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Jennifer Aniston: Happy Fourth of July!

Jennifer Aniston: Happy Fourth of July!

Jennifer Aniston generously opened up her wallet for the New York cast and crew of her new movie, The Bounty (co-starring Gerard Butler).

The 40-year-old actress wanted everyone to enjoy the long Fourth of July weekend, so she gave everyone the day off on Thursday, July 2, a day earlier than expected. Jen footed the bill for everyone’s salary so they could have a four-day holiday.

Jen is such a genuinely good person,” one crew member tells People. “How many people in this world would pay for an entire movie set to have off for the day? Not just anyone does that. We’re talking big bucks.”

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  • LuckyL

    Ahahahahaha, she’s as bad as Clooney.

  • Linda

    awww that so sweet of her

  • LuckyL

    I just don’t understand how it has to be made into a PR thing.

  • hag

    fugly AnusStain

  • Ladams

    Wow, You mean she cares for other people, people that live in this country. How original. I hope that catches on.

  • CC


    Please post a pic of yourself so we can see how fugly YOU are…piece of shit. You are a hag.

  • SAndy

    That is so kind and sweet. Every report I have ever read from those who have worked with Jennifer have been positive. Great person!!!

  • blah


    I’m sure you’re just beautiful hahahahaha. NOT.

  • LuckyL

    And sorry, she’s not unique in doing this. If need be, I will name a list of people who’ve done it before and more often.

  • Susan

    Love her!!

  • because


    Such is the way of Hollywierd, I guess. Still pretty cool of her to do it. I’m sure the crew appreciated the paid time off.

  • ellie’

    Everything Jen does is with true kindness. Jen such a lovely beautiful woman.. Just love her smile…

  • kelly

    I agree with lucky…why does this have to be made into a PR move. She probably did that on purpose. I like Angelina’s thinking better…donating 1/3 of her salary to her charities…..

  • dom

    big liar and loser!!

  • VICTORIA # 1

    Agree, Kelly.

  • LuckyL

    blah @ 07/11/2009 at 12:14 am


    I’m sure you’re just beautiful hahahahaha. NOT.
    Lol, I didn’t mention her chin on this thread, why the hate? Ahahahaha, her fans are so sensitive, pathetic, and transparent. Stop projecting and hating the happy and attractive who are not so angry about being unattractive they can be fans of strong, beautiful women, not plastic surgery wreckages.

  • Sally

    I loved this pic. I can’t avoid to say: she was gorgeous. Her eyes are shinning! Not that matters, but she was great.
    And this kind of act is one of the reasons that people who worked with her have so good things to say about Jen. Very sweet and kind.
    She is a nice person, I’m pretty sure of it.
    Not perfect, but a good person with a good heart.
    That’s why her friends and co-stars all like her so much.
    I’m sure she has bad days too, but most of the time she is really a sweet person, very professional and dedicated on sets. More than one director, crew and cast told it. In fact, the most of them agree with it. It should have a reason for it, don’t you think?

  • Sally

    @SAndy: Exactly my point.

  • LuckyL

    I’m sorry, she’s catty (Vanity Fair), self-serving (The PR “boyfriends”), fake (the plastic surgery), insecure and self-absorbed (50,000 dollars on her hair, let’s not even discuss the tanning and cellulite treatments, and the weeping over one gray hair).

    I’m sorry, a nameless crew member means nothing to me.

  • karenina

    oh i love her.. i dont understand the hate.. maybe is angelina fans or idk.. i loveher=) i miss friends too

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Wow I’m surprised. I didn’t think Jen’s purse could open for others. Oh yeah, with a press release I guess. Golf Clap Please…

  • jaye

    Nice, but really what else is she going to do with her money. She can’t take it with her and who does she have to leave it to, Courteney?

  • LuckyL

    Later loonies.

  • friday

    But AJ perfers to make her contributions to 3rd world countries instead of her own. It looks better for her political ambitions. I bet she’s still pissed about Brad and his families contribution to the Childrens Hospital in Springfield, Mo.

  • Sally

    @LuckyL: Great for them too. But it doesn’t take off the shine of her act. One thing doesn’t eliminate the other. For sure. So what’s your point? A good act don’t need to be original. It’s enough that it be a good act and it’s all. To be kind you don’t need to be the only one. Lucky it is not an exclusive thing.

  • jennipoop anusstain!

    This conniving, manipulating exploitative, two faced, empty, despicable,shallow, self absorbed,egomaniac is BUYING people now!
    I would do MORE than that, with all that Millions!

  • ellie’

    Jen always the P.R. move.That was a nice thing no matter how you look at it. Can’t do anything right..
    Only Angie —well i can name many people that give a 3rd of there salary and there not even rich.. As far as Jen she also gives , but it seems to be more in heart not to brag its sacred and has more meaning to yourself.
    I respect nothing Angie and Brad do. There the only 2 stars that have to say what they give. They can’t seem to keep it private or personal to themselves., It has no meaning to me , and you all say Jen needs the P. R. It makes them not decent people at all to me. Lets change the names around.. Sounds better to me..
    Have a nice night.

  • Zoz

    Fake.In need of attention.Do it without reporting it to People Mag.

  • reality

    I thought Jen did not like her good deeds to be made public. LMAO. Reality is she doesn’t give to charity only gives to herself. She probably wanted the day off and only could get off if everyone else was off.
    Action movie were the girl wears high heels and a short skirt is NOT a action movie.

  • mertz

    that’s nice of her to do that. good on her. i am happy not all her money is going towards her hair :P.

    lol so i was going to write in the aj thread that i can’t remember the last time i posted in a jenani thread (even if she can’t act and also has the same being comfortable syndrome as aj’s all black wear with her tight 3/4 hempline double strapped dresses), but now i have posted and i’ve broken the trend. lmao. i think i may post in one more jani thread by the end of this year…or not at all.

