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Katie Holmes: Buddies with Bailee Madison!

Katie Holmes: Buddies with Bailee Madison!

Katie Holmes hangs out with her Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark co-star, Bailee Madison on the set of their new film in Melbourne, Australia on Friday (July 10).

Bailee, 9, is most famous for her role in the 2007 film, Bridge to Terabithia, where she plays the younger sister of Jesse Aaron, May Belle Aarons.

Looks like Katie and Bailee are having a good time talking and filming together!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and her new BFF, Bailee Madison

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Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • lurking

    Holmes looks so cute and
    so does Bailee.

  • jc

    Marry me,Katie! Tom is one lucky man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VICTORIA # 1

    You are disgusting NUMBER # 44. Picking on a small child that you have not met. I hope you do NOT have any children of your own. Bailee is a beautiful child, and obviously did an awesome job reading for the test script, or she would not be there.
    What did you do, get near enough to Katie to smell her panties and underarm’s ? Do you work at the Hotel where she and Tom are staying and check the shower and tub every morning to see if it has been used and if the soap is wet ? If not, then shut-up. Those remarks are mean and baseless.

  • to cocoa pops

    I’m sorry but I disagree (respectfully so). I’ve seen several of her movies and she is average at best. Saw All My Sons and her stilted performance ruined it for me. She was so obviously out of her league with her acting skills.
    She is an average actress. I’m not sure she has the potential to be more than average. I do know I no longer see her in anything after her truly awful performance in Batman. Holmes fans criticized Maggie G mostly on her looks–but at least she could act.
    And these A list actresses (for talent and or earnings) have not screwed every guy they have met nor are they tatooed, yet they are considered some of our best actresses because they have talent (which Katie has only a minimal amount): Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchet, Kate Winslet, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Helen Mirren, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, and more.
    So your thinly veiled slam at AJ is unwarrented when it comes to why Katie isn’t recognized as a top actress. Maybe it is become her skill and talents aren’t in the same league with the other actresses mentioned.

  • slambang

    Katie’s probably trying to recruit her into $cientology. Run, little girl, RUN!

  • kerri

    I sure miss her on the bigsreen likewise with Tom. Im quite excited she’s working again. Thanks a lot Jared.

  • noElle


  • jen

    # 57- WRONG

    Katie is bringing LOW class back.

    you have terrible taste and class as well

  • Tom

    Way kate looks horrible. She use to be so cute.

  • Loel Tabasa

    The kid looks like her daughter… She looks like a young Katie Holmes

  • hopeso

    everytime i see a real picture of this loser she looks more awful. she looks twice her age . with no movie star make up or photo shoot make up this is the nightmare and reality of being married to that wacko tom cruiz…welcome to your worst nightmare katie

  • dianelll

    # 64 Have you been smocking wacky tabaccy saying kidman is a good actress with all the flops she has had she is over rated under talented and over payed

  • Reed Richards

    I like Jolie but that was a nice knock on her, 350.

    Right, #53.

    If you dislike her so much, why do you spend so much time, money and energy on her, #54.

  • Mike

    That poor kid….she better STAY AWAY from robobride. Before you know it she’ll be in the cult and her life will be ruined. I hope that kids parents are around and very, very protective.

  • Annie

    WHEN will she understand that skinny jeans are NOT for her big ole legs?!?!?!? The child dresses much better than she! What a big bag of crap that Homely is. How proud she must be to be making a bad B movie nobody will watch. Sick SCi-Fi idiots, that entire Cruise bunch.

  • to Annie

    I don’t care for Katie Holmes, but one of the writers del Toro is top notch. The director Troy Nixey doesn’t have much experience. And this is a remake of a classic horror picture. Personally I don’t think Katie has the skill or talent to do well in this. Sounds like she is trying to top Kidman in The Others! Not to mention Tommy Girl is probably trying to win over Australian fans of Kidman. Whole thing sounds very suspect to me in terms of Katie getting this part. Nothing she has done in the past shows she has the ability to act her heart out and be good in this film. Should be interesting to see if she is able to stretch her limited abilities into the part .

  • Sal

    wow…the kid has brown eyes and brown hair and all the Sci-Fiologists go nuts. The fact remains. that, she belongs to a cult. Her gay tiny hubby belongs to a cult. They are training their own tiny tot to belong to a cult as well as their other two kids. CULT people!!!! Google Scientology and cult or Scientology and suicide, or Scientology and fraud, or Scientology and murder. Do your homework folks, or google ex-Scientology kids. Then tell me they are so “cool and normal”…….Sad sick disgusting people they are, but go ahead and idolize them if you want. I just hope that nobody YOU know ever has autism or mental illness. They will be sh*t out of luck. Just like Jett Travolta. May he rest in peace, finally.

