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Brad Pitt: Happy Birthday Knox & Vivienne!

Brad Pitt: Happy Birthday Knox & Vivienne!

Brad Pitt takes another spin on his customized motorcycle in Hollywood on Saturday (July 11).

Tomorrow, the 45-year-old actor will celebrate the birthdays of his two youngest kids, twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon. They turn one-year-old tomorrow, July 12. Happy birthday, Knox and Vivienne!!!!

Earlier this week, writer and West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin was brought in to rewrite the script for the baseball drama Moneyball, which should help keep Brad attached as the movie’s lead.

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  • 1st???

    Am I first? … finally!!

  • Hot

    Cool Dad. Lucky Angie.

  • stefano

    happy b-day!

  • Greetings

    Happy Birthday Viv & Knox!!

  • sissysissy

    cool PAPA Brad! Happy birthday to Knox and Vivian!

  • ok

    Hot daddy!

  • an oldie

    Happy birthday Knox and Vivienne.

  • love them

    Hot,Hot,Hot!!!! Love looking at pictures of the sexiest Dad in the world!

  • nakedoldjennifer

    Happy Birthday Viv & Knox
    Hot Brad on a bike

  • black beauty

    awwww happy birthday to the little cuties and many more! :)


  • kimmy

    happy birthday knox and viv! :D

  • Passing Through

    Man…I just saw a pic of PhylloFace on Jared’s homepage. The middle-age spread is hittin’ X big time. Guess she’s been filling her face in more ways than one. Either that or she quit doing coke and now the coke withdrawal bloat has come to visit…

  • debra77

    Awww can’t believe the twins are going to be 1 year old.. Funny I’m sure that the older kids will enjoy the day more the the babies.. I mean really they won’t know what is going on.. But it must really be a fun time at the Jolie- Pitt house during these kid of occasions..

    Just wish we could see one little peek of them. But if memory serves we really did not see a lot of pics of Shiloh until she was older. So I’m sure. well hoping we get a glimps of the little ones soon.

    Just curious about what the look like now. I have always thought that Viv has darker hair. More like her mommy.. Knox is a little Brad.. I wonder if Brad’s parents will come in town to help celebrate..

    Happy Birthday little ones..

    OT..Brad looks great on his bike.. so glad that the last couple of incidents has not stopped him from doing what he enjoys and something he has been doing for YEARS

  • Passing Through

    Thanks for the Knox & Viv b-day thread, Jared… Now if only you’d stop torturing us with those pix of PhylloFace and her too-small wardrobe…

  • some bunny

    Ohhh am I am missing my JJ. Thanks for all the threads Jared. Brad is soooo cool. I love his Bike. No wonder Angelina Jolie is the “love his life.” He is so lucky to be so blessed. with such a beauty at his side and the wonderful babies they have created such a beautiful family. I think If it weren’t for Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt would be just another celebrity trying hard to impress. Love to their family. Happy Birthday to the twins.xoxo

  • greedy betch

    @debra77: Angelina is a natural blonde.

  • OK

    Can we as fans stop talking about Jennifer Aniston.. she has no place on this thread.. Lets for ONCE focus on Brad/Angie/Kids.. that is more then enough to keep us fans busy.. They are more interesting so why do we have to be like her fans and talk about her..

    I for one am just tired of the whole thing. I’m sure her fans will be here shortly saying the most vial things and making up lies.. We as Jolie-Pitt fans will feel the need to defend or disprove the lies that they know they are posting Then it becomes a tit for tat. Never ending back and forth.. If we ignore them then they go away.. If we engage.. they stay forever.. I don’t care about Jennifer.

    the twins are going to be 1 year old.. Proof enough that Brad/Angie love each other and their kids.. Are building a life together and living their life I am quite sure without a thought to Jennifer who is hundreds of miles away in body and spirit..

    We as fans need to move on too.. She is out of Brad/Angies life.. lets get her out of ours..

    Happy Birthday Knox and Viv..

  • Jen A.

    Brad’ s out cruisin’ for fresh trim?

  • debra77

    @greedy betch:

    What? I know she was blond when she was younger.. but all her older pics she has darker hair.. I know she died it black, I am a bit confused…

  • Brad Fan

    Brad looks good. I can not believehat the twins are already one year old.

    Thanks Jared.

