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Violet Affleck Gets Tongue Tied

Violet Affleck Gets Tongue Tied

3-year-old Violet Affleck gets picked up by her parents, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner at her school on Wednesday (July 8) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Ben, 36, and Jen, 37, also carried their 6-month-old daughter Seraphina with them as well.

Earlier in the week, Ben stopped by the Ante Up for Africa charity event in Las Vegas along with buddy Ben Affleck.

20+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck getting tongue tied…

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violet affleck tongue tied 01
violet affleck tongue tied 02
violet affleck tongue tied 03
violet affleck tongue tied 04
violet affleck tongue tied 05
violet affleck tongue tied 06
violet affleck tongue tied 07
violet affleck tongue tied 08
violet affleck tongue tied 09
violet affleck tongue tied 10
violet affleck tongue tied 11
violet affleck tongue tied 12
violet affleck tongue tied 13
violet affleck tongue tied 14
violet affleck tongue tied 15
violet affleck tongue tied 16
violet affleck tongue tied 17
violet affleck tongue tied 18
violet affleck tongue tied 19
violet affleck tongue tied 20
violet affleck tongue tied 21
violet affleck tongue tied 22
violet affleck tongue tied 23

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  • valeria

    ben affleck stopped by with ben affleck.. huh?

  • emma

    give me maddox,pax,zahara,shiloh,knox and vivienne, brad and angie over them any day

  • deraj tsuj

    So sad Ben’s buddy is himself

  • Julian

    The only photos we ever see of them is when they pick Violet up from school. Very boring ….. really not exciting …… yawn

  • Sally

    Vio is such a cute. She is not only a pretty girl, but she has a light, she seems always happy, what is a great thing to see. A happy kid.

  • Sally

    Oh, and I know I said it before, in another post here, but I can’t avoid to say again: Jen has one of the most gorgeous faces to me. With no efforts, no make up, nothing, she has this sweetie, soft and natural beauty. A lucky woman! And of course, lucky of Ben too.

  • sarah

    ikr . not like suri who’s always moody! LOL

  • sarah

    @Sally: ikr . not like suri who’s always moody! LOL

  • Sally

    @sarah: But I also think Suri is really cute. They’re just kids, I don’t feel confortable to compare them. Don’t get me wrong, please. I don’t intend to be rude. I really understand and respect your point of view. I just think they both are adorable, differents, but both lovely.

  • Sally

    Well, Jill, wish I had been paid for my time here. I would love it, but I’m here just like you, for free. For hobby. Reading notes that maybe interested me. Like the ones about the new movies of Jen, an actress that I like to see on the screens ’cause I think she is really talented. And it looks like Emmy, Golden Globe and a great list of awards have the same opinion, since Jen is recognized by all them and by the critic, not just by her fans. You have all the rights of the world to disagree, personaly. And have your own different opinion. There’s no one universal true. We know that. We are not kids anymore. Well, I don’t know you, but I’m 29. So…

    About the thing you insist to say… I’m trying to avoid to answer that because I really think it’s so silly and I don’t wnat to be rude. But as you asked directly to me, I would take a little time and say my opinion: the only reason for Jen to be single right now is that she wants to be. I don’t mean she doesn’t care about love. I don’t mean she wouldn’t like to fall in love. Love is a great thing and Jen is human, so I think she would like, yes, to find love again in her life. I don’t know her enough to say it for sure. But if I have to guess, I would say that she would like to be in love again sometime, oh, yes. But the point is she is truely. She doesn’t concern about what you or I think. She doesn’t concern to impress us by a fake relationship, or a relationship that she doesn’t feel it really means something, just to show you that she can. She doesn’t need to prove us nothing. And I think it’s very hard to be like this in a world like Hollywood, with all the fingers pointing to you, and all this silly thing of “be dumped”… as if it’s so simple.

    She had several relations that lasts a long time in her life and I bet she have good moments to remember. She loved and be loved. And I’m not even thinking of Brad right now. As far I know, Vince, for example, really loved her and said, after they break up, she was the best person he know in Hollywood (and other very good things). I think you want to put things as if they were very simplistic, even shallow, just to be cruel with her. Relationships are difficult, love is a rare thing, that’s why it’s special. The fact of that she’s not dating right now (as far we know) don’t prove absolutely nothing about her value.

    And I can’t believe this still must be said, ’cause it seems so obvious to me.

    She’s not perfect, of course, she is just human, but she looks like a great person to me. If a woman like her can’t stand her man, babe, I feel sorry for all of us, the rest of mortals. A woman that has been constantly considered like one of the most beautiful, one of the most sexy, one of the most sucessfull, for so many different magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs and all kind of media. If she can’t, that’s no hope for us. :)

    So, that’s my answer to you and my final answer about that ’cause I really think if you are smart enough, you already know that, even you don’t like Jen – wich I repeat, you have all the right and I respect your opinion, no matter if I have a different one.

    And that’s all I want to say about it. Bye!

  • Sally

    Sorry, Sarah, Sorry everybody. I posted my last comment in the wrong place. It’s about another topic (Jennifer Aniston). My mistake.

  • I have to go to the loo

    Ben looks like a true action hero carrying that car seat….Not… Does it take that many people to pick up vio from school? Must be desperate for exposure.

  • http://Israel Lisa rose


  • good question

    @I have to go to the loo:

    LOL I was going to ask the same thing. Why didn’t Ben stay in the car with the baby why Jen went in to get the little girl. Why expose the baby to those paps.?

  • gabe

    @Lisa rose:

    what you wrote dosnt make sense, rewrite it if you want to share your opinion.

