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Jon Gosselin Smokes Marlboro Cigarettes

Jon Gosselin Smokes Marlboro Cigarettes

Jon and Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin gets some help lighting his Marlboro cigarette from his girlfriend Hailey Glassman during a romantic getaway on Monday (July 13) in Cannes, France.

The couple was seen shopping at a Gucci boutique and grabbing lunch together.

Four years ago, Hailey, who is the daughter of Kate Gosselin’s tummy-tuck doctor, was arrested for possession of marijuana. What a fine step-mother Hailey will be!

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192 Responses to “Jon Gosselin Smokes Marlboro Cigarettes”

  1. 1
    cece Says:

    thanks for showing us your gut…….just go away

  2. 2
    ladams Says:

    First…. Smoke um if ya got the fat boy!

  3. 3
    ladams Says:


    OOPs, 2nd

  4. 4
    Saudia Says:

    all I see when I look at Jon now is a douche .. I used to enjoy watching him on TV with his family, now he’s just a douche. I just hope the children are safe and that Kate can do her job and also be a proper mother.. this is why you shouldn’t do a reality show people.

  5. 5
    cece Says:

    this woman does not deserve fame…neither does this douche bag….im usually tolerant of celebs…but this man just gets to me…he has 8 kids. What 23 yo would want that responciblity…she just wants the fame

  6. 6
    jake Says:

    OMG Can this get anymore disgusting.

  7. 7
    dawne Says:

    What is the matter with you people?? He is a very young man who broke free from a She-Wolf and he is having a bit of fun…… shoot him. Kate wanted full control and now she has it. Be careful what you wish for. She became too good for him. Did you EVER see her touch him with love or lust or affection????? Don’t blame him for getting it elsewhere. Who are you all to judge?? As for her ‘record’ what teen has not smoked Mary Jane?????????? Give it a rest Jared!

    Jon and Kate are very YOUNG and have their whole lives ahead of them. Jon will do his parental time as will Kate and what he does in his own time is his business, not hers, not yours.

  8. 8
    bILLY BOB Says:

    Hailey’s parents must be soooooo PROUD. She comes home last week and says;

    Hey mom & dad guess what? I’m dating Jon with the 8 kids. You know the one. You did his wife’s tummy tuck and were friends of Kate & Jon.

    Well anyway, they officially separated yesterday so I’m bang’n him today!!! Are you proud? Now I get my pics in all the papers and will see to it they’re finally divorced but don’t worry.

    I don’t know anything about kids but I’m going go design clothes for them and make big bucks off of it.

  9. 9
    YOU/ME Says:

    I never thought I would say this because I love this site but if I have to keep looking at pics of Jon and his girlfriend I am not going to visit JJ anymore….OKAAYY well not as often anyway,lol! This is pathetic and I don’t know why anyone is even giving Jon the time of day much less media attention.

  10. 10
    kat Says:

    ok dude, we get that you hate jon (and it’s well deserved), but a nineteen year old girl getting nicked for having a bit of marijuana doesn’t make her satan. They’re a totally gross couple, but I’m sad to see your usually unbiased coverage of celebs turning into a big wankfest. That’s what the commenters are here for!

    As for Jon and Kate, god only hopes they will GO AWAY. Jesus. Especially Mr. Midlife Crisis there. Those earring are Chad Michael Murray level douchetastic.

  11. 11
    HAILEY IS A W H O R E Says:

    I thought a big bone of contention between him and Kate was the press. And here he is posing regularily with the new young ho.

  12. 12
    TJ Says:

    what a jerk.

  13. 13
    sooo Says:

    SOOOOO sick of that fame *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 14
    Abby Says:

    @dawne: I soooo agree with you.

  15. 15
    don't judge Says:

    To each his own. If Hailey makes him happy, so what.

  16. 16
    Annie Says:

    GET A JOB!!!!!!!

  17. 17
    Fugly Says:

    She looks better with her sunglasses ON to cover her ugly face.

  18. 18
    haha Says:

    GOD forgive me but she is sooooooooo ugly!

  19. 19
    yucko Says:

    eww jon’s belly. He looks like the pregnant man. I think her father needs to hook jon up with a breast reduction and a tummy tuck.

  20. 20
    Madeleine Says:

    Honestly, I don’t know the reason they divorced, only Jon and Kate know that but seriously could he not have waited another month or so to be seen out with this girl? I just hope his poor kids don’t see these photo’s they will definately start asking questions, and it’s not like these two are going to stay together for more than a few months…

    Poor Mady, Cara, Alexis, Aaden, Hannah, Leah, Joel and Collin. They wil suffer most, if not now when they grow up and realise they come from a broken family.

  21. 21
    WTF Says:

    They’re going to design clothes together and make money together off of HIS kids? Good grief. Father of the year – NOT

    And neither one of these two should be designing any clothes. Look at how they dress? They both look like slobs and have no style whatsoever.

  22. 22
    yucko Says:

    #11 I think Jon’s actions just prove that he loves the attention. why else would he parade around France with his new G/f? Michael jackson’s death took a lot of the heat off of them and now he makes a big media splash like this? Gmab!

  23. 23
    Jon is a lying dirtbag Says:

    The kicker of these two is Kate and Jon were friends with their family. Talk about backstabing Kate and the kids.

    Jon as usual thinks of Jon first.

  24. 24
    Mailah Says:

    this is sooo sad. i feel so sorry for his children, this is truly depressing.

  25. 25
    cece Says:

    @don’t judge: so what…im just thinking of his children..his eldest is 8yo….8 yo’s use the internet and serf around..this is the 21 century. If i was his twins i would be soo hurt. He should lie low right now until it blows over

  26. 26
    Lovely Says:

    Jon is a nobody that happened to give his sperm to his wife and then she went through having twins then have six children. He was no different than any other father that watched their spouse go through their pregnancy.

    And this is not a dis on Down Syndrome children, but, JOhn always looked like a Down Syndrome person to me.

  27. 27
    Preggers? Says:

    Is Jon pregnant with 8 now. Are him and Hailey going to have their own show. Men are getting pregnant now, you know.

    I will not watch their show ever again or buy any of this clothing.

  28. 28
    wow Says:

    wow. i used to have respect for jon but what has he done. he smokes now?! what?! his girlfriend isn’t even pretty. and he said he’s “for the kids,” pshhh yeah right. what makes it even worse is that when kate got her tummy tuck say like 5 years ago (since the sextuplets are now 5) his girlfriend was like 17 or 18. and the fact that it’s the surgeon’s daughter makes it 10 times worse. clean up your act jon! kate’s not gonna let you or your girlfriend ( she was found with possesion of THC) near the kids!

  29. 29
    RJ Says:

    This is what happens ladies when you force a guy to marry you and have tons of kids. Sooner or later he will crave his freedom and bolt…especially if you nag him and stop showing him affection. Feel sorry, though, for the innocent kids who did not ask for any of this! The parents are setting a bad example and the kids will have emotional problems for sure…Mady already does!

  30. 30
    Father of the Year Says:

    Ya Jon, real good example you are for your kids. Don’t you think they see you sucking on the cancer sticks and will probably do that too when they get older.

    I hope your sons don’t learn from you to go around cheating on their wives too.

  31. 31
    karenina Says:

    ew, bad influence

  32. 32
    Irish Girl Says:

    I hate his face. It’s flat like a pug dog.

