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Kate Gosselin: Picnic With The Kids!

Kate Gosselin: Picnic With The Kids!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin picks up groceries at a supermarket near her home for a special picnic on Saturday (July 11) in Reading, Penn.

The 34-year-old reality TV mama was later seen lunching on her front lawn with her eight kids — Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel.

Meanwhile, papa Jon Gosselin is currently on a romantic getaway in St. Tropez with his 23-year-old girlfriend Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate‘s tummy-tuck doctor. The new couple was even spotted puffing away on cancer sticks together. Classy!

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin and her kiddie picnic…

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kate gosselin picnic 01
kate gosselin picnic 02
kate gosselin picnic 03
kate gosselin picnic 04
kate gosselin picnic 05
kate gosselin picnic 06
kate gosselin picnic 07
kate gosselin picnic 08
kate gosselin picnic 09
kate gosselin picnic 10
kate gosselin picnic 11
kate gosselin picnic 12
kate gosselin picnic 13

Credit: Paul Adao; Photos: INFdaily
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  • noclue

    I don’t undertand why these people are getting all these publicity. They just seem like any normal family with a lot of kids. Kate seems to love the media attention and thinks she’s some kind of celebrity now. This women is annoying.

  • littlep

    Even JJ is pi$$ed at Jon!!!!!

  • lisa

    Why dont they ever use their backyard?

  • Vivien

    I feel so sorry for these kids. They are being exploited by their parents. Despite what they say, Jon and Kate don’t put their children’s well-being first. If they did, they wouldn’t have a mom who pursues media attention and a father who apparently likes to fool around with younger women. Is Jon dumb or what?!?

  • “ok”

    Yeah okey?

    Who cares?

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    Hailey Glassman is 10000 times hotter than Kate, and presumably less b*tchier

  • marisa

    i see those crooked house’s are being put to good use after the first couple days *HAHAHA*

  • WaterKate

    Jon is on a business trip. He didn’t pay for it.
    Gee whiz, give the guy a break.
    I’m glad he’s happy and has moved on. I hope he dresses the kids head to toe in Ed Hardy.

  • rachel

    I think the back garden is for the dogs and the dog poo isn’t lifted that often so they sit in the front instead,

  • Payson

    Such a HAPPY GROUP !!!!!!!!! Very sad.

  • Katerocks

    Glad to see she is still being a mom and jon has decided to be a 20 year old back-packer again. loser.

  • Payson

    Maybe we’ll get 2 weeks of Jon and Hailey on THE BEACH with all the photos on the FRONT PAGE!!!! Kate loved the attention-maybe Jon and Hailey could “frolick” on the beach also!! The tables have turned and now Kate is home with the kids checking out the tabloids.

  • Rhonda

    The bitch is back! Those kids look miserable and she looks mean. Say what you will, the kids appear happier when they are with their dad. It appears they take turns “leaving on business”

  • Rose

    It is so funny how Kate use to say everyone wanted her haircut and now she doesnt leave the house without a hat to cover her awful hair hahahaha. See??? Everything in this life comes and bites you in the ass

  • @6

    is Hailey the crackhead!!

  • rachel


  • rachel

    Whoops don’t know what happened with the last comment.Leah is so cute stroking her hair away from her face

  • Evangeline

    Hailey is cute and looks like lots of fun. I hope Jon is screwing his brains out with her. Kate is so jealous she has to make her own little photo op, she has a 6 pack of Charmin in her bags. That would last what a day in her house. She is in serious need of a stylist, she wants to look hot but fails miserably. Her dresse and stupid shoes are completely dated, circa 1995. Even in 1995 she would look like a loser.

  • anonymous


    Why don’t you use your front yard?

  • anonymous


    The kids don’t look miserable to me. Which picture are you looking at?

  • @ 18

    is Hailey again from her Crackberry!! Hi Hailey!

  • gilbert, az

    Only reason to do everything in the front yard is for the paps and keeping their name and pictures out there. Stay in the house or only use the backyard for a few weeks and the paps would go away. BUT that is what Kate is afraid off. Who wears heels to the market???? Who has a picnic in the frontyard when you do nothing but complain about the paps….Exploiting those lovely children

  • Payson

    Wonder where the dogs are? That WAS a big deal -getting the two dogs. Jon will let them out when he gets there!!
    Notice how the kids hover around the parents…..what’s with that?
    Maybe since the fighting/yelling and now dividing their time with the kids-the kids don’t want them out of their sight. The kids do seem happier with Jon also!!