  • gabe


    hahahahahah wrong spot, its ok :)

  • Vince

    The most beautiful mother/daughter duo in Hollywood. Ben could not have made a better choice for a wife, he certainly got it right with this Jenn.

  • lollipop

    Food for thought: Movie goers spent 50 Million dollars to go see a movie about a dog but there are thousands of homeless in California? Stars are paid $800K per episode on TV? What is wrong with this picture?

  • NativeNYker

    That poor child can’t get a break! Everyone deserves a respid from their days.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Tazina

    He went in with Jen probably because his car would have been swarmed by paps. The comments on here are so ridiculous, glad I don’t bother reading such nonsense 99% of the time.

  • Mario

    Love Jen with West Virginia Mountaineers hat!!! Yeah!!! You’re great!!!

  • Jen rocks

    ……….and Ben also. One of the sexiest things a man can do is load the dishwasher………..another is to be a devoted father. You are the man Ben!

    Sad the paps have to stake out this school. At least they do have to stay back a bit. However, with long lenses they still get their shot.

    Wishing Ben and Jen the peace they found in Boston, away from the paps.

  • E

    I think Jared gets paid to promote certain “stars” so they are kept in the public eye. Or else Jared is obsessed with a child.

  • QueenOftrashin

    Perhaps you mean Ben stopped by with his buddy, MATT DAMON.

  • brownstar

    why is she in school? it is summer!

  • carly

    Many preschools go all year. Take a few weeks off, back to school, few week off, back to school.

  • f

    That is just crazy.

    Ben and Jen with the gossip photos. weren’t outside V’s school.

    If they really wanted to have their kids out there to keep them relevant then they would have them dressed up, with 3 bodygruards, 2 range rovers, going into a fancy store on R. Drive. Then Ben and Jen could stand on the sidewalk, Ben could lay a big kiss on Jen. Those pics would make the web faster than a few pics of V’s school.

  • nia

    Ben and Ben that was funny, they both look alike, Jen looks like a man with big feet ,big knuckles, has anyone seen the knuckles this sheman has?? they are huge. As for Violetta, darn the girl has a snag tooth she sure looks like a critter. This is the fugliest couple in Hollyweird and not the most talented lol.

  • nia

    They’ll be coming around the mountain when they come, two hillbillies with 2 little hillbilly children, I wonder where their Mountain Dew is. Nobody wants to see these two in movies, their movies bomb. They get paid millions for failed movies.

  • bekky

    I wish Jennifer Garner should stop picking Violet up and carrying her around because she is almost four years old. Violet also need to stop sticking her tongue out because she is so silly.

  • f

    #28, #29, #30

    Split personality?

    Such a big person that you have to make fun of a little kid?

    Make you feel bigger.

    As far as movies that bomb, well, guess we can add Brad Pitt to that category also. When was the last time he had a hit movie?

    BTW, Ben has been doing some great movies, acting and directing.
    Jen, got a big-huge-ginormous payday for Juno. Because she took a percentage of the profit as her payday.

  • seus

    I wonder if these two take a bath, they always look stank nasty, they always look like they smell like Snaggy tooth doesn’t seem that clean also, she takes dumps on herself all the time since her mom still has her in pampers ewwww.

  • maria de la rosa

    #10 Sally you need to get a “Life” lmao.

  • soopx

    Violet is a pretty little girl.Jennifer and Ben have a very cute Family.

  • dell

    at least violet smiles. who knows what kind of teeth jolie-pitt’ kids have, or suri has. They NEVER smile.

  • nancy

    seus @ 07/09/2009 at 12:19 pm being silly. You have no idea. Just mouthing off for attention.

  • pea in a pod

    Adorable. Wish we could see Sera.

  • adorable fan

    #23, actually JJ is the only one that buys their pictuers. You don’t see these two anywhere else lol.

  • back in black

    love the Calvin K., Ben.

  • wrong #38

    JJ is not the only site to purchase these pics. Check the web.

    Plus, many other blog sites have put up the pics of Ben with Violet the day before, or Ben, Jen and Violet coming out of a rest. early in the week.

    Need to look around other places and not just think JJ is the all.

  • Sally

    @Lisa rose: I agree that it’s cruel to compare. They’re just kids.

  • nancy

    Wow these two men look great together.

  • sea

    just boring.

  • raven

    sea @ 07/09/2009 at 12:47 pm

    I agree it is boring to watch Ben and Jen, or Jen drop Violet off at school everyday. Ben and Jen must wonder what the excite with the paps taking pictures of Violet being dropped off at school is too.

    But the paps go to the school everyday, because they know it will be an “easy” shot of Ben and/or Jen.

    Ben and Jen don’t walk red carpets together, so this is a shot of them together.

  • Abby

    Ben almost always looks so unhappy.

  • e.lis

    Wau… D-lister actors…. They aren´t as famous as they think.. They are little famous,because of their children… Ben only can offend Angelina Jolie and Jennifer is fat and ugly… That´s all.

  • Dawn

    Jen actually looks a lot better since her nose job, botox and chin reduction. She used to have a very long face and long nose and her gums used to show. But after the plastic surgery, the nose especially where she got the tip raised, makes her look better. I can’t say that about her acting but who needs to be a good actress when you’re married to A-list? Look at Katie Holmes.

  • whatever

    WVU!!! NIce….thats where my dad graduated from!

  • e.lis

    Dawn @ 07/09/2009 at 2:56 pm

    Do you think that Ben Affleck is on A-list? Are you kidding?

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn boring jen once again
    she’s back on her boring style
    the only thing i like about her is that hat she has on cuz it looks nice