  33. 33
    anonymous Says:

    OMG! jon is a joke! his girlfriend is ugly, his gut is awful, and he just needs to see himself. so that he can see how ridiculous he looks. a 23 year old, who looks 40, smoking, probably has drugs on her, sad, very sad. Kate is lucky to have dumped this loser.

  34. 34
    Haylie Says:

    truly revolting. both of them…jon, that white trash, the whole situation the kids will be put through all because Jon and Kate can’t work things out. Jon you are a disgrace of a man…you’re not 20, stop acting like you are.

  35. 35
    ck Says:

    He also uses Charmin toilet paper if interested.

  36. 36
    Vee Says:

    Jon–this is not the wat to “show” Kate–I know you don’t think that’s what you’re doing, but you are.

  37. 37
    Care Says:


    First and foremost… Kate wasn’t a “She – wolf” as you claim. If you watched the show at all you would know that she did what Jon wouldnt do and took charge of the house hold. Jon Gosslin for 5 season acted like her 9th child… someone HAD to be the parent if it wasnt going to be him.

    I dont get how people like you condone CHEATING! The douche isnt even legally divorced yet and already he is parading his whores around for the public to see… Yet people like YOU see him and give him props cause he couldnt keep his **** in his pants?

  38. 38
    Booplay Says:

    I don’t care if he has a few extra pounds, I think he is hot. Could care less about that stupid show or Kate.

  39. 39
    Melissa Says:

    just a ***** trying to get her 15 minutes of fame. a shoe deal my ass. and isn’t jon mr. “all i care about is my kids”? i understand kate gets them her days and he gets them his, but flying off to france and very publicly going around with your new, younger, ugly girlfriend is just inappropriate. i never ever thought i would say this, but i kind of feel sorry for kate. this shows how little he actually cared about their marriage, however real or not it was in the first place. his kids would be embarrassed if they saw this.

  40. 40
    alysa Says:

    soo now the truth comes out. KATE WASNT THE PROBLEM!!
    good, she didnt deserve all the hate she got, she was doing
    the responsible thing, and at least shes WITH THE KIDS not
    out smoking cigerretes and some weed with a girl who just
    wants fame obviously. what a loser. if i was kate, my wedding
    ring would be down his throat, if he wanted a life like this, he
    should of thought about that before he decided to have 8 kids.
    TEAM KATE!!!! i hope shes doing okay, hopefully she wont
    crash and burn from seeing this….poor thing.

  41. 41
    Amy Says:


    You tell us not to judge, yet you judged Kate. Idiot.

  42. 42
    Ceclia Says:

    I hate to cross over on topics and so won’t mention specifics. But the Jon and ___ thing is a PERFECT example of not ever knowing what really goes on behind the scenes, including inside someone’s marriage, home or bedroom! How many people assumed Kate was “guilty” straight up!? She just looked and sounded like a witch, right? Wow what an easy conclusion to make. And I was almost there too. But as a Dad of 8, just what kind of example (or message) is he making with all these pictures? How disrespectful to their family and the mother of his children no matter how it all began or whose fault it was. At least she is trying to earn a living to support the brood. He has just set himself up (in pictures) for everyone to believe how immature he really is. Just like they were saying in his home town. What could possibly be his excuse this time? And how tacky.

  43. 43
    Care Says:


    No one was FORCED into the marriage… if you watched the show at all you would have heard Jon over and over talk about how much he loved Kate because of the fact that she balanced him out. Where he was the kid and she was the adult she did what he wasn’t capable of doing…. BEING A MAN! Over and over he would talk about how well they worked as a team… then when he started whoring it up, he began to cry “oh poor me, poor me… Im the victim” BULL! He craves attention and pity… He is a cheating ******* who couldnt remain faithful to the vows he took… plain and simple. His adore me mentality is so idiotic ….He claims he doesnt want the attention but his actions speak VOLUMES. He does… he wants it from the media and the public. Hes an A$$ with a capital A!

  44. 44
    Amy Says:

    His claims of not wanting attention only came after he got caught with another woman. Before that, he always said he loved doing the show and having the camera’s around.

  45. 45
    E Says:

    How come Jared didn’t give Kate EOE when she was shacked up with Steve Neild in NC and her daughters were snuggled up to him or imitating their mother? Do you really think those kids didn’t see anything then? How about the bottles/boxes of wine their mother drinks? Come on, Jared, I not a fan of either, but it is a two way street. Kate manipulates you under the table and you are trying to manipulate your viewers. What a load of BS!~

    Why don’t you go after the booze drinkers? Do you drink, Jared?

  46. 46
    Amy Says:


    I have never seen any pictures of the girls snuggled up to Steve.

  47. 47
    lindsay Says:

    im sorry but who smokes when they have 8 kids!?!

  48. 48
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    and i officially hate jon now, smoke that **** up buddy, it’s not like ur gonna get any better
    i applauded u when u got ur balls back from kate but it seems ur already giving them away 2 some mediocre chick, naw go eff urself if ur looking for support from me
    ppl like u piss me of jon, ur already f’ing fat and then u go smoke
    lmfao, that’s why this is the best u can do
    if u actually worked out, u probably would have gotten a better looking girl but since ur midlife crisis is taking u over
    congrats on getting another bitczhy woman, cuz thats what she looks like, i guarantee u in a few yrs she’ll be another kate

  49. 49
    E Says:

    Look more carefully, try Leah.. maybe it is why she was targeted by mommy. Leah also imitated mommy posing in her bikinis. …slap, slap.

  50. 50
    Liv Says:

    I completely agree with all who think Jon is a self-centered, lascivious jerk who is trying to use his fame to get into girl’s pants

    he is not a man regaining his freedom- this is the midlife crisis of a man with no sense of family, self, or respect for others or morality

    Freedom as a parent of 8 does not condone one to go and sleep with 2 let me remind you, two 23 year olds

    He slept with Deanna Hummel before they got divorced- so thats not freedom, thats cheating

    oh theres also the little thing of him getting drunk frequently in bars around college campuses trying to get girls phone numbers

    Jon’s philandering behavior has been chronicled even during his marriage to Kate, despite all those rumors that said kate is sleeping with the bodyguard, do you see any pictures? no.. so as much as kate is very verbal in her opinions, she is doing what any mother would do to protect her breed

    as for ed hardy clothing, which parent wants to dress their child in biker themed clothing… really?

  51. 51
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    and also at least the other chick u had, deanna i think, she at least didnt look like a bitzch, she actually looked like a nice girl and she was a kindergarten teacher i believe so that would have benefitied u
    naw but ur trying 2 go for some hot chick, which honestly, this chick is like a 5, 6 at most
    she’s gonna be asking u for a lot, she comes from a rich family, plastic surgeon, so like i said gl with it all jon, a new naggy woman and child support for 8 kids

  52. 52
    anthony Says:

    If a man ( or anyone ) isn’t happy with who they are married to then they should have enough respect for their family to file for divorce and end it the right way, not go off having some mid life crisis then say how sad you are when your wife has to file even though you are already with someone else! He is an idiot and she doesn’t look that much better I hope they both go away it’s clear Kate had to control everything because he can’t make a right decision.

  53. 53
    stacy Says:

    white trash

  54. 54
    kiddo Says:

    yeah, she’s trash. I thought the same. Was Jon checking the daghhter out, while her father was checking Kate out?

