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Bradley Cooper is Breaking Bad

Bradley Cooper is Breaking Bad

A smiling Bradley Cooper (in Diesel jeans) takes pictures with fans before boarding first class on a departing United Airlines flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday (July 11).

The 34-year-old actor wore his support on his cap for the AMC drama, Breaking Bad. The show revolves revolves around Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a struggling high school chemistry teacher with a teenage son who has cerebral palsy (RJ Mitte), and a pregnant wife, Skyler (Anna Gunn).

Bradley recently lost the role of Green Lantern to Ryan Reynolds.

10+ pictures inside of Breaking Bad fan Bradley Cooper

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  • sooo

    whats with this guy and LAX i always see him there its like his second home or something

  • SASHa

    @sooo: OMG youre so lucky then!! I really want to meet him!

  • sooo

    @SASHa: just go to LAX!


    who wouldn’t pick ryan over him, for anything.. bradley would of been a good hal tho.

  • hao

    BD IS HOT!!!!!!!!!

  • nessa

    must admit he is pretty hot but he looks better blonde

  • r

    i’ll pick him over ryan anytime. he seems like a really cool dude. he reminds me of andy garcia & ralph fiennes combined.

  • weebly

    One of my favorite actors. Go Bradley!

  • Nahla

    LOL sooo! Holy shoot, he looks so much like Ralph Fiennes!!

  • YOU/ME

    Where did this guy come from?? I didn’t even know who he was until a few weeks ago now he is everywhere!
    NAHLA, yep, he sure does look like Ralph Fiennes. I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out but he sure does look like him. They are both HOT,lol….



  • But is it art?

    Nice to see someone doing something nice for his fan base. Too many celebs too arrogant to have their pics taken. Downright rude some of em.

  • angie’s old nose


  • C

    @sooo: What the eff are you talking about. This is the first time i have saw a post about him arriving at LAX.


    Umm Bradley was never offered the role of Green Lantern ….so how
    could he turn it down .. several other celebrities turned it down before
    loser Ryan Reynolds took the role.. Guess he is gay if he dated
    Jennifer Aniston and Rene Zellewager..He is a WASP ALL THE WAY

  • brina

    i thought this was tony romo

  • Rob Redstone

    Got to admit this dude is cool! He gets the coolest roles and I think he is ON A ROLE, I likes him in ‘He’s Just Not That In To You”

    TheRobRedstoneShow. com

  • real facts

    Let me get this straight
    the jenloons were swooning all over this guy when they thought he was dating ejn.
    they even went as far as calling him better looking thatn Brad P.
    they talked about how he and jen make the perfect pair and would probably have some beautiful babies together.

    too bad they got a dose of reality when bradley made the poeple magazine retract the story of them dating and has spoken out numerous times to set the record straight.
    now the sore losers are crying saying hes gay.

    hon. he is not gay ..he is just secretly seeing a young brunette woman who happens to be hotter than jen. he keeps that on the DL.
    but if you’re curious just check out wireimage.

  • Kate

    @real facts: hon
    he is gay
    he is secretly seeing Victor Garber (Alias)
    nothing wrong with that, bearding is 10 times worse.

  • Oprah

    Not that big of a fan of his, but BCoops just scored brownie points, cause Breaking Bad = Win.

  • diane

    he must be looking for attention. He is always at LAX. TMZ is always making fun of him because he is always walking around there.

  • filming at LAX

    @diane: What are you talking about?!?

    “We’ve heard a fair amount about the upcoming film ‘Valentine’s Day’; now they’ve started shooting. Here are two members of the ensemble cast, Bradley Cooper and Julia Roberts, shooting a scene at LAX.”

  • Settingitstraight

    #19 – Kate:
    Bradley has already spoken about that rumor with The Advocate while promoting The Hangover. He said he thought it was hilarious and he feels he has finally made it now that he has gay rumors now. However, it’s untrue. He’s straight.

  • Kate

    @Settingitstraight: OK, Bradley is straight, his boyfriends are gay.

  • Diana

    Bradley Cooper is an awesome actor. He is so sweet to his fans.
    Jen A fans are so pathetic to trash this man because he didn’t want to be with her. Sad desperate fans of hers.

  • Bea

    He is so hot. I love him in the Hangover.
    Here come the loser Anutson fans again. Why must they try to ruin all of Bradley’s post. I don’t blame men from running away from Anutson. Why don’t she just buy Gerald Butler he may be for sale but Bradley is not.