  • Corkin

    #53, her parents put her there, knowing that Homely Cankle girl would be a co-star. If they didnt want her in the lime-light, or in the hustle bustle photos, they would have NOT let her be in it. Face it dick head Vic, that is what show biz is about. I would not slam the little girl, but face facts, she is with crazies D- list wife, it’s going to happen. So SHUT THE F*UCK UP!!!!!

  • dude

    I agree w/#68….SHUT THE F*CK UP veneral diseased Victoria.

    Anybody that associates with golddigger, notalent, Dlist, cult-worshipping Homely and her psychotic contract husband is asking to be blasted.

    The kids parents are probably cult members. Nobody else would let their young kid dare be around these two dangerous people.

  • dude

    If you look close enough you can see pitchforks in Homely’s eyes.

  • Reed Richards

    Quit blaming every role she takes as a way of competing with Nicole Kidman, #66. Quit blaming everything on Tom Cruise too. You give him to much power. He didn’t choose where that movie is filmed. Holmes has gotten plenty of great parts long before Cruise so quit giving credit to her husband all the time.

    They would if they’re not morons, #69. And by the way, it sickens me that you would actually attack little girls simply so you can diss TomKat.

  • yak yak yak

    Yawn…so boring, and she is looking uglier every day….LOW BUDGET Horror flick…lots of class, Katie LOL

  • to reed richards

    Oh give us all break. You make sweeping statements with nothing to back them up. What great parts did Holmes get before Cruise? She even said she has picked abysmal parts. There is absolutely NO way she would have gotten to Broadway if she hadn’t been married to Cruise. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows it. And most likely she wouldn’t have gotten this part without the Cruise name.
    Go ahead, tell us what parts Katie shines in. You mean the razzie nomination she got for Batman? The awful acting job she did in Mad Money. Even those of us who didn’t see it could tell she blew it from the previews. Or how about First Daughter. She was dreadfully inept in that. How about her stilted performance along side CF in Phone Booth? Or her horrible comedic performance in Thank You for Smoking?
    And I certainly didn’t read the post as having her compete with Kidman. She seems to be following in Kidman’s footsteps or are you so blind with your scientology brainwashing that you don’t notice? Fashion shoots, dancing, horror movie, batman and wife of TC. Gee. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to notice that Holmes is going in the same diretion as Kidman.
    And many of us would never dream of underestimating Tom Cruise and his thirst for fame and power. You do. Too bad.
    And nothing you can say or do will convince most of us that you are not a plant by the cult of Sci-fi. Go to some of the bit torrents and download some of the Sci-fi literature on how to handle people who don’t believe–believe me you fit hte profile one hundred percent. You point out what you believe are errors. You don’t offer opinions. You don’t back up the things you say with facts. If someone who posts something opposed to what you believe with back up information you don’t even look at it.
    So go ahead Rickey. Keep defending Cruise. You only make people realize how totally ridiculous the little midget and his no talent wife are.

  • Linny-pin

    Reed, why don’t you go back to your cult of Xenu and tell them you have been outed on JJ as a sci-fi-tologist.

  • renee

    adorable girls

  • VICTORIA # 1

    NUMBERS # 68 and # 69 LOL. LOL. LOL.
    You guys are just hysterical. Now you claim that I have a veneral disease. Boy, you are into everyone’s business, BUT, I hate to disappoint you. Scroll on down OR up and around, because you have chosen the wrong person, sweetpea’s for that one. Find someone else that has it and is suffering. That is not a joke.
    I do not have a Scientology register to see a list of names because I’m NOT one, so I have no idea if Bailee IS one or not, but there is no way I would even presume to call her one unless she identifies her family or herself as one. I’m sure whomever brought Bailee to the set, has thought it all out before hand, and has read everything about Katie. I don’t think Katie would be ” dangerous ” on a set with her mother there and a manager. What would she do? Katie has worked with alot of people in the past, and we have never heard of a serious ” dangerous accident or incident ” concerning Scientology.
    I’m not a moron by the way, and I don’t care if you or anyone else wants to blast, slam or call me names. It is quite comical that people get so worked up over someone else’s comments. I also do not intend to ” shut-up ” or ” go- away ” as I presume you will either, but the difference is, I would NOT call or use those ” F ” terms to you.
    Have a very nice week though, and see you both on the next Holmes site!

  • Lili

    Both are lovely!!!
    Bigots are degusting as always.

  • dude

    Reed, can you add something different for a change. Your story is beyond boring. Same ole bs, just another day.

    How much does your cult pay you to type the same thing over and over.


  • suppress your appetite

    she looks AWESOME!