    That is very sleezy. The kids have to know her. She has been mentioned before. Bet she was one of the babysitters.

    as for Kate not letting kids near her, best way to get rid of er, plop the 8 on her. Load them up with yummy gooey rich n chewy chocolate, and good sugary stuff. A little Cherry Coke to get them running. Then see if “new pothead mom” is up for the challenge. The crash will be so amazing. Kids will sleep it off, we get a good laugh. Kate finally chillax’s.

    We got the camera’s there already guys, come on.

  55. 55
    mailey Says:

    “What a fine step-mother Hailey will be!” Another classic backhanded comment from Jared. Jared rocks!!

    Jon is disgusting.

  56. 56
    amber Says:

    hahaha a younger version of kate. way to f8cking go jon.

  57. 57
    Luke Fuchs Says:

    He goes from one ho bag to the next!

  58. 58
    Jen Says:

    they both are disgusting and she looks 35, what an ugly 23 year old

  59. 59
    S Says:

    That ugly ***** snorted coke, was charged for drugs, drinks like a rowdy HO and is incredibly unattractive..Jon Federline is the biggest douche I have ever seen and I hope he is completely bald very soon..I can see now why Kate was disgusted with the immature little wimp..his kids will be so embarrassed one day when they look back at their fat. sleazy father who was eyeing Hailey as a teenager..disgusting pig..go for full custody Kate! This fat pig does not deserve it and very soon his ugly little ho will dump him and he will be paying escorts because that is all he will be able to get..i doubt the douche can eve get it up anyway

  60. 60
    omg Says:

    Wow, he seems like such an a**. Does he have no consideration for his kids and displaying crap like this out there?? All this time I disliked Kate, but that was because she is annoying. But now I see she has the best interest of the kids.

    I also had no idea this woman he is dating is the daughter of the surgeon who did Kate’s tummy tuck. I actually feel bad for Kate.

  61. 61
    pup Says:

    Hehe. Love your comments Jared.
    That guy is a prick! Take care of your kids you a$$.

  62. 62
    angel Says:

    Where did you get her at ….(Behind the 7/11) So sad
    Nasty Man !!!!!!!!

  63. 63
    asha Says:

    what a total douche bag. I supported him at first but it is like he is trying to be a teenager again dressing the way he does and smoking. Such an idiot. Those kids of his are going to need some serious therapy.

  64. 64
    e Says:

    The guy needs to grow a pair and go help his ex take care of his kids instead of pimping around Europe with his gf.

  65. 65
    shana Says:

    when my ex-husband divorced my 11 years ago, he left me right away for a young woman who was 10 years younger than I was. He lost weight, went tanning, and took better care of himself than our two kids…(obviously, Jon isn’t exactly losing weight) The point is, this is what a younger, sluttty, homewrecking bitchh can do to a guy. They think with the head below the belt, not above.
    He will regret this one day…believe me. He was once a smart, educated, loving man who put parenting above anything he did. That will come back to him…It will be too late for him saving himself. Unfortunetley, the children will forgive him…they always do. They just want the parents to love them.
    He’s such a douchee.

  66. 66
    christine Says:

    I wanted to punch her out myself!
    KATE ACTS LIKE A DICTATOR. This type of thing wears you out physiclly and mentally. I’m glad JOn got out of this relationship. He deserves better. If he was smoking or drinking or anything as a result… that is a sign of someone who has been in a troublesome life, usually because of a disfunctional family or marriage. Good for her for being a strong part of the kids’ lives. I totally commend her for that. But NO MAN or WOMAN will put up wih someone like that for long. It’s just like saying that if someone monetarily supports you, they have the right to degrade and abuse you. Not so! I don’t care what Kate does that is so heroic, she has no right to be so HOT-HEADED with the man who only showed her RESPECT!


  67. 67
    stella Says:

    “What a fine step-mother Hailey will be!” haha. This is just really sad now. I just feel bad for the kids that are involved in all this drama.

  68. 68
    psychic crackhead Says:

    I hope Hailey does not see the gut shot since she is a member of the “I Hate Fat People” group on Facebook, she might have to quit the club.

  69. 69
    dawne Says:


    I didn’t ‘judge’ Kate, I just can’t stand her.

    The more the show ‘grew’ her ego grew along with it. New money kinda deal. Went to her head.

    If you recall, Jon wanted to ‘stop’ the show, but not Kate, she wasn’t going to let the money and fame go, her marriage, yes, but not the glory. I have NO pity for her. Neither one put the kids first………Jon rebelled when Kate became a ‘star’ and he was just excess baggage and only she could make someone feel like that…….like her ‘dirty’ little boys.

    I have watched the show from inception and I thought Jon did very well for such a young man thrust into having a huge family. She was like being married to a cold, nattering fish with it far more important to create an ‘image’ of a family than actually build one where your mate feels loved and appreciated. Is it any wonder he did things a rebellious teen would do? No. When you treat someone like a child, they will ultimately behave like one.

    The two of them will rue the day they sold their souls, but it is too late for all that now…..those kids are in for a ride. Their fairy tale life is quickly coming to a halt. But like the rest of the broken families, they, too, shall survive even though their daddy was replaced by a big wad of cash.

  70. 70
    sasha Says:

    This is such a class act….No worries Kate. With that gut and the way he smokes and drinks you’ll have the kids $ all to yourself in no time.

  71. 71
    dawne Says:

    oh, yeah, and the poster who called him a ‘cheater’…….think again, when a couple files for divorce they are FREE.

  72. 72
    Elizabeth Says:

    Omg! Jon is going downhill faaaast!

  73. 73
    Rachel Says:

    Scum bag

  74. 74
    Twin Mom Says:

    Thius is the biggest loser that needs to go on The Biggest Loser……..

  75. 75
    lindsay Says:

    @Ceclia: exactly

  76. 76
    sasha Says:

    Yes we all know Kate was SO harsh with Jon but does that give him a free ticket to act like a complete idiot? They both keep saying they care so much about their kids now is the time for them both to step up to the plate and prove it. Jon is this really the pics you want your kids to see in a few years? And everytime someone sees Jon they say he looked drunk…how unusual. The reason why he keeps dating all these twenty somethings is because they are the only ones young and foolish enough to put up with him. I’m no big fan of Kates but Jon needs to grow up and be the dad his kids need him to be.

  77. 77
    ugh! Says:

    These two are disgusting. I really don’t want to hear anything about him or Kate again! I feel so sorry for the kids – those kids are in for some rough times, especially as they get older. They’re going to be picked on like crazy.

  78. 78
    Emit Says:

    Geez, Jared, could you be any more Team Kate? At least Jon is not trying to get sympathy for himself by trashing his other half in an eight page spread in People, or parading them around on the front lawn to the paps can see what a dedicated parent they are.

  79. 79
    amy Says:

    NEWS FLASH PEOPLE E ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK HAVE PROOF JON STARTED THE RUMOR THAT KATE CHEATED WITH THE BODYGUARD TO GET THE HEAT OFF OF HIMSELF AND GIVE HIM A VALID REASON FOR DIVORCE!!!! he’s a piece of **** look how he dresses and now he smokes he’s become a lowlife he obviously doesn’t care about hurting his 8 kids whom he should be at home with the mans even getting an apartment in NY when there are tons and tons in Pennsylvania he obviously doesn’t want to be close to the kids and i can actually see him dropping out and barely being in their lives from now on. He had a problem with the fame but he’s using the money from it to wine and dine his new gf, he didn’t want kate to write books and do book tours yet he’s pushing a shoeline for his gf…wow jon way to slap ur kids in the cheek

  80. 80
    Victoria Says:

    This loser sure shows his true colors since he doesn’t have a job and want no responsibility even to his own children. They could already google your dumbshit as* you uncaring *******. Unimaginable damages done to his kids are just unforgivable. He’ll get what’s coming to him, except that he doesn’t realize that yet.

