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Jon Gosselin Smokes Marlboro Cigarettes

Jon Gosselin Smokes Marlboro Cigarettes

Jon and Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin gets some help lighting his Marlboro cigarette from his girlfriend Hailey Glassman during a romantic getaway on Monday (July 13) in Cannes, France.

The couple was seen shopping at a Gucci boutique and grabbing lunch together.

Four years ago, Hailey, who is the daughter of Kate Gosselin‘s tummy-tuck doctor, was arrested for possession of marijuana. What a fine step-mother Hailey will be!

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  • bonnie

    This manchild has nothing going for him. He’s short, fat and balding. No wonder he’s having a midlife crisis at the age of 32. Imagine what he’s going to be like when midlife really kicks in at 45 or 50. That will be when he leaves his second family. In the end he’ll be all alone. There won’t be anymore 19 or 23 yr olds to use him for fame, no wife and his kids likely won’t want anything to do with him. Mark my words. His future sucks.

  • v

    jon gosselin is a LOWLIFE LOSER. so pathetic! he doesn’t want fame but his lazy loser self will live off of his wife’s hard-earned money! GROSS. PATHETIC. FAT. LOSER.

  • funkymonkey

    his children will be so proud

  • qwerty

    Lovely… as a passionate advocate for youth not on tobacco, I’m seriously considering writing a letter to this dude to tell him what a negative affect his smoking habits are having on his 8 children.

  • Zoe

    What makes it twice as bad is his girlfriend is now going to profit off of them too. These two have absolutely no morals.

  • me

    If she is really a girlfriend, then this started long before the divorce announcement. Funny how so many people came down hard on Kate, but she had to take care of and organize 9 children – twins, sextuplets and an infantile husband. Is there anything else he can do to ‘hide’ from the paparazzi?

  • Brooklyn

    Gross…Jon is so disgusting…I used to think Kate was like 70% the problem in their marriage but now I’m thinking it’s more like 60% Jon and 40% Kate. He’s really thinking about his kids when he’s out smoking and doing god knows what with this girl. (I could use other words to replace girl, but I won’t)

  • me

    @bILLY BOB:

    That sums it up pretty well.

  • me


    and don’t forget how he bragged about being a 30 something father of 8 who could party with 15 year olds. Why would he want to? How sick a comment is that?

  • me


    That isn’t exactly true. People are married until their divorce is final. He is a married man dating someone else.

  • Jess

    Classy guy.

  • Autumn M

    Keeping it classy as always Jon! Even with the big beer gut and all. Good for you!

  • ishatorres

    Wat?!??!?!?!…. who would want an unemployed father of 8… shes bugginnnnnn

  • EAC

    jon is a young guy. don’t judge him for moving on with his life after his divorce.

  • Candy Barr

    I can’t imagine what this young homely chick is doing with him. There is no way in the heck I would ever date some dude with eight kids!

  • kim

    I’m confused – does this mean the Deanne Hummel story was not true? Or was he having it on with both of them and then chose Hailey for free future plastic surgery?

  • mickey

    This guy isn’t a celebrity.

  • Ivermom

    She is not cute at all. DeAnna was ugly too. Kate might be an ol bag at times but she is much prettier than these younger girls

  • getreal

    #32 Please don’t compare this ugly loser to pug dogs. I have two pugs and they’re very offended to be compared to this jackass.

  • K.G.

    This is just really sad. First he leaves his wife, gets a girlfriend 2 days later and then starts smoking again. I hope he can tell his children that he smokes, because he is SO honest (as he tells his kids). I hope that he turn his life around and wake up and see all that he left behind.

  • JJ

    Looks like Jon is looking for a discount for his tummy tuck!

  • milaya

    Glad, Jon is having fun. He deserves it, as well as Katie. Both stopped needed a divorce ! About the new girlfriend, not happy of Jon’s choice…she is tooo wild and unattractive. She looks better with glasses, and same goes for the old girlfriend. Honestly, Kate is better looking, just not her attitude. He needs to pick someone, better. A women his age, not younger. Also, he needs to workout. He is not ugly, only needs to lose weight to look even better .

  • rob

    His fat and balding again! She is just…ugly!

  • wow

    Jon has really turned into a person I hate. He used to be my favorite [adult] on the show, and now he’s just a douchebag. Wtf, yes Kate can be controlling and everything, but I think Hailey is a twenty steps down from Kate. Sure she’s younger, but she’s ugly [I know to some people it doesn't matter] and she went to jail for pot possession? WONDERFUL role model. Good job, Jon.

  • jon is a D O U C H E BAG

    Naaaaaaaasty gut there, ew. Looks like someone needs a tummy tuck…

  • emma.

    He’s so classy. His girlfriend too. I’m so glad he’s spending so much time with his kids after moving far away!

    Yeaaaaaa.. No. Seeing all this makes me love Kate even more.

