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Orlando Bloom is a Street Fighter

Orlando Bloom is a Street Fighter

Orlando Bloom (with his dog Sidi) greets some fans on his way to his waiting car in New York City on Friday (July 10).

Earlier in the day, the 32-year-old British actor was seen taking a break from filming before beginning work on his next project. Orly stopped by Ducati New York to check out the all-new Ducati Streetfighter motorcycle.

15+ pictures inside of street fighter Orlando Bloom

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69 Responses to “Orlando Bloom is a Street Fighter”

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  1. 26
    deja vu2 Says:

    @ Josephine, regarding whether he’ll ever get married, I personally doubt it. If he does, it’ll be arranged with contractual obligations, more than likely. At he very least it will involve a confidentiality clause of some kind, since he’s famous. It’ll also probably involve an actress or model who won’t mind the paps and exposure – both of which OB seems to need when he ‘inbetween projects.’ Then OB’s remaining fans can accuse her of using him and leeching off of him. And he won’t have to shoulder the whole responsibility of playing media games himself, savvy?

    Till he learns to keep his alleged girlfriends out of the spotlight, the infighting in his fandom and his GF’s fandom will continue.

    @mythical creature:”I can’t stop thinking about Orlandos’s legs wrapped around mine while hugging me to his chest. Perfect.”

    You must be one of his many Ducati motorcycles. . . ;) He has to wrap his legs around *something.*

  2. 27
    mythical creature Says:

    @deja vu2: Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me. You really think he’s THAT uptight? Why doesn’t he just live his life? Find someone who will live hers with him and equally just DGAF about anything else. I think you are overthinking it. And ya, I would be his purring little motocycle if that is what he wanted. He could ride me until we ran out of gas.

  3. 28
    fill her up Says:

    And one more thing, I think whoever he is with will be accused of being a gold digger. And when you say actress or model because “she won’t mind the paps” I call BS on that. If he wants an actress or a model it’s because he wants arm candy to enhance his image. Or he was another big reputation to hook his to. If we are going to call it all out lets just be honest here.

  4. 29
    @25 Says:

    I guess that you are posting this on every thread, so I guess that I will post my answer, too…..
    The Cross being delayed from its previous July start is old news.
    And I don’t think that anyone believed the latest garbage about Orlando’s ultimatum.
    So those little pieces of information aren’t as significant as you apparently think they are.

  5. 30
    @28 Says:

    Actors tend to date other actors and models because those are the people that run in the same circles that they do. It’s no different than marrying/dating someone that you work with. On the job is where a lot of people meet their future spouses. They have something in common from the get go. Plus they have a better understanding of the pressures that accompany their jobs.
    Men have always been attracted to beautiful women. Whether those men be bricklayers, doctors or Hollywood movie stars. Besides, Orlando doesn’t need “arm candy”. He is arm candy enough for anyone.

  6. 31
    mythical creature Says:

    @@28: It’s true, we tend to marry people we have a lot in common with. Can’t argue that one. In fact, the more you have in common the happier you will probably be. Love is a blessing not to be taken for granted. It may come along once in a lifetime, more if you are lucky and not even once if you are unlucky. I really believe that. You have to take it where you find it. And that would most likely be where you tend to make your social circles or career. You are so right, I can’t argue with facts :)

  7. 32
    @30 Says:

    Yes Orlando dates models and actresses like the 99% of Hollywood stars, and he doesn’t need to live trapped by any contract to surround himself of beauties, as he proved during his singledom period between Kate and Miranda. In fact, in those times he was linked to Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Aniston so as far as publicity goes, he was better off being single.