  • me

    BradCoop is HOT!!! He doesn’t need some 40 something years old Ms. I don’t want no kid (and its probably too late anyway unless using that fertility drug) and I’m desperate to find love. The guy is from Italian and Irish ancestry y’all jen fans, I’m sure he will want to settle down at some point and have a family of his own. ’till then just stop hating on him and let him be who the hell he wants to be or dates who he wants to.

  • blalbla

    The rumors are not from the jen fans they are from brangie fans they said after the photo of them together at that dinner they had that bradley cooper was gay and then bradley denied they are dating but where just friends and then they said he could do better and he is not gay, so they started the rumors and not jen fans …… so go figure….. they are nuts

  • gay is OK

    ” He said he thought it was hilarious and he feels he has finally made it now that he has gay rumors now.”
    That’s not true.
    Rumors started loooong time ago, during his “Alias” days, about his relationship with Victor Garber.

  • reanna

    Brad is on his way to being a very big actor. I’m glad he is smart.

  • Mary

    What a bald face lie blalbla. Jen fans are mad because he would not have any thing to do with her. Jen fans try to start mess with every one then claim it’s Angelina or Brad fans. A/B don’t have a problem with Cooper but Jen fans do. That’s why Jen has so much bad karma all around her. Jen and her fans are bitter evil people.

  • theadvocate

    Bradley commented about the rumors with respect to Victor here:

    Yea, he sounds like a real closeted mo doesn’t he? *eye roll*.

  • fan

    @theadvocate: What did you expect to hear?
    How he enjoys sex with Victor?
    Hollywood is full of CLOSETED gay actors.
    Bradley is just one of them.
    No big deal.

  • meh

    He looks so much better with short hair

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Mary: The Jenhens are a sad lot. This time last week they were defending Bradley as Jen’s new white knight. Sucks to be a Jenhen this week.

  • Kyla

    He seems like a sweet man. I had to laugh when he went to “People
    Magazine” to completely deny that he had any romantic interest in Chin. He was quite adament about it! How humiliating to Chin when she had the really bad tabloids promoting this as the love affair of the Century! Does she even realize how she is humiliting herself? All her friends have careers, families, lives. Even bad boy Vince is engaged and ready to settle down and start a family. Just not w/Jen.

  • insider

    BC is bi..any male actor who want to success in this business they have to sacrifice something..(F around incl.)
    ..He keep travelling cause he visiting JA in New York..they are on…but he will not make the same mistake as JM..
    JA love privacy..the only way she will stay with the man if he is not make it public…thats way PS and JM not lasted..she dumped JM cause his twiiter and interview with Ryan S.

    JA who arrange the deal with DB to put him on HJNIY..and arrange dinner with JR before the VAlentine movie start..

    The date picture happen unplan..(its being snap by non paparazzi)..and weeks after he doing the denial and photo op with RZ..

    figure it out!!!

  • insider

    btw his New York Hangove premire..Gbutler was there to..

  • insider

    btw his Hangover movie premire in New York is attend by GButler..who still shooting with Jen

  • cooooookie

    He was dating Isabella Brewster (GORGEOUS sister of Jordana Brewster) in March. I wonder if they’re still secretly dating?

  • cooooookie

    looooove Breaking Bad! So glad he’s a fan.

  • Bellainski

    He looks like our local Rabbi…

  • gay is gay

    “BC is bi..any male actor who want to success in this business they have to sacrifice something..(F around incl.)”
    Some gay men f*ck women because they are closeted.
    That does NOT make them bisexual, just closeted gay cases who can get it up for women.

  • Dee

    He likes to hang round LAX all the time? Really? Well um yeah, he travels the world every other day.. I think he has far more important and bigger things to do. And he’s ALWAYS been famous, but he’s just got much more recognition and was the star of The Hangover, which why he’s mr. popularity now. Bout time. No? Love him!

  • Dee

    Pretty random but is it just me or does the girl in the hat look a whole lot like him..

  • Jen fans

    Jen fans aren’t trashing Coop! The guy is on a role and happy for him.

  • Jess

    Those girls got LUCKY to be catching him on a early flight!

  • acause
  • TVsnark

    Breaking Bad is the best show on TV. Yeah Brad.

  • suppress your appetite