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Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Farmer's Market Fresh

Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Farmer's Market Fresh

Former One Tree Hill hunk Chad Michael Murray and fiancee Kenzie Dalton enjoy a hot sunny day at a local Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (July 12).

The couple was seen sniffing some soap bars and picking up a bouquet of flowers.

Chad‘s future sister-in-law, Miss USA 2009 Kristen Dalton, was seen touring the Nevada Cancer Institute (NVCI) on Monday to learn more about the cancer treatment and talk to patients undergoing chemotherapy.

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Credit: PhamousFotos ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Eric D. Midget

    Does anyone care ’bout this hasbeen anymo’

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    this site has a lot of people I never even heard of….blahness

  • Josie

    Him and Sophia Bush were so much cuter.

  • chelsey

    Dont like her, but hes still sexy.

  • brooke

    he is so fricken gorgeous, but i hate her , i think he’ll have a better career now that he isnt on One Tree Hill anymore

  • Liv

    Obviously they called the paps. The farmer’s market isn’t exactly a hotspot for celebs. My question is what kind of crappy paparazzi couldn’t find anyone better than this douche-packer?

  • Steph

    Haters will be haters. lmao @ them.

  • Tish

    Does anyone else notice that when Kenzie is in LA, they get “spotted” by the paps all the time. But when she goes back to Wilmington now and then, you don’t get any pictures of Chad at all, even when he goes out. I’m REALLY starting to think that she lets the paps know where they’re going to be. Or maybe she gets Dan to do it…..I bet Chad is clueless to the whole thing.Lol
    I can’t help but find it really weird.

  • eva

    y he wear ring? is he married already?

  • k.

    faiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil -_-. sophia and chad <3 not kenzie and chad

  • meh


  • Adam Lambert

    so chad is lifting weights lately? he seems to be looking like one. and this guy is a douche as always LOL! first he went with paris hilton and now with this one???? both of these chics looks like a toe of sophia bush but that’s just me… :)

  • Kay

    Chad looks like he’s well off into his thirties. I find it so strange the way his face has aged so much in just a few years.

  • Whattagal


    I hate to correct you, but The Farmers Market/Grove area is a Celebrity hang out. Everyone from the Hilton Sisters to The Beckhams shop there.

  • jumpstart

    i also have noticed in his previous pictures..that he was wearing a ring already. and they say, they are not yet married.. are they or are they not?

  • ?

    I kinda feel bad for him.

    I bet you guys by the time she’s in her mid twenties she’s going to ask for a divorce.
    She’s really just using him. Once she see’s that he is worthless she’ll dump him.

    Chad really screwed up his life.

  • :P

    He’s probably with her because she’s probably the only person stupid enough to be with him. Why be with a cheater?

    What does she even do for a living?

    C’mon, Chad? Seriously beauty over brains? Has she even graduated from high school?

    She’s probably just relying on his money to support her…. not that he has a lot of it…

  • Yuck

    Who cares about him? They are definitely calling the paps.

  • lucky

    Sad that they are trying so hard to get their name out in Hollywood now that he’s unemployed.

  • lucky

    @Whattagal: do you ever seem the Beckham have their pictures taking at this market

  • lucky

    lets face it we have pictures of them going to Starbucks, at the park picking up dog poop, and now going to the market to buy flowers. Heck sounds to me like somebody is desparate to get a job. His days are over when he landed this teenager now if only he can realize that we would all be happy.

  • He’s HOT

    I love him! He’s yummy to look at… but his days are over since he divorced Sophia. That’s a fact! Why would someone cheat on Sophia and date this bone stick?

  • :P

    Yea. Once he leaves her he might actually be liked in Hollywood. Its either her or his career. Seriously, she’s nothing special. She doesn’t even have a career. Seriously, he can’t someone who is actually doing something with their lives…. Like if he is going for someone young why not someone who is actually attending a university and wants to accomplish something in their life instead of stand there and TRY to look pretty in a pageant?

  • karmababykarma

    I can comfirm that Chad’s PA (who is also his close friend) calls the paps and tips them off. However, I dont understand why it has to be this obvious but whatever… If Chad believes this will help his non-existent career then fine.