  • cwgrl

    You are married until the divorce is final. Maybe if Jon could keep a job Kate wouldn’t have to do reality shows and book appearances. She is doing what she has to to support her kids no woman could support on a nurses’s salary. If Jon wouldn’t have acted like a child Kate wouldn’t have had to run everything, what father needs to be told to keep an eye on their kids instead of playing with the toys at the toy store. Give her a break sleep deprivation, 8 kids under the age of 8 and a immature husband could turn anyone into a screamer–marriage is a partnership not all the wifes job.

  • jaxon

    Oh yeah, Kate will be looking over these pics and grinding her little white teeth down to nubs while repeating over and over:

    It will be over my very dead body that my children will ever wear Ed Hardy clothes.

  • cristine

    this hailey is ugly in and out! she’s dating jon for his money only! kate is giving him big bucks for his share of their tv show. how can he leave his 8 beautiful kids for this ugly woman! kate is prettier and loves her children! she’s giving him the divorce b/c that’s what he wanted and b/c she loves him she’s letting him go! jon is an a**hole!

  • Grandma IN TN

    WHO THE FLIP CARES?????????????

  • marcd43

    This dude is going to crash and burn very soon.

  • mary

    god he’s such an @ss.
    he says that he hates being in the media or whatever..
    it’s like if you don’t want to be int he public eye, stop doing things that put you there you dumb@ss.

    and how stupid must it sound when he introduces her to people..
    “so how did you two meet?”
    “oh, she’s the daughter of the guy who did plastic surgery on my ex-wife”

    WOW… he’s such a loser and is totally not “doing this for the kids”

  • nessa

    umm all i have to day is that showing ur gut……………………. dats gross and if u look at his girlfriend she looks like she id 40 years old. him umm yeah just look at the photos he just let himself go

  • Alexa

    Wow! I used to dislike Katezilla and thought Jon was the responsible one but after these photos, Jon has dropped to Kate’s level. And Hailey? Really? He probably is only with her so he can be young again. Smoking, having beer, and sadly, showing his “adorable” potbelly. Thank you Jon Gosselin for the great show!!!!

  • Lance

    She’s pretty. He and his tv wife are both jerks though. I hope their 15 minutes of fame are up now.

  • JustWondering

    @bILLY BOB: @bILLY BOB: don’t u know it !! PROUD !!!


  • JustWondering

    @bILLY BOB: Jon has been dicking her for many months. He must have lusted after her 5 or so yrs. ago – tummy tuck for Kate and all. She was 17. Well now …

  • JustWondering

    @bILLY BOB: Jon has been dicking her for many months. He must have lusted after her 5 or so yrs. ago – tummy tuck for Kate and all. She was 17. Well now …

  • JustWondering

    @bILLY BOB: Jon has been dicking her for many months. He must have lusted after her 5 or so yrs. ago – tummy tuck for Kate and all. She was 17. Well now …

  • JustWondering

    It is all incredibly sad … 8 children … “Look, Daddy’s picture is on those covers for those magazines. Let’s Google Daddy and see what we canW find out what he’s doing when he is away from us.” WAY TO GO JON. HOW PROUD YOU MUST BE….FATHER OF THE YEAR AND ALL……GOD WILL PUNISH YOU. YOU’LL SEE AND QUICKLY TOO!!!

  • mertz

    to the people who keep saying that the girl is only with jon because she’s looking to get money from him or needs money. seriously. it’s like you didn’t watch the show. she COMES from money. that’s not an excuse for her or for her behaviour, because she seems like trash anyways. also i bet her parents condone this, i mean after we did see the pics of them all in new york together bonding when this whole rumour thing was going on. now i believe the rumour those college kids who had the party he was at were saying about him having a roving eye and things. i mean what grown man with 8 kids goes to a college party with a girl friend…yeah and the thing is he was there with a female friend, because apparently dude has a lot of young female friends. spare me. lol jared. lol at jon gosselin. he thought kate was a huge b*tch joke? dude, there is nothing worse than christian audigier and you just made yourselt into huge phallice public enemy numero uno. now everyone knows the show is a huge fake and the public knows that we were being lied to…lol. also lmao at dawne and some other people coming here with the rationale, but come the hell on.if you are not going on these celeb websites to be judgemental (good or bad) then why are you here. you people keep talking about the body gaurd steve or whatever and yet you choose to ignore that he was lying about that in the first place. and also i don’t care about people smoking, but jared can say whatever he want to. it’s his site. i mean it’ll be nice when jon and kate are sharing the kids and this puta is around smoking weed around those kids. it’ll be real swell. i didn’t even bother looking at the pics because i was too busy laughing. oh and of course this is our business. they’ve been pimping their kids and making money from us viewers for how long. i mean how many millions do they have now. i thought so. shut the hell up. if they didn’t want the limelight there would be no cameras on their family at all. they made their own bed and i personally do not feel sorry for them. you people talk abotu kate selling her soul. they both sold their soul…and have you ever thought, even though jon was more of the shy, diminutive, quite, ball-less parent, that he said he didn’t want to do the show anymore after those rumours about him and the girls had already been in the public. these guys weren’t getting written about or papp’d before the rumours about jon and his girls started…and then the whole ball game started. screw them.

