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Angelina Jolie Flies Shiloh & Zahara!

Angelina Jolie Flies Shiloh & Zahara!

Angelina Jolie disembarks her private plane with her children Shiloh, 3, and Zahara, 4, after a completed flight on Friday in California.

Looks like Angie, 34, gave her two daughters a ride in the sky. What a cool mom!

The trio took off from Bob Hope Airport and flew for 24 minutes before landing at Big Bear City, about 100 miles east of Burbank. They flew to approximately 10,000 feet in the air!

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie disembarking with her girls…

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angelina jolie diaper dandies 01
angelina jolie diaper dandies 02
angelina jolie diaper dandies 03
angelina jolie diaper dandies 04
angelina jolie diaper dandies 05
angelina jolie diaper dandies 06
angelina jolie diaper dandies 07
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  • ebmo

    SHE’S AN IDIOT @ 07/11/2009 at 2:56 am 100% IRRESPONSIBLE.

    Angelina Jolie is the mother of 6 children under the age of 7 years old – including twin 1 year olds. How much more reckless could she be?!
    She is a licensed pilot.

  • ebmo

    I just noticed……on JJ’s mainpage, Xjen, Reese Witherspoon and Katie roboholmes are all wear BLACK. Maybe the anti-blck clothing brigade should hop over there to spread their disapproval

  • Not impressed by JA

    wow @ 07/11/2009 at 3:24 am Remember, once a cheater, always a cheater! It’s nice to know that destroying another relationship is lauded here. Bravo
    Yes that’s why Maniston who cheated shamelessly on Tate Donovan trapping Brad by having s*x with him when she wasn’t even officially out of Tate’s life is now living her karma with a big K.
    A husband she emotionally wrecked to the point he had to entered therapy and who refused after that to considered her as the mother of his chilren: Karma
    A man who called it quit after finding his true soulmate letting down that poor excuse of a woman who forced him into marriage : Karma
    Since then, that whining woman has been linked to loosers who come in and go at a shocking rhytm making her the oldest most desperate horny cougar of Hollywood : karma
    She has experienced scatology practices with Perez Hilton’s leftovers TWICE which makes her in the same categoy as Kim Kardashian who had a special intimate affair with her ex pee and poop : karma for Maniston and a tainted dating resume to present to future potentially decent mate.
    It’s nice to know that after she tries hard destroying her own husband, she is paying the bill real hard !
    An Oscar for Angie for saving Brad’s life from that witch.
    As for Maniston, she doesn’t deserved any decent man. Getting dumped by loser his her destiny. Being laughed at mocked his her punishment : she has even now displays a shamefull and uncomfortable air about her that she didn’t have at the time where she could exploit her title as miss Pitt and had this pride royal look. Well, Karma b*tch ! You are at your real place NOW.
    You were never at your place with Brad to begin with as he was out of your league. Then you had to use a blind date to trap him as he would never notice you in normal dating curcumstances. Talk about being desperate and delusional.

  • CJ

    this site is sick losers and haters abound…………………why so mean to angie and her family………………w hat did she ever do to you losers……………

  • jolie-pitt fan

    @rimel: What are you talking about evil humanitarian? You must be a person without concern to others, no humanitarian is evil. Angie is the best.

  • pl

    X fans are sick just like their idol.

  • black

    Hello——-has she totally lost her brain??

    Taking your little kids into a plane like that? Hell, even normal planes crash like crazy these days——not to mention this little bird.

  • brad pitt

    Watching the vid at X17, i really think its Brad who was carrying Zahara. I think he brought them to the airport, in fact I can see that he shook hands with another guy in the pic. if its just the BG, i think that airport guy wont shake his hand.

  • OMG

    lol, the color troll is back

  • jeff

    she’s faking being a good mother for the paps, that s how it is

  • jeff

    btw do u see any of her other 100 children?

  • briseis

    So much meanness to a young mother of 6, a mother who is just indulging in one of her passions and is introducing her young daughters to it. Can’t imagine what kind of persons those meanies are and why so much vitriol to this mother. All I’m defense of a divorced cougar???

  • Not impressed by JA

    jeff @ 07/11/2009 at 8:02 am btw do u see any of her other 100 children?
    No but you sound like one of the barely 100 Maniston cl*t fleas left.
    Why don’t you go back sucking her scatology related loose and overused vajaje that she likes to flaunt her and there ?. It seems that her worshippers brain show that distinct total failure breach with extreme distortion of reality…probably the stench of all DNA losers she has been siping at a scary speed, her nasty urintated poop related experience with Mayer and all the endless whining she has been vomiting during the past 5 years.
    It can make any decent person around her turning permanently brain damaged you know. It seems you Anistonr*tard fits perfectly the definition.