  81. 81
    jason Says:

    this guy is neither sexy, good looking, or newsworthy.

  82. 82
    sasha Says:

    @amy: How true…he claims he hates the publicity but he doesn’t mind using it to his advantage when its convenient.

  83. 83
    jennifer Says:

    jon, you are so classy with hailey trashman.

    keep smoking those cancer sticks too, you’re such a rebel now that you’re free of kate.

    i really feel bad for your eight kids.

  84. 84
    Tazina Says:

    Big deal. So she smoked some weed in college. Can’t believe that’s even worth mentioning. Jon takes his turn with his kids on Tuesday…Remeber – they’re ALTERNATING. He is entitled to travel, do whatever he wants on his free time. The marriage is OVER. That’s what people do; they move on. The kids will not be shunned or made fun of at school because their parents are divorcing. In fact they’ll fit right in….get over it….everyone is going to be just fine once the dust has settled. And he’s not going to marry Hailey G. – he’s like a kid in a candy store right now after years of verbal abuse and being under the thumb.

  85. 85
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    I don’t know and care why the marriage went kaput. But this d*nk is a real piece of work. His kids are old enough to read and go to school. I feel sorry for what the kids might have to face. He could have shown a little restraint and a little respect to the mother of his children and waited before rolling out the new trollop in his life. I have lost all respect for this guy. “I’m there for my kids,” he claims. Then he pulls this. Dad of the year he is NOT.

  86. 86
    Jon G Says:

    I know people, I’m a total disgrace in front of my kids and my family. But hey, this is what my mom taught me. She taught me that when the going gets tough, choose a different easy way out. After all, I’m a momma’s boy. As for the kids, I could see them during the holidays and more than that, I can’t handle. As you can see I was raised right.

  87. 87
    uhavegot2b Says:

    OK, Yes he is acting like a jerk. But hey, he put up with 10 years of put downs from the “wonderful Miss Money Hungry, can anyone contribute more money to my cause” Kate!! They are both pitiful at this point. He is going through what most men go through which is a mid life crisis, only his is happening about 20 years sooner than the average. Maybe he can get a tummy tuck also now that he is dating the Dr.’s daughter. Boy he must be proud of his daughter, she needs counseling along with the rest of them. I just hope someone is making sure the kids are all OK in this rediculous display of adult childness, on all parts.

  88. 88
    lollipolly Says:

    jon is a total jerk to the kids i won’t be soo surprised when the kids grows up and never even talk to him! he left Kate with 8 kids
    and that glass man girl!!! don’t have any shame …… yeah just jared peeps r rite she will teach her step kids how to smoke marijuana after kate tried to feed them organic food
    i don’t blame kate for turning into a wild person cause i would the same thing

  89. 89
    sewgirly Says:

    You know it looks bad when Jared makes a negative comment!

  90. 90
    aNNE Says:


  91. 91
    Kate's a pig Says:

    I’ll take drug posession in college over scam artist/child pimp any day

  92. 92
    Kataie Says:

    They are POTHEADS!!!!

  93. 93
    Leah Says:

    what a jerk.

  94. 94
    LT Says:

    Uughh….eew….c’mon Jon! I was totally pulling for you! So sad.

  95. 95
    Sgt Friday Says:

    Jon looks really slow to me, like he has some sort of mental disorder. He never looked that way before, IMO. Maybe it’s the extra fat and drinking? It seems to be dragging his face down.

    Also, why is he always red? He’s been like that even on the show. Has he never heard of a little thing called sunscreen? He looks like a beet 24/7!

    These kids really have some top-notch parents. Raving ***** or douchnozzle – take your choice.

  96. 96
    JON IS SCUM!! Says:

    What a scum bag! Love the belly shots looks like Jon ate Kate plus Eight!

  97. 97
    Tasty Calzones Says:

    The truth of the matter is that Kate Gosselin can do MUCH better than Jon. He doesn’t have what it takes for such an important, time-consuming, often thankless job like raising 8 beautiful kids.

  98. 98
    brooklyn Says:

    jon must have a mental problem if he cant see that hailey is a gold digger. whats wrong with this man? nice gut by the way, real cute…

  99. 99
    haha Says:

    @Kate’s a pig: Jon is guilty of scamming the public and Pimping the kids, too.

  100. 100
    Lemon Says:

    Nothing says “sexy” like a pasty, white gut!

  101. 101
    bonnie Says:

    This manchild has nothing going for him. He’s short, fat and balding. No wonder he’s having a midlife crisis at the age of 32. Imagine what he’s going to be like when midlife really kicks in at 45 or 50. That will be when he leaves his second family. In the end he’ll be all alone. There won’t be anymore 19 or 23 yr olds to use him for fame, no wife and his kids likely won’t want anything to do with him. Mark my words. His future sucks.

  102. 102
    v Says:

    jon gosselin is a LOWLIFE LOSER. so pathetic! he doesn’t want fame but his lazy loser self will live off of his wife’s hard-earned money! GROSS. PATHETIC. FAT. LOSER.

  103. 103
    funkymonkey Says:

    his children will be so proud

  104. 104
    qwerty Says:

    Lovely… as a passionate advocate for youth not on tobacco, I’m seriously considering writing a letter to this dude to tell him what a negative affect his smoking habits are having on his 8 children.

  105. 105
    Zoe Says:

    What makes it twice as bad is his girlfriend is now going to profit off of them too. These two have absolutely no morals.

  106. 106
    me Says:

    If she is really a girlfriend, then this started long before the divorce announcement. Funny how so many people came down hard on Kate, but she had to take care of and organize 9 children – twins, sextuplets and an infantile husband. Is there anything else he can do to ‘hide’ from the paparazzi?

  107. 107
    Brooklyn Says:

    Gross…Jon is so disgusting…I used to think Kate was like 70% the problem in their marriage but now I’m thinking it’s more like 60% Jon and 40% Kate. He’s really thinking about his kids when he’s out smoking and doing god knows what with this girl. (I could use other words to replace girl, but I won’t)

  108. 108
    me Says:

    @bILLY BOB:

    That sums it up pretty well.

  109. 109
    me Says:


    and don’t forget how he bragged about being a 30 something father of 8 who could party with 15 year olds. Why would he want to? How sick a comment is that?

  110. 110
    me Says:


    That isn’t exactly true. People are married until their divorce is final. He is a married man dating someone else.

  111. 111
    Jess Says:

    Classy guy.

  112. 112
    Autumn M Says:

    Keeping it classy as always Jon! Even with the big beer gut and all. Good for you!

  113. 113
    ishatorres Says:

    Wat?!??!?!?!…. who would want an unemployed father of 8… shes bugginnnnnn

  114. 114
    EAC Says:

    jon is a young guy. don’t judge him for moving on with his life after his divorce.

  115. 115
    Candy Barr Says:

    I can’t imagine what this young homely chick is doing with him. There is no way in the heck I would ever date some dude with eight kids!

