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Katie Holmes Hits Crown Towers

Katie Holmes Hits Crown Towers

Katie Holmes keeps warm in a gray cable-knit sweater and black beanie as she walks across the set of her new movie, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, on Monday (July 13) in Melbourne, Australia.

The 30-year-old actress and daughter Suri are reportedly staying at billionaire pal James Packer‘s private and secure suite on the 39th floor of the Crown Towers complex. Meanwhile, Tom and James are reportedly on a little cruise-y getaway aboard The Packer pleasure ship, the Arctic P.

10+ pictures inside of beanie babe Katie Holmes

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katie holmes crown towers 01
katie holmes crown towers 02
katie holmes crown towers 03
katie holmes crown towers 04
katie holmes crown towers 05
katie holmes crown towers 06
katie holmes crown towers 07
katie holmes crown towers 08
katie holmes crown towers 09
katie holmes crown towers 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Adam Lambert

    looks haggard, but still gorgeous! I think she gained a few weight. Bigger legs this time which looks NICE and HOT :)

  • anonymous

    Simonette Alanes is a repressed lesbian and a dishonor to her family

  • LuckyL

    Oh my God. She looks older than Diane Keaton. God have mercy.

  • anonymous

    Simonette Alanes is obsessed with Katie Holmes. She spends her whole life posting flatteries to Katie on all over celebrity blogs. She will next post 50 loathsome flatteries, proclaiming her love under 50 different nicks.


  • medic

    Adorable as always

  • hello

    ew. wth happened to her? but then again she always looks like shiit so..


    she looks so bad there!

  • Are they splitting up?

    They are not together. Does it mean they broke up?

  • anonymous

    Simonette Alanes is a disgrace to her family


  • abby normal

    Even with no speck of makeup she’s lovely. Stay cool,classy and warm at Down Under,Katie.

  • 2009

    She looks natural and not a pushover at all.

    She’s a sweetie and gracious. Beautiful in and out.

    Im glad she’s doing this kind of genre but I want her to tackle a romantic comedy soon or some action movie.

  • tnt

    No doubt the next time we see Katie’s hair it’ll be long.

  • meatball

    Only Katie can pull off the
    fresh and simple look.

  • just saying

    Jared and the paparazzis when will you guys stop intruding on this family? Its a closed set so don’t tell me you will keep snapping photos of her in some parking lot endlessly?

  • bet

    Katie looks cold and sleepy but she’s still looking good!

  • meg


  • ironchef


  • just saying

    Meg and Anonymous stop posting under different names

  • chessa

    I will definitely be tuning in on July 23 for her Dizzy Feet Foundation and this movie. Katie-Deltorro and Guy Pearce you cant go wrong with that. +_+ +_+ +_+

  • mertz

    i was ragging on jen garner and hilary duff for their whack dress down style…lol, based on the way katie’s been dressing while down under i just have to say she is officialy on that list. whackness.

    meatball @ 07/12/2009 at 11:54 pm Only Katie can pull off the
    fresh and simple look.
    this comment is such lies, especially if you believe she is the only one. why does she looks so freaking old and tired. i’m all about the no make up thing, but man…under eye concealer would help her out so much.

  • anonymous

    Simonette Alanes is # 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18

    She is the woman who post all the positive comments here on tomkat threads. The only Katie fan.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    It looks like in picture’s # 1 and # 8, JARED’S photographer’s may have been spotted, by the Cruise security team.
    Katie looks fine to me. Why should she go to the set all fixed up in her own make-up and her hair done, when the artist team will do their own work when she gets there for that particular scene? And why should so many people care?
    The lady beside her dosen’t look much better. I love the gray sweater Katie is wearing.

  • lurker

    I notice most Jolie Pitt loonies trash the Cruises,Katie and Suri fans and the rest of the actors and actresses on every sites.
    That is sad and you only do that if you’re jealous and threatened.
    As for Anonymous seems to me you’re stalking and hacking to know so much of one person. You accuse of a poster using different names when you do the same thing and many users online do the same thing even on this very site.

  • Y

    Why will she dress for you losers? She will be dressed up on her trailer and she’s working not attending the Oscars or some glamorous party and dinner.

