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Orlando Bloom Locates License Plate

Orlando Bloom Locates License Plate

With a mystery male by his side, Orlando Bloom takes a look at his motorcycle’s license plate in New York City on Thursday (July 9).

The 32-year-old British actor and his girlfriend, supermodel Miranda Kerr, are expected to go Down Under on August 4.

As a David Jones fashion ambassador, Miranda will tour Australia. To promote DJ, she will give her best fashion and styling tips during workshops for interested customers.

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orlando bloom license plate 05

Credit: Hector Vallenilla; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • katherine

    just jared! not DJ

  • wrong again Jared

    Miranda is presenting at the ESPYs in Los Angeles on Wednesday July 15th. Wonder why Orlando did not stay in Los Angeles to attend the event with her. He is a very big sports fanatic?

  • Hey hot stuff

    Orlando is looking cute!

  • Bibi

    Orlando is so handsome! I love him…

  • http://justjared wow

    The man is getting better with age is like the wine .
    He is better than ugly Pattinson that is for sure .

  • wow2
  • NativeNYker
  • WOW!

    He is GORGEOUS!
    He looks so hot in that leather jacket. And I’m so glad that his hair is growing out.
    Thanks Jared!

  • @2

    Orlando is very active, but he isn’t really into ‘organized’ sports.
    Besides, the ESPYS are really more about American sports, like baseball, basketball and American football. Sure the awards show highlights other, more international sports stars as well, but that is not the major part of the show.
    He may go back to LA with Miranda (who, as #6 said, is also in NY, BTW). Or his schedule may take him elsewhere. We don’t even know if he will be going to OZ with her. That is all speculation right now.

  • Tracy

    Doesn’t one have to know fashion and styling tips first?

    Other than that, the showmance should stop and he should get back to being an actor and she should do whatever it is she thinks she does.

  • HA

    He’s done Sympathy for Delicious, Main Street, is going to work in The Cross and maybe in The Red Circle…”He should get back to being an actor”??! LMFAO!
    And she does her VS and DJ’s jobs. Apparently some people think that’s crap, but what they can’t deny is that she’s working all the time in that “crap”.

    BTW, this may disappoint you but you can be sure that they won’t break their relationship because you think they should.

  • @HA

    He’s done Sympathy for Delicious, Main Street, is going to work in The Cross and maybe in The Red Circle…”He should get back to being an actor”??! LMFAO!”
    And that’s just this year!
    I guess that just isn’t enough to be considered and actor by some people.
    And Miranda works practically non-stop.
    Insult them all you want. But at least try to have your insults make a little bit of sense. I know that will be hard, but you should at least try.

  • rob redstone

    cool jacket

    therobredstoneshow. com

  • @ HA

    If he is still working as an actor how come he wasn’t at the movie screening with her?

  • @ HA

    If he is still working as an actor, then how come she is the one who went to the screening of a movie and he did not?

  • Noticias de famosos

    Orlando is very good and very good partner with Miranda.

  • @14/15

    You’re kidding right?
    Attending someone else’s movie screenings is now your standard of whether someone is “working as an actor”?
    Besides, he may have been there, but he never walks the ‘red carpet’ for any movie that isn’t his. His presence would likely distract the press from the stars of the film. Especially if he showed up with Miranda. The first time they walk a red carpet together will cause a feeding frenzy in the photographers’ line. He has too much respect for his fellow actors to cause that kind of problem for a film that he was not appearing in.

  • facts

    Have you hit anyone with your car lately and tried to flee the scene Orlando??

  • @ HA

    uh huh. yeah right. good one. have to remember that one.

    yes his presence is so f.u.c.k.i.n.g. distracting…..just can’t help ourselves can we?

    give it up. does not look like he is a guy working to me.

    BTW….if he really is working on The Cross which by the way he is suppose to be playing a major role, How come he isn’t down there with Vincent, the other actor who went down there a couple months ago.