  116. 116
    kim Says:

    I’m confused – does this mean the Deanne Hummel story was not true? Or was he having it on with both of them and then chose Hailey for free future plastic surgery?

  117. 117
    mickey Says:

    This guy isn’t a celebrity.

  118. 118
    Ivermom Says:

    She is not cute at all. DeAnna was ugly too. Kate might be an ol bag at times but she is much prettier than these younger girls

  119. 119
    getreal Says:

    #32 Please don’t compare this ugly loser to pug dogs. I have two pugs and they’re very offended to be compared to this jackass.

  120. 120
    K.G. Says:

    This is just really sad. First he leaves his wife, gets a girlfriend 2 days later and then starts smoking again. I hope he can tell his children that he smokes, because he is SO honest (as he tells his kids). I hope that he turn his life around and wake up and see all that he left behind.

  121. 121
    JJ Says:

    Looks like Jon is looking for a discount for his tummy tuck!

  122. 122
    milaya Says:

    Glad, Jon is having fun. He deserves it, as well as Katie. Both stopped needed a divorce ! About the new girlfriend, not happy of Jon’s choice…she is tooo wild and unattractive. She looks better with glasses, and same goes for the old girlfriend. Honestly, Kate is better looking, just not her attitude. He needs to pick someone, better. A women his age, not younger. Also, he needs to workout. He is not ugly, only needs to lose weight to look even better .

  123. 123
    rob Says:

    His fat and balding again! She is just…ugly!

  124. 124
    wow Says:

    Jon has really turned into a person I hate. He used to be my favorite [adult] on the show, and now he’s just a douchebag. Wtf, yes Kate can be controlling and everything, but I think Hailey is a twenty steps down from Kate. Sure she’s younger, but she’s ugly [I know to some people it doesn't matter] and she went to jail for pot possession? WONDERFUL role model. Good job, Jon.

  125. 125
    jon is a D O U C H E BAG Says:

    Naaaaaaaasty gut there, ew. Looks like someone needs a tummy tuck…

  126. 126
    emma. Says:

    He’s so classy. His girlfriend too. I’m so glad he’s spending so much time with his kids after moving far away!

    Yeaaaaaa.. No. Seeing all this makes me love Kate even more.

  127. 127
    cwgrl Says:

    You are married until the divorce is final. Maybe if Jon could keep a job Kate wouldn’t have to do reality shows and book appearances. She is doing what she has to to support her kids no woman could support on a nurses’s salary. If Jon wouldn’t have acted like a child Kate wouldn’t have had to run everything, what father needs to be told to keep an eye on their kids instead of playing with the toys at the toy store. Give her a break sleep deprivation, 8 kids under the age of 8 and a immature husband could turn anyone into a screamer–marriage is a partnership not all the wifes job.

  128. 128
    jaxon Says:

    Oh yeah, Kate will be looking over these pics and grinding her little white teeth down to nubs while repeating over and over:

    It will be over my very dead body that my children will ever wear Ed Hardy clothes.

  129. 129
    cristine Says:

    this hailey is ugly in and out! she’s dating jon for his money only! kate is giving him big bucks for his share of their tv show. how can he leave his 8 beautiful kids for this ugly woman! kate is prettier and loves her children! she’s giving him the divorce b/c that’s what he wanted and b/c she loves him she’s letting him go! jon is an a**hole!

  130. 130
    Grandma IN TN Says:

    WHO THE FLIP CARES?????????????

  131. 131
    marcd43 Says:

    This dude is going to crash and burn very soon.

  132. 132
    mary Says:

    god he’s such an @ss.
    he says that he hates being in the media or whatever..
    it’s like if you don’t want to be int he public eye, stop doing things that put you there you dumb@ss.

    and how stupid must it sound when he introduces her to people..
    “so how did you two meet?”
    “oh, she’s the daughter of the guy who did plastic surgery on my ex-wife”

    WOW… he’s such a loser and is totally not “doing this for the kids”

  133. 133
    nessa Says:

    umm all i have to day is that showing ur gut……………………. dats gross and if u look at his girlfriend she looks like she id 40 years old. him umm yeah just look at the photos he just let himself go

  134. 134
    Alexa Says:

    Wow! I used to dislike Katezilla and thought Jon was the responsible one but after these photos, Jon has dropped to Kate’s level. And Hailey? Really? He probably is only with her so he can be young again. Smoking, having beer, and sadly, showing his “adorable” potbelly. Thank you Jon Gosselin for the great show!!!!

  135. 135
    Lance Says:

    She’s pretty. He and his tv wife are both jerks though. I hope their 15 minutes of fame are up now.

  136. 136
    JustWondering Says:

    @bILLY BOB: @bILLY BOB: don’t u know it !! PROUD !!!


  137. 137
    JustWondering Says:

    @bILLY BOB: Jon has been dicking her for many months. He must have lusted after her 5 or so yrs. ago – tummy tuck for Kate and all. She was 17. Well now …

  138. 138
    JustWondering Says:

    @bILLY BOB: Jon has been dicking her for many months. He must have lusted after her 5 or so yrs. ago – tummy tuck for Kate and all. She was 17. Well now …

  139. 139
    JustWondering Says:

    @bILLY BOB: Jon has been dicking her for many months. He must have lusted after her 5 or so yrs. ago – tummy tuck for Kate and all. She was 17. Well now …

  140. 140
    JustWondering Says:

    It is all incredibly sad … 8 children … “Look, Daddy’s picture is on those covers for those magazines. Let’s Google Daddy and see what we canW find out what he’s doing when he is away from us.” WAY TO GO JON. HOW PROUD YOU MUST BE….FATHER OF THE YEAR AND ALL……GOD WILL PUNISH YOU. YOU’LL SEE AND QUICKLY TOO!!!

  141. 141
    mertz Says:

    to the people who keep saying that the girl is only with jon because she’s looking to get money from him or needs money. seriously. it’s like you didn’t watch the show. she COMES from money. that’s not an excuse for her or for her behaviour, because she seems like trash anyways. also i bet her parents condone this, i mean after we did see the pics of them all in new york together bonding when this whole rumour thing was going on. now i believe the rumour those college kids who had the party he was at were saying about him having a roving eye and things. i mean what grown man with 8 kids goes to a college party with a girl friend…yeah and the thing is he was there with a female friend, because apparently dude has a lot of young female friends. spare me. lol jared. lol at jon gosselin. he thought kate was a huge b*tch joke? dude, there is nothing worse than christian audigier and you just made yourselt into huge phallice public enemy numero uno. now everyone knows the show is a huge fake and the public knows that we were being lied to…lol. also lmao at dawne and some other people coming here with the rationale, but come the hell on.if you are not going on these celeb websites to be judgemental (good or bad) then why are you here. you people keep talking about the body gaurd steve or whatever and yet you choose to ignore that he was lying about that in the first place. and also i don’t care about people smoking, but jared can say whatever he want to. it’s his site. i mean it’ll be nice when jon and kate are sharing the kids and this puta is around smoking weed around those kids. it’ll be real swell. i didn’t even bother looking at the pics because i was too busy laughing. oh and of course this is our business. they’ve been pimping their kids and making money from us viewers for how long. i mean how many millions do they have now. i thought so. shut the hell up. if they didn’t want the limelight there would be no cameras on their family at all. they made their own bed and i personally do not feel sorry for them. you people talk abotu kate selling her soul. they both sold their soul…and have you ever thought, even though jon was more of the shy, diminutive, quite, ball-less parent, that he said he didn’t want to do the show anymore after those rumours about him and the girls had already been in the public. these guys weren’t getting written about or papp’d before the rumours about jon and his girls started…and then the whole ball game started. screw them.

