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Megan Fox To Boyfriends: Get A Tattoo Of My Face

Megan Fox To Boyfriends: Get A Tattoo Of My Face

Megan Fox walks to her car after visiting a hair salon in West Hollywood on Friday (July 10).

The 23-year-old Transformers starlet appeared on The Early Show earlier in the month and shared about her preference for men with tattoos.

“I have 8 tattoos,” Megan said. “My boyfriends are all required to have one.”

Megan‘s on-and-off-again boyfriend Brian Austin Green has plenty of tattoos.

The actress, who will be playing a demon-possessed boy-killer in Jennifer’s Body, continued by saying, “If they don’t have one yet, I make them get a tattoo of my name or my face.”

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  • Cooh

    beyond stupid,she must think the Universe spins around her

  • Pining for Chris

    This girl is beyond annoying; she thinks her shitt don’t stink. She needs to shut her mouth otherwise she has no “career” ahead of her.
    I’m not “hating” but I think she’s overrated. She’s too plastic for my liking.

  • ?

    Lol tranny.. i like it

    Is it me or does she wear the same things allll the time?

    Don’t get me wrong, i like that.. it shoes she is normal :)

  • Geesh!

    Oh loooook…A NEW hat that doesn’t really suit her.

  • pup

    This chick got problems. Dayyyyum.


    eeew shes disgusting.

  • Harry Butts

    she’s a whack job, but i’d still bang her in the butt

  • mela

    i love michael but she looks a little michael-jackson esque here. it’s no secret our musical genius michael had plastic sugery. what has megan had? i think she’s had fillers to enhance her cheek bones, like lisa rhena.

  • mela

    i love michael but she looks a little michael-jackson esque here. it’s no secret our musical genius michael had plastic sugery. what has megan had? i think she’s had fillers to enhance her cheek bones, like lisa rhena.

  • Dance Teacher

    I hope she didn’t pay at that salon..If she did she got ripped off. Her hair looks like shite. Long and stringy… $200. please!

  • Sally

    She is a little silly but I think we can give her a credit ’cause she is just a girl. We all had said silly things when we were younger. At least she is spontaneous. This is a good quality. And of course, silly or not, she is gorgeous. This is hard to deny. And I must be difficult to deal with this instantaneous fame she just get. I mean, you have to be very mature to not be affect. All the world is talking about her and it must be a real massage in her ego. With all this beauty and suddenly sucess. Maybe with the time she learns to deal better with all these things.

  • vika

    she can say what ever she wants, coz everybody will still pay attention to her.

  • bleh

    She is 23 not 13 at least activated her tofu brain a little when talked.

  • d

    id bang her, and yes id get a tattoo of her face on me anywhere. i am a girl and i would go gay for her, she is the hottest thing on the earth and who cares what she did to look like this, it was money well spent. i want to see megan get it on with a girl in some movie, who would we cast for her to get it on with? which girl in hollywood would look good with her, how about any chick , if only i was a wacktress, she really looks like she knows what she is doing, only a chick is good enough for her, no guy could satisfy this sex machine!

  • rob

    rob patz would be the worst match up for her, she needs a real man. he is not all man, he would be weak for her, she needs a mans man, who could satisfy her, she is way tooooooooooo good for that guy. Even shia is a better match up, he is cute but sexy, love him, patz not so much, megan you dont have to like him because he is popular, their are way better guys out there who are way better looking, say george clooney, now theres a good match. love ya megs, you will be a sex symbol foreva, love the tats, the marilyn one is timeless as are you, marry me, and keep speaking your mind, you know and we know you are right with everything you say, you make people stand up and listen, even angelina has nothing on you.

  • kr

    @d: I would love her to makeout with kristen stewart, i love them both, and them together would be so great viewing for me!

  • ugh

    Stupid AND narcissistic.

  • anon

    What is she wearing?!!

  • @JustJared

    How the F you just can call Fox the Transformers starlet, and Isabel anorexic Lucas the breakout star? You must be effing out of your mind, and effing retarded by having an obsession with OZ anorexic starlets!

