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Carrie Underwood Sits On Mike Fisher's Lap

Carrie Underwood Sits On Mike Fisher's Lap

American Idol champ Carrie Underwood sits on the lap of her hot boyfriend, hockey player Mike Fisher, while joined by friends at a recent party in Nashville, Tenn.

Fisher plays center for the Ottawa Senators team and has been dating Carrie for the past year.

Hilary Duff also dates Fisher‘s teammate, Mike Comrie. (They were both spotted cheering on their respective Mikes during a hockey game in March.)

Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: SnitcherdDesk; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • baby face

    he looks like a redneck f@g basher

  • The one, The awaited….

    She’s so incredibly cute and poised. They look cute together!

  • greenlit

    He is pretty darn cute, except his hair can use a lot of work!

  • Kym

    big deal…geeze

  • madrid

    Cute couple. They have been dating for a year? Wow. Very low key. I like that.

  • missy

    He is not very photogenic…I have seen him in person and the man is beeeeeeeauuutiful!!!

  • MIchelle

    Very cute couple! :)

  • meh

    ya he looks so much hotter in his hockey uniform and without that greasy hair

  • steph

    they’re too cute! very adorable! i hope they last! :D

    I love how low key they are and they arent very attention seeking like other famous couples. Kudos to them

  • Lisa

    Other poster is right not a good picture of Mike. In person 6’1″, 210, the bluest eyes ever, and very very hot. You’ll see when they hit the red carpet. Stealth daters under the radar.

  • Miss Canada

    Canadian men are hotties. Love their accent “For Sure”
    Dude is lucky Carrie is a smokin’

  • flutters

    Cute pic! I recognize a couple members of Carrie’s band in the pic, her drummer and the guy who plays fiddle and sings back up!

  • boo

    crying on the inside :(

  • Owen

    I bet they are both still Virgins!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks really cute
    not a big fan tho

  • Laura

    She looks gorgeous but he looks ugly, the one in the middle is fitter :D

  • chelsey

    Yeah he definitely needs a hair cut! You should see him with short spikey hair! whooooo! Smokin!

  • irish girl

    Hockey players are so hot. Best sex ever…. *memories… from the corner of my mind*
    *blush* sorry….

  • Michelle

    Ugh he is NOT hot. Someone take some scissors to his nasty hockey hair already!!
    Carrie – come on! You can do better than this!!

  • Misty

    thats your opinion and you are judging from this candid shot.
    His facebook screams hotness. Do you really think Carrie would date someone thats not hot when she had guys lined up around the block wanting her digits? She got a great Christian guy that treats her like a Queen.

  • Kayla

    These are not great pictures. Carrie’s hair seems to be running away from her forehead and Mike’s face looks huge.

  • aBBY

    How Cute!

  • Jess

    That picture doesn’t do Mike justice at all.
    They’re super cute together, though.

  • ok
  • ok

    pic 82

  • mythical creature

    You know what I always notice when couples are out together? This may seem odd but I always notice where the man places his hand on the woman. Usually men place their hand on the waist, up high. I’ve always thought it was waaaaaaaaay sexy when he places his hand lower on her hip. There is just something so sexy about that.


    They are both so good looking and nice! Love them both! Go Fisherwood!

  • gaby

    wow rare sighting! way to go jared!!!

    way cute carrie and mike

  • chelsea

    Ottawa my home town. Go Sens Go!!!!! Carrie love her and i’m happy for them.

  • dorie

    Bad hair day for them both, but still beautiful.

  • GIGI

    They look cute together but Mike in this picture….. doesnt do him justice. Love Carrie though.

  • Sue

    Doesn’t do either of them justice. They are both beautiful people, inside and out!!

  • missy
  • mythical creature

    @GIGI: I like how she is sitting on his lap and he has his hand on her hip. Very cute but intimate :)

  • mythical creature

    @missy: Missy, you are very sweet and good hearted woman to be so touched by that photo. God Bless you and your golden heart.

