn’t be caught dead twice in the same thing. Rock on Megan Fox keep pushing non-conventionalism (don’t know if that’s a word)!!

  • Ilia

    This promotional poster is so Dexter-esque. I think this role suits her the best. The bloody piranha teeth are so sexy – she can chew on me anytime.

  • JJ

    YAY!! I LOOOVE Campy horror flix! this one is gonna be good!
    I luv me some Megan FoX!!
    Cant wait!

  • Caribbean

    I have reconsidered, I do not like her!! I think she only says she likes Angelina so that she can get all her fans along with everything else she is trying to steal.
    Study her carefully and do not be fooled. If she does things on her own merit then…..

  • haleigh


    LOVE adam brody!!!!!

  • M

    i really thought she had sexier legs.

  • fresh

    Why are you promoting her and this movie so hard? IThe trailer was horrible and im tired of this girl already. She’s not too bright and she has no talent.

  • xero

    This is a cute picture of her.

  • jdub

    cant wait for this movie! looks silly but will prob b hilarious…oh and i def thought that was a pic of Mila Kunis before i read the title

  • LuckyL

    Uglier than usual. Side angles are definitely not her friend.

  • maggie

    booyah to Hollywood for hirins this woman who cant act and so full of herself

  • Neil

    I think this is going to be Megan’s break-out movie. She is big now but hasn’t really been a movie’s headline attraction. Isn’t Diablo Cody involved with this? And Adam Brody? And Amanda Seyfried? This looks like it could be fun. Looking forward to hit. Please don’t hate me fellow Angie fans.

  • Neil

    bobe @ 07/09/2009 at 11:26 pm

    Timi, you are such a parasite!

  • ocsethummer

    Adam Brody is a real draw card for this movie. Cant wait. His other movie Death in Love opens soon. A Couple of Dicks with Bruce Willis is filming, we definitely need more Adam movies.

  • chelsea

    I really don’t get why all of you are hating on Megan and this movie. The movie is written by an oscar winner. So I bet the writer knew what she was doing. Second I saw the trailer and even though I don’t like Megan, her acting was better than I expected. She is a beautiful girl, probably is too honest, but don’t diss her all the time.

  • Ridgie

    her nose looks weird

  • sarah

    adam brody is the only reason i am interested in this movie.

  • joy

    She looks great duh! But I saw the trailer for this and it looks like utter crap. She should seriously stick to looking pretty. It works better if she just keeps her mouth closed she’s a horrible actress.

  • Noticias de famosos

    She has only physical …

  • Donna

    Dude, I kinda feel bad for her. It’s obvious all of Hollywood is using her looks and “sex symbol” status as an advantage. Her acting sucked in “transformers” but if you notice there were some scenes were it was purposely there to sell her “sexyness”

  • Donna

    Dude, I kinda feel bad for her. It’s obvious all of Hollywood is using her looks and “sex symbol” status as an advantage. Her acting sucked in “transformers” but if you notice there were some scenes were it was purposely there to sell her “sexyness”

  • Maddie

    Bahahah… Love it. Megan fox is so hot! It’s just insane. I actually think this movie is gonna rock. It looks quite comedic.

  • Sally

    I don’t know about the movie, but… this is a gorgeous pic of a gorgeous girl.

  • cohen

    how about some adam brody pics? PLEASE??

  • caty

    gosh, the poster is nice but megan looks arrogant, like always!

  • posey

    ugh…kick her out of there.

    she is the wrong role model. We have enough bimbos.

  • aNDREW

    That would be a good idea! Sending her back to school so she learns how to use her brain. :) She is sexy but the moment she opens her mouth she turns me off.

  • irish girl

    Hot as usual. Hmmm… I have shoes similar-ish to those.

  • the last laugh

    megan fox is a million times hotter than angelina jolie.

  • lakers fan in boston

    im still not convinced if ill watch it
    she looks pretty good on that cover and i swear she has those shoes
    i think ive seen her wear them

  • LuckyL

    Neil @ 07/10/2009 at 12:08 am
    People are going to see it for the other big-name actors and then people will pretend she was the draw.

  • blah

    This movie looks stupid. I hated Juno, so I won’t even bother with this.
    And, wow, what a shock. They’re promoting the movie by using the “oh look how hot megan fox is” card. Didn’t see that one coming.

  • dee

    ahhh shes soooooooooo cuuttee!!! frikkkin love this Beyotch!!

  • queen bee

    gah, this girl sucks, she only has that body, and then bam! nothing else
    she can’t act, she’s not smart, she can’t do anything else…
    this movie will suck REALLY hard, and for those adam brody fans, according on what i’ve read, he’s not so many time on the movie, so blah… she meets him and his band, flirt, the bar when they are burns or something, i’m not sure i was reading fast, and then she leaves with them and when she comes back she’s covered in blood and that’s it, not more adam :(
    this movie is going to REALLY suck, seriously…and she thinks with this role she’s going to change something? it’s like acting like her but with the “i eat guys”part, everything else she’s just her, the hottest girl around, blahblahblah
    damn you effing wannabe…

  • scruffy puffy


  • hello

    @queen bee: Why would you bash someone who hasn’t been tested as an actress yet? lf she sucks then she sucks but at least wait until the movie comes out.

  • Big Pimpin’

    her nose looks like a frickin witch!

  • suppress your appetite

    She looks nice! sexy girl…