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Hailey Glassman's Mug Shot -- Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend

Hailey Glassman's Mug Shot -- Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend

Check out the mug shot for Hailey Glassman, the 22-year-old girlfriend of Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin.

Jerry Minger, the communications officer at the Indiana University Police Department, tells Us Weekly that Hailey and five friends were hanging out in a parking lot at 3:18 a.m. on Oct. 2, 2005. A cop spotted the group “passing a pipe back and forth, which is consistent with marijuana.”

Hailey, who is the daughter of Kate Gosselin‘s tummy-tuck doctor, was arrested for possession of marijuana because she had two plastic baggies in her handbag that later tested positive for THC.

Over the weekend, Jon and Hailey were spotted aboard designer Christian Audigier‘s boat in St. Tropez. Jon is trying to design his own line of children’s clothing.

Stay classy, Jon!

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  • Naomi

    i feel sorry for his children.

  • jake

    Jon probably does drugs too.

  • Irish Girl

    Classy. It’s almost like he’s trying to make himself look bad.

  • Dee

    Good job daddy of 8! I’m sure your children will look up to you one day!

  • Irish Girl

    Haha… on second thought… would you really want to go for custody with that many kids…. Egads!

  • sarah-renee

    ohh wow..

  • pat

    yuck, wont she make a nice step mother?! she looks the happiest in her mug shot! way to go Jon, “its all about the kids”– ya right!

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    if they bring this show back on they are truly insane

  • jake

    With her drug conviction, Kate would never let her near her kids for sure. Way to give Kate more ammunition Jon. You really are making friends everywhere you turn.

  • Lisa

    He’s such a disgrace to his children … at least Kate Gosslin still acts like a mother that wants to support her 8 kids. Good job Kate, you deserve the best

  • Mercy me…

    OMG….this gets better and better. Jon…you need to think with your head. Not the one that’s in between the legs. LOL

    Love you JON!!!

  • maritza

    Kate is much prettier than her. Jon is clearly going through a mid life crisis.

  • ri23

    Oh my Jesus — the cholla brows are lov-er-ly.

  • Momz

    Jon makes me sick!! I feel for his kids, they may not understand now…but some day they will get it and I hope it comes back to bite him in the ass! And geez Jon if you’re gonna whore around with some tramp you could atleast pick a pretty one!!

  • Liz

    Hailey was HOT ! Now ? no so much

  • wabeeb

    what a douche.He is fat,lazy and reminds me of Droopy Dog from the old cartoons.Gooooinngg Dowwwn!

  • Kyles

    Jon has gone down the tubes now. Dating a 23-year-old, after getting divorced and I don’t think he is even legally divorced. I used to love him so much and thought he was a great dad, now he is so far from that!

  • Liz

    Big deal.Tthe last three Presidents all did drugs in their past. It is almost a right of passage in our culture. But then you are supposed to wise up. Jon?

  • Ivermom

    Jon and Kate need to be slapped up-side the head for what they have did to these kids. This whole “it’s all about the kids” line better never come out of their mouths again. Prime example of 2 people who should have never had kids.

  • Christina Bledsoe

    I for one would never want to be an insta-mom of 8 especially so young.

  • courtney

    - really, she’s not that bad looking for a guy like jon. he is no prize in the looks dept..

  • Dawn9476

    It four years ago and it was just pot. Big deal.

  • hawker

    Would someone PLEASE explain to me WHY these people think they can design clothes? Something had been mentioned about Kate having a clothing line and now this piece of work is going to work with a designer. Why?????? Like either one has any taste? This 20-something nasty bit is only hanging on him for the $$$ she thinks he has access to! Hopefully he and she get a nasty surprise in short time.

  • Lakersalldayerrday

    Reminds me of Stephanie Pratt’s mugshot. Don’t know why.

  • But is it art?

    That’s a happy mug shot. My mug shots never look that happy!

  • Bonging the bangi

    Pot shud be legal. Sweet leaf, sweet life.

  • Josie

    nice choice on the girl friend!!! I’m sure your 8 children will look up to you!!

  • Polly

    DISGUSSTING. She is truly a red neck whore. Jon is a huge LOSER.
    Way to dump your family for this fug face Jon.

  • Cathey




  • benji

    Are any of you surprised by this? Great parenting job on the part of the Glassman’s. Not the least bit shocked that the kind of girl who would fool around with the married father of 8, would also do drugs. I see the same thing over and over again. Spoiled rotten rich girls, whose parents handed them money and things, but did not teach them right from wrong or foster any sense of self esteem. How sad. Bad parenting = messed up kids. Jon & Kate might want to both think about that.