  142. 142
    JustWondering Says:


  143. 143
    jaxon Says:

    This girl is not gold-digging, she comes from money. No, she is with dumpy daddy for the fame. She wants to be on the cover of the trash-mags. That makes her a fame-digger. She better hurry because the Gosselins 15 minutes are up. TLC needs to can this “family” show before they make even bigger fools of themselves. At least Kate is home taking care of her kids and keeping a low profile for now. Jon is the one who is making himself a laughing stock. And he had the public feeling sorry for him and thinking him the wronged one. He has used that all up with his present behavior. Now people are beginning to understand that Kate had a reason to feel frustrated with her ninth child. This whole thing has just gone beyond the pale and is too pitiful for words. The world does NOT need to be watching.

  144. 144
    mertz Says:

    lol. even if those kids aren’t on the web, they’ll still hear about this. little kids nowadays are mad smart. maddy and cara can hear this all second hand from their friends, other kids, parents, other adults. i don’t think they’re that stupid. they must’ve seen what was going on in that house. that was no lovefest. jon gosselin was deluding himself. he didn’t like being unmanned/eviscerated by the woman in the situation (obviously because he is a man child/going through midlife crisis yearning for his 20′s). people think i like kate or something and i just have to say i actually like jon, but i don’t mind strong, crazy women, and the way i saw it that family would not be if it wasn’t for kate (figuratively, and literally since the kids were her choice, but also equal parts his choice too. it takes two to tango). you can’t accuse her of being a fame-w**re and seeking the limelight if you guys don’t look at the flipside of that same coin. i keep saying this, but people still let their bias cloud them, jon gosselin is no innocent. i mean it’s a freaking reality show. you think you’d figure out when you, the viewer, was being bought in to the concept. it’s all just trash anyways. i mean what do you call jon and his relationship with that douchebag audigier. you think that ed hardy troll knew who jon gosselin was/is before/without this show. please. even that guy of low morale and leather skin has standards. so you keep saying kate kate kate is the ONLY one using these kids and this show to get ahead…that’s the joke and term of the century. you must love living in a bubble. ignorance is bliss. this is exactly what i accused deedee from last thread from not understanding, even when she made concessions to both of them being bad people but then only went on to hate on kate…lol. that was too easy of a target because she didn’t go the whole way. she was still biased and she gave up her hand. people in their right mind should be saying screw both kate and jon, not just kate or jon. they made their bed for themselves and for their kids and they can lie in them. idiots.

  145. 145
    jaxon Says:

    It was NEVER just Kate who wanted fame. Jon got fired from his job because he was always using work time on the phone looking for freebies. That’s a fact. He was just as big a duck in the puddle when it came to trying to use their litter of kids to get ahead in life. Jon wanted all that just as much as Kate. She’s just louder on the show while he plays little passive aggressive games to make her insane.

    The only time Jon started whining about fame ruining his life and wanting it to go away was when he wanted to start hanging out with college kids, hit the bars, and stay out all night getting drunk. He sure didn’t want any cameras on him then.

    The whole thing is just sickening. And sad.

  146. 146
    mertz Says:

    lol jaxon. you obviously watch the show. i mean people don’t get that although jon wasn’t the strongest supporter of doing the show (i bet he changed his mind) he didn’t say he stopped wanting to do the show, till after the rumours had started. i mean the first rumours about him hitting the college parties with his female friend, drinking and checking out girls, he tried to correct that rumour first. and i guess the paps knew that they had hit pay dirt with this guy so the kept on him because i guess for them something about the guy just didn’t check out. i mean who else with a tlc show gets papp’d…like this. this family was always there and barely recieiving coverage except for their gathering on oprah and some other shows, but once the rumours happened, all the time there were pictures. so good on the paps, and i owe us weekly and all those other stupid mags/radar online…all that sh*t i don’t read ever, an apology. because they got it first, and they were right. man. he’s known this girl how long. i wonder how long ago he wanted to diddle her. don’t forget bucktooth babysitter of the kids. lol. i bet those kids love this surgeons daughter…but they won’t once they figure out the situation and once she starts coming along for all those visits. lol. she’s going to be the new mother to those kids…more like the new father since jon is such a man child. what a complete douche. i see two a$$es in that picture but it’s missing a huge hole called christian audigier. i mean kate is no freaking treasure, and she gets on my last nerve, but ya’ll got played by that douchebg. he’s no innocent. he’s a better actor than she is. she’s just crazy.

  147. 147
    melissa Says:

    that picture of her lighting his cigerette with a cig hanging out of her mouth makes me sick, that is disgusting. they are both total losers.

  148. 148
    ewwww Says:

    yuck is all I have to say. Looks like Jon cant pack for a trip himself, wearing those 13 year old’s clothes. Jon is disgusting. He needs to go home and beg his wife to take him back.

  149. 149
    lynn Says:

    WOW Kate is older and much better looking, of course I am sure the girls are not just lining up for Jon it is not like he is any where close to being attractive.
    Sad to be so rough and ugly at only 23.

  150. 150
    peachy Says:

    My teenage son wouldn’t even wear the clothes Jon has been wearing, guess he’s pimp daddy jon now days, grow up you fat f!@K.

  151. 151
    Sean Says:

    Who cares what he smokes or what he is doing. Him and Kate are old news now, the show will never come back. Let’s ove on.

  152. 152
    MAGGIE Says:


  153. 153
    Jane Says:

    OMG! HE SMOKES MARLBOROS! Now I can rest at night knowing this most intimate secret about an overhyped, overpaid and one of the biggest freaks in the world! What’s wrong with you people? WHO GIVES A SH** WHAT ANYONE SMOKES? THIS DESERVES A HEADLINE? If you people don’t have the most boring and emptiest lives, along with the numbnut who writes these stories, I can’t imagine who does. Seriously, run, don’t walk, to the nearest psychiatrist.

  154. 154
    Moon Says:

    I thought he hated at the attention!! Yeah right!! It just shows what a douche he really is!! And that trashy ***** is only with him for what she can get out of him!! Because if he had no money and no reality show I don’t think she would of looked at him twice with 8 kids!!! Never liked him and I will never like him!! He was and is a douche with no balls!!!

  155. 155
    jared fan Says:

    Good for Kate! She threw out the TRASH!! What a step down for him though!!! His poor children!

  156. 156
    Suc Mi Wang Says:

    What a loser. I thought it was impossible to make Kate appear human and a more sympathatic figure, but this jackass does just that.

  157. 157
    sberry Says:

    What an idiot! It’s obvious that when Jon realized shiznit was going to hit the fan he went to the person who he knew he could get on his side, Kates bro and his jealouse wife Jodie. Jodie already had her panties all up in a bunch and this was fuel added to her flame. Jon told them a lie about Steve and Kate and Jodie and her husband ran with it! Jon was a trader, and jodie had the immunition to get back at kate for not letting her get paid by tlc. But now the truth comes out. Jon is a scumbag just trying to poorly hide his girlfriends. LOSER! And now the Ed Hardy guys is saying uh wait a minute, Jon DOES NOT HAVE A KIDS LINE WITH ED HARDY! What a liar! Jon really is a stupid liar.
    And whomever referred to Jon as Jon Federline. At least KFed didnt respect the mother of his kids regardless of how obvious Britney was going apeshiznit!

