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Jon Gosselin Smokes Marlboro Cigarettes

Jon Gosselin Smokes Marlboro Cigarettes

Jon and Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin gets some help lighting his Marlboro cigarette from his girlfriend Hailey Glassman during a romantic getaway on Monday (July 13) in Cannes, France.

The couple was seen shopping at a Gucci boutique and grabbing lunch together.

Four years ago, Hailey, who is the daughter of Kate Gosselin‘s tummy-tuck doctor, was arrested for possession of marijuana. What a fine step-mother Hailey will be!

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  • cece

    thanks for showing us your gut…….just go away

  • ladams

    First…. Smoke um if ya got the fat boy!

  • ladams


    OOPs, 2nd

  • Saudia

    all I see when I look at Jon now is a douche .. I used to enjoy watching him on TV with his family, now he’s just a douche. I just hope the children are safe and that Kate can do her job and also be a proper mother.. this is why you shouldn’t do a reality show people.

  • cece

    this woman does not deserve fame…neither does this douche bag….im usually tolerant of celebs…but this man just gets to me…he has 8 kids. What 23 yo would want that responciblity…she just wants the fame

  • jake

    OMG Can this get anymore disgusting.

  • dawne

    What is the matter with you people?? He is a very young man who broke free from a She-Wolf and he is having a bit of fun…… shoot him. Kate wanted full control and now she has it. Be careful what you wish for. She became too good for him. Did you EVER see her touch him with love or lust or affection????? Don’t blame him for getting it elsewhere. Who are you all to judge?? As for her ‘record’ what teen has not smoked Mary Jane?????????? Give it a rest Jared!

    Jon and Kate are very YOUNG and have their whole lives ahead of them. Jon will do his parental time as will Kate and what he does in his own time is his business, not hers, not yours.


    Hailey’s parents must be soooooo PROUD. She comes home last week and says;

    Hey mom & dad guess what? I’m dating Jon with the 8 kids. You know the one. You did his wife’s tummy tuck and were friends of Kate & Jon.

    Well anyway, they officially separated yesterday so I’m bang’n him today!!! Are you proud? Now I get my pics in all the papers and will see to it they’re finally divorced but don’t worry.

    I don’t know anything about kids but I’m going go design clothes for them and make big bucks off of it.

  • YOU/ME

    I never thought I would say this because I love this site but if I have to keep looking at pics of Jon and his girlfriend I am not going to visit JJ anymore….OKAAYY well not as often anyway,lol! This is pathetic and I don’t know why anyone is even giving Jon the time of day much less media attention.

  • kat

    ok dude, we get that you hate jon (and it’s well deserved), but a nineteen year old girl getting nicked for having a bit of marijuana doesn’t make her satan. They’re a totally gross couple, but I’m sad to see your usually unbiased coverage of celebs turning into a big wankfest. That’s what the commenters are here for!

    As for Jon and Kate, god only hopes they will GO AWAY. Jesus. Especially Mr. Midlife Crisis there. Those earring are Chad Michael Murray level douchetastic.


    I thought a big bone of contention between him and Kate was the press. And here he is posing regularily with the new young ho.

  • TJ

    what a jerk.

  • sooo

    SOOOOO sick of that fame whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abby

    @dawne: I soooo agree with you.

  • don’t judge

    To each his own. If Hailey makes him happy, so what.

  • Annie

    GET A JOB!!!!!!!

  • Fugly

    She looks better with her sunglasses ON to cover her ugly face.

  • haha

    GOD forgive me but she is sooooooooo ugly!

  • yucko

    eww jon’s belly. He looks like the pregnant man. I think her father needs to hook jon up with a breast reduction and a tummy tuck.

  • Madeleine

    Honestly, I don’t know the reason they divorced, only Jon and Kate know that but seriously could he not have waited another month or so to be seen out with this girl? I just hope his poor kids don’t see these photo’s they will definately start asking questions, and it’s not like these two are going to stay together for more than a few months…

    Poor Mady, Cara, Alexis, Aaden, Hannah, Leah, Joel and Collin. They wil suffer most, if not now when they grow up and realise they come from a broken family.

  • WTF

    They’re going to design clothes together and make money together off of HIS kids? Good grief. Father of the year – NOT

    And neither one of these two should be designing any clothes. Look at how they dress? They both look like slobs and have no style whatsoever.

