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Bradley Cooper: Green Lantern Hopeful!

Bradley Cooper: Green Lantern Hopeful!

Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake are the three men left standing to headline the much-anticipated superhero flick Green Lantern.

According to THR, other actors in the early mix included Michael Fassbender, Henry Cavill and Jared Leto.

The flick will be directed by Martin Campbell (GoldenEye, Casino Royale).

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  • Jane

    Ryan hands down. He just looks like he’d fit it perfectly. And his body is FIT.

  • greedy betch


  • karenina

    jt? sorry he can sing but act? NO

  • t

    ryan is doing the deadpool movie it would be weird for him to play two comic characters.

  • Krissy

    The best choice would definitely be Nathan Fillion!

    But, if I had to choose out of the three, it’s be Bradley Cooper.

  • eli

    PLEASE NOT Justin –hell ruin it!!!!!!!

    Ryan has the other superhero spin-off of wolverine already

    So i guess Cooper -not first choice- but only cause hes last one left

    what about Daniel Craig? –kinda looks like the cartoon

  • hello1

    LMAO Justin Timberlake?!?!?!?!? have these producers/casting people heard him talk? He sounds like a whiny kid. maybe if they did a voice over! seriously Justin can’t act and sounds almost like a girl when he does try to act

  • asha

    If they want people to take this movie seriously then they better not hire Justin Timberlake. He is a musician not an actor.

  • Michelle

    oh god, please don’t let it be JT…

  • eli

    …sounds almost like a girl when he does try to act
    hhahahahahahhahaha….YOU are so right!

  • rpatzfan

    Henry Cavill ,please

  • vmars111

    Justin Timberlake? Love him, but come on!

    And I don’t really see Reynolds as a Green Lantern (whichever one they’re doing it on). Plus, he’s already a perfect Deadpool. It would be a little weird if he were playing 2 acclaimed superheroes.

    So Bradley Cooper it is! Although I don’t really see him as either Green Lantern Hal or Green Lantern Kyle.

    So Ryan Reynolds it is!

  • celery gloss

    i don’t like any of the choices for green lantern. i have nothing against the actors but none of these guys. ESPECIALLY NOT justin timberlake! are you kidding me?

  • InMyDreams

    i thought green lantern was a black super hero???

  • ricpor

    What about Aaron Eckhart? He looks more like the Green Lantern. With a great body, square jaw and the blond hair. Also, he is a great actor.

  • Noticias de famosos

    That they will have …

  • pup

    HENRY CAVILL 100000 percent!

  • james

    Ryan reynolds is already playing deadpool, you can’t have the same actor play two main comic book heroes, thats like having tobey mcguire play peter parker and bruce wayne. Stupid, out of those three they should give it to bradley cooper.

  • james

    Ryan reynolds is already playing deadpool, you can’t have the same actor play two main comic book heroes, thats like having tobey mcguire play peter parker and bruce wayne. Stupid, out of those three they should give it to bradley cooper.

  • Jokergurl

    I think Aaron Eckhardt would be a cool choice, I just don’t see what all the fuss is about Bradley Cooper.

  • scorpius07

    Depends on which GL he’ll be. Is it Hal Jordan? If it’s not exactly a big, jokey role then Ryan Reynolds might not be best suited for this one like he is for Deadpool.

  • anonymous

    I would’ve said Ryan Renolds but he’s Deadpool already so i don’t know!

  • emmaa

    I love JT but he isn’t suitable for this. I vote Ryan!

  • frenchtouch

    It Depends And I agree with #23
    Ryan plays Deadpool but it’s also a good choice !
    I love so much Bradley, I think that it can work
    Henry Cavill has also the body for playing Green Lantern !

  • mertz

    please not f*cking ryan reynolds, or justin pip squeak timbera$$. bradley cooper anyone. i can’t believe that’s their final choices. they’re going to need a lot of post production touch up for this to find a good actor, or a actor who can get into shape and be who we all think of as green lantern. gosh not ryan reynolds. isn’t it bad enough he’s doing DEADPOOL. ugh ugh ugh. am soooo disappointed. totally runing my morning.