  • debra77

    Saw the video of Angie and the girls.. As I have always suspected..Shiloh is a Mommies girl.. I think Zee is all about Daddy…Remember when they haters were on the Angie hats Shiloh craze.. another example of how eveything they say is proven false..
    Someone in an earlier post thought it was Brad in the video.. No just the BG for Angie and the kids. The video and pics are grainy because the paps are not allow on the actual property.. They were outside the fence.. and you could hear the excitement in their voices when they saw the kids. They thought it was Brad too.. Losers.

    I note to that the fashion police were sleeping. They only wake when the kids are in black..Shi and Zee are both in white.. Shi with a light colored tee shirt.. Idiots all..

    I am still keeping my fingers crossed for a twin sighting.. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday.. Ignoring the nuts today..

  • csw

    Judgemental idiots. Have you adopted-no!! Shut up and remember she had a past, just like you and me. Like a lot of youngster which I imagine you were-some people experimented but she spoke about it and dealt with it. Now what are you hiding??. All of the celebrities who adopted in Hollywood they quite likely have a drug/misdemeanour record. So go attack them. Leave Angelina Jolie alone. She has a right to take her kids out-just like you and me.

  • emma

    Put your hands in the air if you want to see KNOX and VIV. Imagine how many comments there will be when we do see the twins!!!

  • gem15

    One of the many things I like about Jolie is that she needs no one. If she and Pitt split up you know she’s not going to throw 4 yr long pity parties, whine to anyone who’ll listen (especially if they possess a camera, microphone or keyboard), and use her failed relationship to garner sympathy to sell tickets to her films. I like them together but as a fan of hers I admit I think he let her bear the brunt of all the bad PR from their hook up. His few attempts at sticking up for her (not that she needs him to) were lame at best. He’s let his ex and her machine plant one nasty rumor after another about her without a word, then calls his ex a “sweetheart”. I know she cares about him and he seems to be a good father, but woman could do better IMO.

  • karen

    I have to say the tab reports the last week or so have been very interesting on a few levels. They have not made a connection to Brad/Jen in a few week at least on the cover story. The talk with Jennifer is she was dumped after the first date by Bradley Cooper, She has her eye on Gerard Butler and Renee steals Jen’s man.. so I guess they are trying to create a new triangle between Jen/Bradley/Gerard… and/or Renee/Bradley/Jen. hard to keep it straight. Their stories about Brad/Angie are of course Break up and the couple trying to make it work..

    Time will tell if it is woring.. but how many times and years can these fools write that Brad leaves Angie and his kids for Jennifer and it never pans out.. I mean come on.. When they were in NY according to the mags.. Brad was sneaking out of the house and calling Jen non stop.. but now that she is (where ever she is) and Brad/Family is in LA.. note all that crap has just faded away.. Although you still have the Jennatics who believe that Brad/Jen will get back together.. I mean they think Brad leaving Jennifer the first time was the worst thing possibe..(but of course that was all Angie’s fault).. but they have no problem at all with a man who would leave his 6 children and their mother.. (sick I know).. If Brad did that according to them. he would be the old Brad they knew and loved, the man who came to his senses.. I guess they are reaching to finally get Jennifer the kids that she has said over and over that she wants and will have.. Regardless of the fact that Angie is their mother..

    LMAO.. just unreal if you think about it.. I know that Angie gets way more negative crap then Brad.. but Brad’s crap is that he is such a low life that he would leave his family and go back to Jennifer Aniston.. and that she is a woman who is STUPID, DESPERATE, PATHETIC, DUMB, A NEEDY FOOL, and such a LOSER that she would take him back after 5+ years and help him CO raise his 6 children he had with Angelina..

    Can we all hold hands and sing…

    I am not a fan of Aniston at all.. and I do believe that she is still in a Brad state of mind.. Can’t really let go and can’t really move on. Yeah I will say it must be hard to see him enjoying the life he said he wanted and made happen. It must be hard to look at his kids and think.. those could have been mine.. and yeah it is hard to be compared to Angelina Jolie who is a working mom whose career did not fade away because she became a Mom.. In fact her career is hotter then ever.. and she does not even work that often.. So yeah I will say it is hard.

    but I will go on a limb and hope that she is not the STUPID, DESPERATE , PATHETIC, DUMB, NEEDY FOOL and LOSER woman her fans make her out to be and she does not want Brad and his 6 kids + Angelina ( who is not going anywhere).

