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Sienna Miller Scores Driver's License

Sienna Miller Scores Driver's License

Sienna Miller jumps into the arms of her instructor after passing her driver’s test in London on Wednesday (July 8).

The 27-year-old British actress must have been stressing a bit about getting her driver’s license as she snuck into a few cigarette breaks before and after her test!

Sienna will next star in the much-anticipated summer action flick, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, out August 7th.

FYI: Sienna is wearing the Twenty8Twelve by s. miller “Nelly” tank.

20+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller scoring her driver’s license…

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sienna miller drivers license 01
sienna miller drivers license 02
sienna miller drivers license 03
sienna miller drivers license 04
sienna miller drivers license 05
sienna miller drivers license 06
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sienna miller drivers license 08
sienna miller drivers license 09
sienna miller drivers license 10
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  • peyson

    wait, she just now got one?

  • Just Jared

    @peyson: Who needs one when you get chauffeured everywhere?

  • chu

    Yet another faceless and talentless blonde…. straight off the conveyor belt. Somebody locate and close that damn factory.

  • Jenny

    Look at those legs. She gets her height from her legs.

  • Anonymous

    @Jenny: She’s not very tall, bout 5′ 5″ I think, but she looks taller because her legs are very long and slender and she has narrow hips and a short torso. A beautiful body all round.

  • irish girl

    @peyson: I didn’t get one until I was 25, When you live in a major city you don’t really need one. I’m sure she’s like me… I took taxis, the subway, ans was ‘chauffeured’ everywhere. I only got my license because my friends and I were gong to take a cross country trip.
    She looks so cute and pleased with herself. Way to go, Sienna. :)

  • Saudia

    yay :) good for her! She’s so skinny man .. lucky

  • marvel


  • Anonymous

    She has amazing legs! Love to have legs like that. Always looks better to have long legs on a gal than midget legs.

  • Katy


  • Katy


  • Stinkerbelle

    Way 2 go, Si! Nice 2 c u smile for once : ) Congrats, you did well.

  • congrats

    she is so pretty…

  • megan fox


    She’s well-off AND pretty. Women like that don’t need to drive themselves anywhere…

    It’s nice to see her so happy though, I remember when I first got my license I was overjoyed!

  • drol

    aw ….sometimes they are almost human-like..

  • Angela

    My god, she’s 27? She looks older than that but acts like a child. Yes, another no-talent blond getting publicity by getting her….driver’s license? Well yippee.

  • Pole

    Funny, how the paps just happened to be there..

  • cat

    She drives in LA

  • lol

    Congratulations Sienna!

  • karenina

    @Pole: agree.. lol and what’s up so old and finally getting a license? but i cant deny she is so pretty:)

  • Gasol_fan16

    LOL! Oh Sienna finally got her Driver’s license!! Sienna is so funny!! She looks great! Looking forward to seeing G.I. Joe! Congratulations Sienna. Be a safe driver.

  • H.

    At least the ho finally learned how to drive.

  • Onyx

    Good that she got her license. I doubt she’s well off enough to afford a full time chauffeur.

  • boo

    Is she really 27?
    I thought she was 35.

  • Pinbacker

    Americans don’t know that in Europe you actually have to learn how to drive stick. I have a few american friends and they got their driver’s license after 1 lesson… Which is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Jenny

    Oh, yes I knew she wasn’t very tall. Just saying that she gets most of her height from her legs, which is definitely a good thing. When you have a short torso and longer legs you are generally proportioned well and people think you are taller .

  • lakers fan in boston

    i love this little s l u t
    other than her f’ing smoking pissing me off, she’s a nice girl
    she’s such a pretty girl
    id be kinda scared of i were london, since every1 nos she loves 2 drink and she just got her license
    love u sienna!!

  • Nicole

    How handy that the photographers were present to memorialize this historic event.

  • http://n/a Nada

    Okay but doesn’t she have a driver’s license in the US??

  • Gemma

    You americans need to realize that in Europe first of all you have to be 18 to be able to get a drivers license. And also you have to pay for all of it yourself, all schooling etc.

    And also people who live in major cities never need a drivers licence so they just dont get one. Most young people in Europe dont have drivers licenses, so congrats Sienna!!

  • Gemma

    Also in Europe you have to learn how to drive a stick. And our written test takes over an hour to finish.

    Automatic doesnt really count at all here and you have to learn a lot more than just the answers to a few minor questions.

  • Hollyb

    I hope she is going to be breathalysed regularly because this woman is always falling out of pubs and clubs, drunk!

  • Chili Pepper

    Of course, paps hang out at driver testing centers all the time.
    What a joke.

  • Stacey

    congrats!!! i just got my licence yesterday, its so exciting!!!!

  • kellirc

    Why do we Americans need to realize this? Do you realize that Americans also take a written test and a drivers test? Also if you are in school you have to take a class before those other two tests. I have watched the driving in some of the larger cities in Europe and I don’t think you should act like you are superior drivers.

  • Karma

    Jumpin’ Jehosephat, first a MAJOR AWARD in Las Vegas (for what, though, is not exactly clear, but that’s beside the point, she bought herself, I mean, got herself a hot-damn award) – and now a driver’s license! What a princess!

  • xxx

    so now her sluty business would be in car and not in the boat?

  • Charley

    Posing for the camera with her cigarette. She’s a class act, huh? I imagine her with the Kathleen Turner rasp in a few short years.

  • amy

    This instructor is probably married….lol

  • Michelle

    Man, what took her so freakin long to get her license??

  • Shell

    Curious thought, how many younger stars manage to get their license without the paps there? Does Sienna have them on a permanent retainer? Or is this considered big doings because she’s friggin’ 27? She might as well go ahead and put her life on a reality show and be done with it. At least it will be a paying gig, plus she’ll get lots of attention, something she can’t live without…so, two birds, right?. She’ll need some gas money, after all, to go with that license.

  • c

    How is it that the paps always know where to find SM? Even those stars who are more famous than she is are not “spotted” getting their driver’s license. And she whines about not having privacy.

    This is so staged, her excitement isn’t even believable. She tipped off the paps as usual, that’s why she is all over the instructor. He must be married with a lot of kids and his wife must be either preganant or just gave birth.

  • Toby

    How convenient after being ridden around by every guy in town

    trashy sloot

  • Dianne

    Beyotch, get a job, brush your hair, and keep you damn hands to yourself! If I were that man’s wife I’d claw her eyes out while every other wife in the world applauded.

  • dinger

    What a media whore! She’s worse than Speidie.

  • Anonymous

    @c: They all do it! Name any celeb who doesn’t, you wont find many on your list.

  • jami

    she is a HO.

  • pb

    This c**k-hungry twit just doesn’t get it. Women don’t like b*tches they can’t trust, and one thing for sure, Sienna can’t be trusted. Yet she thinks there’s something wrong with everyone else, not her.
    No, Sienna, there is no sisterhood of women who don’t even let the wet spot get cold before they break in a new model. You’ll never make friends when your knees are always scuffed and dirty, and nobody likes the other woman. In a couple more years, even the guys will have nothing to do with you – because they’ll all have had you – and sent you packing.

  • http://justjared soprano

    Well , I hope she passed because of her ability & not because of her looks & stardom. Know of so many rich, famous & good looking people that have passed first time even though they are quite clearly crap drivers. Wish some instructors would show some balls & fail them. Makes me sick…………