  • mertz

    also none of these would be my first, second, third, or fourth options..but like some people already pointed out…ry reynolds is already committed to something else and it would be weird to see him play another comic character. he can’t be all of them. jeez. atleast have some loyalty and freaking story arcline to your career. uhh big no to justin timberlake. please. him as green lantern. can you imagine. i’m already laughing and crying at the same time. it’s too much horror. and gah i love bradley but it would be him by default. can he get into some sort of shape and maybe cut his hair or something. meh. i think he would be the better fit out of all those three…despite ryans experience acting out comic characters and his body. green lantern is not all about his body. gosh.

  • NativeNYker

    Justin Timberlake? Thats a real big joke!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • rrr

    Chris Pine! But it would be Ryan out of those three.

  • ****

    I hope Ryan Reynolds gets it because it won’t be at all confusing when he plays Deadpool, The Flash AND Green Lantern!

  • marley

    Anyone but justin!!!

  • Pining for Chris

    WTF happened to the DELICIOUS Henry Cavill?!
    The rest of them are just blah; especially JT. I mean he can sing, but act…i’m not so sure.

  • Oh Henry!

    Henry Cavill, hands down! He’s a better choice than everyone else mentioned. Love Henners!!!

  • Amy

    Henry just needs to hold out for the Superman reboot. They’re scrapping Singer’s Superman and starting over, and before Singer came on board, Henry was the top pick for Superman.

  • t

    i think the rapper common shud play green lantern

  • mickey

    Justin Timberlame shouldn’t even be in the running…for any movie…EVER.

  • Oh Henry!

    any superman at this point is old and tired. It wouldn’t be a good career choice for Cavill. The thing is that people are excited about the green lantern movie and it would greatly benefit Henners over superman.

  • Jeff

    Nathan Fillion, but since hes not an option, i chose Ryan. no way in hell should Justin be in any movie.

  • mertz

    oh they’re doing another superman? gah…i’ll probably watch it still.

    **** @ 07/10/2009 at 8:29 am I hope Ryan Reynolds gets it because it won’t be at all confusing when he plays Deadpool, The Flash AND Green Lantern!

    hey thanks for having my favourite comment of the entire thread. too funny.

    i say none of those guys get that gig. and please no no no to jt, ry…this is soooo f’n messed. they can’t make ryan reynolds into green lantern and justin timberlake is unfreakingimaginable.

    maybe bradley can go through a hugh jackman career change.

  • mertz
  • mertz

    if they don’t give it to bradley they should atleast give it to nate or henry. gosh. I CAN’T BELIVE THE FINAL ACTORS THAT ARE BEING CONSIDERED TO PLAY OUR BELOVED GREEN F*CKEN LANTERN. i mean common would be better than justin freaking timberlake. are you kidding me. this is entirely bullsh*t.

  • bulldog

    noo it should be chris pine!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    either ryan or bradley
    i would prefer ryan because i think he’s and up and coming actor, so this could be a big moment for him 2 shine
    bradley is just a good actor so i wouldnt mind him
    but justin sucks, plz dont give him the part

  • meh

    Henry Cavill would’ve been such a great choice! He deserves it more. But otherwise Coop would be pretty good.

  • meh

    Not Ryan Reynolds coz he’s already playing Deadpool. And Hell NO to Justin Timberlame, who is stuck up and cannot act for sh!t. They both have huge ass ego’s.

  • jesse

    OK I have to say something here! I dont know WHY justin Timberdouch thinks he can act!!! Every movie he’s done was horrible! His voice is too high to pull off superhero or masculine and he can sing but def. not act!! The best bet here is to go with Ryan Reynolds…i mean did you SEE him in XMen?!? He was hot!! And he can act and was great at kicking ass!!! So my vote goes to Ryan and if i had to pick second it would be Bradley Cooper…..thanks!

  • SexySassy

    In the latest Justice League toons, the Green Lantern is black. I don’t know why they won’t choose a black actor for the movie. My husband’s going to be pissed when he finds out. Oh, well, that’s Hollywood for ya!

  • scruffy puffy


  • suppress your appetite

    heh :)))