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Chaz Bono Comes Out for Outfest

Chaz Bono Comes Out for Outfest

Chaz Bono looks extremely happy while arriving at the 2009 Outfest event in Los Angeles on Friday (July 10th).

The 40-year-old son of Sonny and Cher recently announced he is undergoing female-to-male gender transition.

Chaz‘s girlfriend, Jennifer Ella accompanied him to the event in West Hollywood. Outfest is the largest film festival for gay/lesbian/transgendered-themed films.

10+ pictures inside of Chaz Bono stepping out with Jennifer Ella for Outfest…

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  • http://facebook Alyberry

    Yay, first! This whole thing is strange w/ her being a man!

  • gloucesterlad


  • gloucesterlad


  • Pocket Rocket

    when does she get her permanent strap-on?

  • articles

    What the heck is he/she thinking! I’m at a loss.

  • docomo

    well i hope he will lose some weight, really, then he’ll be even happier ) i really wish him luck, he choosed not the easiest way to live, even he’s son of Cher..

  • yoyo

    She already tried to lose weight on Celebrity Fit Club and it obviously didn’t stick. She, is a she. You can take hormones, get a pork sword sewn on, but deep down, you still have female chromosomes and therefore are still a woman. But if she wants to pretend she’s a man, have fun with that.

  • KJ

    Oh my..

    Never thought Cher’s daughter could be that ugly.,,,but she looks a nice person

  • samantha

    Chaz is a very brave person. It cannot be easy to have your personal life and decisions judged by the entire world 24/7. I wish him well and pray for some peace and happiness in his life. God Bless.

  • ano

    Good luck, Chaz.

  • jaxon

    I agree with yoyo. She’ll just spend the rest of her life playing dress up. Unfortunately she’s not attractive as any gender.

  • lizzy

    A decision for a transgendered person to fully undergo the operation is HUGE!!! No one can understand how difficult this all is. My cousin went through this 4 years ago. He knew from a very young age he was different inside. It was the most painful thing ever to watch, but now 4 years later it a joy to see how life has changed for Geoff. We miss little Jennifer but Geoff is who he should have always been. God Bless you Chaz.

  • lakers fan in boston

    either way this bitczh is still fugs
    she/he should have lost some weight

  • jaye

    I’m still trying to figure out how she thought she was a lesbian for over 20 years and now she thinks she’s a man? She was an adult when she came out as a lesbian. She didn’t say that she felt like a Male all her life at that time; now she feels like she’s a man?? Please explain that. If someone doesn’t know the difference between being Lesbian and Transgendered maybe they should try psycho-therapy a LONG time before they start chopping off stuff. I’m sorry, but it’s people like her who make others think all this Gay/ Transgendered stuff is a bunch of hog wash designed to make perversion acceptable. .

  • TR

    Um, HE is still a SHE so until Chaz has the surgery, this person is still a SHE. You don’t just become a HE when you decide you want to make the change. Either, way, great for Chaz if this is what makes her happy but folks, this is still a lady until the ween gets removed.

  • sayanything

    Please stop trying to sway the public by calling Chastity their “son.” She is and always will be their DAUGHTER who chose, for some sad, confused reason, to become the opposite sex.

  • suzieq

    WHY in the world would anyone WANT hairy balls? This is beyond me.. Also, I’m a tad confused. When she becomes a man, does this mean she’s still a lesbian? And what about her girlfriend? so confused.

  • uh oh…

    Yeah, i agree suzieq. Will Chastity/Chaz’s lesbian girlfriend not be turned off by the new ‘man’ in her life? Maybe SHE’LL discover she’s “really a man inside” too!!??! Then her and Chaz can be fake homosexual men together. But Chaz might be a straight fake male, not a queer fake male. This is all so confusing!

  • uh oh…

    Hmm. You can’t say q..u..e..e..r!? Bit overly PC, Jared!

  • aristeia

    @TR: @sayanything:

    Please learn something about transgendered individuals before you bark at JJ. Once someone starts going through the change and living as their new gender (regardless of what surgery they’ve had), they are referred to as that sex. Chaz is no longer Chastity and therefore a “he” b/c he is living as a man now.

    If you don’t understand something, then shut up about. This is a highly emotional and intense change to be going through in front of the entire world and I commend Chaz. I just wish people would be kinder. The cruelty on here is saddening.

  • annab

    She was too cute as a little girl. Now you can hardly see a trace of the old Chasity. It has to be stressful for her mother even though Cher claims that she totally supports her in this big decision.

  • TR

    Aristeia: what are you talking about??? No where did I call out JJ for posting this. I am stating that until she has a vagina, she is still a HE. No one said the transition was hard.

    If you can read English, read my post again you dumb fool. You are probably a he/she yourself!

  • Katri

    I will be volunteering for Outfest this Sunday.

  • mela

    honestly, i don’t understand why we are referring to her as “he”. As others have said, she can play dress up and mutilate her body all she wants but SHE is still a WOMAN. I don’t feel like it’s accurate to call HER a HE.

    She is clearly a woman.

  • mela

    whenever I see Chasity Bono trying to be a man I think of the scene from Weeds where Celia talks to her daughter about being a lesbian…”You can not become a Lesbian just because you don’t want to lose weight. The only girl you should be seeing is Jenny Craig.” AHAHAHAH

  • suzy q

    Jared I really like how respectful you have been of Chaz and the process he is going through. You really are a different kind of celebrity blogger. A good kind. Thanks

  • Pinto

    I guess that’s what happens when you’re to ugly to be a lesbo, you go for a sex change. Why is it that in most lesbian couples one looks like a male. It’s just f’ed up.

