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Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern

The Proposal star Ryan Reynolds will headline the live-action superhero flick, Green Lantern. He most recently played Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Helming the film, based on the DC Comics hero, is Martin Campbell (GoldenEye, Casino Royale). According to Variety, production is expected to begin in January.

It was reported earlier today that Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake were the other top contenders for the role. Congrats, Ryan!!!

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  • mythical creature

    He’s a really cute guy. Good abs. Can’t wait to see it . Good choice :)

  • Any


  • ck_always


  • Karin

    I’m happy for Ryan. <3 Although I was secretly hoping Justin would get the part.

  • yaya

    Well, he definitely way hotter than the other two. I would ride him for hours!!!

  • hell yeah

    awesome! he’s got a rocking bod.

  • sheesh

    “he’s got a rocking bod.” but a head in the shape of a butternut squash.

  • dddjjj333

    I never really found him that attractive till you posted that magazine cover/photo shoot of him with no shirt on, now I find him irresistible!!!

  • John

    Great choice! this is from a guy who hates most choices for superheros…he has the bod and looks for it.

  • mythical creature

    Luv superhero movies. Nothing like a strong good guy that likes to save the day.

  • mythical creature

    Would luv to have a dress up drunk with all kinds of costumes, then every night of the week…..well…..this isn’t THAT kind of message board ;)

  • becca

    so he’s going to play a DC AND a Marvel character – Deadpool and Green Lantern????


    Halle Berry did it though, with Catwoman and Storm….

  • Donna

    ryan is perfect!

    I want justin to do a comedy….maybe a role with andy sandberg about those 2 guys on SNL – dick in a box/mother lover? :)

  • meh

    Darn it.

  • vmars111

    I can see it…sort of.

    Bradley Cooper was a good choice too, but I can’t really see him as Hal.

  • s

    wooo! ryan reynolds is awesome! thank god justin timberlake didnt get the part.

  • mertz

    meh @ 07/11/2009 at 12:03 am Darn it.
    yeah same here…although i guess i should be happy that justin guy didn’t get it. jeez. that feels like a bare escape. but i think they should have given it to someone else. here’s to it bombing. no way am i going to see this movie, and i love green lantern. f*ck.

  • twifanatic Amanda


  • diamond

    u know its funny how out of the entire cast of “two guys and a girl” he was the only guy to make it as a movie star..the rest of the cast dint end up…..frankly speaking anywhere!!

  • megan fox

    Much better choice than Justin Timberlake… heck he even kinda looks like the Green Lantern!



  • Rob Redstone

    Ryan LITERALLY has INSPIRED me to lose my GUT of a stomach and now I dont go to bet unless I do my crunches! I literally want a SIX PACK NO FREAKIN KIDDIN!

    TheRobRedstoneShow. com

  • jennifer

    LAMMMMME – I wish Bradley got the role! I would have loved to have seen him in green tights. ;)

  • jennifer

    LAMMMMME – I wish Bradley got the role! I would have loved to have seen him in green tights. ;)

  • ck_always

    That is some fine ass canadian bacon.

  • Nahla

    @becca #12, yes Halle did it and it didn’t bring her some luck in her career!!!! remember the Razzie? lol (even though I can’t understand it since Catwoman is like one of my favorite movies ever :p). That’s cool though to play both a DC Universe and a Marvel superhero. I would have loved to play some famous superheroes in movies lol. Can’t wait to see it. He has the bod for it.

  • lizzie

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr another stupid lmovie for a stupid actor! can’t wait for it to fail at the box office !

  • Red mask

    This movie will be very PG-13.

  • Bella

    i thought Green Latern was black

  • ck_always


    The newest Green Lantern was black, but the original was white. Not like it matters in hollywood. In the movie The Wild Wild West, Will smith played Capt. James West who was originally played by Robert Conrad.

  • NativeNYker

    Those other names were fillers. Seriously, stop the nonsense.

    Congrats to Ryan. Only he can bring the sexy.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Leah

    yayyyyy! i voted for him :) lol

  • Jen

    Great choice! he’s cute and funny and very athletic! Love him

  • *******

    I think Ryan will make a good green lantern

  • jaye

    Not interested in seeing him in this movie.

  • Nanea

    Couldn’t they find someone who can at least… act?

  • christine

    GREEN LANTERN? Who the… Hell the… What the….??? GREEN LANTERN? Why is he green? and why is he called a LANTERN?

  • christine

    Remember when REYNOLDS WRAP use to try to imitate Jim Carry in his acting roles? I remember when he was a young kid on Nickelodeon. This guy is a joke. His face still looks like it did when he was a young kid on Nickelodeon. He’s really not attractive. There’s no appeal to him. He’s not a truly bad actor though. He’s got some skill. His eyes and lips are weird though….



  • vanessa

    Justin Timberlake isnt a seasoned actor yet. He needs alot more classes before he should take on any lead role.
    Bradley Cooper is a bit old to be playing a superhero, plus I kind of see him as the romantic comedy guy, not an action hero.
    I think Ryan was the best choice out of the 3 for sure. Cant wait to see it.

  • PistolHot


  • PistolHot


  • Reed Richards

    Nathan Fillion has a good career, #19.

    Same here, #39.

  • Magan

    Ryan is the only one that I thought should be the main character. They others don’t have it.

  • HelloThere

    Yes the man is hot and funny! I always thought he was handsome, but then I saw him shirtless in the magazine cover and was like DAMN where had you been, oh and I think he’s a good actor so I’m excited about the movie!

  • MsNJS

    I guess.. I don;t really care for the green lantern as a stand alone. I am just waiting for the justice league movie. I would have prefered a black green lantern…

  • ann

    I can see it…good choice :)

  • lakers fan in boston

    good, i didnt wanna see timberlake get it, he would have stunk that movie for sure
    i hope ryan does good

  • ron paul

    hopefully scarjo swill be in it also

  • mertz

    Nanea @ 07/11/2009 at 11:07 am Couldn’t they find someone who can at least… act?
    no. it’s a blockbuster action comic movie and that’s why bradley cooper didn’t get it. i mean if they said the same thing for hugh he would have never gotten the break of his life. ryan reynolds may have the body for it but i’m saying this movie will tank. they will probably get the hardcore nerds, not even, and some females, but no inbetweens. interested to see how the cast fleshes out. disappointed. super glad cannot act justin timberlake didn’t get this sh*t.