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David & Victoria Beckham: Hamleys Hotties

David & Victoria Beckham: Hamleys Hotties

David and Victoria Beckham — take their sons Brooklyn, 10, Romeo, 6, and Cruz, 4 — to catch a departing flight to Los Angeles via London’s Heathrow airport on Friday (July 10).

The family stopped off at the Hamleys store to buy the kids some coloring books and pens.

Below is the behind-the-scenes video of Posh and Becks shooting the latest Emporio Armani Autumn/Winter 2009-10 underwear campaign. Hot hot hot!

David & Victoria Beckham – Emporio Armani Underwear FW 2010

10+ pictures inside of Hamlleys hotties David & Victoria Beckham

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  • Donald Hump

    why do these two think they are God’s gift to the world? he plays soccer, she was in a girl band lol… not like they cured cancer or contribute to the world

  • Raquel

    What a cute family they are, along with Brangelina my favortie celeb families.And VB has gained weight, it really suits her more, her legs are spectacular.

  • shen

    These two pretenders spend more time at airports than anywhere else. Just stay away from London, scarecrows.

  • irish girl

    Look, it’s my favourite Euro, over the top, richer than me couple!
    They look great, par usual. The kids are getting big… but I have to say it, “It’s time to stop dressing the boys alike.” I don’t know if she shines them up for photo ops or this is how they normally dress, but it’s not cute. They’re too big for this matchy-matchy look.

  • emma

    I remember when David stood there and announced Brooklyn’s birth and now he is 10 wow a decade has gone by quick!

  • lills

    Victoria’s shades conceals a very haggered look (pic 1). What do you expect when you literally starve yourself and go to extreme lengths to present the perfect polished image and blissful married life. The EA underwear campaign is the biggest turnoff of 2009.

  • *******

    Very Hot!!! Love these two and their family. They looked like they were having fun while taking the shoots.

  • unknown

    how come they don’t fly via private plane?

  • Mariabeckham

    To #1 ! Yea they are a true gift ! . It’s not what they work with it’s what they do ! 40% of their money is dedicated for charities and the David Beckham Academy which contributes a lot for kids who see David as their ideal footballer , and a lot of their earning are given to help people , but simply they aren’t the way of celebrities who come and say “Oh yea today i donated 1,000,000,000$ to X and Y” so please don’tcome and judge them before you know what they have done to this sick and tired world :)

  • Lalique

    They are both gorgeous. So are their kids. In the video, you can see Victoria laughing and giggling several times. Alert the media.

  • Lalique

    @irish girl: Dressing kids in matching or similar outfits -as is the case here- is customary in many parts of Europe, especially among the aristocracy/upper classes. When a child hits puberty, they usually go their own way and let the younger siblings go matchy-matchy :-).

  • irish girl

    @Lalique: Really? Bizarre. I’m surprised that VB would follow such a pedestrian norm.

  • UGH!

    They are a disgusting example of over-the-top greed and excess. Cannot stand them!

    Look at the nanny- she looks totally wiped/worn out… there is not enough $$$ in this world to take on the job of nannying for this arrogant family. The nannies have all become the kids’ pseudo mum, since their actual birth mum is NEVER around long enough to mother them.

    They are disgusting, shameful, vile…

  • depeche

    I love watching this ugly Victoria. Its allways good to see that money doesnt make You good looking. She has much much more money then i ever will and still i look better.LOL

  • Pat

    I like Victoria!
    I love her sunglasses, her YSL shoes, her dress! everything!
    what brand of sunglasses are those?
    anyone knows? =)

  • jessie

    For the life of me I can’t comprehend ppl’s fascination/adulation/devotion to this hideous couple and their 3-spoiled bratty not at all attractive kids. It truly boggles my mind.
    Totally agree with you #1

  • Donald Hump


    So what, anybody can sign a check…it’s a mere swift swipe of the hand. Just because they give money away does not make them special…

  • Susan


  • Fabienne

    What a life. I envy them.

  • cee cee my playmate

    I love the way they have their little family and then they still make time to be a romantic couple. That’s how ya do it!

  • tutu

    I like them. It’s cute to see.

  • booboo

    awful couple, next will be a sex tape – i feel sorry fr the kids with narcissistic creepe like these two

  • marainsconset

    I’m sure they worked hard to be where they are right now. I respect that. They’re just people too just like us – the only difference is that their life is always on the limelight because that’s what their job calls for. It’s called promoting and marketing. Good for them.

