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Jon Gosselin & Girlfriend Hit St. Tropez

Jon Gosselin & Girlfriend Hit St. Tropez

Jon Gosselin and his 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey Glassman hold hands as they hang out aboard designer Christian Audigier‘s boat in St. Tropez, France on Saturday (June 11).

Looks like Jon‘s divorce from Kate Gosselin is the real deal!

According to Radar, the 32-year-old Jon & Kate Plus 8 papa is trying to design his own line of children’s clothing! (FYI: Hailey is the daughter of the doctor who performed Kate‘s tummy tuck.)

WOULD YOU BUY clothes designed by Jon Gosselin — YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend soaking up the sun in St. Tropez…

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  • lokis

    wow, already

  • lokis

    yay im first

  • Maura

    For real, now? Really?

  • lollipop

    The guy is a tool. He is the poster child for Arrested Development. Grow up already! You are not a teen anymore! You’re an adult remember? Do you think guys are going to line up to date your ex? No! And she’ll take it out her anger on your kids and scr*w them developmentally for the rest of their lives while you go make a 2nd version of another messed up family!! Isn’t our society scr*wed enough as it is???

  • anon

    Im baffled as to what this guy offers or has done to earn this level of media attention and opportunities in life. There are others who have so much more to offer in term of talent and real achievments who deserve it. I just shake my head. It shows what fruad of an image of the Jon TLC and Kate wanted to present …and it worked because it’s made them millions.

  • annie

    they jon and kate need to leave the air boring besides i am sure kate has paid for all her plastic surgeries bye now,donnot watch reality shows they all suck

  • bebo

    how so white trash

  • Christy

    I used to like Jon, and think Kate was just being a bitch, but now maybe she had her reasons for treating him the way she did. This is not the Jon that I used to watch on the show, and it makes me sad that the family has ended up in such shambles. :(

  • lollipop

    P.S. Anyone one with a half a brain can tell this woman has got the same “bitch” stamp on her forehead as Kate! You’re going to pick women like Kate over and over so why bother leaving Kate and the kids in the first place?

  • anthony

    What an idiot, I don’t blame her for b*tching at him, it’s clear how he acts when he’s left to think for himself

  • WoW

    He’s such a douche…both him and Kate. Total D-Bags. I feel sorry for these kids. Neither of them have the kids best interest at heart, they’re just wrapped up in themselves.

  • what about the kids?

    that’s the second g/f . he is so gross

  • janaynay

    I spy what could possibly be a baby bump! Maybe that BI was true.

  • lollipop

    lol Anthony, you said it best. Now we all get to see where Jon’s priorities are and they are definately not with his family!!

  • CaliWriter

    As yawn inducing as this show and side show are I couldn’t get through one episode with that Kate harping, whining, complaining, If that’s what Jon has had to endure 24/7 for thier entire marriage looks like he might be doing better now….He should have the kids, he seems more stable…minded anyway

  • what about the kids?

    Mj’s death took over the news so jon needed some attention.

  • kate

    What an @ss!!!

  • Hula

    So like always – the guy enjoys life and the woman is left behind with 8 kids.
    How typical.

  • whatatool

    this man is crazy. he thinks he is 20 again. I guess we know why he did not give Kate or counseling a chance. I think he should definitely try to make time to hit the gym again. He is looking so pudgy, and those shirts look so stupid on him. What a moron. Poor kids.

  • mela

    what a dog!!! is that the plastic sugeron’s trashy younger daughter, she is 23 years old!???! he’s a pig…jon where is your family??? this chick is just dating this 32 year old fat father of 8 for the fame. what young girl would honestly find him and his baggage appealing if not for the fame?! jon sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mela

    gosh, Jon sure has a thing for fugly 20-something white girls!! this girls face is almost as beat at Deanna’s

  • YOU/ME

    Wow, I just totally lost any respect I had for this d*ckhead. Why in the world would any company ask this loser to be their spokeperson?? He is a man who left his wife and kids so he can “do his own thing”!!! I refuse to buy anything that Jon is promoting, as if the guy is someone to look up to! UGH

  • olive

    What an arrogant fat pig he is! Any woman that would give him the time of day after he deserted his children is a piece of sh*t!

    Looks like Jon’s got him a golddigger! What white trash she is.

  • mela

    her name is hailey glassman- we should flood her plastic surgeon father’s office and let them know what a homewrecker their daughter is!!! this situation is absolutely disgusting and these poor children will grow up to see it all documented in the tabloids!!!!!!!!!

  • whatatool

    Is that a ring on her left hand? I hope she is not married too.

  • chandraisgreat

    oh wow….christian audgier is really on one. i mean he has got a lot of publicity for ed hardy but only because he looks like sucha d-bag. smh. rme.

  • suzieq

    What a low life!!!! They are still legally married. I don’t care who filed the divorce first. He is the one who pushed it and asked for it. HE IS A CHEATER!!! GO don’t need him anyway…he is just dead weight.

