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Jon Gosselin + Christian Audigier = BFFs

Jon Gosselin + Christian Audigier = BFFs

Ed Hardy fashion designer Christian Audigier wraps his arm around his new BFF, Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin, while out for a wild and fun night out on the town in St. Tropez, France on Sunday (July 12).

Christian was seen posing with a giant-sized penis while Jon, 32, looked on with his 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey Glassman (the daughter of Kate‘s tummy-tuck doctor). Super classy. Kate would be proud!

Yesterday, the couple was spotted aboard Christian‘s yacht. Jon is reportedly working out a business deal to design his own line of children’s clothing.

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  • Jgg

    go Jon!

  • pr person


  • JOn Gosselin

    Who needs Kate and blue collar love offerings I gots rich people’s money.

  • lollipop

    I guess between that big d*ck he found and his new love, he will not find much time for his children. What a tool!

  • emmy jay

    Maybe he can get a job from this designer.

    I am glad he is on a vacation from Khate….what a circus this is going to be to watch….

  • Kris

    Is that a wax statue of Christian Audi blabla

  • wtf

    douche & douche-ier

  • mertz

    lol jared.

    lol fake jon gosselin…we now know what he’s going to do after he loses the millions his children have earned for him.

    whatever happened to audigier’s daughter who wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father and get into fashion (what they do is called fashion. really? what an insult)…not like people care cause she’s a douche just like her father. she’s worst than paris hilton.

  • TR

    The only thing more disgusting than Christian O-I’M-AN-A-Hole are is HORRIBLE CLOTHES that only Euro-trash and tourists buy!! He is considered such a loser in LA that no one wants anything to do with him or his clothes. He PAYS stars to show up at his events. Pathetic and gross. And hooking up with that fat reality slob? Seriously, how Z list can you go.

    I hope Christian falls OFF his boat and is never found!

  • mertz

    Kris @ 07/12/2009 at 9:07 pm Is that a wax statue of Christian Audi blabla
    lol. no that’s really his face, and the way he looks all the time which is douchetastic.

    emmy jay @ 07/12/2009 at 9:06 pm what a circus this is going to be to watch
    yupp…i don`t know whether to be excited to laugh at other`s screw up, or to be devastated. well atleast i have some sort of conscious if i am contemplating this…you know what screw them.

  • mertz

    TR @ 07/12/2009 at 9:11 pm
    I hope Christian falls OFF his boat and is never found!
    i think it can be agreed that although jon is a douche, there is no beating and much more hate for the founder of all douchedom, christian freaking audigier. gosh. (i can hardly refrain from invoking that the boat friggen capsize). ugh.

  • jj

    That is one very TANNNED guy!!!!!

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    this is so odd I don’t even know what to say lol

  • jj

    Wasn’t this the guy who owned the mansion michael jackson was renting? His name sounds familiar.

  • Cindy

    Jon’s divorce lawyer has got to be pulling out her hair at this publicity.

  • vulgar

    Audigier: From Michael Jackson to Jon Gosselin?

  • bleh

    both looking like a doucebags

  • emmy jay

    Mertz – good observation about laughing at their lives being turned upside down, or feeling devastated. Since I watch them as a form of entertainment, I choose not to feel devastated. Although I do feel bad for the kids, their parents are certainly a work in progress.

    I am a little surprised at the lack of discretion on Jon’s part, but he doesn’t appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed….

  • Adam Lambert

    these guys are gay too…. :)

  • jaxon

    Jon apparently got what he wanted and he still looks sulled up and miserable. Kate is getting slammed as the evil one but Jon is a passive aggressive, immature lazy-boy who wants to play and party like a college kid. I can’t believe anyone would want him to represent their product.

  • Eh

    wow, Jon actually looks GOOD in that photo! He’s usually fugly

  • nonnymouse

    From pulling hard poopie out of his kid’s rear in a parking lot to lounging on a designers yacht in the Mediterranean with a new girlfriend in two years, WTF? …… I got a 2 percent raise at work, broke my foot, and went to New Jersey .

  • sasha

    Who’s the bigger penis here?….HINT>>>It’s not the yellow one!

  • please please

    I wanna see Jon’s pic with the big banana wang…weird

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    OMG, Why??????? Why does Christian like him so much???? Is it cause Jon sports all of his shirts???? I just think it’s so weird.

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    I swear, Jon always look like he’s got something stuck up his a$$!!!! He rarely ever smiles.

  • shamwow

    Makes me want to buy Ed Hardy….. NOT!!!! I swear that Hailey looks like a porn-star wannabe.

  • Linda

    Does Pimp Daddy Jon get a cut of this sandal/shoe action?

  • molly

    what a fuking tool…I used to be on his side…but this is just too much. When you are a dad…you need to act like a dad…dating a 23 year old and dressing like a 17 year old…yes, 17…ed hardy is sold at tj maxx in the jr. dept….makes you look just like you act…a stupid dumb asss. I still hate kate, but this guy is bringing up the rear on that race!!!

  • mertz

    lol nonymouse, i’m sorry about that. and people actually have to work hard to get where they are at, not freeload off their children. it’s good to know those kids are the new nouveaux-riche.

    hey sasha let me just say racist much? even if the king of douche is looking even more leathery than de la renta, valentino, and donatella all together. no one can buy that amount of leather skin doucheness.

    emmy jay @ 07/12/2009 at 9:22 pm Mertz – good observation about laughing at their lives being turned upside down, or feeling devastated. Since I watch them as a form of entertainment, I choose not to feel devastated. Although I do feel bad for the kids, their parents are certainly a work in progress.