  158. 158
    sberry Says:

    wow just looked at my last post. TYPOS! Ammunition and at least KFED did not DISRESPECT Britney…sorry, up early today:) It’s beautiful in SF right now!

  159. 159
    Money Hungry Says:

    Obviously, she is money hungry because what the hell does she want with a man with 8 kids?!?! It’s obvious it isn’t for his looks….my gosh! Eat some more Jon!!!

  160. 160
    chris Says:

    There really is no lesser of 2 evils here. Jon is a dirtbag and Kate is a *****. Just because Jon is thinking with his ****** and (continuing to) exploit his kids through this new fashion deal doesn’t make him any better than that witch of a wife of his. She’s just as to blame for the kids dysfunctional lives and the refusal to turn away the cameras and the paps. They both love money and will go to any extreme to get it. The kids will be the ones to suffer FOREVER for Kate and Jon’s acitons. Period.

    Please stop saying “POOR KATE” WTF!? Poor what? Poor child exploiter? She’s laughing all the way to the bank here. Anything that puts money in her pocket is all she cares about. Please.

  161. 161
    ellie Says:

    I used to like Jon, not anymore. What a great example he’s setting for hischildren. Jon is 32 and he’s dating a 22 year old. Okay this woman last year was able to drink. And five years ago she got her license. That’s disgusting. I hope his kids realize how stupid he is and decide to cut off there relationship. Jon doesn’t deserve to have such beautiful children.

  162. 162
    Jaredreader Says:

    This guy is such a PIG!
    “Oink oink”, says Jon the pig.
    What a horrible example of what a father should be.
    And what a ****** girlfriend!

  163. 163
    reformed Says:

    How many vices does Jon need? Isn’t eating more than enough food good enough? Now you have to smoke to? Gross!
    I just know that in about 15 years his daughter Mady will write a tell-all book. Imagine what she’ll have to say!!

  164. 164
    cherrybaby Says:

    I hope neither of them are in it for a long haul because I don’t see it lasting. He has 8 kids and she has.. a bunch of unnecessary mug shots and party pictures. She’s an obnoxious 22 year old. I don’t see where all the attraction comes in? She must have a great personality.. or something.

  165. 165

    What a loser. I bet he didn’t even smoke that much before he started hanging with that *****. An I’m sure this relationship isn’t new. He’s probably cheated on Kate throughout their whole marriage and she probably stuck with him for the “family” vibe of the show and for his help and I use that word loosely because he is hella lazy. No wonder she was uptight with a cheating ass husband. He LOVES the attention – he was using that excuse as a cop out because now that his family is known he couldn’t cheat on his wife without the world knowing about it. He is a disgusting FAT pig. Way to go! You don’t smoke in front of you children but I’m sure they will see pictures at grocery stores and I’m sure the older ones can work a computer! FATHER OF THE YEAR! Shopping at Gucci?

    That’s the difference between him and Kate and why I defend her. Any woman with 8 children – 6 of whom are the same age with a lazy husband who didn’t work and cheated on her would be just as “bad” or worse than Kate. She always did everything to set her children for life and make a better life for them then she had living in a trailer park. She doesn’t buy Louis Vutton and Gucci and doesn’t hang out with celebrities. Meanwhile Jon was a spoiled child and didn’t feel the need to overcompensate for his children and likes to use the money he didn’t earn buying expensive name brands and hanging out with celebrities on yachts and buying bachelor pads. Now tell me who is the more responsible parent? Who always did and will do anything for her children?

  166. 166
    BARBARA Says:

    I too used to love watching that show – I think the kids are adorable and I did think Kate was a bit overbearing – but, as mentioned above from a lot of you – she has to be in order to keep him in line. The only thing that puzzles me is if they were having marital issues – whey did they go through all the trouble to renew their vows in Hawaii about 1 year ago? Unless they weren’t having issues at that time – or they were, but just wanted the free trip to Hawaii with all the trimmings…..

  167. 167
    tilly Says:

    You people need to stop taking Kate’s side so much. This website and radaronline seem to be trying to cast ***** Kate Gosselin as the wounded wife and good mother that she never was or will be.

    I understand Jon is being selfish right now and I think both parents are idiots. I think the show needs to stop and those kids need privacy and real lives without cameras. That should be the main concern of anybody who cares about those 8 children.

    Who cares who these scumbags date or why? The bigger question is why does the press care so much about these two reality famewhores? They really, at the end of the day, are nobodies.

    And Kate is the bigger *******.

  168. 168
    sberry Says:

    Jons Ohana on Hawaii must feel used. Why even bother renewing your vows if you dont mean it. does anyone take being married seriously anymore?

  169. 169
    Jon is a sly manwhore Says:

    Jon should probably kill himself right about now.These pics are going to be all over the US. Jon has proven himself to be thee biggest ******* and manwhore ever.

  170. 170
    Curt conroy Says:

    Everyone following this thread and the torrid tale of the Gosselin’s…
    get a f’n life.
    Reality t.v. is a cancer rotting your brain.

    QUICK!!! -reinvigorate your gray matter
    w/some internet nudie pics and a good graphic novel !

    Kidding aside, quick supporting this
    crap and maybe it will slowly go the
    way of the TB or polio epidemics…..

  171. 171
    Jon is a sly manwhore Says:

    This Hailey girl better never be around those precious 8 kids..

  172. 172
    lexi Says:

    wow, here I am thinking that jon was the victim in this divorce, you know, with the media coverage saying kate is a b***h and all, right?? but i am TOTALLY on Team Kate. SHE is the one stickign around. SHE is the one being responsible. SHE is the one caring for those kids. Sure, jon is in the midst of a divorce, and yea, he deserves time to himself to relax. But his EIGHT children deserve better than a father who abandons them as soon as times get tough. His business is his business i guess, but when you announce that mommy and daddy are splitting up, you dont bail and leave your almost-ex with all the responsibility. he should be with his kids, not with this chick who probably doesnt even care about him. Take some reponsibility of your own kids, Jon, BEFORE you start sleeping with other peoples. sheesh, what an a**hole!!

  173. 173
    sberry Says:

    He should have taken Cara and Maddie with him to France. They would have loved it.

  174. 174
    iugrad Says:

    I knew this girl well in college. she always caused a scene and was really good at ******** up other people lives. best of luck john!

  175. 175
    ohgeez Says:

    First off, John is a douche…he could have played it a bit better than he has been. Kate was a psycho hose beast, and he behaviour drove him away, but John, dude, have some tact…play it cool…

    Secondly, I am not sure who the author of this ‘article’ is, but who the &^%$ are you to pass judgment on other people w/ regards to what intoxicants they do or don’t ingest. Being an “entertainment gossip columnist” type I am sure you go boozin’ with your guy or gal pals, so chick smokes pot, BFD! I know alot of cigarette smokers, alcholics and prescription drug addicts who are crappier parents than any pot smoker I know.

  176. 176
    iliana Says:

    he is such an ******. I swear that their kids are going to google him when they learn how to and totally hate him!

  177. 177
    Lisa Says:

    what??!! What happened to all the “organic” living?? But then I did see Hailey got arrested for marijuana so maybe he”s onto that “organic” what a fake poser!

