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Brendan Fraser: Get In Mah Belly

Brendan Fraser: Get In Mah Belly

Brendan Fraser sports quite the belly as he walks around town on Monday (July 13) in Massachusetts.

Has the 40-year-old actor let himself go a little bit or is he packing on the pounds for a new role???

In the upcoming family comedy Furry Vengeance, Brendan is playing the lead in the live-action film, which centers on a real estate developer who gets more than he bargained for from a band of raccoons when he pushes into pristine territory. Brooke Shields will play the wife of his character.

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  • whortensia

    a bun in the oven,,,,and Jake is not gay

  • kate

    Holy Crap! He looks more pregnant than Heidi Klum. And baby, that’s sayin’ somethin’.

  • Shana

    I love him! So, what i hes gain some weight, hes healthy:)

  • Raquel


  • Tyra banks

    wtf… and I still remember when I used to jerk off whenever I saw him shirtless

  • Dee

    Oh geez before I realized it was Brendan, I thought it was another ‘pregnant man’.

  • kiara

    i use to get all hot and bothered watching him in the mummy!!!
    now look at him…

  • sooo

    is he pregnant???

  • jake

    What is that, is that a beer belly, it doesn’t look real or proportionate to his body. Do guys only gain weight on their bellies ? You guys are right he does look pregnant.

    Jared – Do you think you are kinda mean with your title ?

  • Bittersweetrc

    I remember when I used to have a crush on him …bleccchhhh !!!

  • AHHH

    Beer Belly!!!

  • Raquel


    You are right, his belly looks weird, i mean its NOT in proportion with his body at all, but i guess it could be a bear belly (im not a guy, but my bf when he gains weight packs mostly in his belly), or he just let himself go since he didn’t shot any new movies it seems.I’m sure he will be in shape for the next job.



  • karenina

    @Dee: LOL

    what happened to his george in the jungle body?

  • whortensia

    it’s almost as big as witherbeard’s pot belly (and Jake is not gay)

  • bleh

    wtf he look pregnant

  • Fernanda Prevedello

    LOL!!!! Awsome comment!

  • vere

    Aww, I love him…

  • Meream

    Let’s all hope that this is for a role. :) He used to be oh so yummy.

  • But is it art?

    It looks ready to pop, whatever it is. Hope it’s not an Alien, those things gave me nightmares. I think it’s actually moving coz in some of the pics it seems to have shifted a bit. Maybe he’s stuffed a racoon up there.

  • yeah

    Yeah, George and the Jungle, those were the days lol

  • Tom

    Wow, that is a strange look. He also has tits.

  • ynop

    He has not aged well at all!!! Encino Man, The Mummy, Encino Man, The Mummy…there WAS a time he was actually pretty hot!

  • haha

    Lmao @ Dee. I thought the sameee

  • eliza

    He has a tendency to put weight on. Hope it’s for a film role.

  • that’s hideous

    what happened?!
    looks like he made too much money on the mummy and got comfortable

  • jaye


  • facts

    The dude is a total dork. Remember when he was in Encino Man? Yeah, he never really stopped being that retard. Beep, beep Brendan the shortbus is here to pick you up!

  • kath

    hopefully for a role cos he was so hot in the mummy!

  • christine

    ANOTHER MAN PREGNANCY??!! What is going on with the world today?!

  • omggg

    preggers much lmfaoo

  • look a like

    He’s carrying a little high. I say it’s a girl.

  • British Latin American

    He looks uncomfortable with all that weight.

  • Emily

    Umm, he looks pregnant. Why is his stomach perfectly round like a pregnant stomach?

  • caller id blocked

    Why wear a slim fit shirt when you’ved gained a few? I bet if he wore a normal shirt his belly would looks as bad.

  • Katie

    The only total turn off is cigarettes.

  • Zandra

    When is the baby due?

  • Milie
  • NG

    He’s pregnant !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    That photo is TOTALLY manipulated!! Sure, maybe he’s gained a few, but that looks unnatural. The body he had for George of the Jungle was after MUCH hard work and a VERY strenuous diet-something that was unrealistic to keep up! That’s the trouble with LA-LA LAND! Unrealistic expectations. He looks like an approachable regular guy that you would LOVE to hang out with. He is one of the most unpretentious, easy going, sweetest guys in the film industry. Just ask any of his directors, fellow actors, crew, etc. LOVE YA BRENDAN!!

  • http://WWW.OH-ANAHI.ORG Nat├ília

    He is pregnant? Must have been abducted by aliens. Too bad, I love him, he was so nice and beefy! = (

  • Lady

    Oh Brendan always relaxes between movies than gets back in shape. It is refreshing to see a real person and not some overly made up male barbie doll like with other celebrities. His body looked glorious in 3D last summer. He’ll be back in shape in no time, unless he is suppose to be heavy for a new role. At the same time that photo does look weird. I wonder if it is touched up.

  • scisan60

    From the way he is carrying I would say its gonna a be a girl.

  • kk

    i love him in THE MUMMY … hope he lose the beer belly …
    too bad the last MUMMY, main girl was changed…ahh…

  • Katie

    If this is a photo editing job, somebody should be ashamed of making fun of a nice guy like Brendan Fraser!

    We love you all the more Brendan!

  • Lady

    Mystery solved: Some sites are reporting it is either an actual weight gain or bodysuit – for his role in new movie about to be shot.

    I say it’s a bodysuit – his face looks too thin for that belly.

  • Natascha

    I’d bet he’s suffering from reflux(GERD), Lord knows my belly swells up like that when I am having an attack!

  • http://bsvkj daisy

    i think that u did put on some weight but dont wory about wat everybody thinks

  • leann

    brendan fraser is so cute i dont care how fat and porky he is i think that makes a man

  • suppress your appetite

    @haha: :DDDD