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Freddie Stroma Dances In His Underwear

Freddie Stroma Dances In His Underwear

Freddie Stroma is now on everyone’s radar after he heated up the red carpet at the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere held at NYC’s Ziegfeld Theatre on Thursday (July 9).

Now check out the video below of the 22-year-old British actor dancing around in his barely-there underwear!

In Harry Potter, Freddie plays Cormac McLaggen, who escorts Hermione (Emma Watson) to the club’s Christmas party.

Freddie Stroma Dances In His Underwear
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  • lol

    ahem* did he stuffed down south.

  • Lans

    Where are his legs???
    don’t tell me those chopsticks hanging from his waist are his legs?!?!?!
    I hate skinny legs in boys ewwwww
    That makes his body look sooo weird!

  • Gino

    smash! smash! His a hottie

  • Jake

    WTF where is the music, I saw this video somewhere else days ago and always wondered where is the music ? What song is he dancing to?

  • me

    This is really weird, but also VERY SEXY!! The things they make these male models do. But he’s so hot! I love the part when he does the bicycle to show off his socks. lol. It’s even better if you listen to music while you watch it. :P

  • Amy

    Cast so wrong. *drools* So wrong for the role.

  • Jake

    Where can we get the version with music ? Have a link please ?

  • celia

    Umm…this is oh so wrong, but oh so right! *swoon*

  • mime

    i pictured cormac to be ugly…not hot!! :P

  • me


    I don’t know where it is. I just meant I was listening to my ipod at the same time that I watched it. So it kind of seemed like he was dancing to music….lame i know.

  • Irish Girl

    Haha… I’m sure he’s regretting this photo-shoot. Poor guy! At least he looks fit and attractive while he’s doing it.

  • Anna

    why is there no sound?? I didn’t like was boring and gay..he’s hot though!

  • janeybell

    I read somewhere that some of the other Harry Potter actors like Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis and the Phelps twins found some of Freddie’s modeling pictures on the internet and printed them out and posted them around the set of the Harry Potter movie as a prank.

    I wonder if they found this video. lol.

  • e

    he dances like my toddler.

  • A

    he seems retarded……………..

  • athena

    I couldn’t watch it…it would have been better with music. Too long of a flick to be watching without music…I wonder what he was auditioning for….maybe Brokeback Mountain II…LOL…I don’t see him as Cormac at all, but he’s a surprise I’m sure…film can make you look unattractive, thanks to the makeup crew.

  • gabby

    he’s such a hottie!! He’s got some great dance moves but I would prefer to watch them with music.
    His body is….*drool*

  • Realme2008

    This guy is obviously straight. lol He dances just like a straight guy with no rhythm. He’s cute though, and seems very nice.

  • mertz

    hahaha #19. lol. hahahaaa. thanks jared. man the dude is soooo hot. i don’t care what he does…i just keep looking at his torso, and his face sometimes.

  • squishy butt

    What a plank! Trust a British actor to make a prat of himself.

  • harry potter

    Heee heee! Nice watching!

  • kyra182lovesgosling


  • belle

    He sure doesn’t have much to offer if you know what I mean.

  • Honey

    This is so funny!

  • choo


  • Vicki

    Hes not gay, he has a girlfriend dumbo.

  • frankie

    horrible dancer!

  • whatever

    LOL….What the f@$k is this! How embarrassing…def. NOT hot.

  • The Beautiful Life TV Show

    Pretty boy… Lol.

  • leo

    That is rather embarrasing.
    How is he ever gonna live this down?! huh!

  • Jeff

    Ugh, some people are just too damn pretty….

  • Vicki

    #21 yes cause you americans are perfect.

  • thejcm

    If you’ve got Lady Gaga’s “The Fame” album, and a laptop with media buttons, start the video and “Lovegame” at the same time and it syncs up perfectly. It even works through “Paparazzi”.

    Totally a fluke that I discovered it, but someone said to play it with music and that was already open in my media player.


    omg with or with out music i still like it.

    a lot…

  • ARchie Alfonso

    OH MY GOD!!!




    SO HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • suppress your appetite

    very GAY oriented´╗┐ !!!

  • michal

    Hot,realy hot

  • michal

    Preety hot