  8. 33
    @32 Says:

    I agree.
    If he was the classic hollywood bad-boy womanizer like Colin Farell in his heyday, Orlando would have made the front page of the tabloids every week.
    He gets far LESS publicity when he is in a long tem relationship. Well, except for the CONSTANT engagement rumors. But that isn’t unique either. ALL Hollywood couples have to deal with engagement/pregnancy/break-up rumors that pop up on a rotating basis. It’s really nothing new. I don’t know why people are so surprised when they surface.
    Last week it was the engagement garbage, this week will probably have break up rumors, and the week after, well, let’s hope that Miranda doesn’t decide to wear a loose fitting top. ;)

  9. 34
    lol Says:

    The only reason I mention him coming out of her place is because well he is lolololol.
    Last summer the same pictures were taken and the Delphi idiots were going on and on how he didn’t sleep at her place and he was living with David Blaine instead that is why I mentioned it.
    You obviously care if Orlando(a total stranger ) has sex with his girlfriend look at your reaction lolololol.

  10. 35
    Tracy Says:

    Why does LOL pick on the Delphi group who only call it the way they see it. These two have as much chemistry as oil and vinegar.

    As for MK, the question here is who would she be without the use of Bloom’s name and once she gets tired of using him and throwing him away like everyone else, she’ll move on. there’s a name for a person like that but I’m too much of a lady to say it.

    And what happened to him? He was all about his privacy and protecting his private life! Now, he looks for the paps that his so called girl friend, or is it fiance calls in. She needs to get her stories straight – are they engaged, aren’t they engaged. Reminds me someone waking up and not knowing what out fit to wear.

    He needs to keep to his craft as an actor and she needs to move on and do whatever it is she does.

  11. 36
    @35...Tracy Says:

    What a load of nonsense you speak, it’s the same tired old conspiracy
    theories that have been discredited a million times…….Yet you keep using them over and over and just make yourself sound foolish, delusional and obviously very very envious and jealous of Miranda……I really think it’s time for some new material, surely by now you must have thought up some new elaborate theory by now???…….lol.

  12. 37
    Vince Says:

    the second bike he’s on (the black one) is a Ducati Hypermotard, but the red one is the Street Fighter.

  13. 38
    Just ME Says: Szohr and ed westwick i love him,but i prefer johnny depp

  14. 39
    @35 Says:

    “Why does LOL pick on the Delphi group…”
    Any group that hateful, spiteful and that lies constantly DESERVES to be “picked on”.
    “…who only call it the way they see it.”
    Then they are looking through **** colored glasses.
    “These two have as much chemistry as oil and vinegar.”
    In YOUR opinion (in the way that you mean it, anyway).
    But to use your analogy, couples SHOULD remain individuals, yet blend their personalities so that they harmonize. Like oil and vinegar, couples should keep their separate identities, yet blend beautifully. :)
    “As for MK, the question here is who would she be without the use of Bloom’s name…”
    No one here is denying that she is benefiting from the relationship. Just as ANYONE he dated would. But the haters CONTINUE to ignore the FACT that she was working for VS BEFORE she met Orlando. She was a successful model before him. I have yet to see a hater admit that.
    “..and once she gets tired of using him and throwing him away like everyone else, she’ll move on”
    Hmmm, so you can’t break up with a previous boyfriend without being accused as being a *insert name that you won’t mention*? If anyone benefited from her previous relationship, it was ‘Jay’. He was a struggling musician living in a million dollar apartment in Manhattan. He used her in videos, and rode her coattails in the modeling world. How EXACTLY did she “use him”?
    Maybe she got tired of paying his bills, and here comes Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. Plus, if you saw him on ‘The City’, the man is an egotistical pig. She was smart to dump the jerk.
    “And what happened to him? He was all about his privacy and protecting his private life!”
    He still is. But he is famous, and the paps follow him. We only see him once in a great while, so it’s not like he is courting the press. Remember when they were caught out to dinner with friends, early in their relationship? Orlando actually asks the pap how he knew they were there. The pap answered that his boss was eating dinner. That means that the pap was alerted to their presence, and called in. That’s how paps find a lot of stars. They get paid tips.
    “Now, he looks for the paps that his so called girl friend, or is it fiance calls in.”
    Huh? You see, that is a common problem. You read things that you want to see into the pics. Is looking “for” them the same thing as looking ‘at’ them? No. Not hardly.
    “She needs to get her stories straight – are they engaged, aren’t they engaged.”
    And once again, you are blaming HER for tabloid articles? Really? You don’t think that celebs write the articles themselves, do you? Because if it really WAS coming from her, she WOULD have the story straight. So unless you can find video of her saying that they are engaged, you can’t blame that on her. The only thing that she has EVER said, is that the AREN’T engaged. How is that not “getting her stories straight”?
    “He needs to keep to his craft as an actor”
    So two indies already this year, both with completely different characters is NOT working on his craft? How can you say that?
    “..and she needs to move on and do whatever it is she does”
    Uhm, she’s a model. She’s modeling. What do you expect her to do? Cure cancer?

