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Rachel Weisz: Ban Botox!

Rachel Weisz: Ban Botox!

Rachel Weisz doesn’t dig the frozen faces of Hollywood, she tells the August 2009 issue of UK’s Harper’s Bazaar (via Fox News).

“It should be banned for actors, as steroids are for sportsmen,” the 39-year-old British actress says of Botox. “Acting is all about expression; why would you want to iron out a frown?”

As for fashion, Rachel says, “I love the way girls in London dress; it’s so different to the American ‘blow-dry and immaculate grooming’ thing.”

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  • cosi

    thou doth protest too much…

  • victoria#1

    Oh, my Lord!!!! What has happened to her? She looks deformed Her face and arms ? It is just skin hanging from a skeleton. reminds me of my Halloween decoration that I hang on my door to scare the children. She was so beautiful in ” The Mummy “, and much healthier looking.
    Please, honey, EAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will blow away.

  • Halli

    Pffft. She’ll be using it or something like it in 10 years. Trust.

  • Liz

    Rachel is one gorgeous woman!

  • Julie

    It’s easy to make comments such as these when you are still young. What happens when you start to age and your face changes? Never say never…

  • dabu

    what an awful picture.

  • Mrs

    Not everyone in America have the blow-dry and immaculate grooming’ thing. Maybe Rachel thinks America is NY(Manhattan) or LA. Their is more to America than what you appear to have seen.

  • Vee

    Halli @ 07/09/2009 at 12:10 am Pffft. She’ll be using it or something like it in 10 years. Trust.


    You stole my comment. Ten years–max.

  • Pocketful of sunshine

    Americans=Obsessed with image=Fake

  • eli

    love her!!!!

  • charlie

    she’s beautiful. i love those boots…

  • anony

    ” blow-dry and immaculate grooming thing”

    Rachel, Rachel, Americans like to look clean. We like to smell clean.
    Americans find it insulting when someone does not take the time necessary to keep themselves looking clean. To us it shows a lack of respect for yourself and thus a signal that you lack motivation to achieve anything positive. That’s how our culture views personal grooming and cleanliness.

    We prefer to open our mouths and not have our teeth look like we were still living in medieval times. We like non-greasy, non-smelly hair and we detest, I mean we really really DETEST body odor.

    It’s just the American in us Rachel.

    Americans are into looking clean or as you call it “immaculate”. Thank goodness you don’t get to choose how you look in these photo shoots, we Americans are very grateful for that.

  • marisa


  • Jenny

    Has Rachel always been that small in the waist or is this some serious photoshop? She looks extremely small in the waist/hip area. Doesn’t look real.

  • voe

    Please, she’s using it now. White skin gets lines at around 25.

  • hokiepokie



  • Victoria

    Rachel is right about botox, look no further than Nicole Kidman who looks awful.

  • Jane

    I love her but stfu. A little botox keeps you looking gorgeous and there are only a few actresses I’ve seen on-screen that cant move their face.

    In an industry where looks are everything she’s gonna need botox to stay relevant.

  • Sam


    No, you can see the lines in Rachel’s face. So she’s not using Botox at all.

    Anyway, She’s one beautiful woman.

  • InMyDreams

    i agree with Rachel Wiesz, shes very smart

  • Tyler


    Why should she, she’s right. Botox ends up hurting you in the long run in this business and i have seen more actors and actresses who hurt their careers by using it than not.

  • Jane

    @Tyler: Like who? The most famous actors use a little botox here and there but can still move their face to give expression.
    Rachel is young and she not being using botox yet anyway, but in a few years shes gonna need it.

  • Fran

    I agree with Rachel as well,:) more power to her. she’s 100% right and i respect her for that.

  • anonymous

    Not everyone is as beautiful as she is, so some need that little extra

  • Cindy


    There are more people who abuse botox than used it responsibility and you can see the damage to their faces. Like it or not, Rachel is right.

  • Xman

    Rachel does make a very good point, i would want to watch an actor who can give a wide range of emotion than an actor who can’t even open their eyes.