  • yucko

    #11 I think Jon’s actions just prove that he loves the attention. why else would he parade around France with his new G/f? Michael jackson’s death took a lot of the heat off of them and now he makes a big media splash like this? Gmab!

  • Jon is a lying dirtbag

    The kicker of these two is Kate and Jon were friends with their family. Talk about backstabing Kate and the kids.

    Jon as usual thinks of Jon first.

  • Mailah

    this is sooo sad. i feel so sorry for his children, this is truly depressing.

  • cece

    @don’t judge: so what…im just thinking of his children..his eldest is 8yo….8 yo’s use the internet and serf around..this is the 21 century. If i was his twins i would be soo hurt. He should lie low right now until it blows over

  • Lovely

    Jon is a nobody that happened to give his sperm to his wife and then she went through having twins then have six children. He was no different than any other father that watched their spouse go through their pregnancy.

    And this is not a dis on Down Syndrome children, but, JOhn always looked like a Down Syndrome person to me.

  • Preggers?

    Is Jon pregnant with 8 now. Are him and Hailey going to have their own show. Men are getting pregnant now, you know.

    I will not watch their show ever again or buy any of this clothing.

  • wow

    wow. i used to have respect for jon but what has he done. he smokes now?! what?! his girlfriend isn’t even pretty. and he said he’s “for the kids,” pshhh yeah right. what makes it even worse is that when kate got her tummy tuck say like 5 years ago (since the sextuplets are now 5) his girlfriend was like 17 or 18. and the fact that it’s the surgeon’s daughter makes it 10 times worse. clean up your act jon! kate’s not gonna let you or your girlfriend ( she was found with possesion of THC) near the kids!

  • RJ

    This is what happens ladies when you force a guy to marry you and have tons of kids. Sooner or later he will crave his freedom and bolt…especially if you nag him and stop showing him affection. Feel sorry, though, for the innocent kids who did not ask for any of this! The parents are setting a bad example and the kids will have emotional problems for sure…Mady already does!

  • Father of the Year

    Ya Jon, real good example you are for your kids. Don’t you think they see you sucking on the cancer sticks and will probably do that too when they get older.

    I hope your sons don’t learn from you to go around cheating on their wives too.

  • karenina

    ew, bad influence

  • Irish Girl

    I hate his face. It’s flat like a pug dog.

  • http://justjared anonymous

    OMG! jon is a joke! his girlfriend is ugly, his gut is awful, and he just needs to see himself. so that he can see how ridiculous he looks. a 23 year old, who looks 40, smoking, probably has drugs on her, sad, very sad. Kate is lucky to have dumped this loser.

  • Haylie

    truly revolting. both of them…jon, that white trash, the whole situation the kids will be put through all because Jon and Kate can’t work things out. Jon you are a disgrace of a man…you’re not 20, stop acting like you are.

  • ck

    He also uses Charmin toilet paper if interested.

  • Vee

    Jon–this is not the wat to “show” Kate–I know you don’t think that’s what you’re doing, but you are.

  • Care


    First and foremost… Kate wasn’t a “She – wolf” as you claim. If you watched the show at all you would know that she did what Jon wouldnt do and took charge of the house hold. Jon Gosslin for 5 season acted like her 9th child… someone HAD to be the parent if it wasnt going to be him.

    I dont get how people like you condone CHEATING! The douche isnt even legally divorced yet and already he is parading his whores around for the public to see… Yet people like YOU see him and give him props cause he couldnt keep his dick in his pants?

  • Booplay

    I don’t care if he has a few extra pounds, I think he is hot. Could care less about that stupid show or Kate.

  • Melissa

    just a whore trying to get her 15 minutes of fame. a shoe deal my ass. and isn’t jon mr. “all i care about is my kids”? i understand kate gets them her days and he gets them his, but flying off to france and very publicly going around with your new, younger, ugly girlfriend is just inappropriate. i never ever thought i would say this, but i kind of feel sorry for kate. this shows how little he actually cared about their marriage, however real or not it was in the first place. his kids would be embarrassed if they saw this.