    I am a little surprised at the lack of discretion on Jon’s part, but he doesn’t appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed….
    i don’t know if devestated was the right word but i wanted something to describe the equilibrium people on this website and others seems to go through when it concerns these people. i’m a little bit like you because i don’t think i can find it in myself to care about them one iota, but the kids definately, and i keep trying to have some sort of respect for the adults who act like children in this situation but like someone else said there is something wrong with parents who pimp their children and then there is something wrong with kids ala laloca lohan, cyrus, etc…there is something wrong with these kids who get pimped. there’s a real incessant culture that is going on, that is acceptable here that kids should the key to the adult’s success, and i don’t agree with that at all. it’s wrong. what’s his face the patriarch of the jackson family, and so many others. and the crazy thing is that it is acceptable. so i can’t help but give in to the b*tch in me and think f*ck them all. like nonymouse said…there are real people who don’t get half of what these douchebags get at all, because luck isn’t on all of our sides. people will work day and night and never get anywhere…but i mean you have to congratulate people like jon gosselin and kate gosselin. this is what people have to look up to. so i give them a great hand of applause. and a big FU.

    oh and EH, beauty is all relative and in the eye of the beholder. maybe he’ll sleep with you toov :).

    good for them getting divorced. two cancers doesn’t make a right.

  • gabby

    I am an ordinary man, but in her heart I am extraordinary. ========cougar matching .c om ========= was where we met. She makes me believe that ” I am one person for the world, but I am the world for her.”

  • mertz

    oh sasha, i just saw the picture with the d*ldo. sorry about that. i just miscontrued your comment.

  • jan

    If I’m not mistaken, I watched a recent show with Jon saying he was worried about what his kids would think of him when they got a bit older and googled him….Uh…he must not care anymore.
    is that yellow thing what I think it is…and Jon, father of 8 under the age of 10, is actually proud to be part of this sponsership??
    Dude, get a life. The life of a single divorced father who’s making the lives of his children better…Not the life of a stupid frat boy, who’s living in his teens! He’s gonna hate what he’s done in a matter of months.

  • mertz

    i thought you meant jon with the yellow comment, and i hadn’t bothered to look at the pics yet. sorry sasha.

  • Jay

    He has shown his real colors fast. I guess it isn’t all about the kids. He’s just looking for his next cash cow. He makes Kate look real good now. Give him more rope and he will hang himself. Who could find a man attractive who pimps his kids on tv gets the money and leaves them. Look in the mirror Jon that’s you! SAD.

  • mertz

    molly @ 07/12/2009 at 9:49 pm ed hardy is sold at tj maxx in the jr. dept….
    lol. hahahaa. how do you know this amazing information. they actually sell ed hardy in stores? i don’t think they sell that stuff here :(. probably have to order it online or go stateside. i guess we are not worthy of audigier selling his sh*t in stores here.

  • marie

    Jon be happy and please don’t listen to the haters. Hailey is beautiful and you are a great dad so have fun ! You look great and yes, I will buy my husband many Ed Hardy outfits….love it!!!!!

  • Jon-is-a-douchbag

    “Jon is reportedly working out a business deal to get Hailey her own sandal and shoe line.”

    Now we know what Hailey Glassman sees in him…good grief…men can be so dense sometimes. LOL

    Let’s all do the Jon-is-a-douchbag song!

    “Jon is a douch, he’s a big, fat douch.

    A douche.

    A douche.

    A douchety douch!”

  • Denise

    I really can’t defend Jon anymore. He is making Kate look perfectly sane. I f this was Kate jetsetting in Europe with a boytoy the reaction would be unbelievable.

  • Bananna sandals

    That is one big bananna with a phallus head out in front of the LILY for men store. Perfect for the entrance to the Gosselin compound for a mail box it would save Kate running out to get her male everyday..

    Christian is just using Jon to get at sour puss Kate.

  • Jon-is-a-douchbag

    @ Marie

    He’s a douche!


  • bb

    We HATE Christian Audigier in France and we hate these horrible and ridiculous clothes who make you to look foolish!! Nobody wears these stuff in France and we joke about him, please American people I love you but stop to buy these shit, seriously this guy is a crook !

  • yucko

    think about the children. Jon is so lame and big breasted

  • foodfight

    Those flaming hot coral pink pants are the ultimate in birthcontrol.

  • yucko

    jon should just go all the way and date Paris HIlton… though I doubt she would want him. Even paris hilton has higher standards. don’t you think it’s weird how he was crying about hating the attention and now he pulls the biggest attention seeking stunt he could possibly pull? parading with the g/f and wearing ed hardy. yucko

  • look a like

    This Christian Audigier guy is a little on the crispy side.

  • sasha

    If jon did pose with the big banana wang wouldn’t that be a pic for the kids to see? Classy…

  • Hamzins

    this guy is a piece of shit. shame on him for putting posters of him and mj
    like they were best friends. poor michael.. christian shame on you !!!

  • Jon-is-a-douchbag

    @ # 7

    “douche & douche-ier”


    A poster after my own heart! ;P

  • mslewis

    Personally, I don’t see anything strange about Jon Gosselin sowing his wild oats. He was 22 when he married Kate and within a couple years he was saddled with EIGHT kids!! Now he’s running around with a EuroTrash designer on a yacht in the South of France!! I say, more power to him!! I hope he makes tons of money and totally enjoys his new life. At least Kate can’t nag him anymore!! And some of you need to stop judging . . . I’m talking to you Jared!!!