  • Sally

    God! Why this compare thing again? Didn’t you ever get tired of it? Always the same!
    A good act is a good act. Simple like that.
    What’s the problem of being kind?
    Why do you feel so insulted by it?
    And if you only know the causes she supports… but you prefer to stay blind in this case. OK.
    Not that charity work is an obligation or anything we can charge.
    But if she does, she does. Fact. And for a long time. Try to be informed, if you’re so interested. You will be surprised.

  • bet betty



  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @ellie’: So Jen keeps her giving private, sacred? Why this press release? Unfortunately, none of us needed to know she did this, so why the press release? I give her props for doing this. I didn’t think she had it in her. But giving a day off to people who have jobs, cool for them. What if she took that money and worked the day and gave to a homeless shelter to help those not employed? Interesting thought.

  • mertz

    wait i should correct that and say i’m happy she’s not spending all that money on her hair or renting dates. she shouldn’t have to pay people to go out with her…or be fake about her relationships. she should stop going out with douches. i’m sure she can get another brad pitt…but not THE brad pitt.

  • dp


    god here we go again

    how is this a PR stunt? versus the every freaking time jolie and pitt’s charity “givings” get reported? how hypocritical can you get?

    and yeah 1/3rd of Jolie’s 27M salary. what’s that like 9M?
    but wait didn’t her and pitt reportedly have 8M in total donated or something?
    1/3rd my ass.. i guess if you count the pimping out of kids money then it’s 1/3rd.
    i’m not saying they are not generous, but crapping on another celebrity who does this just to elevate your IDOLs makes you transparent and sadly unwilling to let things go.

    for Aniston – i wouldn’t mind being part of her crew – she seems to have your back all the tiime. what a sweetheart! lovely inside and out

  • ellie’

    Jen said nothing to people mag.. Read it again it was a crew member.. Why such hatred for such a wonderful woman who has harmed no one. Has such class has no bad past or nothing wrong now. I’m sure that those nuts are sane yet.. There an embarrassment every time they open there mouths.. All I know is that Jen is sane happy , and I’ll pick Jen over the other people any day or anytime.
    Goodnight !!!!

  • ladams

    Aren’t you being missed on the AJ worship thread of minons and peones.

  • Sally

    @jennipoop anusstain!:
    It’s funny: or you “haters” say that she is selfish and doesn’t do anything to the others or, when you know she did and you’re wrong about it, you say she is fake and blablabla… see? No matter what she does, you already have your fingers pointed. Here that you lost completly all your “reasons” and show that it’s just silly. It doesn’t mind what she does or will do, you will always try to find a way to try to put it like a negative thing. It’s so sad for you to be SO closed mind. But it’s your choice, isn’t it?

  • ellie’

    Yes your right everyone donates to there foundation. She is not giving no where near 1/3 of her salary.. What a joke !!

  • actually

    Actually this was done to counter the story of another Brad dumping her. Problem. No media picked up the story even though some were writing about it on twitter.So seven days later, Aniston’s promotion guy anonymously called People mag and of course they ran with it. Aniston and her people are always working her image for public consumption.

  • mertz

    oh and she has to stay away from bradley cooper. please. gosh. i like him way too much for me to be influenced by their non relationship. i will still like him even if they get together (shudder), but please don’t make it so. i also like butler…but he doesn’t care about his looks most of the time and he seems like her type so they can continue getting together. i approve of that union :P

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @dp: I have been told differently about how she is on the set. I’m glad this experience is better for this crew.
    Jolie visited a veterans hospital during the filming of Salt. Do you know how I found out. A volunteer at the hospital blogged it. No PR from Jolie’s camp.
    To be fair I think that both these women might do things we do not know.
    As for pimping out the kids, thank goodness they did. That’s a h*ll of a lot of money for charity. I like that they were smart to make the media pay for the pics so that something good could come from the media frenzy.
    Props to both for good works.

  • roro

    such a nice gesture. it’s not PR if a crew member speaks on their own volition. and lastly i hope none of u CRAZY brangelina fans are ragging on Jen for “PR”, lets not forget that brad and angelina have redefined PR for good deeds…accusing Jen of that has no merit.

  • actually

    Your are naive. There was no crew member. If Aniston did not want this to get out, she could have told the producers not to mention that she had anything to do with the change in schedule.

  • Susan

    It amazes me that Angelina fans seem to believe that Jennifer Anniston does give to charities. Such a laugh. Jennifer and Brad were generous donors together as well as apart. Long before Angie had kicked her addictions and about the time she was french kissing her brother and wearing blood vials…oh yeah and hooking up with lesbian models.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @ladams: if you can lurk on the AJ thread why shouldn’t she? Loser…

  • Coolio

    Jen is bringing Cool and Sexy back… lovin’ me some Jennifer.

  • noelle


    well said sally =)

  • Seriously

    So funny how AJ fans get all over Jen for her kind acts as PR stunts when AJ calls press to be at the air field to get some PR in with her child collection

  • Luvd80s2

    People stop the hate, It’s been 5 years. If she gave her crew the day of and Paid for it, Cool! It is her production company posting the bill for this movie. Plus Angie Just visited a Veterans Hospital on the 4rth of July to visit our veterans, spent time with them and gave them all gift bags with a 1000 dollar gift card to best buy. the way the public found out was that the families posted pics on their Facebooks and my space and it just went from there, so she does donate within our country! Let’s be happy that they bring joy to people! Peace and Luv!