  • cathy

    wow.. thats like a huge slap in the face to his family

  • christine

    Kate… u sucka….
    This is laughable to me, really.
    You treat ur man like shite… THERE’S A DIME A DOZEN WOMEN OUT THERE.
    Kate thinks she’s got bawls. She’s got nothin, but a bunch of kids which any man she meets has got to deal with now. Yea, real attractive….

  • sberry

    What a douche! Regardless of how you dress him up, he’s still a douche. What could he possible be able to sell? The want him to promote the already joke of a line Ed Hardy? DUMBASSES I tell you. I cant even fiind a douchier person to compare Jon to. At least what Kate has the ability to write books. This guy has the ability to make himself an even bigger Dork! And as for his new chick, she’s hanging all over him. Whatever, he made his bed, now let him lay in it. Maybe he as ed hardy sheets too. DORK! Team Kate all the way regardless of how controlling she is, I bet she will be far more successful then that jerkoff.

  • he’s a jerk

    what an A-HOLE… eww

  • Weegle

    @olive: I guess he is there spending the money that Kate has been criticized for trying to get—nice! The original gold digger has a “mini me”!

  • christine

    Besides, that woman Jon is with now is only using him for MONEY. So, there u go. Pretty soon, when he runs out, SHE’LL BE OUT!
    And he needs to get some bawls….
    No woman likes a WEAK man.

  • Tami

    That sure looks like a wedding ring on her hand!!!

  • Hello there

    it’s hailey glassman…the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon who gave her the free tummy tuck LOL!!!!

  • mela

    she is so FUGLY. go to radaronline and look at her pics. i can’t believe her father is a plastic surgeon and never gave her a face transplant-because she definitely needs one. thats it, I’m officially swapping sides and am TEAM KATE. his behavior is disgusting!! stay strong for your children kate, i know you will!

    oh great classy 23 year old homewreck Jon found, she likes to play with guns and take pictures of it!

    what an idiot

    lets flood Hailey’s failure of a father and let him know what a homewrecker his pathetic daughter is!

  • sberry

    @christine: Kate’s got balls and some perky boobies too. Women may be a dime a dozen, but it’s quality that counts not quantity. Kate had enough balls to notice how useless her ex was. Someone needed to take control! Jon is no catch. And if my exhusband left me to be with an ugly ass whore like jons new trick. I would be laughing hard and enjoying all the more peaceful quality time I now have with my kids. Good riddance! HAaaa.

  • so what

    @christine: she treated him like poop because he’s immature and acts like the 9th child. that couldn’t be easy for her . I think his poor me act is pathetic

  • emma

    what an idiot i really think he did cheat on Kate. You know maybe Kate did have her reasons for being like she was and we just did not see that on camera because Jon would act like the innocent one. I also think Kate is with the kids more she is the one taking them out on errands on vacation with her and playing with them in the backyard

  • huntingforthejob

    Nay on the clothes for me, but please give the man a job so he can support his children for once in his life.

  • keyrIst

    Homewrecker? How the hell is she a homewrecker? They have been apart for ages and their problems had nothing to do with any other individual. You housewives better get over yourselves.

    The only homewreckers in any marriage are the two married people. No one can steal your man unless he wants to be stolen.

  • teri

    The only ones I feel sorry for are Kate and the children. The sperm donor is free to come and go as he pleases. No wonder Kate was always so controlling of the situations, he’s a player and she knew it. The woman are usually left raising the children 24/7, she’ll never have the freedom he does.

  • christine

    Boy, some women seem bitter here. Probably some of the same women who ADORE Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship.
    Hailey Glassman or whatever her name is looks like she’s got a baby bump….

  • christine

    Okay, so Jon is not aggressive enough. Would you rather have a tough guy that cheats on his wife all the time? Women either want the bad boy or a man who is “RESPECTFUL”. When he’s RESPECTFUL that’s not enough. So, what do some women do? Go for the bad boys who cheat behind their backs and proclaim love for their wives at the same time. And I mean “bad boys” of all ages, races and classes. You can be a middle-aged, hardworking man and be cheating on your wives at those hole in the wall bars.

  • olive

    She’s probably pregnant. He should be forced to have a vasectomy because he’s such a pathetic father,

  • so what

    @christine: jon acting like the 9th is respectful?

  • Weegle

    look—Jon got his ears pierced just like Mady!

  • christine

    Women need to show love and respect to their men. If they don’t, then they’ll lose him to another woman who will. Just like Jen Aniston and Kate lost their men.

  • zone reality

    I dont like Kate Gosselin but I have to say this guy is a big azzhole-while she has to tend all these children he’s having the time of his life as if h has no comitments i hope he looses all rights to his children

  • Carolyn

    Good for you Jon. It’s about time you found a woman that knows how to treat you right. Age is just a number. It’s no one’s business who she is, or her age. I hope that you are having some wild and crazy sex with her. After all, we know that Kate is frigid. Enjoy yourself Jon. Will we be seeing anymore little Gosselins in the future?