    Further, I have another bit of wisdom for Jon. Ten years from now no one will remember your name. Your gold digging girlfriend will have long dumped you and you will be alone. You will probably want to reach out to your children for companionship and comfort, but it will be too late. By then, they will be harboring years of resentment towards you for walking out on them and putting yourself first and for the way you treated their mother. They will want little to do with you and will show you as much respect as you are currently showing them and Kate. What goes around comes around. Hope you change your ways before it is too late.

  • Theemilly

    Isn’t she a teacher? I think i read somewhere that she is..

  • Lauren

    Jon Gosselin, you make me sick on so many levels.

  • Bee

    Way to go Jon, such looser… Cant believe you would choose this trashy woman over your wife and kids.

  • YOU/ME

    WTF does anyone see in Jon?? He disgusts me.

  • sasha

    Kate’s plastic surgeons daughter? I know Kate can be a big bully but I still feel sorry for her to a certain degree. It was obvious on the show and in interviews Jon was totally disengaged and involved with someone else. I think he should have considered counseling for the kids at least. As the old saying goes regardless how flat you make a pancake it still has two sides. I hope Kate can meet someone that is willing to stand up to her and loves those children. They need really strong parental figures in their lives and I don’t think Jon was ever up for the task.

  • madzicarmo

    “i want to obviously do what’s best for my kids”. . . . so i’ve decided to date a woman 10 years younger then me, that’s been arrested for posession of marijuana, smokes, and is the daughter of my ex-wifes tummy-tuck doctor!!! . . . . that’s obviously best for them

  • madzicarmo

    why would u smile for ur mug shot??????

  • “ok”

    Wtf, JJ who are YOU to take side?

    If you are gonna keep taking sides, then you shouldn’t run this side.

    Jeez.. Get a grip and do your job.

    And why do u keep posting about this family ?get over them, and post some about REAL CELEBS.

  • Flo

    Wouln’t it be funny if Haley got the kids clothing line and sent Kate free samples.?

  • Flo

    @jake: Not so sure on that, the last thing Kate wants is to be stuck with her own kids 7 days a week, even if she does have help.

  • OhComeOn

    She must have been high while she was Sharpie-ing on those eyebrows too.

  • jon has big boobs

    Jon the boob told People magazine that his children will Model the clothes he’s designing with his mistress.

  • drea

    Don’t know bout Kate, but I don’t want my kids around this type of woman:

  • Saudia

    you got that right Jared.. “stay classy Jon”
    I’m so sick of him.. he’s just thrown his life down the drain. Poor kids. really hope they grow up responsibly .. Kate better take good care of them!!

  • Jon is scum

    Did you hear that he and his LATEST girlfriend are designing a line of Ed Hardy kids clothes together and HIS KIDS are going to be modelling them in ads. This guy is the biggest ass out there. No respect at all. I will NEVER buy ED HARDY kids clothes, EVER. She’s screwing Jon now so she’s becoming a expert on his kids already and designing clothes for him so those kids are now supporting Jon and the mistress. SICK


    And SHAME ON Ed Hardy for promoting this guy. SHAME ON YOU!

  • mayra

    fame whore

  • Piggies go to market

    Geez Jon

    From stuff a turkey with embryo’s and be a big momma celebrity

    and I am worthless as plastic teats on a boar show with this mean sow

    to former peacock of TLC and sleeze chick magnet extrodaire

    If Kate is so innocent why didn’t she file for divorce based on adultry?

    Jon and Hailey slept in Jon and Kate’s marriage bed. No everybody know you don’t go into mommies bedroom. That reason enough for divorce the hell with the show.

  • Mike

    It’s funny how you all keep ragging on his shirt but you know you were all about that style when it was popular. Did Perez Hilton tell you it’s not the in thing now? As far as Kate goes and being a better parent than Jon are you serious????

    Have you ever watched the show? She puts on a big act for the cameras and now she is acting like the victim but in all honestly who in their right mind would stay with a controlling B that has emotional problems. It’s ok for her to leave her family behind to go on vacations…right?

    I know her hard lifestyle of milking people out of their money is tiring but pleae people get your heades out fo your arses and stop falling for her sad story. Remember she needs a bigger laundry room in the new house so keep watching because we all know she does laundry. LOL!

  • Teach

    I think she looks pregnant