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Jennifer Garner Romanced By Patrick Dempsey

Jennifer Garner Romanced By Patrick Dempsey

It’s another regular weekday as Jennifer Garner picks up her daughter Violet, 3, from school on Friday (July 10) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Grey’s Anatomy stars Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane recently joined Jen in Gary Marshall‘s ensemble romantic comedy Valentine’s Day.

Dempsey will play a married obstetrician who romances Jen on the side. Dane will play a quarterback struggling with the decision to retire. 10+ pics inside…

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  • Wunhunglo

    the pimple on my@ss is more attractive than this woman

  • marla

    Why is she always alone with her daughter??Ben must be very busy talking in every interview about jennifer lopez, like yesterday. What an immature assh****. Garner´d be better alone or with a real man

  • Bradley Cooper

    Dane will play GAY and CLOSETED quarterback struggling with the decision to retire.
    Bradley Cooper will play his boyfriend.

  • man in the moon

    Wow this should be interesting. Nothing expected Jen to take on the roll of the other woman. Guess she is really stepping out of her comfort zone. She is looking super good and Violet of course is a most inquisitive child. Both of them are amazing. Thanks for pics JJ.

  • just me

    @man in the moon: Both are fugly!!

  • just me

    @Wunhunglo: I soooo agree!

  • eeek

    At least she is not wearing her bozo tennis shoes. She needs to do something with the mop and maybe a little make-up wouldn’t hurt either.

  • aliza

    most adorable celebrity ever… TRULY GENUINE in everyway – unlike most fake celebs

  • ron paul

    I luv her, they are so cute together! go ben

  • Sara

    Marla, darling – the quotes that came out the other day are from a years-old interview. I know it’s rough on you that JLo and Ben aren’t together any longer, that he dumped her a week before their wedding, that he always looked horribly uncomfortable with her, that she seemed to hang on to him for dear life, etc. – but you really should let it go. Give it a few more months and she’ll be with someone new and on her way to her fourth marriage. Relax.

  • sillyme

    I see photographers are still hanging out at Violet’s school. Kinda sad. Plus, isn’t it time to move on. Can’t we get some pictures of the Obama girls leaving school?

  • rosemarie

    #10 oh so Jlo is a diclicker, well my dear Ben did some licking too and after that his tongue went into Garner’s mouth lol.

  • pass it around

    #13 that is too funny, I didn’t think of it that way, Ben’s tongue in Jlo’s C, than into Garner’s, that is hilarious.

  • Michelle

    Don’t pre-school kids get summer break too?

  • mable

    Who goes to see Patrick Dempsey’s movies, come on this is a movie with a whole lotta Z-listers.

  • lakers fan in boston

    good job jen, u changed ur tennis shoes to flats
    big improvement, now u gotta switch those jeans u wear every single day, i mean they must be worn out by now
    and u decided 2 wear a different type of shirt
    ur getting there jen, just a few more changes

  • mythical creature

    They are both cute. They look happy and normal

  • ICT

    It seems she is enjoying her motherhood. Does she have coming movie?

  • marla

    First you are very rude

    Second, 3 interviews only this year, tons of interviews talking about her in six years..i´m not a liar,and i can prove what i say

    10 July 09

  • marla
  • marla
  • marla

    It´s not my fault he is still stuck with jennifer(lopez), it´s like he is still resentful, in every interview he always repeat the same. He is an immature man, not a very good person, rarely seen in father´s role, with serious addictions and a decadent career and it´s better to say “jlo ruined my career” instead of “i´m a limited actor”. I think jenn garner is waaay better than ben

    If you want, i can put links of more interviews always trying to hurt jlo. I feel sorry for garner, always reading ben´s interviews talking about jlo, has someone think how would she feel?
    And other thing…jlo was who ended the relationship, when ben was seen in the strip pub

  • Kelly

    Marla Marla Marla! UR a little obsessed about the topic! Chill out

  • lollipop

    JLo dumped Ben………………Garner is a doormat that doesn’t mind Ben’s cheating ways…In return she gets the connections, the kids and half his fortune. Its a tradeoff.

  • stefano

    i havent seen photos of Jen on set for this movie yet

  • stefano

    I wanna see Jen in action, not in romantic comedies.

  • Jen

    Why is Violet still in school, in July? Do they mean daycare?

  • maxwell

    First off, damn these comments are next to mean and downright disgusting. Seems like the Perez site instead of JJ.

    What is up with Marla and the post. The interview was first put out on the web by a blurb on Contact Music. Other blogs went from there. However, it is not a new interview.

    Think about it for a minute, why would Ben have given an interview in the past week or so? No movie coming out, wasn’t at an event, getting ready to direct. It’s common sense. Don’t believe everything you read on the web, Marla. I can google something and get info. from 6-7 years ago. Doesn’t mean it is current day stuff.

    Next, WTH, Ben not around. Guess you missed the pics of Ben dropping V. off at school, holding her outside a dr. office, and Ben and Jen picking V. up earlier in the week. Don’t live under a rock. Search around before you make comments about “ben is never around”.

    Oh and lollipop @ 07/11/2009 at 8:25 pm got that one WRONG. JLO did not dump Ben. It was Ben at the urging of his friends, family to take a step back. When he did he realized he wanted something different. Personally, I think when JLO took a step back she realized she wanted something different too. Hence her quick marriage to Marc.