  • OK

    @Jen A.:

    And the craziness begins.. That was quicker then I expected.. Sad just Sad…

    Good night.. I don’t havethe time or the patience for this childish shi$ tonight..

    to the commenter.. please grow up and get a life..

  • spongebob :)

    Perfect daddy and Angie’s lover boy!!

  • LuckyL

    Thanks Jared! Happy early (or is it?) birthday to the twins.

  • sharon

    Brad looks freaking hot. Happy Birthday to beautiful Knox and Vivienne.

  • some bunny

    I’m trying to figure out how to retweet this thread. This is one couple who deserves the extra attention. Just look how confident they are with and without each other. i’m loving Angelina anyway, and her children are all so gorgeous, Brad Pitt is just a bonus to their talented family.

  • alexanderina

    Happy 1st Birthday Knox & Vivi. Thanks Jared for the birthday thread

  • gina

    Damn a year old already! Happy Birthday!

  • hmm

    Brad is looking mighty hot.

  • bdj

    My made up Rag story about Baby Jane getting Gerry drunk and demanding “I want a Baby Now” is better. If used, reference “source” or “insider” rags.

    Happy birthday Knox and Viv.

  • ebmo

    OT to Ground Control:
    Sorry I posted the answer to your question on the last thread because by the time I saw there was a new one I had already hit send,

    Here it is:

    ebmo @ 07/11/2009 at 11:19 pm OT to Ground Control

    447 groundcontrol @ 07/11/2009 at 6:35 pm

    Thanks you for bringing that out. I have pointed this out myself at various times over the years when her enemies insist on twisting her words and imbuing them with their own negative spin.
    Well, I am impressed with your credentials, ebmo. I have represented more addicts than I can even count. I am always using experts for guidance. Good to know there is an expert on the board.
    Ebmo, what’s the current expert opinion on experimentation with snorting heroin? I realize it’s a different and harder drug but I know too many people who snorted cocaine back in the day – and on a regular basis for extended periods of time – yet for the most part when they decided it was getting too expensive they stopped without needing any kind of rehab and they didn’t return to use. I’m not saying they didn’t miss it – some a lot – but in the end they were okay with the fact it was no longer a part of their life. Of course as they matured partying was also pretty much a thing of the past for them. Don’t know if it matters but these were all well paid, hard working professionals at the time and continued as such with full lives and most eventually with families.
    Have you ever used your addiction expertise to try an assessment of those so negatively obsessed with Angie and her family? They are so pro-active about it to such an extreme that there must be some level of addictive behavior involved. Or I suppose they are just plain b i t c h e s. LOL!
    Hiya GC!
    A substance is a substance is a substance. Generally only the methods of delivery are the variables. IV injection creates an intense “rush” within about 30 seconds, snorting; 30-60 seconds, smoking; within 3-4 minutes, orally takes the longest and some drugs cannot be delivered via the stomach.

    When diagnosing addiction there is a continuum. – Use, Abuse, Dependence and Addiction. – Any person can fall somewhere in that range. (For example anyone who has ever gotten smahed – has abused substances.

    When someone is assessed for addiction they are generally given a battery of tests as well as a personal interview. It is a lot more complicated than someone getting a DUI, or someone using substances ocassionally.

    We generally look for repeated themes of the “big six”:


    THREE or more of the following:






    We take the results of all these tests/interviews as well as the DSM-IV-TR criteria – and assess their level of use.

    Sniffing has just as much potential for addiction as IV use. Use or abuse does not mean addiction. It is very common for some CDPs and addictionaologists to “see” addiction in every substance, (Dr. Drew frequently does this with his off the cuff diagnosis’ which is technically a violation of ethics)

    The other school of thought is that ANYTHING has the potential to be abused….it is all whether or not when use becomes a problem, money, relationships, work, or negative consequences, the person STOPS.

    People stop all the time after a period of use. Heroin is a lot easier for the body to recover from than alchoholl….even when it reaches the addiction stage. Alcohol withdrawal can lead to seizures and death , Heroin withdrawal might make you wish you were dead but there is little danger of occurrence.

    In addtion, Alcohol is legal and commonly accepted at social events, easily available, Very visable etc. etc. Alcohol is regulated by the FDA so there is little chance it is tainted with Fentanyl or another substance that could cause a synergistic effect. Less chance of overdose but when combined with other substances….huge chance of death, and dead means the same, whoever you are.

    Every person is diferent….just depends. Eric Clapton had a huge “snorting” addiction to Heroin way back when, he has admitted he was under treatment with a private Psychiatrist for 3 years trying to kick it.