  • Amanda

    I don’t think he looks any less hot in this picture than he actually is.

  • mertz

    i can’t wait till they break up. same with hilary and mike 2. gah. hockey players and celebs, not a good mix…and they both need to leave the sens already. way to stick with the sinking ship numnuts. also he needs to cut his hair (obviously)…and i hope he’s doing some off season training for october. gah. she’s usually pretty though…doesn’t always wear the best things but i can’t deny her natural beauty when she’s not all hopped up with the make up.

  • Jennifer

    I actually don’t think that picture is that bad, although I have to admit that I have seen better pictures of them both.
    And, by the way, to that idiot who said that Mike is ugly, you obviously haven’t seen much of Mike, either in pictures, on Youtube, or on T.V., because I have been alive for 30 years and I don’t think that I have ever seen a man who is sexier, and more attractive than Mike is. And i’m not even an Ottawa Senators fan. As a matter of fact, if Mike were better known in the U.S., I think that he would be People magazine’s sexiest man every single year. I can’t think of a single hollywood celebrity that comes even close to being as handsome as Mike is.

  • janie

    Mike is very good looking in person with gorgeous blue eyes and usually has his hair short. He is very big and muscular and a hunk in person as I said. This is just not a great angle for a picture and I am sure he was not “posing” thinking everyone would see this. I think someone in one of the attendees camp probably leaked it when they shouldn’t have or such. Either way, he is very cute in person.

  • janie

    Here is one picture of Mike so you get an idea. There are even better ones out there but this gives you an idea on how hunky and cute he is.

  • Mikelufscarrie

    Carrie & Mike looks really adorable together.Mike is cute.This is an old pic.You guys should see his new hair, ultra cuuute! BEsides a hair cut do not define a personwhether he’s good or not for Carrie. What matters is his heart, sincerity and intention. Pls guys it’s been awhile that we all want to see Carrie happy with the right guy.Now that he’s here, lets gv her a break and let them be happy.We all have been waiting for this pic.So be grateful ok.

    And those saying overly private ‘bedroom’ comments, be sensitive with Carrie & Mike.They are protective of each others’ feelings ok.

  • Mikelufscarrie

    Mike is cute here. This is most recent.

  • mary

    I must say that I am amused by the couple of haters on this site who always seem to want to say bad things about just about anybody. I will concede that this was not the best picture of either Mike or Carrie, but even their so-so pictures are still better than just about anybody alive today. In case a couple of you aren’t familiar with Mike, and with how incredibly sexy he is, then just take a good look at this picture here. I guarantee that Mike Fisher is just about the most handsome man I have ever seen.

  • mary

    Sorry for the confusion. But the picture that I am talking about being the best I have ever seen of Mike is picture #82. It is the very last picture so just have a little patience and it should come up pretty fast. It is a dreamy picture of a dreamy person.

  • mary

    I have to apologize for that error. Earlier, I attempted to post the link to a great picture of Mike Fisher, but I got a letter wrong. So for the second time, here is the link to a picture that I believe proves that Mike Fisher is probably the most handsome man I have ever seen. The picture is the very last one, number 82.

  • Matt

    Hockey players are nothing but pure sleaze. You girls are crazy to think that this guy is a ‘good ol’ innocent Christian guy’…Listen in on 5 minutes of locker room talk, and you’ll understand.

    But hey! If she’s into that kind of thing, all the best to her. Not to mention, he plays for possibly the worst team in the league….
    Come on Carrie! If you’re gonna be a puck bunny, go for an Oiler or a Flame!! (Can you tell I’m from the West…)

  • Anakin

    His hockey team s-u-c-k-s big time and are full of chokers & whiners, him included!

  • Mikelufscarrie


    That’s way too personal comment.

  • Hoangalicious

    im sorry
    but that was supposed to be my lap!

  • miss canada


    wrong there are a few worse teams, Sens had a slim chance for the playoffs and just didn’t make it, Mike is not a whiner he is a beast, check out his fights on youtube, he is gritty