  • mertz

    violet afflect doesn’t understand that she has famous parents. and i love it. what a cutie.

  • chrissy

    #29, many preschools are all year.

  • sweet tea lover

    great flats, Jen. love that you are trying something new.

  • mythical creature

    @ICT: Motherhood is actually very fun. It’s like getting to be a kid all over again. The baby years are harder, but after that it’s fun. Of course you have to be the boss sometimes and give advice but if you do it right your kids will be pleasurable to be around and not that much work. When you don’t take the time to teach your children manners and proper behavior is when it’s unpleasant and hard. You have to start early with that. Looks like she’s done a fabulous job with Violet so far.

  • jammers

    oh how the grow so fast. Violet is getting so big.

    wonder if we will get a look at sera soon?

  • wondering?

    Where’s Ben?

  • I have to go to the loo


  • jeff

    Yeah lollipop you are right, jlo did dump Ben when she realized how inmature he is. And you are also right when you say jen is ben’s floormat.

  • Jane

    I feel sorry for Jennifer Garner she just tries too hard to be out there chased by the paps to feel alive. I am sure she feels like s hit when she hears her husband talk s dirt about his ex just to remind the public that he was once with J.Lo. SorryJennifer Garner but you will always be Ben’s she-man wife and his consolation prize.

  • me

    Wow, what a lot of jealous people on this site! Can’t handle the truth that they are in love, have a lovely family can you? Oh, by the way Marla, that is an article from several years ago that was taken vertabim and made to seem like its recent. Dont quote anything you read on the internet since it isnt the TRUTH. THe truth is Ben was just taking V to school (Thursday) he is prepping to direct a film so like many men (except I guess the husbands and guys who post here) he has a job. Soon Jen will be working and HOPEFULLLy sites like this will not publish pictures of V. anymore.

  • anon

    How come TOE always look like a man.

  • sam

    why so many JLO lovers on here 2 nite?

    give it a rest already. It was like so many years ago. Ben didn’t bring it up recently. That is an old interview.

    why can’t people just be happy for them, or go away?

    oh, hey since haters want to go back and read old things, go read stories from ’04 about them. Ben wanted to wait but jlo didn’t like that.

    and hey read the story from ’05, reported jlo was depressed cause Ben was a daddy.

  • mean people suck

    What #40? Looks like a man? Suppose to get a boob job like Megan Fox? Does that make someone look more like a woman?

  • Janie

    Seems like the same person is posting a lot of the same trash under different names. And by using a bunch of caps on one post, none one the others. Nice try, though! (Either that or there are an abundant amount of losers trolling around tonight.)

  • Belle

    Does this woman EVER get off her cell phone?? It is glued to her ear every set of photos we see of her. Excessive cell phone use causes brain cancer!!

  • mythical creature
  • Go green

    #44 What phone?

    Is that a dent in the back of their car, in the 2nd to last picture?

  • Toni

    Another movie with another tv actor as the co-star first Rob Lowe and now Patrick Dempsey Jennifer Garner is slowly heading back to TV where she and her limited acting ability belong. There’s not much left but to work the bestest mom in the whole world phony image.

  • man in the moon

    Ben dumped JLo, it is a known fact. Ask Kevin Smith. She ran to Marc Anthony and paid him to leave his wife and marry her to save face. In any event, it saved Ben a lot of money. If he had married her he would had huge attorney bills to get rid of her. She could not conceive a child naturally and Ben wanted kids as badly as Brad Pitt.

    After Ben met Garner, he realized he was in the wrong relation but she was married at the time and unlike Lopez chose not to leave her husband for him. They became friends but never hooked up until later. Rumors about them fooling around was denied even by Jen’s husband. Low and behold God smiled on Ben and worked everything out and he and his soul mate became single and the rest is history. No way a marriage between Ben and Lopez would have worked. They both want different things out of life. She is a over the top diva with extravagant taste and loves to be in the spot light at fashion shows, highly visible social events and parties. Marc is the same but but Ben and Jen G. prefer the simple life in the way they dress and their low-key lifestyle.

    We should all be happy everything turned out the way it did and wish them all the best. We don’t need another triangle like the Aniston, Jolie- Pitt drama to help make the tabloids and gossip website richer.

  • eagle eye

    Funny article from 2003:,2933,97296,00.html

    Ben got his freedom, indeed. It would have cost him a fortune.

  • sally

    Adorable mom, adorable daugther. They’re so lovely. Cute pics as ever.

  • WTF

    I was on another site, reading something worthwhile and accedently clicked on the link to here, and i have to admit I would have turned it off, but some thing cought my attention…………..the comments.

    And I have to say people became delusional when they became fans of someone famous, and even more importantly someone who gets paid milions of dollars for what exactly…..putting their face on film for a few minutes and then letting the stunt doubles do the work……… and when they want to appear as if they give a dying rats about the actual problems the world is facing and do something charitable, the cameras are always there to make sure the world knows about how good they are………thats pathetic, and I am not just talking about Jennifer Garner or Ben Affleck but the whole Hollywood……………..

    And if you people would actually research and comment on site that address important issues, and came up with ways to help, and not commenting on who broke up with who and when ………………………………………hey maybe the WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE………………