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Michael Jackson's Kids -- New Childhood Pictures!

Michael Jackson's Kids -- New Childhood Pictures!

Scope out these new exclusive pics of Michael Jackson with two of his three kids — Paris and Michael Joseph Jr. (also known as Prince Michael) — from the new issue of OK!.

In this picture, Prince, 4, and Paris Jackson, 3, play dress-up in 2001 at the Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County, Calif.

Also pictured is Michaelat Neverland, celebrating Prince‘s sixth birthday in 2003 with a Spider-Man-themed party. Cute!

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  • dali

    please leave them alone, they deserve some privacy, you know they’re just kids, but they’re so cute

  • haley


  • chloe moely

    This kids loved their daddy so so so much.
    You can feel it, see it & hear it.
    I was not a huge music fan but I’m a fan of his

  • sammi

    One thing that MJ did so right was to give his children a childhood. By hiding their precious faces from the prying public ( no matter the masks or veils), he allowed them to be kids. His 3 kids probably got to attend b-day parties and movies, ect w/o anyone ever knowing who they really were. Brilliant!!! RIP MJ.

  • Me!

    Why would he bleach his kid’s hair?
    I agree though that the kids are beautiful and that they deserve some privacy.

  • meee

    leave them alone
    RIP MJ

  • Nahla

    Cute…..But yeah their privacy should be a little more respected. I never understood it why MJ’s kids are so..white?! I mean, (I’m not racist at all lol…..I hate racism) hmm MJ is black and well, when your father is black, you most likely get Afro features… least some little noticeable ones……but his kids, they’re just plain white lol…Magic I guess! =) I mean even though he “enwhitened” himself or changed his skin tone if you want an existant term, you cannot avoid one major part of your roots right?

  • pinkydoo

    Speaking of roots, why on earth would his hair get bleached? I don’t get it.

  • brittany

    So if you look at Michael’s younger days photos, the early years, you can see a resemblance in all his children’s faces. WOW. Michael in all his eclectic ways was really just a great and loving and very protective daddy.
    God Bless his beautiful children.

  • sheri-lynn

    Love this photo. Reminds me of my 2 kids at the same age. My son used to love to have his hair messed with. We bleached, gooped ,hi-lighted, and streaked and spiked, all the time!!! So Cute these 2 and you can tell, very secure and happy kids!!!

  • Mother Hubard

    They are beautiful kids,not because they are 100% PURE White, not unpure American White,but Pure European White.
    Wiat,don’t play the racist card with me,because I think the Obama girls are cutie pies.They are going to be pretty women like Michelle Obama.

    These kids are LEGALLY MJ’s and LEGALLY DEBBIE ROWE’s.
    That woman is not the biological mother because they look nothing like her. She is kind of ugly. They are not MJ’s biological kids either. HOWEVER, ROWE needs to step upon July 13,and declare her rights and raise them TheJac$on$ can have full visitsition. Rowe has more money than many in the Jack$on family.The kids 40% should be held in trust until they are 21.NOBODY GETS IT!!!!!
    These poor kids need PRIVACy and a normal as in normal for rich kids. Rowe can better provide that.

  • Rhonda

    Michael did a wonderful job with his kids. They are beautiful and Paris broke my heart, she wanted everyone to know how much her daddy loved them and how much they loved him. I wish he would have given them a good choice for guardian. Kathryn is a saint but she is 80 years old. I hate to see the children turn out like Michael in the fact he was everybodies “meal ticket”.

  • tracy

    My heart just aches for MJ’s children. I hope they remain w/ the Jackson family. You can tell they are so comfortable w/ them and it would be tragic to tear that security for them. All 3 of them. Michael loved his kids and only wanted happiness for them. Leave them alone and RIP Michael.

  • Tammy

    His kids look EXACTLY like Michael when he was that young

    You haters!!!

    Mike had blue eyes and so do these kids. They have his genes

  • Rosie O’donut

    looks like he was starting to treat his kids like lab rats with the bleached hair, lipstick and blush on the boy that made him look like a doll baby….

  • Tonton

    The kids look 100% black

  • audrey

    More pictures of Michael Jackson’s Kids on :

  • soopx

    The Children are Beautiful.
    R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

  • gunnfan

    Someone opened coughed up their old personal pics to make a buck off of these children. Shameful.

  • ri23

    Holy shit — Flowers In The Attic.

  • May

    @Mother Hubard: Are you dumb? Paris looks like her mom. And she does not have more money than the jacksons.. Michael left a lot of money.

  • simpson

    What a beautiful family Michael created. It is so tragic that these precious children will grow up w/o their daddy. Mj’s wishes for his children should be honored. He raised them. Only he knows what is best for them, NOT an outsider, which is really what Debby Rowe is and choose to be. If she makes waves about custody, it is ONLY about the money involved, not their happiness!!!!!

  • Jess
    check out this’s a MUST!! prince and paris are so adorableeeee in this one!!! and prince looks like the little kid kid from pet semetary LOL too cute!

  • M

    Leave the children alone.

  • sunnee gurl

    Really now, Debby Rowe was never really involved in this families life. EVER. She took the money, signed the papers and went on her merry way and never looked back, until now. I smell a rat wanting control of the kids money. I see nothing in Debby that suggest she loves or cares about their happiness. It’s all about MJ’s money!!!!

  • jaye

    Yep he gave them a private Childhood, but for whatever reason, now they’re going to be very PUBLIC. Who is releasing these pictures now?

