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Miranda Kerr: Naked For Art!

Miranda Kerr: Naked For Art!
  • For the sake of art, Miranda Kerr drops trou.
  • Anna Kournikova gives us a view.
  • Justin Timberlake is an ace at golf.
  • Bruno covers Out magazine.
  • Christopher Meloni whips out the big guns.
  • Karl Lagerfeld disses French actress Audrey Tatou.
  • Paris Hilton heads to court.
  • Eva Longoria and Tony Parker party like rock stars.
  • Bruno does Today‘s Matt Lauer.
  • Child stars sure do grow up fast.
  • Michael Jackson‘s casket exits via secret tunnel.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio and BFF Lukas Haas were spotted hanging out at the new Hotel Griffou on West Ninth Street.
  • Robin Williams will return to HBO this December with his first stand-up special for the network in seven years. HBO will tape a Weapons of Self-Destruction tour stop in November.
  • Pamela Anderson is rumored to be making a cameo appearance in the big-screen remake of Baywatch.
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  • miranda kerr

    she’s pretty, but her body is so skinny..she needs to plump it up a little…

  • 2

    wow what a shock. she’s showing her skin. isn’t that what slutz do?


    These pictures of Miranda are just BEAUTIFUL!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks really wierd in the photos so im not liking them that much
    i liked the other ones where she actually showed nipple
    lmao i had no idea mickey rourke even tony parker

  • http://justjared lol

    The Delphi idiots are here before everyone else they can’t wait for Miranda Kerr threads to dish their hate those people need help they are obsessed .

  • silly putty

    What were they thinking when they hired the bimbo Paris to do a film??

    They got exactly what they paid for- a huge flop.

  • Karen

    I saw Sasha (Bruno) on the Today show.. I don’t know if I will see the movie.. but that was the funniest interview I have seen in a long time. I swear… I almost peed my pants when he found out he was being banned and wanted a close up.. I wish the movie could just be about Bruno being interviewed.. I will give him credit.. Sasha is a man that dances by his own tune.. and he is damn quick on his feet.. like him or not.. he is an orginal.. and to me that is rare in the hollywood world where everyone is starting to look alike.. dress alike, copy others.. and so on.. We need more orginals. They are becoming a lost breed..

  • wow

    Miranda looks amazing!
    Those pictures are gorgeous!

  • @2

    So are you saying that all models who pose like this are ****s?
    Or just Miranda?
    What about Doutzen, Adriana, Heidi, Alesandra, Gisele, Naomi, Bar, Kate, Jessica, Anna BB, etc., etc., etc.?
    What about them?
    Are they *****s too?

  • Vicki

    Shes a whore.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    It probably is a good thing that the burial of Michael Jackson is kept private for awhile. Some idiot will try to exhume his body for ransom. I’m sure the Jackson family will have security guard’s for some time protecting his grave site, when it becomes public knowledge.
    How sad that he cannot even be buried in peace.

  • photoshop

    Holy crap they airbrushed the shit out of her….
    It doesnt even look human!

  • LOL

    When doesn’t she get naked? So far, we’ve had naked for art, naked for the koalas (um, OK) and naked for Pirelli in what looks like soft porrn.

  • Ummm

    She’s got U G L Y feet. . Put some shoes on, please.

  • yawn

    Look at all the magazine covers of this girl – either naked/seminaked or for mens magz. And yes those models mentioned above have a share of their nudities, but that’s once in a blue moon and most them are regular on HF magazines, NOT the cheap ones Kerr usually graces with her naked body!

    @stupid JustJared

    Why not post the recent p*rn Pirelli Calendar? That’s more what you can call prestige ‘rollseyes’

  • wickedbiyatch

    So much for feeling uncomfortable posing naked like with the p*rn Pirelli, ayt Kerr? What a BIG liar, prententious, famehoring class act!

  • talan

    Is this Mirandas head? I don’t think so. It is not her nose, not her chin (another one is missing), not the real shape of her cheeks, not her hair – it is doubled on this photo. If her beauty is so natural, why is she so heavily photoshoped on every official photo she make?

  • http://justjared wow

    Miranda is stunning the Delphi fatties are just jealous her body is to die for and news flash losers she is a model not a nun lololololol have you seen what kind of photo shoots Bar has done recently ? lolololol .

  • @15

    Oh, so that men’s magazine that Doutzen poseed for wearing only tacky tan lines and a ciggie, is now considered a HF magazine?
    Uhmmm, OK.
    Oh, and FYI….Doutzen posed for Pirelli last year.
    Is this another one of your double standards??

  • @16

    When did she ever say that she was uncomfortable?
    She never said that. She has always said that she was very comfortable in her own skin. She even once jokingly called herself a nudist, when she had to change behind a bar for a photoshoot.
    Oh, that’s right.
    You’re one of the ones that believe anything that a tabloid prints as long as it suits you agenda.
    Unless you are a complete prude, thos pictures are beautiful. Her body is fit and amazing. Nothing wrong with those at all.

