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Kate Gosselin's Commercial

Kate Gosselin's Commercial

Kate Gosselin filed divorce papers last month but already is on the hunt for someone new.

The 34-year-old Jon & Kate Plus 8 mama registered herself on one of the most popular dating websites,

Check out the parody of Kate‘s ad below from Funny or Die! If you missed it, be sure to check out Jon Gosselin‘s Profile!


Kate Gosselin’s Profile
Just Jared on Facebook

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  • dddjjj333

    HAHA perfect.

  • marissa

    thats not even her. thats someone mocking her ass. in JON’s that was actually him

  • dddjjj333


    No my dear… they’re both parodies. It’s You must never watch the actual show, because the guy pretending to be Jon looks NOTHING like him!

  • smirk

    ohhhh soooo cruel…..

  • Cathey


  • baby face

    this fame seeking wh*re needs to crawl back to whatever trailer park she was raised from and take care of her kids, have a real job and struggle in life like everyone else. the world does not owe her because she had multiples

  • Frances

    Jon better thank his lucky stars that Kate is the way she is. Just look at his track record. He stated that he didn’t want to get married, didn’t want any kids, just wanted to bum around traveling. Guess what? He’s doing the exact same thing right now. If he ever passed on his gene pool to these kids, they are in deep, deep trouble. His mother is divorced and passed on the same behavior to his son that it’s o.k. I really don’t care about Kate that much either but at least the kids will be in somewhat of a normal situation. Can you imagine when Jon gets drunk and high with who know whom and the kids are in his care? I’m not saying that he is not a nice guy, but he is just irresponsible and immature with the way he was raised. He is a definate loser. Not trying to be mean but it’sn a fact. He says he wants a new job, but with him getting wasted all the time there is a drug test, especially in a government position, etc., and don’t see him holding on to a real job given his past perfomances. At least with the show his family was very financially secure but he already ruined that with his behaviors. He, and he only brought his own family down. Just follow the dotted line. Kate may not be a saint but if the kids were left to Jon, they will grow up to be irresponsible, immature, que cera cera attitude and no directions in their lives whatsoever. With his high school diploma, if he has one, the only job he will ever get is a hand, or a blo* one with the skanks that he will end up with for the rest of his life. His mother should be proud.

  • Doris

    I can’t understand why Kate would want to do this to her children.

  • hahaha


  • ellen

    Jon took Kate out of the trailer park.and she was lucky to have the son of a professional. If Kate is looking for a closer match I suggest she trawl for slime bags and scam artists in Vegas, …more her style.

  • karenina

    and someonte that likes bluetooth.. lol
    john’s commercial is better

  • Stacy

    Frances and her guild imagine that. You can predict the future of Jon? And Kate is no saint? The state should declare both parents unfit. Both parents have a livetime and memories of regrets and shame ahead. And the kids too.

    The kids are developmentally arrested. Put any 5 year old up to them as a comparison for communication skills. The tups have learned mostly from the twins.

    Translation: You would cut off Jon’s balls and feed him estrogen so he could emulate Kate while she is away dreaming up another situation where her star appearance is needed to rob and scam the public trust for child welfare.

    And neither parent predicted the lucky stars outcome of the fertility drugs Kate decided to take and its been a sad story of track record abuse ever since.

    Sometimes lifestyle is determined by want we don’t want and forced to accept in the guise of love.

    What idiot thirty something person would date either parent?

  • escrow mama

    Dr. Coolsex should have done this parody. They’ve got Kate down to a tee.

  • brina

    in jons that wasn’t him lol

    the media needs to leave these people alone

  • M

    Uhm.. No. Get your eyes checked. Kthnx.

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    OMG! That was too effing funny! Classic! Jon Gosselin’s one was funny too!

  • Molly

    Where is the parody of kids profile for dating new parents? funny.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lmao that was hilarious
    she actually looked like kate except this 1 had crooked teeth and a longer face

  • marissa

    well it look like the man to me. I have other things to do than wat h these two parents pimping their children around


  • princess perfect

    dnt care about her dramas and how she is looking 4 a new man
    if she met a man that poor guy would run off
    dnt bother putting her, jared shes a nobody her face looks ugly, her life is in the toilet with the help of jon, and her kids are already down the toilets so u knw

  • bella

    LOL . . .love the part abou the hair . . .party in the front, soccer mom in the back . . .LOL

  • laurie

    very funny

  • lalalala..

    lol that was too funny.

  • Ella

    haha!!!! Thanks for the laugh!

  • Liv

    FakeJon’s video was more funny.

  • WaterKate

    Love it!!

    Good luck with that!

  • Rhonda

    what happened to Steve?

  • http://jUSTJARED Lindsey

    That is defiantly not Kate. It doesn’t even look like her. The people who post that have no life and need to leave Kate and her family alone. Jon is an *ss that cheated on Kate. He has 8 kids, why would he do that? They have pictures of Jon with that girl at @ in the morning and of her in a bikini sitting on Jon’s lawn. They have A, thats means 1, picture of Kate and her body guard standing next to each other. If I was as famous as Kate I would have a body guard too. So let’s pick every female celebrity that has a male body guard and say they are cheating. Do you know how many girls you would find. Some people have no lives and no one, inlcuding me, knows what is really happening in their lives. We go on the word of tabloids whose job it is to make up rumors, so their news is jucier. Until Jon or Kate agree with everything that the tabloid says, it is all rumors. Back off. And that goes for ever other celebrity. Leave them alone unless you actually know what is happening and by listening to the magazines, you have no idea what is really going on. Magazine lie and have maybe 20% truth to them, that is if the person they are talking about has come out with what they are saying as to be true.

  • emma.

    I feel bad for the people that think its actually them.
    Um, get a sense of humor and some glasses?

  • Michelle

    The Jon video is much funnier. This one is lame…

  • Sam

    Absolutely hilarious – both of them were too too funny! Bravo!

  • Ellennn

    Honestly, i find this really harsh…
    i know, i’ll admit. i laughed. because the fact that the lady didn’t look like kate @ all. but .. was able to do all that stuff. it was funny. & Jon’s too.
    but i felt, really bad? i know .. i’m reading this website anyways, it’s all gossip. but .. if you see, Jon left Kate . He’s the one that has a GF now. don’t you feel bad for kate even a little? even though Kate has been an ass to Jon, don’t you think she loved him though? :l

    i’m probably going to get a lot of hate for writing this….

  • Kristin

    Jon’s was much better. It was spot on.

  • suppress your appetite

    @lalalala..: I agree P:)))