  • littlep

    All mean comments especially about Kate are from Hailey the crackhead /shoe designer that wants to design shoes with pockets to store drugs in them so the cops can’t find it.

  • Payson

    Out of 13 pictures—–one smile. Think it’s Cara in the jeep……..out of 13 pictures……..

  • Lovely

    John is a douche bag. Here he has 8 children at home 2 of them are old enough to go online and read up on dear ol dad and instead of laying low for a couple months to allow the kids to recover from the Divorce news he goes out on a PR outing with his 23 year old girlfriend? in Paris? He makes me sick

  • Bozo

    What stay at home mom goes to the grocery store in a dress and heels? Come on Kate. At least pretend you don’t want your picture taken. Can she go away already?

  • Stardust


  • kelly

    Wow very dressed up for grocery shopping! Where is the bodyguard? I agree that kate does everything in the front yard to get her picture out there. They have a huge beautiful back yard where they could have all the privacy they wanted. I feel so sad for all of them.

  • bonzo

    don’t they have a backyard? why is this family always playing and entertaining in the front?

  • Ariana

    i feel bad for her :(

  • anonymous


    Maybe she was on her way home from an appointment, and changed her clothes for the picnic. I’ve stopped at the grocery store many times “dressed up”. It’s not unusual in the area where I live since there are many professional women.

  • vi

    miserable—looks like Kate is running a refugee camp

  • anonymous


    Do you smile all the time?

  • Lo

    Her legs make me want to vomit…no shape… Please wear longer dresses Kate.

  • anonymous


    Maybe the body guard is just not in the camera frame?

  • dude

    Papa Jon is a piece of Sh*t. So is his ugly ho!

  • Jean

    Might as well subdivide the back 24 acres and sell it.

  • anonymous


    Ourt of 13…13 pictures, not one child is crying.

  • alysa

    for all you haters, KATES NOT THE PROBLEM!
    obviously she cares about the kids! shes home
    with them, not out playing around with 23 year olds.
    if jon really was “in it for the kids” he would actually
    be there, getting along with kate,playing with the kids
    not making his fantasies come true with some crack
    head HOMEWRECKER! what is with these 23 year olds?
    do they not get that theyre cause MORE problems?! and
    i dont blame kate for being jealous, obviously shes still
    in love with jon because helloo! she married him and had
    eight kids. these poor kids, their fathers messed up and
    their mothers lost within publicity. TEAMM KATE!!!!!

  • anonymous


    Might as well since you’re in charge of their lives.

  • ANNie M.

    The only reason Ms. OCD is “lunching ” on the front lawn is that she doesn’t want crumbs or dirt in the house.

  • anonymous


    Don’t look. If that’s the worst you’ve seen–you’re not looking around. Granted she doesn’t have the greatest legs, but I’ve seen some that are far worse than hers.

  • Doris

    The kids look shell shocked–sad,,, and I don’t blame them.

  • Amy


    You are the best poster ever! Keep up the comments.

  • both nutz

    See what cheating with your body guard has gotten you Kate, not to mention your poor treatment of your husband . You got pretty full of yourself there for a while- but now it’s Jon’s turn to act like a complete fool.It’s too late for both of you.

  • crumpet

    Locals say Kate had a few trees cut down so the paps can get a better shot of the front yard. I believe it.

  • CHristine

    omg, guys, have you seen this? kate w. her bodyguard…

  • kate is free

    @both nutz: it got her one less kid aka jon to take care of. I say way to go, Kate… you got rid of the fat man with moobs and hair plugs.

  • Vee

    Kate has been full of herself long before the show. She has lost her family and her friends, now Jon. I doubt that he is the one to blame for this. Everyone saw how she treated him, and she even read the blogs but continued to treat him like dirt on national t.v. She is truly the most controlling woman I have ever seen. Jon won’t be the last to leave–and she’ll raise some angry children who’ll probably leave her when they can. And, I’ll bet we don’t see the bodyguard anymore, either–he’s run home to his wife!