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Violet Affleck: Lollipop, Lollipop!

Violet Affleck: Lollipop, Lollipop!

Violet Affleck licks on a sweet treat as her mom Jennifer Garner takes her to a medical building on Thursday (July 9) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Looks like Jen needed to bribe Violet, 3, with a lollipop to get her to go to the doctor’s office!

Things are getting a bit more busy now with two kids in the family! Ben and Jen have their hands full!

10+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck and her lollipop…

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violet affleck lollipop 01
violet affleck lollipop 02
violet affleck lollipop 03
violet affleck lollipop 04
violet affleck lollipop 05
violet affleck lollipop 06
violet affleck lollipop 07
violet affleck lollipop 08
violet affleck lollipop 09
violet affleck lollipop 10

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  • mayra

    They have so much money why not get some help, a nanny would be very helpfull

  • emma

    give me the jolie-pitt kids over this

  • Becca

    All children are beauiful and blessings.
    Violet is adorable

  • jolie pitt fan

    aww another little Hollywood princess. I love her little smock dress. all the little girls here are wearing them. Sweet.

  • Chair(gg)Heater

    Cute cute

  • lola

    SHE IS SO SWEEEET. God bless her very delightful soul! :-)

  • Abby

    They do have nannies. Once and a while you’ll see one of the nannies with them. I think they like to portray themselves as if they do everything with the kids themselves, but who do you think stays home with the baby while these two are usually out and about with Violet? Ben and Jen may be boring to watch, but they’re not stupid.

  • Abby

    Also, either Jen and Violet wore the exact same outfit yesterday and today or your dates are incorrect. Preschool pick up yesterday? Medical building today? Same exact clothing?

  • TM

    I like them, they´re so real! I mean, they´re not worried about being photographed with the best clothes, they just live in their own normal way. Some people would call it “boring”, but I think this family is really down to earth, I wish them all the joy!

    For those who can´t stop talking about Violet´s ears or Jen´s unposh clothes: I really don´t think they give a damn about what people say… Look at them, they´re happy, leave them alone!

  • Honey

    aw violet is so beautiful. She looks just like her mom only with blonde hair!

  • E

    Are the Afflecks trying to get a reality show? Does JustJared get paid by their publicist (along with the Kate Gosselin’s) or are you just obsessed with their children?

  • TM

    I think it´s pretty sad that some people can only think about money, like “oh, they´re rich, they should get a nanny so they could get rid of their own children”… Come on, they´re rich, so what? Being rich and famous doesn´t mean not having a family! I admire them for respecting the traditional idea of a family, that´s really beautiful. It´s not everyone that can handle this, even not being famous/ rich/ busy/ whatever!

  • stefano


  • having fun…with old photos

    No they are not getting a reality show… This are old photos.. see how
    Vi is not that young anymore.. I am tired of seeing old photos ….

  • Shawna

    @emma: That is such a stupid comment. What do the jolie-pitts have to do with anything? Are they the only people allowed to have children. Careful, your ignorance is showing.

  • mimi

    She calls the paparazzi to have her pictures taken. Otherwise, why would pappz stalk her on a medical building. They wouldn’t know she’ll be going to a doctor. She’s a famewhore and uses her daughter in her fame whoring.

  • Dawn

    Jen actually looks a lot better since her nose job, botox and chin reduction. She used to have a very long face and long nose and her gums used to show. But after the plastic surgery, the nose especially where she got the tip raised, makes her look better. I can’t say that about her acting but who needs to be a good actress when you’re married to A-list? Look at Katie Holmes.

  • sora

    Agree about her people calling the paps. Brentwood’s a very rich, uppity do, quiet town without paps hanging around unless her people call them. I agree about her plastic surgery her nose, long jay leno chin and lips are very different than when she first started or was in high school but all celebs get an “edit or upgrade” that make their face look better (selma, angelina, halle…all have had nose jobs even though their noses were fine before…they get them so it looks perfect and natural.) I would say Liz taylor is one of a kind for her perfectly assymetrical face.

  • katie

    I think her parents will regret exposing Violet so much. It’s a shame that Violet is as popular or perhaps even more than Jen Garner. Why would you do that to your kid and try to get her attention? I hope you learn with your next kid. In Violet’s psyche, as she smiles for the paps, etc. she’ll get used to that attention and when it’s not there anymore, she’ll seek it from other things. That’s 100% the PARENTS fault. There are plenty of parents in hollywood much more famous and popular than them and they do a 10x better job of keeping their kids out of the cameras. Even Gwen picks up her kid and covers her face holding her from the paps! I don’t care if they are going about their “normal” duties. That’s BS. Nothing is normal about this couple except how they dress and even that, for Jen Garner, is below normal b/c I know housewives that wouldn’t go out with some of her outfits. Shame on you Jen Garner!!!

