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Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds To Adopt

Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds To Adopt

Scarlett Johansson and her new husband Ryan Reynolds will be turning to adoption at some point.

Ryan tells UK’s Glamour magazine, “My oldest brother is adopted and I have every intention of adopting at some time. I’m very grateful for having my brother in my life. I couldn’t be more pro-adoption. There are plenty of kids in the world that need it.”

As for his beauty and brains, Ryan shared, “I have my father’s face and body, but my mother’s unshakeable thirst for knowledge. She works part-time jobs, but basically she’s been a student her whole life. She still goes to university and she’s in her 60s.”

DO YOU THINK Scarlett and Ryan should adopt a BOY or GIRL?

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  • ck_always

    They’d make cute babies.

  • manda

    Although adoption is a very beautiful thing, I agree those two would make some gorgeous little ones!

  • Hannah

    Yay for them! Good for a couple being socially responsible. Too many children in this world need homes already, why bring more in? Although I must say, when I read the title, I was hoping they were already in the process of adopting, not “at some point”.

  • Reed Richards

    I agree that adoption is great but I hope you’re not saying that people who want biological kids and don’t want to adopt are socially irresponsible, #3.

  • mb

    So basically, they want some good publicity now for possibly doing something positive in the distant future. Also, pro-adoption is a funny term. Is anybody against adoption?

  • karenina

    @manda: i agree with u

  • Damien

    We don’t care : a boy or a girl.
    They will love a baby and that is the most important.

  • wed mother

    I guess she doesn’t want to spoil her figure.

  • lakers fan in boston

    as much as i am jealous of ryan, i admit they do make a good couple and im pretty sure some beautiful kids
    good of her 2 adopt but i still think if their relationship goes that far that they will probably have a kid judging from what ryan says

  • jaye

    What kind of question is that Jared. Shouldn’t matter to anyone if they choose a girl or boy. She’s young, she might want to see if the marriage lasts a couple more years before she adopts; just saying, not dictating lol.

  • Sally

    @ck_always: For sure, super cute babies! But it’s really a nice option, in a world like ours, the one to adopt. Congrats for him to think like that. Maybe they have biological kids too. One thing doesn’t eliminate the other, right? They can have it all. :)

  • strange

    Why are they announcing to the world about their future possible plans for adoption? Definitely sounds like for publicity purposes. It’s sickening that people would exploit the idea of adoption for fame.

  • B

    @mb: You’d be surprised! I know many “religious” people – a few in my own family, unfortunately – that frown upon adoption. They feel that those children were “thrown away” for a reason. They feel: “Why would I want someone else’s castaway when I can have my own “perfect” child?” Disgusting.

    Good for these two. I’d love to see more people step up and adopt. Whether locally or internationally. A child is a child…every single one of them needs love in their life.

  • Jo

    Wow, he sure thinks highly of himself.

  • mac

    I like Reynolds a lot now. I didnt before but now I do.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    I applaud any celebrity who brings awareness to a good cause. Whether PR purposes or not. High-profile people can bring attention to things better than any advertising. Good for them in raising this issue so publicly.

  • Blobbie

    I hope they realise that adopted kids are actually never going to be legally theirs (on paper, yes, but not in their hearts as is the case with any adoptive kid) and if they had their own, then they would form more of a “bond” with this child, rather than the adopted one. Hugh Jackman and his fugly wife are good examples of this – it has been said that Ava, (the ugly korean kid they happened to draw ballot papers for) is not as popular with them as she would like.

  • Skeptic

    Neither. The marriage will last less than 5 years.

  • nO

    They should make their own baby…

  • soopx

    Very nice of them so many unwanted children in this world.

  • Janeway

    Kudos to Scarlett and Ryan for drawing attention to the importance of adoption. And to the ignorant person who said someone could never love an adopted kid like their own, you don’t know what you are talking about. My friends with adopted kids love their kids as much as I love mine. Their kids even seem to act and look like them, I have to remind myself that they are adopted. Good luck to Scarlett and Ryan and I hope they have many children adopted and biological, they seem to be beautiful inside as well as out.