  • um

    Americans haven’t looked clean since the 1950′s

  • nina

    i’m digging the make-up…it goes with her coloring..oh i just love the make-up!!

  • lol

    @Cindy: Nobody is giving me names here. There are thousanda of actors and most of them do not abuse it, simply as that.

    Rachel comparing steroids to botox is wrong. Athletes compete and steroids does a number of things to the body.. but botox if used properly can keep you looking attractive and thats whats important with females in that industry.

  • Ellen

    I respect Rachel Weisz much more now than i ever did before for saying it as it is. My sister went for botox injections in the lips and her lips swelled to the point of them almost bursting. Its not a question of beauty, its a question of self esteem and people who take botox run a heavy risk of infection and permanent damage to the tissue where it’s being injected into.

    Its about time people spoke out on what is really going on.

  • Kevin


    Off the top of my head:

    Priscilla Presley

    Meg ryan

    Nicolle Kidman

    The Socialite who wanted to be a cat ( Don’t asked)

    There are just a few examples of Botox gone wrong.

  • Stephanie

    Actually comparing steroids to Botox is kind of right. Both of them are enhancing a certain part of the body and both of them have very bad side affects if abused.

    Rachel is right in saying that and they should be some form of limit of how much you can use.

  • Jane

    @Kevin: I agree with your list.. minus Meg..but they aren’t the most demanded actors by far. And only a small percentage in total.

    My point was dont knock it till you try it.. or need it anyway. She will in the coming years if she wants to stay relevant and a little botox doesn’t hurt. Thats all :)

  • winter

    She’s right. heaven forbid someone age nowadays.

  • Monica

    Really? I’m 26 and with white skin. I have no lines on my face.

  • Megan

    Sorry but you don’t need botox to stay relevant. Botox is just a drug, not a necessity and those who have self-esteem would not need to put that in their bodies to feel that they are relevant.

    And i would definitely put Meg Ryan on that list of botox mishaps and add Lisa Rinna to it as well.

  • Jane

    @Megan: In hollywood? of course you do. All the most demanded actors have gotten a lil somethin somethin done. There are very few with amazing genes.

  • Jane

    @Stephanie: How is it a fair comparison? When using botox you’re doing it to yourself. Like steroids yeah, but steroids is used to cheat. You dont deserve to win if you use steroids.

    Minimal botox can get rid of your wrinkles.. i dont see the HUGE fuss unless you look like Joan rivers

  • Bob

    I would want to have a woman like Rachel, who has a bit of character in her face than a woman who can’t even smile because her face is too tight.

    I agree with Rachel.

  • Kfuf

    I have a actor friend who injected some Botox in his face, not a pretty sight and he does look very odd. What Rachel said was correct, they should be some kind of regulation on this procedure.

  • kookiekandy

    Wait until you hit the later ages and you will be getting lots of botox girlfriend.

  • pixy

    Hmmmm…..there are some real Botox lovers on this post. Defending their “miracle” drug like nothing else. How lovely.

  • Nicky

    With how beautiful she is now, i doubt she would need it. plus i think she’s absolutely right in her opinion about botox. People do need to know more about it before they ruined their face with it.

  • Jane

    @pixy: Yeah because a young woman like me would need botox. Don’t make assumptions about people you have never seen before.

  • Sara

    I agree with everything Rachel said. Nothing worst that to see an actor who has Botox his or her face to the point of them looking robotic. It takes you away from the film you are watching and its sad to see.

  • Sara

    I agree with everything Rachel said. There is nothing worst than to see an actor who has Botox his or her face to the point of them looking robotic. It takes you away from the film you are watching and its very sad to see.

  • catty

    who needs Botox when you have photoshop

  • Windy

    Love Rachel, she is so naturally beautiful.

  • Lina

    She looks exactly like Keira Knightly

  • kiska

    lol she is full of shit. She is totally a botox user and has been using it for years. She had far more lines back in her Mummy days than she has now – ten years later. Or maybe she really doesnt use botox and had a full face lift already but she has definitely had work.