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Hilary Duff Gets Long in the Hair

Hilary Duff Gets Long in the Hair

Hillary Duff sports new hair extensions while enjoying a walk with boyfriend/hockey player, Mike Comrie, on Friday (July 10). in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 21-year-old former Lizzie McGuire actress hit up Ken Paves’ salon in West Hollywood last night.

Yesterday afternoon, Hil was seen headed to a workout with trainer Harley Pasternak. Time to hit the weights, the camera adds 10 pounds! Hilary will be joining the Gossip Girl cast where she will play NYU student Olivia Burke.

10+ pictures inside of Hilary Duff getting longer locks…

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hilary duff extensions 01
hilary duff extensions 02
hilary duff extensions 03
hilary duff extensions 04
hilary duff extensions 05
hilary duff extensions 06
hilary duff extensions 07
hilary duff extensions 08
hilary duff extensions 09
hilary duff extensions 10

Credit: London Entertainment; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • marisa

    so pretty<3

  • Mick

    She looks so good, I love her hair and shes looking more toned.

  • yaya

    She has one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood seriously!!! It’s great that she always looks so healthy and rested, but she should slim down some.

  • Josh

    Looking gorgeous as I always, her hair looks really good. Love her so much.

  • GaGa

    @yaya: God, I was hoping someone wouldn’t mention her body weight, and there you go…
    I bet half of the people that visit this blog and criticize double her size.

  • yaya

    No need to be offended. I think she just looks much better slimmer. She’s still such a gorgeous girl. People are always making fat comments when it comes to Hilary Duff, but she isn’t even close to fat. It’s just when you are short every pound tends to show when you lose or when you gain.

  • deraj tsuj

    lookin tubby

  • mythical creature

    @GaGa: You know WHY I think some people critisize the weight of stars? Honestly? It’s because they are jealous that they have the money to have private swimming pools, private chefs, food delivery services, personal trainers, plastic surgeons, dermotogist…. I KNOW you still have to do the work. But you have to admit when you have healthy food delivered and don’t have to take the time to prepare it yourself, or you have the convenience of a home gym, it does make it a bit easier. I think the “common person” is sour grapes they don’t have the same advantages so they like to chide the celebs. As if to say “With what you have you have no excuse for not being stick thin and having complete muscle definition, and beautiful age defying skin. JMO but I think that is where it comes from.

  • Star

    She seriously has the worst dress sense

  • Rob Redstone

    Now this girl I would love to get on my show! She would be a blast to interview!
    TheRobRedstoneShow. com


  • J

    ummm…. whatever diet or work-out she’s been doing lately is not good for her. Just telling the truth. I may have weight issues but then again I am not a celebrity. I do not have to be sexy to collect welfare money. I just have to be unemployed. LOL

  • greedy betch

    @J: She eats whatever she wants. Have you ever thought she exercises for the health benefits and to MAINTAIN her weight, not loose any?

    God some of you can be so stupid. She doesnt want to be a stick. She wants the health benefits and she indulges in food, and balances it with exercise.

  • foodfight

    @greedy betch: I agree with you :)

  • mertz

    atleast her extensions look natural. she looks fine with her hair the way it is. nothing wrong with her hair. and awwww jared you think she’s chunky? gah. it’s true about the camera though. it doesn’t lie, but it’s gg…i’m sure they can find something that suits her or strap her in those girddle type things…or spanx. lol. she’s great. she looks healthy. she’s not rail thin, and she’s not fat. she lost a lot of weight when she was working so much all the time but i’ve seen her before she got the disney gig and this is about her normal weight. i didn’t say it’s her ideal weight for her height, but she can do whatever she wants. so can kelly clarkson…who is probably what you can call fat, but it’s all relative. they look happy and healthy. thin is not always beautiful. anyone who says so is a liar and obviously lives in a very narrow bubble.

  • Michele

    JustJared guys, her name is Hilary Duff, not Hillary Duff!

    She’s very beautiful and pretty!

  • mertz

    am glad that j was responded to cause that comment is just to ugh to be reasoned with. i mean who said she was on a DIET. and lol, who the hell said she was WORKING OUT to loose weight. gosh.

    also star, but hilary does know how to dress when she’s doing events and promoting stuff. she’s not that dumb. same with jen garner. they know how to dress up, but their dress down is nothing on par to someone like a reese witherspoon. jolie usually dresses down with her staple blacks and manages to still look good…but man smh at those two i previously mentioned. but i can’t hate because i do like her, and she’s relatively normal and i probably dress like her.

  • mertz

    lol michele…i guess you’re not a michelle with a double l. geez.

  • awry

    how old is duff’s boyfriend…it seems like he’s much older than her…they dont make a very good pair

  • mertz

    mike is 28. he’s a real good dude. been watching him play hockey since he was a kid and moi aussi and i’ve never known him to be egotistical or a douchebag or anything like that. he’s funny!!! and they were introduced by a totally lovely person who gave him a great recommendation. it’s good to have friends with connections. lol.

  • lizzie

    she’s back to being beautiful

  • Hilary duff is gorgeous!

    I’d rather see a pic of Hilary Duff anyday over bony and veiny twits like Tori Spelling,Angelina Jolie and Madonna. This is was a true beauty looks like and doesnt worry what some of you loosers think

  • Nahla

    I think she looks FINE. I hate skinny bony women like Angelina Jolie. Now that’s fugly. I can’t understand most people’s taste in beauty because apparently very skinny girls are more loved and that’s sad. Look at Hil, she’s so moch more beautiful the way she is now.