  15. 40
    @35 Says:

    Wow, those were some classic delpi bits.
    Like #36, and many others, have said. You guys really need to come up with some new insults.
    Come on, at least try. Your collective idiocy used to always be good for a laugh. Now you guys are just boring.

  16. 41
    @38 Says:

    Uhmm, OK. Thanks for sharing.

  17. 42
    @39 Says:

    Tracy and all the “haters” agree with you and that’s why they won’t address your comments. That’s what they do, ignore what they know to be true so they don’t have to admit it.
    Didn’t you notice how Tracy kept on saying that Orlando should go back to work after she was told that he has three projects for this year? It’s almost amusing.

  18. 43
    @42 Says:

    They are amusing.
    Downright hilarious, if you ask me.
    I especially love how they claim that Miranda’s supporters just won’t face the “facts” about her, yet when they are confronted by ACTUAL facts, they scatter like cockroaches. #39 has run them off this thread. At least for a little while, anyway.
    The truth = poison to the haters.

  19. 44
    @35 Says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww poor Delphi posters such innocent and angelic creatures they are lololololol.

    The reason I “pick on” them is because they are nasty and use crude language to speak about a total stranger (Miranda) .

    They don’t call it as they see it they just lie 24/7 a great example is the one I gave to you earlier last year Orlando was seen leaving Miranda’s apartment day in and day out still to the Delphi psychos he was just showing up for pap set ups and was living with David Blaine lolololol but that is just one of the 10000000000 lies they tolled over these two years.

    Miranda has fans her fans and the fans she got from being with Orlando (Orlando’s fans ) it doesn’t matter they will still respond to the nonsense the Delphi psychos put out there and will defend her from the lies DEAL WITH IT .

  20. 45
    @44 Says:

    I loved a bit that they posted about that too.
    They claimed that Orlando and/or Miranda would call the paps to let them know when Orlando would be “arriving” so that they could get their pics. But then one of those hateful girls actually walked by Miranda’s building, and reported that the paps were camped out and had brought out chairs to use while they waited. Now, if the paps were being alerted, why would they need to camp out? The hateful girls destroyed their own lies, but weren’t smart enough to realize it! LOLOLOLLL!!!
    They still claimed that Miranda was calling the paps, even when they PROVED that she wasn’t.
    So pathetic.

  21. 46
    Draico Says:

    Doesn’t he have another set of clothes?? He must really start to be on the pongy side by now….

  22. 47
    talan Says:

    Break from filming what? He is not filming anything since February. Maybe sex tape?

  23. 48
    @47 Says:

    He was filming Main Street in May. Will start The Cross in September.
    I know, I know. I spoiled your fun.
    But go ahead and keep making a fool of yourself. Since when have you haters ever let FACTS get in the way?

  24. 49
    talan Says:

    @@47: In April sweetie. He filmed Main Street mostly in April. To be precise, just for your facts.

  25. 50
    @49 Says:

    Main Street began at the end of April and through May .
    Orlando has no problem finding a job he has the Cross and Red Circle CONFIRMED by his director and The Cross by Vincent Cassel they both said the movies are a go and he may have other projects that we don’t know about .
    He is off to hopefully to Venice and it is confirmed he will be in Toronto .
    You haters need to get your stories straight your lies are constantly in contraction with FACTS .

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