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Britney Spears is a Denmark Diva

Britney Spears is a Denmark Diva

Britney Spears is all smiles as she carries son Jayden James, 3, after landing at the airport in Copenhagen, Denmark on Saturday (July 11).

The pop princess has a scheduled concert at Parken Stadium and looks more than ready to take on the performance tonight.

On Monday, Britney will be performing at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden.

Don’t forget to enter to win Brit‘s Chinese Laundry shoes! The contest ends Tuesday!

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  • littlep

    This shirt is too small for Britney – she is busting out of it. Also, thanks for no bra again – now my life is complete. Someone buy Britney a bra please – VS, Macy’s if you are reading this – mail her a bra. Thanks.

  • emma

    jayden is 2. sean is 3

  • Kate Bosslin

    I’d like to taste her hot pocket

  • zanessa fan

    Agree #1. She has enough $ for a stylist. She looks awful. She has a shape, but that stretched top looks like she has none. Better as a blonde, too.

  • lady tata

    her kids never seem to get older wtf?

  • dali

    she looks fit and @ littlep @ 07/11/2009 at 4:44 pm, there is nothing “busting out of it” stop being so critical, she looks amazing and i love her, she’s so cute and her kids are gorgeous

  • bleh

    I think with her money she can afford a bigger shirt lol

  • karenina

    @lady tata: lol, i was thinking the same

  • Julia


    oh and i love britney.


    What happen to her Candies Body?????????

  • socute

    Oh Brit son is so cute *-*

  • Pam Pam

    Britney seems happy when shes in the spotlight the real test will be when the concert tour over and if she can live without craving daily attention or will she be calling the paparazzi for gas station stops at all hours of the day…I’m not trying to be mean but has Britney ever spoken about Jayden being Special?

  • mdx23

    jayden is pulling her shirt with his weight… lol at ppl thinking shes busting out of it…

  • katie

    AWWWW I love her so much she is the next queen of pop!

  • nikki

    I LOVE DENMARK TOO!!! was there 3 weeks ago on holidays and fell in love with the country.
    Brit brit is getting boring though, still miss the old britney :(

  • Jess

    Can’t wait til monday and tuesday, Britney has two concerts in Sweden and I’m going to both! So happy I got tickets to both of them :D

  • the_boyfriend

    That shirt pulling is dead sexy, her hair looks great straight.
    She’s playing Copenhagen this very minute to a crowd of 40,000 peeps.

  • notimpressedbyAJ

    She’s getting the crazy look again.

  • ro

    I saw her in Dublin on 20th and wish I had gone both nights it was so fantastic. she is Hot and awesome and has a kid hanging out of her, at least dshe carries him around, I am a mum and I know how hard it is to look groomed when you are going around with toddlers. Try it before you knock her, it’s the same for every hands on mum.

  • Lyla

    I love brunette Britney is hot!!
    Britney is the pop princess forever!!
    Can’t wait to see her again!!

  • gabbysmanya

    She needs to put on a bra and get a bigger shirt. She’s nearing 30 in a few years and needs to remember sometimes it looks better to cover up a bit. still don’t get why people pay good $$ to watch someone dance like a slut and lip synch

  • jenna

    Denmark is hot
    Britney is not

  • Liv

    Why does she hate bras? She needsto wear like 2 of them.

  • Amber

    britney looks hot! sometimes if you feel a little sexy, a little rebellious, you wear something thats a little small. its not that big of a deal.
    and she doesn’t really need a bra. her boobs are humongous or anything. I honestly think she just rolled out of bed and put this outfit on. shes not known for being a fashionista, calm down!
    she looks wayyy better than she used to. and her brown hair looks great. the blonde always looked messy.

  • doni

    all the people that moan about her lack of bra and looks and not being like she was when she was 22/ get real. time does not stand still for anyone. growing older gracefully is an art. look at farah fawcett. she was old and still pretty. if she lacks a bra maybe its her way of looking good in her eyes. i’d say thats all that matters. she does not live for you to crtique. if you dont like her braless look maybe you dont have any to share. or hate girls anyway and not talking about her kids can be a good thing. the way you people rip her apart , i could only imagine what would happen if she gave you info on her kids and what you would do with it. most of you sound like overly feminine fashion wannabe ‘s. i get more of a kick reading your whiny comments then looking at the pictures. please leave more insecure comments. it only shows your mentality. meooowwww

  • http://vv acaba

    she is so ugly and look like bich

  • i noticed…

    Britney’s kids look like a reflection of her. They look happy and full of life and vibrant — somewhat like Jennifer Garner’s Violet, but unlike Angelina Jolie’s brood. Jolie is a great mother, but she’s very stoic and not animated. Her children seem quieter and almost anti-social. They just hardly ever look like they’re really having fun.

  • Sam

    I see Jayden and mommy. SEAN, where are you???????

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks really different in that 1st picture, i hate 2 admit but actually kinda cute
    but the 2nd picture is her normal self lol =p

  • Reed Richards

    Special how, #12?

  • hmm

    I love Britney, she’s pretty her music is great and she used to be able to dance her a*s off. However I don’t love the brunette hair, it looks greasy, ratty, and dirty every time she dies it that shade. She belongs blonde!

  • jill

    She performed for 40,000 peopl tonight!. Don’t hate!

  • slambang

    She looks like crap, as usual. Why do we never see her holding her older son?

  • ellie’

    I think Britney looks great. What a “comeback” an doing well. Those boys are the cutest..

  • ashna

    i feel that Jayden james is cuter than his brother Sean Preston…even as a baby he was cuter

  • Jughed

    Call me crazy, but I like that Brit’s top is too small for her. It’s entertaining me :D


    that kid is looking more retarded than ever. god bless.

  • Paranel

    Unlike Madonna who just “poses” with her kids, Britney looks very hands on. Not just for the cameras. She is a “Real” loving Mom.

  • Megan fox rocks

    love her smile so much , she’s so much

  • Mariah

    That consert was AMAZING <3

  • Emily

    Sean Preston is cuter.Britney ignore Preston.She is bad mother

  • Eum

    Thank you to #15
    #9 I do too, and I saw her show yesterday.
    It was great, a bit to much circus for my taste, by wtf ;)
    Britney was great and her kids were actually present during her show, they were carried underneath the stage minutes before it all began, I have it on video ;)

    Great Show! #16 you have something to look forward to! :D

  • Cate

    Britney always tries so hard to look sexy and just winds up looking cheap and trashy. I can’t believe she’s still around anyway- she can’t sing that’s why she lip syncs at her concerts, she has ZERO talent.

  • emma

    At least she looks happy. Isn’t that what it is all about?

  • jaye

    Small Fry is a cutie. Still don’t know why Britney is as popular as she is; different strokes for different folks. She might not have on a bra, but at least her ‘girls’ aren’t hanging to her stomach.

  • athena

    She looks happy and she’s with her sons…that’s great. I’m happy for her too…Don’t know what kind of trend she’s trying to create here, but I’m not feeling her style right now.

  • daddy

    doni @ 07/11/2009 at 6:38 pm

    thank you! i couldn’t agree more, finally someone with a brain

  • Nou

    SHE’S HOT !!
    those kids have got the HOTTEST MOMMY !!

  • Bonty

    I have to agree her shirt is a little bit tight… but she at least seem to mentally be more stable… I am happy for her if she can find happiness… her case and michael jackson case show that money can’t bring happiness…

  • gingerbread girl

    Mi’ja put some support on! I don’t know…I just feel sorry for her at this point.