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Jon Gosselin Smokes Marlboro Cigarettes

Jon Gosselin Smokes Marlboro Cigarettes

Jon and Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin gets some help lighting his Marlboro cigarette from his girlfriend Hailey Glassman during a romantic getaway on Monday (July 13) in Cannes, France.

The couple was seen shopping at a Gucci boutique and grabbing lunch together.

Four years ago, Hailey, who is the daughter of Kate Gosselin‘s tummy-tuck doctor, was arrested for possession of marijuana. What a fine step-mother Hailey will be!

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  • Sean

    Who cares what he smokes or what he is doing. Him and Kate are old news now, the show will never come back. Let’s ove on.



  • Jane

    OMG! HE SMOKES MARLBOROS! Now I can rest at night knowing this most intimate secret about an overhyped, overpaid and one of the biggest freaks in the world! What’s wrong with you people? WHO GIVES A SH** WHAT ANYONE SMOKES? THIS DESERVES A HEADLINE? If you people don’t have the most boring and emptiest lives, along with the numbnut who writes these stories, I can’t imagine who does. Seriously, run, don’t walk, to the nearest psychiatrist.

  • Moon

    I thought he hated at the attention!! Yeah right!! It just shows what a douche he really is!! And that trashy whore is only with him for what she can get out of him!! Because if he had no money and no reality show I don’t think she would of looked at him twice with 8 kids!!! Never liked him and I will never like him!! He was and is a douche with no balls!!!

  • jared fan

    Good for Kate! She threw out the TRASH!! What a step down for him though!!! His poor children!

  • Suc Mi Wang

    What a loser. I thought it was impossible to make Kate appear human and a more sympathatic figure, but this jackass does just that.

  • sberry

    What an idiot! It’s obvious that when Jon realized shiznit was going to hit the fan he went to the person who he knew he could get on his side, Kates bro and his jealouse wife Jodie. Jodie already had her panties all up in a bunch and this was fuel added to her flame. Jon told them a lie about Steve and Kate and Jodie and her husband ran with it! Jon was a trader, and jodie had the immunition to get back at kate for not letting her get paid by tlc. But now the truth comes out. Jon is a scumbag just trying to poorly hide his girlfriends. LOSER! And now the Ed Hardy guys is saying uh wait a minute, Jon DOES NOT HAVE A KIDS LINE WITH ED HARDY! What a liar! Jon really is a stupid liar.
    And whomever referred to Jon as Jon Federline. At least KFed didnt respect the mother of his kids regardless of how obvious Britney was going apeshiznit!

  • sberry

    wow just looked at my last post. TYPOS! Ammunition and at least KFED did not DISRESPECT Britney…sorry, up early today:) It’s beautiful in SF right now!

  • Money Hungry

    Obviously, she is money hungry because what the hell does she want with a man with 8 kids?!?! It’s obvious it isn’t for his looks….my gosh! Eat some more Jon!!!

  • chris

    There really is no lesser of 2 evils here. Jon is a dirtbag and Kate is a bitch. Just because Jon is thinking with his pecker and (continuing to) exploit his kids through this new fashion deal doesn’t make him any better than that witch of a wife of his. She’s just as to blame for the kids dysfunctional lives and the refusal to turn away the cameras and the paps. They both love money and will go to any extreme to get it. The kids will be the ones to suffer FOREVER for Kate and Jon’s acitons. Period.

    Please stop saying “POOR KATE” WTF!? Poor what? Poor child exploiter? She’s laughing all the way to the bank here. Anything that puts money in her pocket is all she cares about. Please.

  • ellie

    I used to like Jon, not anymore. What a great example he’s setting for hischildren. Jon is 32 and he’s dating a 22 year old. Okay this woman last year was able to drink. And five years ago she got her license. That’s disgusting. I hope his kids realize how stupid he is and decide to cut off there relationship. Jon doesn’t deserve to have such beautiful children.

  • Jaredreader

    This guy is such a PIG!
    “Oink oink”, says Jon the pig.
    What a horrible example of what a father should be.
    And what a skanky girlfriend!

  • reformed

    How many vices does Jon need? Isn’t eating more than enough food good enough? Now you have to smoke to? Gross!
    I just know that in about 15 years his daughter Mady will write a tell-all book. Imagine what she’ll have to say!!

  • cherrybaby

    I hope neither of them are in it for a long haul because I don’t see it lasting. He has 8 kids and she has.. a bunch of unnecessary mug shots and party pictures. She’s an obnoxious 22 year old. I don’t see where all the attraction comes in? She must have a great personality.. or something.


    What a loser. I bet he didn’t even smoke that much before he started hanging with that skank. An I’m sure this relationship isn’t new. He’s probably cheated on Kate throughout their whole marriage and she probably stuck with him for the “family” vibe of the show and for his help and I use that word loosely because he is hella lazy. No wonder she was uptight with a cheating ass husband. He LOVES the attention – he was using that excuse as a cop out because now that his family is known he couldn’t cheat on his wife without the world knowing about it. He is a disgusting FAT pig. Way to go! You don’t smoke in front of you children but I’m sure they will see pictures at grocery stores and I’m sure the older ones can work a computer! FATHER OF THE YEAR! Shopping at Gucci?

    That’s the difference between him and Kate and why I defend her. Any woman with 8 children – 6 of whom are the same age with a lazy husband who didn’t work and cheated on her would be just as “bad” or worse than Kate. She always did everything to set her children for life and make a better life for them then she had living in a trailer park. She doesn’t buy Louis Vutton and Gucci and doesn’t hang out with celebrities. Meanwhile Jon was a spoiled child and didn’t feel the need to overcompensate for his children and likes to use the money he didn’t earn buying expensive name brands and hanging out with celebrities on yachts and buying bachelor pads. Now tell me who is the more responsible parent? Who always did and will do anything for her children?