    If I am wrong then she is a BIGGER LOSER then even I could imagine. and I have a great imagination

    OK off to enjoy this beautiful Summer Day..

  • neer

    She is both a US & UK licensed pilot at that!!!
    What a woman!
    X? a licensed tanning, non-sense woman!!!

  • cirrus22

    I think Angie has upgraded her Cirrus 22 to the new 2009 packaging. I noticed it has a black properly and in the inside upholstery is now black. also the outside paint is now all white. Her plane is so nice!

  • QQQQ

    That is NOT Brad carrying Zee. It’s the BG.

  • Jen the HAg

    jeff @ 07/11/2009 at 8:01 am she’s faking being a good mother for the paps
    heheheh suck to be a jenhag right to see Angelina Jolie flying airplane with her 2 gorgeous kids while Maniston is stuck w/ NORMAN the DOG !! bwahahahahhahahahha even Norman tried to escaped Maniston remember that .. maybe he wants Angelina t o adopt him must be hard living with a crazy woman like Aniston..LMAOOO!!

  • Jen the HAg

    jeff @ 07/11/2009 at 8:02 am btw do u see any of her other 100 children?
    Why does Jeniloony like you pretend to be a man?? You are as fake as your loser idol. I think you need to take your PROZAC and return to your cell .. that’s what hating Angelina Jolie do to you it made you END UP IN A LOONY BIN.

  • emma

    Why do people hate Brad and Angie so much? What have they done to make you hate them so much? Anyways…

    Hope Zee and Shi had a fun time with Mommy. Twins Bday tommorow hope to see Knox and Vivi soon and Mad and Pax to.

  • OMG

    emma jealousy,plain and simple

  • Jen the HAg

    emma @ 07/11/2009 at 10:52 am

    becoz they can’t accept the fact that Brad dumped their idol and is now known as a serial dumpee coz every man she’s been with since Brad divorced her dumped her again and again .. they just bed her once then go their merry way. As one of her fans posted why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free bwahahahah!!!

  • londra

    Can someone please tell me when did Angelina start to receive so much attention? I surpised she attracts so much attention. Thanks.

  • londra

    Can someone please tell me when did Angelina start to receive so much attention? I surpised she attracts so much interest. Thanks.

  • neer

    Come to think of it, flying a plane is one of the many aspects of AJ’s life that is difficult to copy, say Megan Fox to even try it. It needs intelligence & real guts.

  • emma


    she has loads for ages were have you been

  • wait

    Is Angelina a blonde or brunette? It looks like she’s a blonde but has dyed brown hair.

    Her face is getting chubby again. So maybe the rumors about another baby are true.

  • an oldie

    # 342
    londra @ 07/11/2009 at 11:32 am

    To me, Angelina was HW’s best kept secret, and now she has been discovered. The triangle shined spotlight on all 3 people involved. The difference between her and Aniston? When the spotlight is on Angelina, her personality and beauty glow. That’s why people are fascinated. When it’s on Aniston? her face shows her age masked by botox and collagen, and it also highlight the shallowness of her personality. What is there in Jen that would attract anybody, except her dumb hens rah rahing about her great hair and hot (short) body?

  • legs

    AWWWWWW – It’s so cute the way Zee was helping Shi get into the plane!!!

    Hey Ange – Does the SR22 have child-safety seats? If not – it’s best to wait a few years till the kiddies get a little bigger…

  • please

    Angelina has always been edgy but never mainstream. She lived in Europe for a bit as well. Fans have always been fans. What changed? The movie star aura of Brad PItt. Remember that Angelina was married to Billy Bob Thornton and the only times they would make a little headline is when well we all know those times. Today the gossips try to make it like a big deal but in real time it barely raised eyebrows. It was reported on, but not front page news. Even then it was oh well. Being with Brad brought in the wonder bread fans that Brad had via his ex. Those people do not match up with Angelina’s crowd (for the most part). There is some spill over as well as a group of new fans. The wonder bread X fans and the media they brought with them to this relationship is what fanned the flames of the triangle. But now the few drippings of pathertic people are still discussing these two with bitterness as though they did something wrong to them. That is the problem. Transferring your emotions on total strangers to the point that when they do something, you take it personally. This is what’s wrong with Americans in general. If someone wears a black dress all the time, you should not have a care in the world one way or the other because it’s not you or anyone you know. But Ameicans have a problem with transference. The tabs fan the flaem on this too becasue their people constantly go on the air to defend their reason for existing. They say that people will never get enough of celebs and they are the link to keep the public up to snuff. Um no, outta site, outta mind. In this day and age if the tabloids all disappeared, there would be less of this transference problem and nobody would miss the tabs or the celebs. Another thing is that if you are a fan magazine, and there are plenty of those, that’s one thing, but if you are all about making up stories and scandal, how is that keeping fans up o snuff with their celebs? It’s deliberately misleading the public. Without the tabs, if people want to see their faves, they would bring their butts to the movie theatre.