  • JustWondering


  • jaxon

    This girl is not gold-digging, she comes from money. No, she is with dumpy daddy for the fame. She wants to be on the cover of the trash-mags. That makes her a fame-digger. She better hurry because the Gosselins 15 minutes are up. TLC needs to can this “family” show before they make even bigger fools of themselves. At least Kate is home taking care of her kids and keeping a low profile for now. Jon is the one who is making himself a laughing stock. And he had the public feeling sorry for him and thinking him the wronged one. He has used that all up with his present behavior. Now people are beginning to understand that Kate had a reason to feel frustrated with her ninth child. This whole thing has just gone beyond the pale and is too pitiful for words. The world does NOT need to be watching.

  • mertz

    lol. even if those kids aren’t on the web, they’ll still hear about this. little kids nowadays are mad smart. maddy and cara can hear this all second hand from their friends, other kids, parents, other adults. i don’t think they’re that stupid. they must’ve seen what was going on in that house. that was no lovefest. jon gosselin was deluding himself. he didn’t like being unmanned/eviscerated by the woman in the situation (obviously because he is a man child/going through midlife crisis yearning for his 20′s). people think i like kate or something and i just have to say i actually like jon, but i don’t mind strong, crazy women, and the way i saw it that family would not be if it wasn’t for kate (figuratively, and literally since the kids were her choice, but also equal parts his choice too. it takes two to tango). you can’t accuse her of being a fame-w**re and seeking the limelight if you guys don’t look at the flipside of that same coin. i keep saying this, but people still let their bias cloud them, jon gosselin is no innocent. i mean it’s a freaking reality show. you think you’d figure out when you, the viewer, was being bought in to the concept. it’s all just trash anyways. i mean what do you call jon and his relationship with that douchebag audigier. you think that ed hardy troll knew who jon gosselin was/is before/without this show. please. even that guy of low morale and leather skin has standards. so you keep saying kate kate kate is the ONLY one using these kids and this show to get ahead…that’s the joke and term of the century. you must love living in a bubble. ignorance is bliss. this is exactly what i accused deedee from last thread from not understanding, even when she made concessions to both of them being bad people but then only went on to hate on kate…lol. that was too easy of a target because she didn’t go the whole way. she was still biased and she gave up her hand. people in their right mind should be saying screw both kate and jon, not just kate or jon. they made their bed for themselves and for their kids and they can lie in them. idiots.

  • jaxon

    It was NEVER just Kate who wanted fame. Jon got fired from his job because he was always using work time on the phone looking for freebies. That’s a fact. He was just as big a duck in the puddle when it came to trying to use their litter of kids to get ahead in life. Jon wanted all that just as much as Kate. She’s just louder on the show while he plays little passive aggressive games to make her insane.

    The only time Jon started whining about fame ruining his life and wanting it to go away was when he wanted to start hanging out with college kids, hit the bars, and stay out all night getting drunk. He sure didn’t want any cameras on him then.

    The whole thing is just sickening. And sad.

  • mertz

    lol jaxon. you obviously watch the show. i mean people don’t get that although jon wasn’t the strongest supporter of doing the show (i bet he changed his mind) he didn’t say he stopped wanting to do the show, till after the rumours had started. i mean the first rumours about him hitting the college parties with his female friend, drinking and checking out girls, he tried to correct that rumour first. and i guess the paps knew that they had hit pay dirt with this guy so the kept on him because i guess for them something about the guy just didn’t check out. i mean who else with a tlc show gets papp’d…like this. this family was always there and barely recieiving coverage except for their gathering on oprah and some other shows, but once the rumours happened, all the time there were pictures. so good on the paps, and i owe us weekly and all those other stupid mags/radar online…all that sh*t i don’t read ever, an apology. because they got it first, and they were right. man. he’s known this girl how long. i wonder how long ago he wanted to diddle her. don’t forget bucktooth babysitter of the kids. lol. i bet those kids love this surgeons daughter…but they won’t once they figure out the situation and once she starts coming along for all those visits. lol. she’s going to be the new mother to those kids…more like the new father since jon is such a man child. what a complete douche. i see two a$$es in that picture but it’s missing a huge hole called christian audigier. i mean kate is no freaking treasure, and she gets on my last nerve, but ya’ll got played by that douchebg. he’s no innocent. he’s a better actor than she is. she’s just crazy.

  • melissa

    that picture of her lighting his cigerette with a cig hanging out of her mouth makes me sick, that is disgusting. they are both total losers.

  • ewwww

    yuck is all I have to say. Looks like Jon cant pack for a trip himself, wearing those 13 year old’s clothes. Jon is disgusting. He needs to go home and beg his wife to take him back.

  • lynn

    WOW Kate is older and much better looking, of course I am sure the girls are not just lining up for Jon it is not like he is any where close to being attractive.
    Sad to be so rough and ugly at only 23.

  • peachy

    My teenage son wouldn’t even wear the clothes Jon has been wearing, guess he’s pimp daddy jon now days, grow up you fat f!@K.