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Emilie de Ravin: Remember Me!

Emilie de Ravin: Remember Me!

Emilie de Ravin takes a cigarette break on the set of Remember Me in New York City, on Thursday (July 9).

The 27-year-old Lost actress has been involved in a rumor claiming that Robert Pattinson, 23, dumped Kristen Stewart, in favor of her. “Robert met Emilie a while ago and has always liked her,” a source close to Robert told Life & Style.

“He’s the one who suggested to the producers at Summit [the same production company responsible for the Twilight series] that she’d be perfect for Remember Me. In the original screenplay, her part was written for an actress of Mexican descent,” the source said.

10+ pictures inside of Emilie de Ravin: Remember Me

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  • Lazarus

    Not pretty.

  • Iggles

    Go Emilie! I’ve been a fan of her’s for a LONG time.

    However, it pisses me off that the role was meant for a Mexican/Latina actress and it was recasted. There are few roles for women of color as it is, so it bugs me when this happens! Case in point — “New In Town” for written for Angela Basset and they ended up casting Reneé Zellwegger! Seriously, like wtf??? They did so many re-writes the piece of crap movie failed.

    Also, the lead female in “Wanted” is a black women in the comic book. In the movie they cast Angelina Jolie. (BTW, this movie wasn’t a big hit either.)

    Diversity should be limited to extras in the background or secondary roles for men of color. There should be more women of color in lead roles because they have interesting stories to tell as well.

    /end of rant

  • abbybella

    I’m sure she’s a nice girl and all but she doesn’t even come close to being as beautiful and cool as Kristen.

  • Iggles

    Grrrr. Major typo –

    “Diversity shouldn’t be limited”

  • ่ำjennifer

    she’s so cute!

  • Hey you

    First Ally Craig, the part that Emilie plays is not of Mexican desent. That whole story is a load of crap

  • savannah

    Does anyone NOT smoke these days?

  • maka

    she’s beautiful

  • kara

    wow…she really changed her style. She used to have a softer, prettier look, but now she looks hard. I know she is playing a 19 year old in this movie, but she doesn’t have that fresh teenage look. I’m not feeling it. Really disappointed & not impressed at all. And the smoking makes her look ghetto.

  • kk

    STOP comparing her to Kristen!
    They’re both pretty girls.

  • philipa

    I totally believe this story, except that I think she just dated one of the

    producers to get the part and not that Patinson guy.

    She is very pretty, she doesn’t look like she is almost 30!

  • babe_luv_ya

    pretty sexy young woman.
    atleast she smiles unlike someone

  • karenina

    wow again i confused her with michelle williams

  • LolaSvelt

    @karenina: That’s funny, I thought that was her in the picture of her smoking, but I initially wouldn’t have thought that.

    It’s a shame that the people you least expect to smoke actually do!

  • Vickie

    There is nothing in the script saying the character is of Mexican descent. Don’t know where you got that. As for the quotes from LIfe and Style consider the source. What a load of crap

  • lili

    She’s gorgeous. I met her once at a Lost event and she was really nice and sweet.

  • sara

    Not a fan at all of emilies, and yes she is most definetly sleeping with rob, i saw them out at a bar in new york and they were all over each other, even more so than those photos of rob and kristen in vancouver at sams concert, EMILIE IS GETTING IT ON WITH HIM UNFORTUNEATELY. I don’t want kristen to date him either though, i want her to date jamie bower, i love the thought of them two together. I do love rob and kristen and think they are both beautiful people, but i think rob is just playing the field and kristen needs someone who wants only her, and rob is most definetly not that person from what i saw. But i still love him.



  • Julie

    she used to be pretty, not anymore. don’t these people know how bad smoking is and not only for health but looks too. she looked good in Lost, but not in these pictures.

  • Phaedra

    Sara, you’re full of it. Everything you said here is BS.


    I think anyone appears cuter with blonde hair, has anyone seen kristen with blonde hair, SHE IS A KNOCKOUT, even more than emilie, and yes emilie is pretty.

  • d

    kristen please stop smoking now, this is what smoking does, it ages you not in a good way.

  • Victoria

    I can’t wait to see Pattinson in this movie!
    I don’t give a rats azz who he’s in it with. I just want to see him.

    I loved his other movies….but, in every scene, I almost expect him to crack up laughing…only because I’ve seen him in interviews and he’s always lighthearted and funny.

  • Julie

    @d: yes, ditch the ciggies, Kristen. You don’t want to look like this in 10 years.

  • SIAS

    i looooooooooooooooooooove her…. god! she is so pretty….

  • irish girl

    Smoking… that’s attractive. I am seriously repulsed by even the look of someone smoking, Having to walk past a cancer puffer is even worse.
    I can’t believe people still have this habit. It’s so trashy and low-class.

  • Mel

    I think that’s not true. Emilie isn’t his hookup. They are acting. And as long as I see no picture of R/E kissing or holding hands in real life that’s all bulls**t . Every stuff is pictured from each only this wasN#t seen yet on the web. ;-)) You can see nothing that isn’t real.