    Sophia is sooo over Chad. It wasnt easy for her to divorce who she thought was the love of her life, but somewhere along these years she realised that love made her blind and she would be better off without him and she is. I mean look at her, since she divorced Chad, her career has skyrocketed.

    BTW does anyone know if Kenzie had a second boobjob?

    And I just have to comment about the handholding, seriously it looks as if he is holding his younger sister.

    And yes, they got married – when they decided she would move to LA with him, her parents wanted them to wed first!

  • Marie

    Chad is soooo Hot!

  • julia

    Chad should not wait too long and make a movie!!!

  • leah

    He looks hot but she looks like her sister !!! That’s weird !
    It’s almsot sure his PA called the paps , we didn’t hear from him in weeks and then we have pics almost everyday . He needs publicity now he’s out of OTH . It has been the biggest mistake in his life, this and cheating on how wife Sophia Bush . He lost everything . Poor Chad .

  • cslove

    I think if Chad could do it all over again he would do it all different, but he made his bed! I have to agree that the paps seemed like they’re tipped off only when Kenzie’s around – shame!

  • leah

    Yeah , it confirms she’s calling the paps or make his PA call them . She loves the spotlight .
    Though I still don’t understand why they don’t say to the world they’re married , who cares ? If they married , they should be happy and share it with everyone ?

  • Kris

    Well if they did get married, I hope he made her sign a prenup which I’m sure he didn’t. I know he doesn’t have much but if he ever does, he’s just going to regret it big time and it will just end up being one of the biggest mistakes of his life. A lot of people already know that the biggest reason she is with him is because of fame and money. And if they ever split, which I’m sure they will at some point, she’s going to end up taking everything he has.

  • Jen

    He is looking really bad lately! and his gf is very simple looking and honestly does seem like his younger sister…

  • lol

    they look so cute… chad is looking HOTT

  • Irish Girl

    Normally, she looks really cute with nice skin, but she looks haggard in these photos. I would think that if she called the paps that she would pt on make-up.
    They make a cute couple. Hope he’s happy because Sophia seemed amazing.

  • E

    I hate him! He cheat Sophia with paris. Another stupef guy

  • j.

    I doubt he’ll have a career now that he’s off OTH. I mean he literally plays the same character in every movie/tv show he’s done. He’s done a poor job of showing he has any range. Who the hell would want him now?

  • natalie

    Why has everybody to come up with Sophia Bush!
    Chad made his choice and is good friends with Sophia. He does not regret it. He loves his beutiful girlfriend Kenzie.

  • Tesh

    Kenzie looks pretty ugly in those pictures. The only time she looks decent is when she’s wearing make-up. Make-up doesn’t make her look as if she’s 13 years old.

  • abs

    They’re obviously calling the paps. Chad probably figures if he gets his name out there and looks popular with the paps, he’ll get better roles. Hope that works out for him.

    Sad that some people have yet to get over the CS split since they’ve obviously both moved on. They seem happier without each other. Chad’s been with Kenzie much longer than he was with Sophia. Both of them screwed up. Sophia was definitely not innocent in the marriage and their divorce.

  • lula

    wow he is looking BUFF

    even if they are calling the paps do you guys know the number of celebs that do? and its not just THEM calling its chads people and people who are around them (like waiter and such) tip the paps off. doesnt matter, everone does it.

    FYI one of my friends told me that chad is in the final stages of negotiations for a new movie. hopefully everything will be worked out and he will get the role. i would love to see him back on the big screen. even if he is not a brad pitt he could be a household name if he tries

  • Sam

    Yeah he is a douche.

  • Iggles

    Wow, the comments about Chad here warms my heart!

    Once a douche, ALWAYS a DOUCHE!!!!

  • Aurel.C.Fr

    They are so cutes together! Whitout paparazzi not Chad News to France ! So…..

  • cslove


    If you think that Chad looks happier now with Kenzie, you need to have your eyes checked !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • endurance

    i like chad so much, i wish him the best of life………………….he is fine

  • suppress your appetite

    She is really pretty