  • pippi

    She’s a HAS BEEN ex-tv actress who married a hottie A-lister. How else will she keep herself in the spotlight if not with Violet or her Mrs. Ben Affleck title…Sheesh!?!?

  • emma


    I never said that. I would just rather Violet and Jen once every 2-3 months like we do the Jolie-Pitts.

    Don’t put words into my mouth when you do not know what i mean

  • TM

    Come on, people, this ” she calls the paparazzi to have her pictures taken” stuff is just so stupid! Do you really think she´d call paparazzi to photograph her with bad clothes and bad hairdo? Jen is not the kind of person who´d get all dressed up, take her daughter by the hand, and than “oh, where are the photographers? they should be here right now, i called them!”… Come on, for god´s sake, she´s not Katie Holmes.

  • TM

    Yeah, I do agree that she wears terrible clothes, but the thing is: she doesn´t care. If she doesn´t care, why should we? And really, I don´t think she overexposes Violet. She just has a normal life, with a normal kid. I don´t think she would be a better mom by covering Violet´s face, I think it´s just dumb and not natural! I mean, why should she cover her daughter´s face and get all that obsessed about not being exposed, if she is an actress? Ok, Violet has nothing to do with her being an actress, but I think she´s right by showing her daughter that being photographed is something natural when you´re famous. She doesn´t overexpose herself or her family, she´s just there, living her life… If they insist on photographing her all the time, well, it´s not her fault, and most of the times she doesn´t care: not because she´s obsessed with fame and paparazzi, which I don´t believe; but because that´s her life, that´s her career. If you don´t wanna get your pictures taken, then choose another life: be a nurse.

  • To TM

    She calls papz even if she looks drab because she wants to project that she’s a down-to-earth person or normal mom like the rest of us. It’s called PR.

  • jen

    Akward .. clumsy …

  • jen

    She over expose this child for her own benefit. Have some remorse idot.

  • wendy

    TM, she might not but her people do. This is how it works in hollywood, with every actor, they are like a brand that needs to be sold to stay famous and ultimately, bring in the roles, fans and bottom line. They have a whole team of handlers, etc. that comes with a celeb. No matter what they portray on the outside – whatever image they want to portray and I believe Jen G. goes with the I’m just an average mom one b/c it is working for her popularity – on the backend, the hollywood machine is still rolling. Does that make sense? I don’t care too much for her as an actor but I do see the point that as a child, exposing your kids to that level of attention and camera where now the CHILD is becoming her own brand, will harm the kid in the future (it’s the same argument against the gosselins and child actors being exposed to the public too soon and why we have laws now.) Most hollywood moms try to shield their kids, Jen G. seems to be more open and I’m not sure why she would do that. If I were her, I would’ve had one of my nannies pick her up from school to get less photos but I think it’s too late now that Violet has become her own brand to some level.

  • photo op

    Since when having a photo op daily called normal? She is the only person in hollywood who does that.

  • anna

    Potty train the kid than making her wearing dresses with pants.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    Sweet little girl !

  • Pippi

    Copy cat #20 get your own name and stop using one that belongs to another person. We didn’t see them go into the dr’s office Jared, what makes you say her mom bribed her to go there. It’s customary to give treats to kids who were well behaved at their appointments.

    Love this family. They are so awesome. Too bad it makes some folks rear their ugly jealous heads and start they silly juices to flow at seeing them. TOTALLY AWESOME FAMILY!

  • Pippi

    Mayra #1 there is a nanny with them. She was with them when Ben and Jen picked Violet up from preschool. JJ did not post all the pics from this outing. They were most likely taking Sera for her 6 month checkup appointment (Violet could have also seen the doctor.) In any event, to say that Jen or PR person called paps is ludicrous. You should be embrassed to make such a stupid comment. How old are you anyway? TM # 22,23 & 24, too much time on your hands? Go do your chores before your parents get home from work.

    I love Violet she is so precious and cute. Jen is lovely as usual.

  • to Ben/jen fan

    She calls papz even if she looks drab because she wants to project that she’s a down-to-earth person or normal mom like the rest of us. It’s called PR.

    That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Also the biggest BS ive heard in my life. You are really streaching to get us to believe she called t he papz. She actually asked the websites to stop phtographing them, but only 2 (People and Celebrity baby blog) complied. Others, like JJ don’t want to lose the revenue Jen and Violet bring.