  • posey

    lol…looks like she is going the Katie Homely route.

    no make up and she looks like a dried up prune!

    growing out her hair…just like Katie…or maybe Victoria started it first.

    who cares! LOL

  • Mariabeckham

    @Donald Hump: They are ! :D their personalitie are ! ou can watch them talking and how down to earth they are ! not like all american celebs lol ! not fake and dreamy ! and yeah it is just a sign on a check , but at least they sign and give someone a reason to smile! and help poor and needy people! they sign checks they work hard to put the amount pinted on it :) so don’t come wth this ” they ain’t special” and shit :) they are !

  • karenina

    she is gorgeous, i really envy this family=)

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn dude
    she looks horrible without those sunglasses
    her style is getting a bit boring, it’s the same type of dress over and over with just a few changes

  • eekomeeter


    Bravo, well written commentary on this boring plastic couple. I do see that V took out her blimplants and put in a smaller pair.

  • whatever

    No make-up and new SMALLER boobs….I like this new unpretentious Posh look :)

  • Jen

    They look great! I personally luv them, I used to think they were stuck up but if you see their interviews or read their books, they are really quite charming!

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    That’s a beautiful blue dress. As for the commercial-
    I can’t understand how such a handsome guy ever married a girl who is not even pretty. Maybe the girls aren’t so pretty in England, so he had to compromise.

  • Adri

    They seem more connected as a couple than they have in the past. Maybe it’s because they’re working together. She does look like she gained a little, and looks healthy instead of emaciated. That probably means she’s a lot happier and isn’t so concerned with controlling everything anymore. I think they look good, both are hot, the boys are cute….nice family.

  • Lalique

    Victoria Beckham photographed without makeup. The world is coming to an end.

  • Who Cares

    Don’t much care to watch Making Of videos for commercials. That’s just me.

  • Miss Sixty

    Is it just me ? or could you spot 4 things wrong in these photos:
    1. Posh is w/o make-up
    2. Posh has gained weight
    3. Posh is oddly not looking orange ( looks like she missed her appointment at the tanning parlour or it’s a new resolution)
    4.Posh took off her sunglasses despite knowing she was made up.

  • emmaa

    Lol at 1:18. Could they get any hotter? What a lifestyle they have

  • http://aol susan

    I have absolutely no clue how (or why) she always walks in those heels and in an airport no less! And, how she does it with no socks on!! I must be some kind of pig becasue when I wear high heels with no socks, it won’t be for long. That is what they make sandals for. If my feet ache, I ache all over. I don’t know her ‘trick’ of doing that other than she must get pedicures all the time.

  • noelle

    hott! i love this couple. sure their over the top but you can’t deny how much they adore each other. love it.

  • mimilala

    As ridic. as I find them both at times, they do make a great couple. They’re one of the few couples that seem to have a genuine bond and not the “we’re together because we’re beautiful and oh-so-fabulous” vibe i get from most Hollywood couples.

    Even with all the glitz, glamour and money…whenever you see them interact, they seem like a regular, loving couple. Kudos to them and their beautiful family!

  • Moon

    Really, really love this family! So what if she’s not with make-up? She’s human too! And she always said one of the reasons she wears sunglasses is to hide her tired eyes or when she not applying any make up on her eyes. Of course she looks a bit tired here coz she and David had just landing from Seychelles from 13 hours flight YESTERDAY! And now they are going to make a 12 hours flight to USA. It’s perfectly an excuse for her to not applying any make up as she will just be on the plane again. And really happy to see Romeo smiles there with his (or maybe it’s Daddy’s) sunglasses. Hope to see wish them Happy Anniversary again 10 years later with hopefully 1 or 2 more addition (hope it’ll be girl next) to their brood.

  • Pisa

    AWFUL! Narcissistic, arrogant, self-absorbed, selfish, spoiled, showy, flashy.. they are a grotesque couple/family!

  • Marissa

    oh please do not make them look like they actually care about anyone else but themselves, they are screaming “me, me, me” and yes David can play football but Victoria is so talentless it is shameful for our society that people like her can rise to such stardom and earn such ridiculous amounts of money. and please do not talk about this couple and charities – these two things just don’t go together. the point about helping others is making other people aware of the problems around the world – i do not see these two doing that very often. it’s more about “look at me, look at my new dress!”

  • prayer

    Victoria’s looks remind me Katie Price aka Jordan from Britain. Both look quite scary to me. They could star in horror movie and play their roles pretty well. David on the other hand is very handsome man and a legendary football player too. I must sound mean about his wife, but I can’t help to understand what is all the hype about her? She seems to lack humility considering her humble talents.

  • chloe!!!

    Uh , What the hell happened to her hair?! I usually like her short hair , but in these photos …not so much.

  • sema

    looks like romeo’s starving to death just like her.. feed the poor boy for god’s sake!
    she looks awful without make up.. yucky.

    and #13 i think she has the nannies ugly because david has a habit of sleeping with the young and attractive ones!

  • scruffy puffy


  • suppress your appetite

    D&V forever!