  • Val

    The ignorant comments on here are unbelievable.
    If you don’t understand why people have this operation, do you really think you’re qualified to put people down who need to go through it?
    Haters, get educated! You only embarrass yourself with your ignorance.

  • well well

    I can’t believe this is acceptable. When my cat had kittens I should have paid the money to get them turned into koala bears.

  • Rhonda

    Chasity looks exactly the same to me, is there suppose to be some difference by now? Well, I for one refuse to play this freak game, I like reality not pretend. Chasity is not Cher’s son, Wanda Sykes and her “wife” didn’t have twins. I don’t know where all this freakness ends. paedophile has to be the NEXT new “NORM”

    This is a mental health issue as far as I’m concerned. Wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Cher burying this girl soon. Love and admire Cher for her love of her daughter, but I wouldn’t be a willing participate in insanity.

  • bobin

    She has a girlfriend that still makes her a lesbian, she was born a girl and she will die a girl all the operations in the world isn’t going to change that. Poor little confused rich girl, she’s really messed up.

  • mr. hat

    scissoring gonna hurt now Chaz,,,,,

  • confuzzled

    If she’s a man does that mean she’s hetero or a lesbian?

  • mela again

    she’s a biological female, why are referring to her as a “he” and as cher’s “son”? sure she can sew a fake pee-wee on but she’s born with a uterus and ovaries and can give birth to children..sorry im not playing along with this fantasy pretend game that she’s a man..because she is not. i don’t see the arguement her that supports her being classified as a man. people that say this is ignorant, please enlighten me to WHY Chastity bono is considered a “man”? is she just as much of a man as your father? see what i’m saying? man i just don’t get it.

  • mela again

    what is the the point of classifying humans as one of two sexes based on biology when someone can have some plastic sugery and claim they are the opposite sex? this leads into the whole question of what is gender/sex? are they the same thing?

  • mythical creature

    Who cares. It’s no worse than what some celebs do with their over the top plastic surgery. It’s her choice.

  • What a waste of money

    She still looks like a woman…..

  • mythical creature

    Okay my psuedo younger sister is like this. She likes “manly” looking women. Maybe it’s just cuz I’m completely straight, but if I was gay I would find the most beautiful femine looking woman I could. Cuz if it looks like a guy WTF is the point? Am I missing something?

  • LuckyL

    Why the f*** are you all so concerned about Chaz’s gender and choices anyway?

  • LuckyL

    mythical creature @ 07/11/2009 at 12:09 am

    Okay my psuedo younger sister is like this. She likes “manly” looking women. Maybe it’s just cuz I’m completely straight, but if I was gay I would find the most beautiful femine looking woman I could. Cuz if it looks like a guy WTF is the point? Am I missing something?
    How about you ask your sister and not some anonymous people on the internet dumba**, or do you just like secretly berating your sister to a bunch of strangers?

  • jenna

    Sonny is rolling.

  • mythical creature

    @LuckyL: I will ask her, I haven’t seen her to ask her yet. And I am not berating her. Where do you get THAT from? It was a question. A legititmate one. If you are going to date a woman who is changed into a man or looks like a man why not date a man? Why choose women who look like men? It was an open question to anyone who feels like answering.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    I feel sorry for her that she is receiving so much negativity from people.
    Obviously, she/he has felt this way for years, and has been extremely unhappy according to cher. When I worked in a pharmacy for several years, we had a young woman who was under-going the same procedure and came in often for the different hormones and other medications to help her during this completion.
    She also had to see a Psychiatrist for a year and dress the part during this time. I was shocked how fast her voice changed, and the facial hair grew. She also wore a special extra-tight sports bra that held in the breast’s flat against the chest. The only odd part, were her fingers, which were long and slim, so she gained weight by drinking protein and muscle building shakes and kept her nails super short.
    After a year the Doctor’s removed her breast’s and told all of us, the Dr. ” fixed the female area to resemble a male, “. ( whatever that meant ). We never asked HIM what that meant or how they did it, but SHE was now a HIM, completely, and very happy, and getting married to a pretty young woman. ( who knew ) I guess stranger things have happened, so we should not judge anyone. He always told us, that this was the happiest he has ever been in his entire life-time. And it showed.
    Chaz has a long way to go, but I wish him luck!

  • mythical creature

    @VICTORIA # 1: Yes I have known someone who did that too. And what can you do when that is what makes someone happy. It’s no ones business. I feel bad for the people whose families have a hard time dealing with it…

  • mela again

    i do not if calling this a “negative reaction” to Chastity bono’s big announcement. I for one, just am baffled by the whole medical and legal aspect of this situation. It’s very foreign to me. I’m just trying to wrap my head around this thing because honestly, it’s not making much sense to me.

  • Lenny

    The overall sad thing about this is the political correctness that is being pushed down everyones throat. God don’t make mistakes and if she wants to think that she’s a man that’s fine. But the true is we all know she’s a woman, a massive woman at that. You know deep down inside Cher wish die, because most people who are honest would say, damn why me, snap out of it kid.

  • hermit crab

    she is a he, and that’s the way he likes it, so accept him for what he wants to be. he is very very brave. and he sure looks like his mom! GO CHAZ!!!

  • hailei_2007

    You know what the funny thing is?
    I read last night how Cher and Michael were friends but at some point she said to the press that he is failing as a dad and that she would never do to her child what Michael did to his. Isn’t this so ironic, considering what her child turned out to be..?

  • Milla

    Thank you for addressing him as a him and not a she.

  • Jayla

    @samantha: I agree with samantha. Thank you for being open-minded and caring. god bless you :)