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Hailey Glassman's Mug Shot -- Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend

Hailey Glassman's Mug Shot -- Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend

Check out the mug shot for Hailey Glassman, the 22-year-old girlfriend of Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin.

Jerry Minger, the communications officer at the Indiana University Police Department, tells Us Weekly that Hailey and five friends were hanging out in a parking lot at 3:18 a.m. on Oct. 2, 2005. A cop spotted the group “passing a pipe back and forth, which is consistent with marijuana.”

Hailey, who is the daughter of Kate Gosselin‘s tummy-tuck doctor, was arrested for possession of marijuana because she had two plastic baggies in her handbag that later tested positive for THC.

Over the weekend, Jon and Hailey were spotted aboard designer Christian Audigier‘s boat in St. Tropez. Jon is trying to design his own line of children’s clothing.

Stay classy, Jon!

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  • Carrub

    This girl does not need money. Her dad is a surgeon! She is in it because she likes Jon. She met him when her Dad did surgery on Kate (free) and Kate stayed in their home. That is when they became acquainted.

    Then when Kate went nuts and left town for most of a month, he and Hailey bumped into each other and the connection began. Hailey was there for him. Jon was not having a very good time in life just then.

    Hailey adores him. She is fun, kind, sweet and hangs on his every word. This little lady will not criticize, belittle, laugh at, put down Jon.

    But I can’t see her being step mother to his little ones.

  • Polcn

    That J beotch smelled money and latched herself on Jon. Rich little Jap. How can John fall for this fugly Jewish Princess. She’s gonna spend all his money.

  • lisa

    Correction-Hailey’s mother and father are rich, not Hailey. She is looking to land a rich guy and does not give a rats behind about the kids, ex-wife etc. Typical.

  • lot

    Whoever said Hailey looks like a young Kate, must be blind. Kate is a decent good looking woman, while Hailey is a used up skank with a fat face and big nose. And she is probably pregnant.

    PS. Who cares about her footwear, his clothing line etc…They are yesterdays news. Enough of them

  • Bonnie Hill

    Jon & Hailey…….you two are one piece of work!!!!!

    Don’t ever say the kids come first, you’re nothing but a liar, very distasteful & do not deserve the beautiful mother of your kids.

    Go on & have your fun…….you both are creepy, whereas Kate has class! Why don’t you have Dr. Glassman give both you & Hailey a complete make over??

  • Clay

    My one hope is that he reads a few of these.
    I think Jon is a low life, low down, no good for anything, snake.
    He should crawl on his belly, in the dirt, forever.
    What ever personality traits, him and Kate, have it took both of them to
    make the children. He should grow up and , take responsibility, for his
    actions!!! Haven’t you lived long enough, to know that, you will have the same problems with any woman. You do not know how to act, toward any woman!!! This one is just a fill in, and this one and any other woman who would even look sideways at you is not much, and will not stay with you long. You need to grow up, and be responible for once in your imature life. I changed my mind I do not want the children,now. I will just walk out on 9 people, and change their lives for ever. Shame on you.

  • peterh

    @jake: He is a defintie stoner!! Listen to the way he talks. I’ll bet this is an underlying reason for the divorce. He wanted to keep getting stoned and Kate, who at one time was probably a stoner too, grew out of it and wanted to take care of her kids.

  • Bongo007

    AMEN TO THAT…and every person should stop watching their show. they need some time out of the lime light to deal with their issues….all 8 of them…which is where their focus should be and IS NOT.

  • Jen

    wow I can’t believe he is doing all of this, I don’t blame Kate for filing for divorce. He brought it on himself, BUT I can understand that Kate seemed demanding (on the shows) it seemed all about her too…just wish they could of tried to work it out not file for divorce right away and he already dating!?!!

  • http://idk chibacks

    I think that the whole thing is stupid but idk and john needs to get a life andd think bout his kids and not his drug dealer first

  • fds

    Good for him… After being with the warmonger, he needs a break with a woman who can help him get back to enjoying life. A bickering spouse is noooo fun!

  • fds

    Good for him… After being with the warmonger, he needs a break with a woman who can help him get back to enjoying life. A bickering spouse is noooo fun!

  • amandapanDUH

    Isnt he dating someone else in addition to Homewrecker Hailey?

  • Doctor ef

    What Jon and Kate don’t realise (and millions of fans, of course) is that all this “girlfriend business” is part of the scripted show, probably thought of and written into it when Kate was introduced to the plastic surgeon and pressured into surgery. For the love of pete sheeple, does it not send alarm bells off that this little wannabe is a jooess? The writers, producers, studeo execs, lawyers, handlers, plastic surgeon, and girlfriend are all part of the same wonderful tribe, and NO ONE thinks anything of it anymore? Wake up… Just look at her mug shot; does this look like a worried, innocent girl just busted by the cops for drug possession?! Of course not, as she knew there was no chance in hell that there would be any repercussions given her tribal connections.

    Jon was set up, and given his weak character he fell for it. No question over the years of filming that their “bedroom activities” were recorded secretly, so they know all the sexual issues and preferences of the couple and were in a great position to exploit it. Why do they do it you ask? Ratings and money of course, but these jackals also enjoy degrading and destroying us goys, and then offering it up for the rest of us to watch. All “reality shows” follow the same pattern, with all the controllers members of the same chosen tribe – and the victims mere hapless goys, no better than cattle according to the Talmud. “Dr. Drew” was probably the best, most evil recent example in memory, but I knew that Jon and Kate would fall sooner or later, and I knew the “girlfriend” was no random little hussy. Monica Lewinski anyone?

  • McMahon

    OMG, that is one ugly chick!!!!

  • joy

    jon is very proud of his situation being drug addict together with Haily…..whats up man the police will watch you and catch didnt think that the girl you said gf is drug addict?wake up man you influence yourself to become bad and terrible.

  • joy

    jon i assure that 1 yr is longer for you and hailey go together..because both of you are drug addict,…ending is sadness and and regreet…no happiness but kate eventhougth you put her into embarrassment she still stand and proud being a mother that end to happiness because all her kids will love her and be with her forver..while you,stay to the group of drug addicts…

  • suppress your appetite

    she’s cute!

  • stiger

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