  • denise

    When does this movie come out? Anyone know? I’ll see it cuz I love Rob Pattinson. I could care less who his leading lady is.

  • niki22

    i hated her character on lost and never been a big fan of her. but ill give the movie a chance because love love love Chris Cooper.

    And imo, Kristen Stewart is gorgeous. Naturally a very stunning girl. Emilie…at her best i find her cute, in these pics, she is not even that

  • Avery09

    She has ashtray mouth. So does Rob. And Kristen. Yuck. I’d still kiss Rob, though LOL

  • wow

    emilie has fricken NOTHING on kristen. i don’t believe the rumors of emilie and rob AT ALL. robsten <3

  • Anonymous

    Rmember her, no, why? Who the hell is she?

  • mxmx

    LOL @ all those stupid twilighters. Grow up, please!

    I hope Emilie returns in the sixth season of Lost. I miss Claire!

  • gILES

    She’s got varicose veins; you can see the bumps protruding from her calves. She looks a bit like Gwyneth Paltrow in her younger days.
    Sara: girl, you’re b-s’ing, and you know it. The internet….a liar’s playground.

  • cough

    Ohhh it’s sad she is smoking. That really ages you. In 10 years she may be regretting it.

  • Monica

    Wow you guys are all so evil and so vain. Its sad to see people put so much hate in the computer about somebody they have never met. I dont think any of you know her or have even met her to be judging her and saying Kristen is better and this and that. I dont have a problem with stating your opinion but when its its this rude and cruel thats when it become a problem. I dont think any of you would like to have daily pictures of you at work posted here for people to judge on solely your looks and rip you because they find somebody else better than you even when they dont even know you. First of all she seems lovely and so is Kirsten, im not going to pick between the two or attack one because they are completely different people who should be compared but then again you should never be compared because everybody is different. It would be nice for people on here to just think before they write and think how Emile would feel if she saw this or think how Kristen would feel if she all the hateful things people say about her. Just a thought that i know is very cliche ” treat other the way you want to be treated” or in computer world type about others in the way you would like to be typed about.

  • Tara

    Smoking didn’t do anything to Emilie. She stopped smoking YEARS ago and just started smoking again when Remember Me started filming. I bet hanging around Rob made her start again.

  • Doireann

    Lies and Lies from Life & Style! Aww come how long has Rob reli known Emilie what 2 months? Kristen nearly 2 years! These rumours are stupid the minute Rob begins shotting Eclipse he will be linked to Kristen again rite?

  • cheryl

    I loveeeee Emilie! She’s gorgeous and I love the accent!
    You can’t compare her to Kristen although I find Kristen a bit nonchalant and that’s too bad.
    I hope Rob and Em are dating!!

  • Amanda

    Who the hell does she think she is?! She is starting to look more and more like K-Stew. Stop acting like you are K-Stew just to impress Rob. Flannel shirts, knotted shirts, skinny jeans and Converse. F**cking copy-cat. Stop trying to break Robsten apart. Go find someone your own age you old hag. She is used anyway. Rob, go back to Kristen. She is must cooler and sexier.

  • Lea\\\

    I used to think people were overreacting about this, but seriously this chick is totally biting Kristen Stewart’s style. From the Chuck Taylors, to the not in the bottom of the shirt, to the Rayban Wayfarers, to the plaid shirts. It’s way too obvious now. This Emilie chick looks too old to be a 19 year old. I think she is pretty, but just doesn’t hold a candle to Kristen Stewart. If Rob Pattinson really dumped Kristen for this chick then he is an idiot.

  • Doireann


    I think she is in character! But remember rob and kristen could be together at comic con then august, september, october together think postive ok?

  • kk


    kristen also gets alot of crap, even more hate than this emilie girl …
    she is going to get heat since she’s linked to rpattz know how jealous those girl fans can get …

  • r-lyne

    I absolutely agree with Sara. I would like to see Kristen and Jamie Campbell Bower team up. I am sure they look cute and nice together too.

  • http://internet hope

    I always knew that Rob was doing Emilie from the first week of filming…and why not? She has a fabulous figure, pretty face, blond and always has a smile on that face. Kristen either looks bitter or stoned. She also has a problem with self-assurance. Now, I am NOT a Kristen hater, I’m just saying it like it is. Emile is on a rebound and what better way to forget her sorrows then with Robert Pattinson. As far as Rob is concerned, a piece of a– is a piece of a–.

  • ally

    She is sooo ugly!!!!!!!!!!
    Rob, go back to Kristen

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    It’s Emilie married?

  • Marieme

    Emilie’s legs are superb. About as beautiful as Amy Adams!

    Shame she smokes though.

  • mythical creature

    @YES!: Well if she’s doing Rob lets hope she’s either divorcing or single.

  • pearl

    She’s cute i guess. Not a fan of her. If its true that mr.pattinson has hooked up with emilie then i’m glad cuz i don’t want him to be kristen’s stewart couple he is no good for her. He seems like the type of guy who flirts with all the ladies he meets & works with. He is probably a player most likely. kristen should get back with michael angarano she seem happy with him and he looked like he really loved and cared for her. I do like robert as an actor he has demostrated that he got acting talent.