  • Pippi

    I’m sorry TM my comment should have addressed only #24 the one with the lame comment about Jen calling paps. Utterly ridiculous! .

  • Pippi

    People like me and #33 actually know Jen’s wishes regarding photographs of the children. No way in hell she call paps to stalk them and take pics of their children. The are civilians (no to mention babies) and should not be photographed without the expressed written consent of their parents or guardians. Bottom line.

    However, it seems like Vi is very well adjusted and not intimidated by them like some celeb kids. Jen did a pretty good job helping her get over her fear and like it or not it is a necessary evil kids of famous parents must lean to expect. Better than handle this way than the way Suri does. That’s freightning.

  • lakers fan in boston

    another freaking post on the same person…,.
    i think it’s the fact that she doesnt do anything besides pick up her kids that bores me about her

  • Reed Richards

    They probably already do, #1. And you’d just say they were letting someone else raise their kids.

    You Brangelina nuts are so weird, #2.

    Neither have gotten any plastic surgery, #17.

    This pimping kids argument makes no sense, #19.

    She’s an A lister herself with tons of commercial roles, #20.

    Correct, #23.

    You’re a mind reader, #24?

  • ben/jen fan

    Um, don’t know who the above post is to, but I haven’t posted on here yet today.

    Amazing how you guys who don’t know assume “Jen calls the paps”. Based on???????????????????????????????????????

    Bull, the paps do indeed hang out in brentwood. Pics of a dozen or so celebs everyday out and about in brentwood.

    They are pictured coming out of places because other people (ordinary people) call the paps and give them information. There is a number on many pap sites for people to call. They make money. Restuarants do the same thing. A waiter or such will call the paps to let them know a celeb couple is dining.

  • whatever

    a dr vistit is not “exposing Violet” to photograhpers everyday. they were coming out of a medical building.

    Not a photo shoot, a dr appt.

  • ben/jen fan

    no no the paps don’t hang out in Brentwood, they are called by Jen since she only gets attention because she is married to Ben Affleck she is a z-lister married to a once upon a time A-lister lol.

  • shamrock

    @lakers fan in boston:

    Just curious, if you are really bored with her, then why do you view her on this site and post here often? Interesting!

    Jen captivates my attention due to her daily routine with the children that seems to be so intriguing to the news world. Why? Also, she is part of Ben’s world and I think that is utterly and completely awesome.

    Best Wishes to the familia*

  • Pippi

    The crazies are out in force with the same old lame comments. Thanks for the daily madness. This is why the paps run them down(even at a preschool) because they sell these photos to website. You only show your ignorance when you sit and type stuff like that folks. Cease and desist. You are the ones that are BORING.

  • Pippi

    The crazies are out in force with the same old lame comments. Thanks for the daily madness. This is why the paps run them down(even at a preschool) because they sell these photos to website. You only show your ignorance when you sit and type stuff like that folks. Cease and desist. You are the ones that are BORING.

  • sara

    OK they need to start a celebritot worst dressed list and the first prize goes to Violet. I got excited thinking she was finally in a sundress and then i saw the leggings…….ugh

  • Pippi

    Double posting was a total accident. My hand slipped before I finished my comment. Jen has a larger fan base than Ben and is therefor followed and photographed more. Paps always seen to give men more space (take less pics of them) because they are afraid of getting their lights punched out. Helpless women with children are their favorite targets. Disgusting but true nonetheless.

  • to #40

    You are such a child

  • Jenfan

    for those of you who do not like Jen – why do you view the pics? Really?

    Just to spread your bitterness and venom???? Who is begging for attention??? You are the kinds that seek attention even if it is negative attention.

    She is trying to live as much as she can, a normal life, scaring Violet by always covering her face would be worse, she is trying to make the best of a bad situation for her child. She takes her to preschool so she can socialize with other children. Wh

  • Pippi

    sara #44 put your own brat in a sundress and mind you own beeswax. She is not your child, why are you so concerned with what she is wearing? Don’t make me slap the ugly off your face.

  • shamrock


    Forgive me, but if Jen was not a fan of covering up her daughters face, then why does Ben do that when with Violet at times? Interesting twist!

    All of us, should leave BEN and JEN alone and let them live life as normal as possible. You know what happened to Ben and J. Lo with all the media attention, publicity, and what not? Not a positive outcome. These two have children together and need a solid foundation for the girls.


  • just me

    I AM SO SICK OF HER FRUMPY,NASTY A$$!! Enough already! Take a bath and put on some clean clothes. Notice Ben is hardly ever running around with them for their “I’m just your normal,frazzled mom” photo ops?