  • Anonymous

    I’m all for adoption. Better to adopt children already existing and unwanted in the world than to create new ones. This planet is overpopulated as it is. But rather than snatching babies from other countries and cultures they could adopt an older american child that doesn’t have the benefit of a loving family.

  • darn

    Woah ryan seems really smart…kinda intimidating to be with a guy like him…i wonder how scarlett handles it..

  • nola

    they should adopt a boy and then have a baby girl because she would be cute as scarlett was when she was a kid.

  • kchris

    @Blobbie: Thats a really terrible thing to say, you don’t even know that family. My brother and I are adopted and we’ve always known, I have no desire to meet my birth parents, the people who raised me ARE my parents, my only parents as far as I’m concerned. (And btw, “legally” and “in their hearts” are two completely different things, although I am both to my parents)

  • Felicity

    with those genes they shouldn’t adopt at all!! or maybe at least do both. :( no little ryan? I would be heartbroken.

  • *******

    Don’t care if it’s a boy or girl, but I do hope that they take advantage of adopting from the US. So many kids right here in our state needing a family.

  • Lucy

    I must agree with you.

  • Lucy

    @ManLESSton, I likely: I applaud it too. You have my support on it.

  • rocky

    @wed mother:

    What a stupid remark. You probably lost your figure that’s why you came out of your face with that remark.

  • rocky
  • rocky


    OMG!! I’m so proud of YOU!! You are 100% awesome. Good for you!!!

    Your Mom and Dad should be proud of you as well. You almost made me cry girl! LOL

  • not so interesting

    The jamblah way Ryan Reynolds talks is a big turn-off to me. He sounds like a smart ass, blah blah blah. His eyes are not really focused when he talks like he wants to blow you off. He seems to be an insecure and insincere person. He’d better keep doing rom-coms because that is the only talent he has.
    His marriage to Scarlet is a step up for him but will it last…

  • yeah

    “I have my father’s face, and body” that case, I wonder what his father looks like? haha j/k

    I think its great they want to adopt, more power to them.

  • adoption glee

    Well, it sounds to me like they are trying to get other people to consider adoption. Publicity not for them, but for adoption. No exploitation.
    I, for one, think it’s great. I wish more people felt that way, and said it out loud, to anyone who’d listen.
    I personally wonder why anyone would actually have a biological child when there are so many children already on this planet who need good homes. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t biologically yours, when you see that wonderful little face looking up at you, they are yours in the heart and soul. We need to do our best for all the children of this world.
    (and by little, I don’t mean that it must be an infant- there are many older kids who need a family, too)

  • matimerino

    OMG ! i think is totally nice!, his brother is adopt, so he wanna adopt a kid, i think is the most beautiful act that a person could made.
    so, i think the kid should be a girl.
    well, take jj !


  • Melissa

    @strange: Maybe they were ASKED and ANSWERED honetly??? Not all celebs to do everything for publicity.

  • Melissa

    @Jo: Why do you say that? Because he admits he likes to learn like his mom. He says he looks like his dad, he doesnt say his dad is hot or anything.

  • Melissa

    @Blobbie: When you have your own birth child and then adopt one as well, feel free to say that bs, until then hush your mouth.

  • samantha

    @Blobbie: As an adopted child from another country I have to say that rather than having kids, i would definately prefer to adopt. My parents love me morethan i see many birth parents love their children. Perhaps its because adopted children are never an accident and it is not that easy to adopt a child. I agree with what other have said earlier that when there are so many kids starving and needing homes, how can someone decide to bring another one into this world just because he/she would look like them?

  • scruffy puffy


  • jumplord55

    this couple plans on adopting a child in which case more people SHOULD do but due to issues can’t. i’m sure these two tried to keep it quiet but due to the media asking too many personal questions word got out. i don’t understand why many people are adopting children to live a vicarious life out of Angelina Jolie and many other famous people. you should adopt because YOU want to.

  • jumplord55

    if they did scarlett would be out of work for close to a year, or not she could get a casting call to play a five month pregnant whomever.

  • Rose

    They would make freakin adorable kids….but it’s nice that they want to adopt :)

    Boy or girl it doesn’t matter

  • suppress your appetite

    she’s cute!

  • Crescent City Man