  • KiraK

    Although I know it has occurred in the lives of others, it is sad to think any of these children had their hair bleached at such an early age. The only sane thing on behalf of these children who are likely born of the DNA of two Jewish people, is for the Courts to grant the biological mother custody if it is her desire to complete the raising of these children. They do not have a chance with that family after being thrust into the limelight of the circus-like memorial (after Michael Jackson kept them private up until his death). I believe Paris was prompted to give those comments and the reason she brokedown under the eyes of millions of people around the world and, also, they are dressing the youngest (ponytail, white socks, and an MJ doll in his hands) like MJ.

  • Martine E

    Those children are so lovely and appear well mannered and groomed. I know they miss their daddy, and I hope they get to stay with the Jackson’s and their Nanny. Very lovely. I wish the absolute best for them always, and may their new angel watch over them.

  • pippi

    leave them alone! Rest in peace Michael and my prayers are with their kids.

  • Sailor

    I must tell you that I love your website, but posting these pictures of his kids and him, I have lost a bit of respect for you.
    I know a magazine published them (which I find very wrong) but you are not doing much better than posting them onto a site.
    They are private memories and should be left alone.

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson

  • what a great dad!!!

    Leave this lovely family alone. They were happy with Michael and you can tell they love their Aunties and Uncles. Why rip them apart even more!!!
    God Bless and many heartfelt prayers go out to these children.

  • Jess

    his hair is not bleached?? debbie’s hair is just as blonde….but now he is obviously gradually moving into MJ’s looks..

  • SAndy

    As for Debby I guess we do not know the truth to the matter. Michael traveled the world and as Debby was quoted on an interview Michael never held up to their agreed visitation schedule.

    Not loving the fact that an elementary aged boy has his hair bleached.

  • hello!

    Love this picture!!!!!!!!!!
    Leave them alone and RIP MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kate

    You shouldn’t post these. They are children, not entertainers. They deserve their privacy. It’s inappropriate. You should honor his desire to keep his children out of the public eye.

  • sambo



  • sambo



  • sillyme

    Wow, so all of a sudden, all these pictures of the kids are appearing, after Michael tried so hard to protect their privacy. So, the question is, who’s trying to make money off of the kids? The Jackson brothers? Wouldn’t surprise me.

    As for Debbie Rowe, the truth is we don’t know what kind of relationship she has had with those children. Truthfully, I don’t know what makes more sense. Have them being raised by the same people who raised Michael and his siblings (and look how dysfunctional that family is), or by Debbie Rowe, who I think would keep them out of the public eye. What I’m afraid of with the Jackson’s is that they will be used to make money and be thrown out in front of the public, the way they were at the funeral. The way Janet forced that microphone into that little girl’s face was pretty disgusting, I think. Either way, I feel sad for those kids.

  • Wonderwho?

    Who’s releasing the photos for money now? Probably the greedy family who went to the property in a rental truck immediately after his death to confiscate his worldly possessions for themselves. Wonder what other incriminating evidence they took to protect the reputation and to put the complete blame on doctors? It was clear from the beginning, they are out for the biological parents (as they don’t want to lose their “golden mini-cash cows” because they are now their meal tickets with most of them being in bankruptcy. This will be another Stern-Birkhead situation wherein the Dannielynn photos have gotten sold to line their pockets. America must get behind Debbie Rowe as there were far too many public threats (continuing even yesterday) by made by the black spokespersons of this family who are responsibile for having destroyed the psyche of the little boy, Michael Jackson.

  • hello!

    What the heck is wrong with you posters who are obviously racist!!!! This was a loving family no matter who the bio-parents were/are. This was a very happy family. And to suggest that the bio-mother would be a better parent NOW, is ridiculous. She was never part of their lives. They were obviously happy with their Dad. How can you be so evil with your racist comments!!!!

  • http://yahoo gabyand gaby

    please just let those kids be happy with there family and those who really love them and there mom i dont think loves them cuz she left them

  • savethem

    Pray for the biological mother and hold the children in the light as, presently, they do not have a chance for a normal outcome under the influence of that family.

  • TONI

    Considering Michael’s enormous issues with his own looks, one would have hoped he would have tried to teach his children that they are beautiful as they are and not in need of cosmetic changes. Bleaching a child’s hair that age is not really normal behavior in my opinion.

  • Shirley

    leave them alone…they deserve it!

  • Raquel

    Its sad that now people are leaking private pictures of Michael’s kids, since we know he would have HATED to see this.Whoever is doing it, doesn’t realize that in the long run they are hurting these children by exposing them like this.Even if they get a fortune for them, i hope they are proud and will get their karma back!!!

  • Annie

    Can you people shuttup up already about the kids hair being bleached? You are aware of kids HAVING beach blonde hair when their younger..and gets darker as they grow older..right? It’s not rocket science..helllllo!

  • sojia

    It is a shame that these children now have no privacy in their grief. MJ spent all their lives trying to protect them from being photographed, so they could be real kids. Now that he is gone, their photos are everywhere.
    Be respectful and leave them alone and out of the media!!!!!!
    RIP Michael and we pray for your beautiful children.

  • Kat

    This is awful. Michael tried to hard to protect their privacy when he was alive to give them normal lives, and now they are never going to have any privacy because they’ll always be in magazines. Whoever is giving or selling these pictures ought to be ashamed of themselves. Now everyone is trying to make money out of them. Even theyre own mother, who SOLD her kids (literally…whatever the circumstances, he gave her money and she handed her children over) now wants them back after all this time. I feel so sorry for them :(

  • Brittny

    @Tammy: LMAO! Mike did not have blue eyes you delusional person!

  • marie

    I think it’s a shame that Michael bleached that poor boy’s hair. It is commonly known that the bleach chemicals are toxic, especially for a child. You’re not supposed to die your hair when you’re pregnant.
    Looks like Michael did not just try to change himself, he also tried to change the looks of his children. I’m not liking it