    Usually in Pre-production, the lead actors are sitting at a table reading over the script together.

    Has Mr Pretty Boy been doing that? I don’t think so!

  • @19

    The Cross doesn’t start filming until September. If Vincent is in Australia already, it isn’t for preproduction. That won’t start for a long time.
    And if you don’t think Orlando Bloom showing up on a red carpet with Miranda Kerr on his arm wouldn’t distract the press away from such ‘megastars’ as Zooey Deschanel, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you have no concept of reality.

  • yes!

    There he is! And he is looking GORGEOUS!
    The beautiful skin, the tan, the hair (finally), the hot leather jacket, EVERYTHING!
    So handsome.

  • irish girl

    What a beautiful face. That jaw line…… *sigh*

  • sara

    My goodness, that man is beautiful!

  • hmmmm

    Maybe he bought a new bike, and the salesperson is putting on the new license plate?
    Maybe he won’t have to borrow David Blaine’s bike anymore.
    He looks so hot on a bike.
    So gorgeous and sexy.

  • yeah!

    Lookin’ good, Orlando!

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    Damn the man is PERFECTION .

  • @26

    Oh yeah!
    I agree 100%!


    Leather Jacket Orlando! I can’t take it. So very hot in here, must go.

  • bike

    What kind of bike is that, anyone know?

  • snorzvilla

    “As a David Jones fashion ambassador, Miranda will tour Australia. To promote DJ, she will give her best fashion and styling tips during workshops for interested customers.”

    OMG! Jared, you must be kidding. David Jones is going to have to bribe people in off the street to take fashion advice from her. Thats the best laugh I have had all day. THX!!!

    I agree with everyone else……Bloom looks hot! Maybe HE’S the one David Jones should hire to give out advice for looking good, because this is Orlando at his finest!

  • HA

    “does not look like he is a guy working to me.”

    He can look like an octopus to you as far as I’m concerned. The FACT is that he’s already worked in two movies this year and he is confirmed to be working at least on another one soon.

    Yes he looks fantastic!

  • @31

    Now there ya go bringing up these things called ‘facts’.
    The haters have never heard of such a thing, and they don’t want to know about them. They just get in the way of their conspiracy theories and hateful rhetoric. Be gone with your facts!

    “He can look like an octopus to you as far as I’m concerned”
    Now THAT was priceless.
    That should be our pat response to anything outlandishly stupid brought up on these threads.
    I LOVE it!


    WOW! Orlando looks absolutely amazing! I cant wait to see him in movies again! I wish the ones he has done would be released soon. He needs to get rid of that skinny tranny and just do movies! He’s never going to marry her anyway.

  • @29

    It’s a Ducati.
    There are more pics of him in NY from yesterday. He is leaving Miranda’s apartment building, and we get a good look at the bike.
    Other pics show that Sidi is there, too. Yay, Sidi!
    If I remember correctly, David Blaine’s bike was a BMW, so I guess that he did buy a bike of his own to keep in NY.
    Maybe he plans to spend a lot more time there.

  • Miranda’s shadow

    The guy has to be totally smitten this time – he follows that girl all over the damn world!

  • @35

    It must be mutual, because she follows him, too.

  • deja vu2

    Supposedly, “The Cross” has been delayed while the producer continues to scout locations:,22049,25766151-5006013,00.html

    And according to a source that spoke to ET, Bloom and Kerr are NOT engaged and there has been NO PROPOSAL. It would stand to logic and reasoning, then, IMO, that there is NO RING, either.

    Thought I’d post these two significant pieces of info since no one else has yet.

  • @37

    I guess that you are posting this on every thread, so I guess that I will post my answer, too…..
    The Cross being delayed from its previous July start is old news.
    And I don’t think that anyone believed the latest garbage about Orlando’s ultimatum.
    So those little pieces of information aren’t as significant as you apparently think they are.

  • suppress your appetite

    Go go Orlandoooo

  • GREG

    that’s scott campbell with him, world renowned tattoo artist