  • movies

    she is pretty

  • beware

    Anonymous hates everyone, hates all celebs,hates the U.S.Government and those nations who pursue life,liberty and freedom,they hate all religions.

  • Tam

    No one looks good all the time. I don’t think she is beautiful never did. Just average. Tom’s money has done wonders for her though.

  • mertz

    hey just saying…why are you on this website if to not view the intruding pictures of all these celebs?

  • manette

    Class is born and its hard to imitate that but Katie is blessed with it.

  • mertz

    lol. beware=name changer. i see lots of that sh*t going on this website today.

  • anonymous

    Simonette Alanes, from Arleta CA, was banned from several boards all over the Internet. She is a lesbian love obsessed with Katie Holmes. She has posted # 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 29.


  • vi

    Suri will be beautiful once she’s all grown because of the beautiful genes of her parents. Belated Birthday to Tom.

  • mertz


    obviously this isn’t true. katie holmes doesn’t just have 1 fan. why was that dumb show dawsons creek so popular if not for her and james vanderbeek.

    katie holmes is pretty…definately has the potential to be absolutely gorgeous…but she looks so freaking haggard. i mean jen garner also has kids, also does the no make up thing, and i don’t see pics of her half th time with bags and wrinkles on her face. really. so if she doesn’t want to wear makeup fine. more power to her, but seriously an under eye concealor can do wonders for her. really. but i doubt she gives a f*ck either way. i mean she goes through times it’s like she cares how she looks and the rest of the time she can’t be bothered. w/e. it’s her choice. she’s mother f’n katie holmes and rolling in money…even if i do think she can’t act ala the way of jennifer aniston. lol.

  • mertz

    and i don’t care for this anonymous person but there is most definately a name changer (s) in this thread already. that’s kinda sad to see still. lol. why do people feel the need to change their names. there is nothing worse than agreeing with yourself and pretending you’re a different person, or jacking other people’s names. i’ve seen this in the aj thread, the janiston thread, and the gosselin’s thread. i wonder if it’s only specific to the person (s) jared has pics of.

  • wow

    The nasty threads are deleted on Angelina and Brad Pitt but not on Aniston,Katie,Jennifer Garner and the list goes on. The biggest crime of all are trolls attacking celebrity babies. Just horrible and low.

  • cara


  • mertz

    wow @ 07/13/2009 at 12:37 am The nasty threads are deleted on Angelina and Brad Pitt but not on Aniston,Katie,Jennifer Garner and the list goes on.
    lol i don’t think that’s how it works. if you don’t like someone’s comment and think it’s highly offensive just flag it.

  • lgt7

    trolls can hate her but deal with it because she’s on top…

  • spooky

    awww she has Suri’s cute expression

  • hehe

    lovers? So James Packer is the lucky guy Tom’s been hiding all these years. Is he a scientologist?

  • to lurker

    Delusional are you? Most of the JP’s could care less about Tom and his robo-bride. Did it ever occur to you that those of us who don’t care for this couple don’t like Tom’s fake personality, Katie’s awesomely vapid personality and their affiliation to a cult that has hurt tens of thousand of people?
    What kind of people follow a religion developed by a Science Fiction writer and in his own words – for the money? L.Ron Hubbard was a wife beater, hated women, hated homosexuals and drove his gay son to suicide.
    People who follow L.Ron’s religion are nuts.

  • Confusing

    On a cruise with a boy friend? I thought Tom went to Australia to support his wife and to spend time with his daughter. Hmm…


    She looks so vibrant and modern. Love her fun sexy style!

  • A MUST Read!

    Ausfralian paper writes, “Katie joins the living dead after haircut”

  • skates

    Katie maybe pregnant?

  • Jeff

    She looks like she’s going to keel over.

  • friday

    either way so beautiful

  • Emma

    it is very early in the morning , it is totally freezing, she hasn’t got a stitch of make up on , because she going on set to do her scenes and make up, her face is gorgeous.

  • O0

    I dont hate her and I dont love her but some haters are not amusing at all. More like sad and creepy.

  • marley