  • OLya


  • NativeNYker

    Work it out girl. Not cute to look chubby.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Jen

    I would actually say she looks more toned then she has lately! Hilary is really pretty and whoever says she is chubby must be blind, Kelly Clarkson is chubby but Hilary Duff? come on, people who are saying that need glasses.. I would also say she looks better with longer hair! I also like the fact that she is not extremely bony looking like those 90210 chicks…

  • Jensen


  • Jensen

    Time to hit the weights, the camera adds 10 pounds!

  • Jensen

    She has always been thin! *-*

  • JSanchez

    The extensions make her look like Lizzie again. Thanks for posting the pics of her and Mike, they seem oh so happy together.


    I think she looks a lot better fat then she did when she was Scary Skinny with those Huge Fake Teeth.

  • hissyfit

    @Jensen: So how many cameras are on her? Okay, I’m just kidding, She looks good. And tons better than I do. But for real people. When women are younger like late teens thru mid 20′s they usually are thin. Once you get around mid twenties and into the 30′s women have a much harder time with their weight. The ones who don’t put a lot of time in at the gym or have active jobs where they are on their feet all the time won’t be able to get away with their metabolism taking care of things anymore.

  • hossa

    @GaGa: You have that right! What is wrong with people in this country that if your not pencil thin tou are fat? Have they not noticed that this country has the most obese people. I think Hillary looks great and she is a good actress and is beautiful inside and out. So there, you look great Hilary.

  • hissyfit

    @hossa: The average size woman here is a size 14 I think. So yes, huge obesity epidemic. And despite medical advances I have read we aren’t living longer the way we should. Due directly to issues stemming from obesity. I agree hollywood places an unrealistic weight expectation on stars. Personally, the stars that I love the most? I think look absolutely adorable with a little more meat on their bones. But that’s me. I will also be honest and say I felt better physically and had more energy when I was a size 4 than what I do now at size 10. For me it’s about the way you feel physically that is most important.

  • lucy

    sooooooo pretty

  • Reed Richards

    I don’t think it’s resentment, #8. I think it’s rather that they like to vent out their darkest feelings onto people who can’t do anything about it.

  • Sarah

    Hillary looks good, curvy, NORMAL. Hollywood anorexic skeletons are not healthy & are not normal. But, it’s sad that nowadays that’s what young girls think is normal. Go by Hilary’s example. She obviously works out (we’ve seen her coming/going from the gym) & I’m sure she eats as well as she can. I hope she stays this way & doesn’t do one of those ridiculous “oh, I’ll get back to a size 2, just you wait” stunts Jennifer Love Hewitt & others like to do. Stay as you are, Hillary. Don’t go back to looking sickly like you did a few years ago. You’d be an idiot not to think Hillary looks hot. And you don’t have to be a size 0 or 2 to look it!

  • Sarah

    A size 14 does not equal obese. What an idiotic thing to say.

  • mertz

    i’m a tiny b*tch and i’m slim as hell and you know what, it’s so freaking frustrating to find something that actually fits me without shopping in the children’s section. i mean i am no freakin model and i don’t want to shop samples all the time. but it’s hard to find something that fits. i wish i was bigger because then maybe i could find clothes that fit me instead of having to shop for the small sizes that are usually more expensive because they aren’t made on mass…but i see that’s been changing a lot from the last five years since everyone is on this whole thinness urge…and i just have to say it’s okay to have a variety in sizes, instead of making it so difficult for us to shop. people who keep preaching the whole skinny skinny skinny mantra need to have their mouths shut by some food. we can’t all be doing drugs and dieting all the frigging time, detoxing, doing cleanses, exercising, starving ourselves just because image nowadays is skewed by those in the entertainment area promoting thinness. it’s not a good thing. anyone who says otherwise is not being straight with you. but then neither is being obese…but in no way are these girls anywhere in kristy alley territory. gosh. shut up already and say some nice things which is good for your health in the overall scheme.

  • roja

    She really is goergous!!!!!

    For me one of the best face with Alyssa Milano, AJ, Kylie Minogue, Megan Fox

  • ron paul

    glad to see her chest back

  • ruffy

    She looks 1000x better now that she has put on some weight. She was way to skinny. She’s back to her beautiful self now.

  • mythical creature

    @mertz: You shouldn’t look at it that way. I too use to shop in the kids section when I was a size 0-4 (would yo yo b/w 0/2 and 4). Things are way cheaper in the girls section. You save tons of money and get the same type of stuff. You’re lucky to be able to do it. But you have to be 5’4 or under. So there is an advantage to being short and small sometimes…look at the bright side.

  • Caroline

    so beautiful, can’t wait to see her on gossip girl!

  • omggg


  • bill

    yes, i lover her when shes like this, hilary is gorgeous

  • =)=)=)

    i dont care if shes chubby or not i love her the way she is=)

  • tiffany

    i realy like hilary theres nothing bad to say about her shes like one of the only celebrity’s i can say that about too

  • Women’s Electric Shavers

    I think she looks just fine!!
    She is barely chubby which makes her look so cute. I think she already has a baby face anyway so it just adds up to her cutsy nature!

  • um

    um mu comment didn’t show up on Hillary but basically it said ana chicks have become more and more widespread and I’ve never seen so many thin girls. I always felt too skinny and now it feels the norm. Obviously girls are starving and obviously Hillary is healthy. Good for her. It’ll be back in style soon enough.

  • Tinkerbelle

    Hilary Duff is not fat by any stretch of the imagination, she is very healthy and I for one am glad she is not a stick thin celebrity because that just looks unhealthy. Hilary seems to have a very positive body image and the fact that she looks after herself is even better. She seems to have found a healthy balance between work, food and exercise and good on her! She is beautiful and her body looks great! and for all of you saying she looks fat then you obviously have no idea of what is healthy and what isn’t.