  • alysa

    soo now the truth comes out. KATE WASNT THE PROBLEM!!
    good, she didnt deserve all the hate she got, she was doing
    the responsible thing, and at least shes WITH THE KIDS not
    out smoking cigerretes and some weed with a girl who just
    wants fame obviously. what a loser. if i was kate, my wedding
    ring would be down his throat, if he wanted a life like this, he
    should of thought about that before he decided to have 8 kids.
    TEAM KATE!!!! i hope shes doing okay, hopefully she wont
    crash and burn from seeing this….poor thing.

  • Amy


    You tell us not to judge, yet you judged Kate. Idiot.

  • Ceclia

    I hate to cross over on topics and so won’t mention specifics. But the Jon and ___ thing is a PERFECT example of not ever knowing what really goes on behind the scenes, including inside someone’s marriage, home or bedroom! How many people assumed Kate was “guilty” straight up!? She just looked and sounded like a witch, right? Wow what an easy conclusion to make. And I was almost there too. But as a Dad of 8, just what kind of example (or message) is he making with all these pictures? How disrespectful to their family and the mother of his children no matter how it all began or whose fault it was. At least she is trying to earn a living to support the brood. He has just set himself up (in pictures) for everyone to believe how immature he really is. Just like they were saying in his home town. What could possibly be his excuse this time? And how tacky.

  • Care


    No one was FORCED into the marriage… if you watched the show at all you would have heard Jon over and over talk about how much he loved Kate because of the fact that she balanced him out. Where he was the kid and she was the adult she did what he wasn’t capable of doing…. BEING A MAN! Over and over he would talk about how well they worked as a team… then when he started whoring it up, he began to cry “oh poor me, poor me… Im the victim” BULL! He craves attention and pity… He is a cheating bastard who couldnt remain faithful to the vows he took… plain and simple. His adore me mentality is so idiotic ….He claims he doesnt want the attention but his actions speak VOLUMES. He does… he wants it from the media and the public. Hes an A$$ with a capital A!

  • Amy

    His claims of not wanting attention only came after he got caught with another woman. Before that, he always said he loved doing the show and having the camera’s around.

  • E

    How come Jared didn’t give Kate EOE when she was shacked up with Steve Neild in NC and her daughters were snuggled up to him or imitating their mother? Do you really think those kids didn’t see anything then? How about the bottles/boxes of wine their mother drinks? Come on, Jared, I not a fan of either, but it is a two way street. Kate manipulates you under the table and you are trying to manipulate your viewers. What a load of BS!~

    Why don’t you go after the booze drinkers? Do you drink, Jared?

  • Amy


    I have never seen any pictures of the girls snuggled up to Steve.

  • lindsay

    im sorry but who smokes when they have 8 kids!?!

  • lakers fan in boston

    and i officially hate jon now, smoke that shit up buddy, it’s not like ur gonna get any better
    i applauded u when u got ur balls back from kate but it seems ur already giving them away 2 some mediocre chick, naw go eff urself if ur looking for support from me
    ppl like u piss me of jon, ur already f’ing fat and then u go smoke
    lmfao, that’s why this is the best u can do
    if u actually worked out, u probably would have gotten a better looking girl but since ur midlife crisis is taking u over
    congrats on getting another bitczhy woman, cuz thats what she looks like, i guarantee u in a few yrs she’ll be another kate

  • E

    Look more carefully, try Leah.. maybe it is why she was targeted by mommy. Leah also imitated mommy posing in her bikinis. …slap, slap.

  • Liv

    I completely agree with all who think Jon is a self-centered, lascivious jerk who is trying to use his fame to get into girl’s pants

    he is not a man regaining his freedom- this is the midlife crisis of a man with no sense of family, self, or respect for others or morality

    Freedom as a parent of 8 does not condone one to go and sleep with 2 let me remind you, two 23 year olds

    He slept with Deanna Hummel before they got divorced- so thats not freedom, thats cheating

    oh theres also the little thing of him getting drunk frequently in bars around college campuses trying to get girls phone numbers

    Jon’s philandering behavior has been chronicled even during his marriage to Kate, despite all those rumors that said kate is sleeping with the bodyguard, do you see any pictures? no.. so as much as kate is very verbal in her opinions, she is doing what any mother would do to protect her breed

    as for ed hardy clothing, which parent wants to dress their child in biker themed clothing… really?