  • Stealth

    Miranda Kerr is wayyyy to bony to be sexy. Victoria Secret models should look better than this. Remember the voluptious lovelies VS used to have: Laetitia Casta, Tyra Banks, Frederique Van Der Wal, Stephanie Seymour….I miss those days. Now they have tooth picks modeling panties. Not a good look.

  • yawn

    FYI the Pirelli that includes the models Fontana and Kroes didn’t have any nudity and it’s done with real art with the Chinese theme back in China, not unlike the p*rn motiff where Kerr tries convincingly that she aint comfortable!

    LOL all the models mentioned above have their shares of nudity! The difference with them if they pose seminaked/naked, is that it’s not very often and with renowned magazine unlike the cheap ones Kerr most of the time has.

    See, Kerr only poses for OZ version of men’s magz! No international HF magz want her(in her entire career so far, she only had Bazaar UK and Elle Spain)

  • @22

    Didn’t you read #19′s post?
    Here, I’ll repeat it for you…
    “Oh, so that men’s magazine that Doutzen posed for wearing only tacky tan lines and a ciggie, is now considered a HF magazine?”
    That wasn’t a HF magazine, that was a men’s magazine. And the poses that she did for that shoot were FAR more suggestive than Miranda’s photos.
    And as #20 said, she has NEVER said that she was uncomfortable.

  • yawn

    So? All of the models mentioned above have their share of nudities for men’s magz…. Whose model doesn’t by the way? The thing is, those models don’t often pose naked in men’s magz unlike Kerr, whose cover records revolve only in posing naked/semi naked for men’s magz…

    You can rationalize all that you want, and why does it have to be always about Kroes… is she even mentioned? If you want to compare Kerr’s covers/editorials, try to compare with someone who’s at her level! Besides, those models’ names mentioned have had their fair share of covers/editorials with almost all kinds of magazine!

    Where does it leave Kerr… posing NAKED again and again and again for men’s magz or even just for eds for some unknown magz. That’s my point! Try to deny it and pipz will just laugh at you!

    The thing is… no respected and renowned fashion magz want Kerr!Gosh even the OZ version of Vogue can’t even have her on the cover, instead a semi naked ed AGAIN!

    Kerr wouldn’t be criticized so much if she’s just playing it real, it’s not bad to lie sometimes, but to lie and pretend most of the time is just pathetic!

  • gingernut


    She did say she was uncomfortable at the Pirelli shoot. Or at least afterward said she was.

  • @25

    Something that happened during that particular shoot may have made her uncomfortable. But she isn’t uncomfortable with nudity, itself.
    That is two different things.

  • @gingernut

    Don’t be confused about the claims of Kerr… She’s a very good LIAR lol

    Almost everything she says is contradicted by what she does lol

  • @24

    If you insist on ranting, at least get your facts straight….
    “posing NAKED again and again and again for men’s magz”
    Miranda has NEVER posed for a men’s magazine. The ONE men’s magazine that featured her on the cover used an old photo shoot, because she refused to pose for them.
    Maybe you should be the one being called a liar for twisting facts ONCE AGAIN!

  • @27

    How is that being contradictory?

  • LOL!

    I see that our favorite delphite, ‘sweet bee’ has arrived.
    I’m glad. I’ve missed her syntax errors.

  • @28


    All the same men’s magz lol Whateva!

    MensStyle OZ(halfnaked/topless) FHM UK(nipple slip, if she doesn’t want to pose or has something to do with them, she just have to say no, don’t put my halfnaked/nippleslip pic on your cover and ed) Vman(naked) and the list goes on… and not just with men’s mags! even in just random shots!

    Professional LIAR

    She’s proud to be a NUDIST and be it, don’t just try to spin it around as if she’s the good/demure/gentle country girl! The hell she’s a professional SL*T who willing to do everthing to get attention. Try harder RandaMay lol

  • @31

    My goodness you are an angry person.
    Models don’t own the right to their pictures once they sign a release for them. They can be re-sold to anyone who wants them.

  • janet

    LEO IS GAY?????????

  • @janet et al

    LOL – why, of course Leo is GAY! LOL – didn’t you know? (Delphi loons and ‘Delphi wannabes’ doing their worst to veer completely off topic – on purpose of course.) Such immature lame brains – but at least they keep us chortling.

  • michael m

    Smokin’ She’s a beauty- no doubt. Though the photo looks touched up, I’ve seen bunchs of them and she’s super fine in each one. Video interviews to me show she’s personable and seems that she even stops for the camera instead of shying away or ducking out on publicity mongers and Paparazzi jerks. GORGEOUS!

  • angel

    @miranda kerr:


  • Beautiful Leo

    Leonardo is straight.

  • suppress your appetite

    I love her