  178. 178
    brina Says:

    EWWW c’mon jon have some class

  179. 179
    devo Says:

    Desperately seeking youth! What a douche. Most men buy fast cars when they have a mid-life crisis he’s finding fast woman. He is a horrible role model. If Kate is doing something on the side it’s being done discreetly. Funny for someone who doesn’t like attention he is doing lots of things to get it.

  180. 180
    VICTORIA # 1 Says:

    NUMBER # 177 ” LISA ” Forget ” ORGANIC LIVING “. It is now Green Living. All the children will have green tinted faces from the nausea, which will be produced by the drugged out ugly faced, nicotine blowing stepmother, and their pot-belly pig, and arsenic cancer stick father. That Donald Trump one-bedroom apartment he is thinking about , will have so much blue Marlboro smoke swirling around in it, the fire trucks will arrive, and those precious children will be carted off with oxygen mask’s on, so they can breathe. Then someone at the hospital will have to bathe them because of the stenche from the nasty ash and tobacco that was blown from the stinky wet lips, and ” GREEN ” teeth of piggy daddy and steppy mommy.
    Another saga in the Gosselin’s humiliating live’s.

  181. 181
    Care Says:


    She treated him like a child because he acted like one… even still thats no reason to cheat ever! A real man doesnt walk out on his wife. If you watched the show from the start you know then as do I that time and time again Jon Gosslin said how he loved Kate because she did take charge and put down the law. He said time and again how she balanced him out in that aspect and that’s why they were such a great team. But when he gets caught with his pants unzipped whoring around, suddenly he plays the victim. Oh poor me poor Jon… BS!

    If you are a parent at all then you know that for a household to run smoothly there either has to be one or two parents who take the reigns. Jon was like a 9th child, so Kate took charge and stepped up. I can understand that whole if someone acts like a child you put them on that level. I have a couple people in my life that I see on the same level with my 3 year old niece, because they act like it. Perhaps for Kate, dealing with Jon’s immature behavior became so regular for her she didn’t realize that she was speaking to him like that. They always say hindsight is 20/20 right? And, for 10 years Jon was a OK with everything… then he meets his little honey and his tune changes…

    I’m sure right now Kate is feeling like hell because the man she loved with her being… the father of her children up and left her. I’m sure shes dying inside every time she sees a tabloid on the news stands. Its probably taking everything in her to keep her head up for her kids, while Jon traipses around the globe with his little girlfriend in hand.

    Kate at least owned up to the fact that she spent too much time out pushing her books and doing meetings. Jon never once owned up to anything hell… he even let a teacher go down in flames. It’s now coming up that Deanna was just a cover for this little ***** he’s flaunting around. Plus his divorce isn’t even final for gods sake!

    Thats the thing men and women ( because there are women out there who cheat as well) like Jon don’t get… you don’t parade the new toosh til your old toosh is completely out of the picture. And Kate filed the papers last month. It takes a few months at least for a divorce to finalize. I mean lets get real… just because they were separated doesn’t mean in Kate’s heart of hearts it was over. If you watch the show at all you know that she shed real tears. She really and truly wanted to work things out.

    And just as I’ve stated on other threads where these two are concerned… if you think she was messing around with her body guard, again watch her body language in the first episode this season. In it, you can clearly see how she had no clue this was all going to happen, and when she was around Jon at the kids party, she she laughed louder and did that whole “I’m going to show you how happy I am without you, but I’m dying on the inside” thing. Women and men who cheat, don’t act like that. People who cheat are just done… They tend to change drastically and act like the antithesis of the person they were. Which leads me to believe that what I have been hearing about Jon’s reps making up the Kate + Body guard is true. That it was total BS to feed into the whole Jon is the victim crap.

    So why give props to a man who cheats, isn’t being a good example for his children, I mean seriously hes showing his kids that this is how a woman should be treated. That vows and promises don’t matter, that family isn’t a top priority, and now he is parading his extra marital affairs out in the open… Oh yea… this guy really deserves praise! Makes me wonder if the people who stick up for him have an morals and priorities at all?

  182. 182
    disappointed Says:

    I feel so sorry for the children, i can just imagine the ridicule they must be getting from school as news travel.

  183. 183
    jessica Says:

    She won’t make a good stepmother because she has smoked weed? What rock do you live under? The GRAND MAJORITY of parents have smoked weed at some point in their lives.

  184. 184
    jessica Says:


    LMAO! “Big media splash” because he dared walk on a sidewalk? Holy mother of goodness. What should these “celebs” do? Never leave the house??

  185. 185
    stephanie M Says:


    Omg, finally someone who is sane. I absolutely agree with you 100%

    I absolutely disagree with ALL “previous” Jon Gosselin fans who feel that he’s a slime ball and is moving on too quickly. WHO CARES! The number of days since the divorce is irrelevant – what makes sense is how long they’ve been out of love. Has anyone actually ever WATCHED Jon and Kate plus 8? All Kate ever did was mock him, make fun of his weight and any other thing she could poke at. She’s also become a stuck-up, prissy diva since she started bringing in the money from her shows. She deserves to be alone because no man would be able to tolerate the constant critism and ridicule infront of millions of people. He deserves to be happy because all he tried to do was live up to her expectations which is obviously impossible. I’m more than happy for Jon and hope he has a happy future ahead of him. At least now he’s able to do all the things he couldn’t do before!

  186. 186
    stephanie M Says:

    I absolutely disagree with ALL “previous” Jon Gosselin fans who feel that he’s a slime ball and is moving on too quickly. WHO CARES! The number of days since the divorce is irrelevant – what makes sense is how long they’ve been out of love. Has anyone actually ever WATCHED Jon and Kate plus 8? All Kate ever did was mock him, make fun of his weight and any other thing she could poke at. She’s also become a stuck-up, prissy diva since she started bringing in the money from her shows. She deserves to be alone because no man would be able to tolerate the constant critism and ridicule infront of millions of people. He deserves to be happy because all he tried to do was live up to her expectations which is obviously impossible. I’m more than happy for Jon and hope he has a happy future ahead of him. At least now he’s able to do all the things he couldn’t do before!

  187. 187
    stephanie M Says:

    and one more thing, why are all of you criticizing his “gut”? All Kate ever did was tell him to lose weight, work out, and when he DID eat a piece of cake or something sweet she wouldn’t shut her mouth with the insults and childish remarks. I’m happy for him, now he can eat whatever he wants and doesn’t have to live someone else’s life. And yes, she WAS and IS a she-wolf.

  188. 188
    pete davis Says:

    Jon grow up and accept your responsibilty… What is going to happen when the money quits coming in? How are you going to support your kids, or even provide health care for your kids? GROW UP JON

  189. 189
    g Says:

    i think they are absolutely PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER…..u guys lay off them…coz they’re two losers who got together…if he kept on with kate, who knows…maybe cheated behind her back? went out for milk but really bumping another woman? so good for them…coz trash attracts trash…my gosh, wy the hell is he showing us his belly? looks like he’s gonna bear twins soon! hahah…guess hailey can be the one with the pants this time around. LOL

  190. 190
    Chris Says:

    Kate is beautiful and this girl is not ….

  191. 191
    haasy0988 Says:

    @bILLY BOB:

    Haaa Haaa, so true!

  192. 192
    suppress your appetite Says:

    hot girl/….

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