  • yoco

    Well I’m going to be offline for the rest of the weekend so I want to wish the twins a very happy birthday. Since they were born in France it may already be their Bday over there today. Well have a nice weekend JP fans, ignore the haters and their negative energy..

  • thorne

    natural beauty, even with the lightest of make up. she is so elegant and gorgeous, she makes the USO tee look like a designer shirt.

  • marina

    @ebmo: ha, ebmo, and nonoe has said anything about the kids clothing, particularly shi, noone is complaining about the color of her outfit.
    Of course the kids do not wear black everyday, nor the paps get to picture them often, but God forbud the day they are seen wearing black and hell gets loose.
    Here now the bashing is on Angie. PLEASE.
    The other day with t he girls, Angie was wearing a long brown dress, not black, but the trolls are daltonic too.

  • QQQQ

    Yes, Angie had child seats for the girls

  • palanga

    QQQQ @ 07/11/2009 at 10:31 am That is NOT Brad carrying Zee. It’s the BG.

    I think it’s Brad. You can tell from the hat that he’s wearing. BG doesn’t wear that same style of hat that Brad wear.

  • NO

    palanga @ 07/11/2009 at 1:19 pm QQQQ @ 07/11/2009 at 10:31 am That is NOT Brad carrying Zee. It’s the BG.

    I think it’s Brad. You can tell from the hat that he’s wearing. BG doesn’t wear that same style of hat that Brad wear

    That’s not Brad , There are pics of this in other blog. And BG was carring Zee and waited for them to arrive back later. This talk is rather embaressing . Like there is something wrong if Brad wasn’t with them.You need to stop this. Like what’s wrong with Brad not being there with them? It was a 2 hours day trip for girls. I think Brad and boys might have a boys day as well while girls enjoyed theirs.

  • Pacific Star

    It’s July 12 in the Pacific!
    Happy First Birthday to Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline!

  • Gracie

    to GAG-ing @ 07/11/2009 at 12:29 am Angie has been flying for 5 years. She has both US and UK licenses and is rated for instruments.

    Now what are your qualifications?

    GAG got his/her qualification from National Enquirer, the school of gossips and fabrications.

  • bdj|news
    Angelina Jolie Makes Quiet Visit To Support The Troops

    LOS ANGELES, Calif. –

    Angelina Jolie may be one of the world’s biggest stars, but she was able to make a quiet visit to some members of the United States Military last month without the glare of paparazzi lenses.

    The “Kung Fu Panda” star donned a USO T-shirt and posed for photos with military members and their families at the Walter Reed Military Hospital in Washington D.C., last month.

    According to the Oh No They Didn’t Celebrity Blog, Angelina came in without fanfare and spent time with several people at the facility.

    Photos of the actress were posted on the USO-Metro’s Facebook page.

    To view the photos, CLICK HERE.

  • bdj

    Quentin Tarantino, Diane Kruger and Christoph Waltz Visit Australia in August

    After a sizzling debut at the Cannes Film Festival, Quentin Tarantino brings his leading lady and key villain (winner of ‘Best Actor’ at Cannes) to Australia for special event premieres of Inglourious Basterds (sic) in both Melbourne and Sydney. Keen to connect with his Australian fans, Tarantino and his stars will walk the red carpet and appear ‘in conversation’ at each occasion. The Melbourne Premiere will be a special gala event on Sunday 2 August with the Melbourne International Film Festival and the Sydney Premiere will be held the following night, Monday 3 August with details to be announced shortly.

    “a completely distinctive piece of American pop art” Variety

    The film, called “rather brilliant” by Empire Magazine after Cannes, was ten years in the making. A project close to Tarantino’s heart, those around him knew was in the pipeline for the past decade, waiting for the right time to create the film for a global audience. That time was Cannes 2009.

    “Tarantino’s best film since Pulp Fiction” Total Film Magazine

    Employing pulp and propaganda in equal measure, Inglourious Basterds weaves together the infamous, real and larger-than-life stories of WWII. The film stars an international cast including Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Christoph Waltz and Melanie Laurent.