    I am not surprised you have known people who have snorted it who have quit it…it happens all the time.

  • hmm

    Happy Birthday to the twins.

  • ebmo

    Happy birthday Knox and Vivienne.

    Wish we could see pictures. *sigh*

  • hag

    happy B Day Knox and VIV!!! i know they will look like their big sis Shi, All blond and blue eyed..daddy brad has some STRONG GENES!!

  • bdj

    The world’s most famous twins – Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt turn one year old tomorrow, July 12, and would like to be the first to wish them Happy Birthday!

    The youngest of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s six kids were born in Nice, France at a hospital not far from their parents’ famed Chateau Miraval estate; and the life they have ahead of them should be one big adventure.

    Their older siblings Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh have already gone flying, sailing, and dirt-biking. They’ve lived in Los Angeles, New York City, New Orleans, Paris and Berlin. They’re being raised bilingual; English and French. They have the latest in kid fashion and closets full of hand-me-downs. The girls go to dance class with mom. The boys play soldier and do bumper cars with dad.

    What a life they have in store for them. Here’s to many more happy birthdays!

  • ebmo

    28 Bradcne @ 07/11/2009 at 11:22 pm
    and of course you KNOW this because you were there!

  • hag

    brad has the family he ALWAYS WANTED. Angie gave that to him. God bless this wonderful family!!!!!!!

  • bdj|news

    LOS ANGELES, Calif. –

    Angelina Jolie may be one of the world’s biggest stars, but she was able to make a quiet visit to some members of the United States Military last month without the glare of paparazzi lenses.

    The “Kung Fu Panda” star donned a USO T-shirt and posed for photos with military members and their families at the Walter Reed Military Hospital in Washington D.C., last month.

    According to the Oh No They Didn’t Celebrity Blog, Angelina came in without fanfare and spent time with several people at the facility.

    Photos of the actress were posted on the USO-Metro’s Facebook page.

    To view the photos, CLICK HERE.

  • Cute

    Happy Birthday Knox and Viv. Hope will see pictures tomorrow.

  • Sofia

    woow Brad look soo hot!!, Angie is so lucky.
    Happy B-day Knox & Vivienne, one year old gosh are so big, i wanna family’s pictures!

  • OMG

    Happy birthday to the twins,knox and viv-this is an interesting article on raising 1yr twins

  • Jill

    # 39 Cute @ 07/11/2009 at 11:38 pm
    Happy Birthday Knox and Viv. Hope will see pictures tomorrow.

    If we don’t have pictures tomorrow, watch Assley and the coven come on here saying Brad and Angie sold the twins or put them in deep freeze. This is the way their minds work: if there aren’t any pictures of the twins, then they don’t have the twins any more, right? Just like if they don’t see a new photo of Brad carrying Angie and the kids on his back every 15 minutes, it means they’ve broken up.
    God save us all from demented trolls.

  • irma

    Happy birthday Knox & Viv !!!!

  • hag

    hot, fertile Mr. PITT!!! 3 babies strong!! the man has been HITTING IT WELL!!!

  • irma

    God bless the Jolie-Pitt Family.
    Hello to Cecile,senior,Neleh,vicki,anoble,MF,Briseis,Bailey,neer,ebmo,estelle,pt,bdj,tondo gilr,african girl,alex,andromeda,Felinelilly,alexanderina,val,Jill,cliniqua,teri,yolly,Dina#1,Debra77 & to all lurking tonight.

  • ok

    It is very nice of Angie visiting the vetes, I read somewhere she give them gifts too.. Proud to be her fan.
    I would love to see the pic of the twins. I am sure they will have a big birthday party tomorrow.

  • awwwww

    Jolie Pitts is the most beautiful family. God bless the family. Happy Birthday knox and vivi.

  • Saudia

    oh gosh I can’t believe they’re already a year old .. happy birthday! So sweet.

  • elizabeth

    Happy birthday Knox anf Vivienne. Oh JJ just a glimpse of the twins will be a great great great happy moments. I hope the grandparents will let us see them at least even just one picture….Can someone email or call the JP family…Just a one picture….What happen to People Magazine did you at least offer for any family pictures.

  • Jill

    FYI — “Wanted” is on Cinemax tonight 1 a.m. EDT 10 p.m. PDT.

  • zen2

    Wooowwwwwww!!! One year! So fast.