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Freddie Stroma: Harry Potter Hottie!

Freddie Stroma: Harry Potter Hottie!

Rising British star Freddie Stroma heats up the red carpet at the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere at NYC’s Ziegfeld Theatre on Thursday (July 9).

The 22-year-old actor will play Cormac McLaggen in the upcoming Harry Potter flick. He’ll have the pleasure of escorting Hermione (Emma Watson) to the club’s Christmas party.

Below is some video footage of Freddie at the UK premiere. Check out the hotness!

Freddie Stroma – “Harry Potter” UK Premiere, 7/7

20+ pictures inside of Harry Potter hottie Freddie Stroma

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freddia stroma harry potter 25

Credit: Don Emmert/AFP; Photos: Brad Barket/Tim Whitbly/Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • me likey

    Cute guy. Luv the plaid shirt the best.

  • gjc

    Wow… He is crazy beautiful.

  • risslesz

    HOTASS <3

  • irish girl

    He’s …. ahhh……hmmm………very……. wow…….*drool* …….!

  • capriciousdiva

    I agree girls defo hot

  • sdfhsvs

    holy hotness batman

  • mertz

    what is up with all these ehot british young guys being actors. it kinda blows my mind. can they stop it already…and some of them can actually really act and not just there for eye candy. i think the brits probably have the most promising young actors out there…and that was hard to type. lol.

  • ryanefron

    damn hes fine.

  • ann

    Move over Draco Malfoy!

  • LolaSvelt

    Finally, a hottie in Harry Potter!

  • eme

    LOL RPATTZ who?

    Freddie is officially THE BEST thing to happen to the Potter films. DAMNNNNNNNNNN that boy is FIT.

  • mertz

    he remindes me of someone…and i kept looking at the pic and i was trying to peg him and i kept coming up with a young hercules ryan gosling kinda look without the floppy hair and definately not the abs this guy has. defeinately the ryan phillipe hair curls. yeah that’s who he reminded me of a bit. a young ryan reynolds kinda look. gah. but man he looks hot.

  • rocky

    I’m not into blondes, but this guy is just to FIIIIIIIIINEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  • jta

    another reason why i’m even MORE excited to watch Half Blood!!! *swoons*

  • Lila

    He’s not my type but at these pictures is one surprising thing for me. I didn’t think that I will write it anytime but Bonnie Wright looks really great here. Like not her.

  • dp

    Ladies and gentlemen, bask in the glow that is the Stromaaaa….

  • karenina

    blondes rock! i like his body but not the face

  • Eh

    he’s hot but I like Rupert better.

  • Jenny

    I don’t really think blond guys are that attractive, but he’s good looking and seems to be a very nice guy. One question though is why does he look so short?! I mean, standing next to the HP cast he’s the tallest, but when he is photographed a lone he looks very short!
    He look like he’s 5’4″ or something. Maybe he just isn’t proportioned well?

  • Jen

    well hello freddie!


  • mythical creature

    @Jenny: Who cares about his legs? So long as he lets me wrap my legs around him ;) But you know, I’m just a flirt like that.

  • April

    @eme: I totally agree! Rob who? Freddie is gorgeous!! I hope to see more of him.

  • breeeee

    WOW! God DANG that boy is SOOOOOOO FINE! I totally agree, Ann, MOVE OVER DRACO! ….. WOW…..God, Emma’s lucky! LOL!!! :)

  • jayde


    He’s like 5’11″ – he was a model.

  • caroline


    THAT’S Cormac McLaggen?????

    God Bless those casting directors.

  • marie

    finally someone tall (well not tall but normal height, for the guys i mean)
    and he’s cute, okay with a hot body
    don’t know about his acting skills, so i can’t judge that
    blondes aren’t usually my favorite, but he’s not bad

  • 10things

    Not only is this guy good looking, he’s also intelligent. Apparently he just got a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience. Says if the acting thing doesn’t work out, he’ll go ahead and devote his time to finding cures for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

    Kinda too good to be true. I’m half expecting him to have hairy hobbit feet.

  • Jenny

    He may be 5’11″, but he’s not proportional. Just saying.

  • Vicki

    He was actually a model first and his acting is amazing, dont judge before you see him.

  • Amy

    So hot. Only problem is, he’s not supposed to be hot.

  • lalala lexi

    That sexy man is going to be my future babies daddyXD
    can’t wait to see harry potter.
    good bye Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter,Hello Hottie McHottie Cormac McLaggen

  • Me

    He’s so EFFIN’ HOT!!!! I seriously can’t look directly at him without feeling faint!

    Emma is so lucky she got to work with him!! He’s so Sexy!!!

    ONly 4 days til HBP!!

  • celia


    Finally? Have you not seen the films. He’s definitely not the first, but he’s definitely one of the hottest!

  • me


    He’s 5’11″…That’s NOT short. It was in an article that was recently written about him.

  • gabby


    I know right?!! And he’s also very healthy. He doesn’t Smoke, drink, or do anything crazy. I think he’s also a vegetarian but I’m not sure. He’s way too perfect. Somethings gotta be wrong with him.

  • Rontex

    So he’s very healthy AND a vegan…well I think he just needs a little meat on his bones, and by meat, I mean me.

    It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make, dayum he’s hot.

  • becky

    he’s sooo hot and he kinda reminds me of cam gigandet – well sorta

  • jami

    dan’s the shortest, aw.

  • the_boyfriend

    Oh my I think I have a new Fave.

  • kyra182lovesgosling

    He’s sooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!

  • mythical creature

    Ohhh lordy!! You mean he’s THAT good looking AND SMART?! I agree, it’s hard to look at him without fainting. LOL @ meat on his bones being you. LOL.

  • mythical creature

    Can’t decide if I would rather have him dressed in that cowboy shirt and play ranch hand with him (save a horse ride a cowboy) OR if we should play Harry Potter and he can show me his wand…. :)

  • yaya

    I’m not saying he is short. 5’11″ is above average height for a male. I’m saying his body is oddly proportioned and makes him look a lot shorter then he actually is.

  • jay

    YUMM.. HE’S HOT!

  • Anna

    @rocky: ME TOO!! I agree he’s an exception!

  • mertz

    @jenny…it just mean the others are short, and he doesn’t photograph short…there’s no such thing as that, and his proportions aren’t off. he’s tall…probably taller than some of the cast. definately taller than me, and his legs and torso are quite long. he’s such a sexy guy. her buddy move to la or new york or something so you can get papped on the regular so we can see you all the time.

  • yaya

    What do you mean there is no such thing as photographing short? Yes, there is. You can be proportioned to look taller or shorter than you are.
    I just think he looks short in stand a lone shots. My personal opinion, and it doesn’t really matter.

  • Hot duo

    He and Hermie (Emma Watson) will make one hot couple – hottest one so far in ‘Harry Potter.’ Forget Rupert Grint!

  • jorja

    perfect as cormac :)

  • claire

    hot piece…but i prefer Robert Pattinson. Freddie Stroma just looks way too gay for me.