    On working with Pitt, Tarantino says “He’s wonderful. We’ve wanted to work together for a long time and this was just the right one, completely. I really didn’t consider anybody else.” It was the first time also for Diane Kruger who embraced the film’s unusual ‘fictitious history’ and her role as Bridget Von Hammersmark, calling it “a very cool character to play. She is a German movie star of the 40s, in the vein of a big movie star like Marlene Dietrich”. Christoph Waltz read with Tarantino for the role of Col Hans Landa, and from the first moment the film-maker knew he was “the one”. Clearly the Cannes jury felt the same way, awarding Waltz Best Actor award for the role.

    Quentin Tarantino, Diane Kruger and Christoph Waltz will visit Australia August 1 – 3, 2009
    Inglourious Basterds is in cinemas August 20

  • bdj

    Posted on Jul 11, 2009 @ 10:09AM

    The world’s most famous twins – Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt turn one year old tomorrow, July 12, and would like to be the first to wish them Happy Birthday!

    The youngest of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s six kids were born in Nice, France at a hospital not far from their parents’ famed Chateau Miraval estate; and the life they have ahead of them should be one big adventure.
    Click Here For More Photos Of The Jolie-Pitt Kids

    Their older siblings Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh have already gone flying, sailing, and dirt-biking. They’ve lived in Los Angeles, New York
    City, New Orleans, Paris and Berlin. They’re being raised bilingual; English and French. They have the latest in kid fashion and closets full of hand-me-downs. The girls go to dance class with mom. The boys play soldier and do bumper cars with dad.

    What a life they have in store for them. Here’s to many more happy birthdays!

  • bdj

    Brad Pitt will ‘Make it Right’ for New Orleans after Katrina (Gallery)

    With another hurricane season upon us, thoughts have turned to what is coming next, rather than what has been.

    Brad Pitt’s Make It Right foundation released 14 new residential designs that will be constructed in New Orlean’s lower 9th Ward which was devasted by Hurricane Katrina.

    Brad Pitt and Make It Right wants to reconstruct 150 homes in the area that Katrina demolished.

    This is the second round of architectural designs. The first was for single family homes in 2007.

    Fourteen architecture companies were recuited by Mr. Pitt and are putting their considerable talent to work for his Make it Right program.

    By teaming with a noted ‘green’ designer William McDonough, the Make It Work project is rebuilding New Orleans’s needs by blending natural and modern contemporary architecture.

    These duplexes, meant to house extended families and renters, are designed to fit the area with lots of green space and an emphasis on connections to the street. You can see that in the balconies and outdoor walkways in most of the designs. It’s a demand we were eager to meet.

    says organization director Tom Darden.

    We always wanted to expand the design catalog, and doubles is a typology that’s used throughout New Orleans and the Lower Ninth Ward. It’s a demand we were eager to meet.” The duplexes are expected to house extended families as well as renters.

  • emma


    I really want to see Knox and Vivienne so badly.

    Any guesses to when you think we will people?

  • Gracie

    Brad and Debbie Rowe forever @ 07/10/2009 at 11:06 pm I wonder if he is still a patient of Dr. Kleins? I think Klein is the one that injected butt fat into Brad’s face bwahahah

    Maniston is the one scr*wing Dr Kleins for her fillings, I think she is due for some fillings right now, I just saw her picture and she’s looking her age and a bit rough.

  • observer

    londra @ 07/11/2009 at 11:32 am Can someone please tell me when did Angelina start to receive so much attention? I surpised she attracts so much interest. Thanks.


    Angie has always received attention for her acting talent. Despite what the media now says about her past, most of the media attention Angie received in the late 1990′s early 2000′s was because of her talent, professionalism as an actress and men always thought her sexy. Little was made of her private life, other than it seemed odd for her to marry someone like BBT who was almost twice her age.

    Angie has never had a PR agent – she just worked on her acting jobs and then would go away and do her humitarian work. She never tried to get in the papers, never tried to generate publicity. So she went under the radar for awhile because the PR machine in Hollywood did not have her as one of their clients. When she and Brad became a couple, it caught the media by surprise because they had not kept up with Angie has she grew and developed into a woman of influence beyond Hollywood. The more mature Angie caught many in the media by surprise. I think her having achieved so much outside Hollywood made many in the media react to her – some probably were jealous.

    Although Angie is not ehtnic (black or Hispanic or east Indian), Angie has an ethnic look at certain angles (but her exotic look is due more to her father’s bone structure on her mother’s facial features.) Also Angie would have a sun tan in some of her movies like the LC2. Those in the media who decide how to frame a story went after Angie because of how she looked. But, Angie is a kind hearted person with a lot of charisma and talent who loves life and making a difference for the better. So she always thriumphs over the hate and negativity.