  • Laura

    Tattoos are disgusting and don’t look right on people, she must think the world revolves around her if she thinks all of her boyfriends are going to get pictures of her face or her name tattooed on themselves :(:( weirdo

  • Leni

    She looks like Michael Jackson Bhahahahahaha

  • hissyfit

    I could have made her look like that with an $8 box of hair dye. I’m sorry, but if you are paying big money, it should look much better than THAT. Get your money back girl! You’re hair has looked better. And she cut it! Ahhh. Okay I am biased, I love really really long hair. She looks good with loooong hair.

  • karenina

    what? they NEED to have a tatoo? having a tattoo is somehting serious, you cant have one just to please someone and then maybe break up with them..

  • hissyfit

    @karenina: I agree. My friend has one with her boyfriends name across her $%^^!! LOL Ohhhh I don’t know why she did that. She’ll be sorry if they break up. Some guy will have to look at that (and her too, forever). Can’t wait to get my tattoo, I’ve got it all planned out. Just need the $, cuz it’s an expensive person/tattoo/place. But worth it.

  • marie

    i think we (people that dislike/hate her) should just not watch her movies
    maybe then she’ll realize that she’s really nothing and a nobody cares about her

  • Nahla

    WHAT A B!TCH!!!!!! She does think the whole world spins around her plastic butt.

  • sunny

    she is very pretty, but the statements made in magazines, television, are stupid

  • Autumn M

    Get a tatoo of her face? That just goes to show how far up her own ass she is. What does she think she’s so beautiful that all her b/f’s need to get a tattoo of her face? Pathetic. She is pretty, but she sounds so stupid everytime she speaks.

  • dawne

    She was cultivated in a plastic surgeons office……..check it out what she really used to look like. An Angelina stalker without the class or brains. Lucas will be the big star, she is naturally beautiful……..and also an original.

  • megan fox

    I wish she would stop wearing these man-hats and start tying up her hair!

  • http://justjared soprano

    Long torso, short-arse legs. Looks like a piece of rough to me. Confidence is the most attractive virtue. She obviously has none; all that meddling with her body…………………

  • mary

    needy much?

  • Rob Redstone

    Daaaa! How dumb..


  • Rob Redstone

    And I agree about the WEIRD HATS!!

  • whatever

    God she’s so fu**ing dumb.

  • gingernut

    She’s an idiot.

  • =)=)=)


  • Bob

    Megan can’t get any hotter. But every day she gets more and more annoying.

    If she doesn’t learn to shut up she’s going to reach the point where annoying>hottness= career over.

    There are plenty of really hot women in Hollywood, and more showing up every day, and most of them can manage to go for weeks at a time without saying something annoying and idiotic.

  • maxxibuggz

    I love her. She’s the best real life troll. She takes trolling to a whole new level.

  • miss a

    owmygod what a selfish girl…
    why should any boyfriend you got wear your head or your stupid name? why the hell would they?
    they’re only with her because she’s getting famous..
    i mean guys, please…. look at this picuture and tell me
    was she really, i mean REALLY that hot when she was a child? even with that eyebrow?? TELL ME THE TRUTH PLEASE..


  • raider814

    she will say anything to keep herself in the news…this is how she markets herself…disgusting!

  • Ariana


  • jenna

    What a rocket scientist she is.

  • Martine E

    get over yourself.

  • jo

    THIS GIRL IS RUINING HER CAREER!!! acting like she is all that! No fans…No career. Come on Megan…get a grip on reality!

  • dms

    She is absolutely PATHETIC!
    I don’t think that she realizes how stupid she looks by trying to mock everything ANGELINA JOLIE. She will never come close to her.

  • ann

    OMG!!! I see the Michael Jackson (may God Bless Michael’s Soul-I love and miss you Michael-my heart still mourns for you-it will for a very, very long time) thing going on here! MEGAN…stop copying Michael Jackson!!! Do you even know who you are as a person????? Are you among the living or are you just plain STUPID???????

  • vicki

    What is up with her NOSE and LIPS??????????

  • greedy betch


  • selena

    she a beautiful girl she just say crazy things