    I too used to love watching that show – I think the kids are adorable and I did think Kate was a bit overbearing – but, as mentioned above from a lot of you – she has to be in order to keep him in line. The only thing that puzzles me is if they were having marital issues – whey did they go through all the trouble to renew their vows in Hawaii about 1 year ago? Unless they weren’t having issues at that time – or they were, but just wanted the free trip to Hawaii with all the trimmings…..

  • tilly

    You people need to stop taking Kate’s side so much. This website and radaronline seem to be trying to cast Bitch Kate Gosselin as the wounded wife and good mother that she never was or will be.

    I understand Jon is being selfish right now and I think both parents are idiots. I think the show needs to stop and those kids need privacy and real lives without cameras. That should be the main concern of anybody who cares about those 8 children.

    Who cares who these scumbags date or why? The bigger question is why does the press care so much about these two reality famewhores? They really, at the end of the day, are nobodies.

    And Kate is the bigger asshole.

  • sberry

    Jons Ohana on Hawaii must feel used. Why even bother renewing your vows if you dont mean it. does anyone take being married seriously anymore?

  • Jon is a sly manwhore

    Jon should probably kill himself right about now.These pics are going to be all over the US. Jon has proven himself to be thee biggest asshole and manwhore ever.

  • Curt conroy

    Everyone following this thread and the torrid tale of the Gosselin’s…
    get a f’n life.
    Reality t.v. is a cancer rotting your brain.

    QUICK!!! -reinvigorate your gray matter
    w/some internet nudie pics and a good graphic novel !

    Kidding aside, quick supporting this
    crap and maybe it will slowly go the
    way of the TB or polio epidemics…..

  • Jon is a sly manwhore

    This Hailey girl better never be around those precious 8 kids..

  • lexi

    wow, here I am thinking that jon was the victim in this divorce, you know, with the media coverage saying kate is a b***h and all, right?? but i am TOTALLY on Team Kate. SHE is the one stickign around. SHE is the one being responsible. SHE is the one caring for those kids. Sure, jon is in the midst of a divorce, and yea, he deserves time to himself to relax. But his EIGHT children deserve better than a father who abandons them as soon as times get tough. His business is his business i guess, but when you announce that mommy and daddy are splitting up, you dont bail and leave your almost-ex with all the responsibility. he should be with his kids, not with this chick who probably doesnt even care about him. Take some reponsibility of your own kids, Jon, BEFORE you start sleeping with other peoples. sheesh, what an a**hole!!

  • sberry

    He should have taken Cara and Maddie with him to France. They would have loved it.

  • iugrad

    I knew this girl well in college. she always caused a scene and was really good at screwing up other people lives. best of luck john!

  • ohgeez

    First off, John is a douche…he could have played it a bit better than he has been. Kate was a psycho hose beast, and he behaviour drove him away, but John, dude, have some tact…play it cool…

    Secondly, I am not sure who the author of this ‘article’ is, but who the &^%$ are you to pass judgment on other people w/ regards to what intoxicants they do or don’t ingest. Being an “entertainment gossip columnist” type I am sure you go boozin’ with your guy or gal pals, so chick smokes pot, BFD! I know alot of cigarette smokers, alcholics and prescription drug addicts who are crappier parents than any pot smoker I know.

  • iliana

    he is such an retard. I swear that their kids are going to google him when they learn how to and totally hate him!

  • Lisa

    what??!! What happened to all the “organic” living?? But then I did see Hailey got arrested for marijuana so maybe he”s onto that “organic” what a fake poser!

  • brina

    EWWW c’mon jon have some class

  • devo

    Desperately seeking youth! What a douche. Most men buy fast cars when they have a mid-life crisis he’s finding fast woman. He is a horrible role model. If Kate is doing something on the side it’s being done discreetly. Funny for someone who doesn’t like attention he is doing lots of things to get it.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    NUMBER # 177 ” LISA ” Forget ” ORGANIC LIVING “. It is now Green Living. All the children will have green tinted faces from the nausea, which will be produced by the drugged out ugly faced, nicotine blowing stepmother, and their pot-belly pig, and arsenic cancer stick father. That Donald Trump one-bedroom apartment he is thinking about , will have so much blue Marlboro smoke swirling around in it, the fire trucks will arrive, and those precious children will be carted off with oxygen mask’s on, so they can breathe. Then someone at the hospital will have to bathe them because of the stenche from the nasty ash and tobacco that was blown from the stinky wet lips, and ” GREEN ” teeth of piggy daddy and steppy mommy.
    Another saga in the Gosselin’s humiliating live’s.

  • Care


    She treated him like a child because he acted like one… even still thats no reason to cheat ever! A real man doesnt walk out on his wife. If you watched the show from the start you know then as do I that time and time again Jon Gosslin said how he loved Kate because she did take charge and put down the law. He said time and again how she balanced him out in that aspect and that’s why they were such a great team. But when he gets caught with his pants unzipped whoring around, suddenly he plays the victim. Oh poor me poor Jon… BS!

    If you are a parent at all then you know that for a household to run smoothly there either has to be one or two parents who take the reigns. Jon was like a 9th child, so Kate took charge and stepped up. I can understand that whole if someone acts like a child you put them on that level. I have a couple people in my life that I see on the same level with my 3 year old niece, because they act like it. Perhaps for Kate, dealing with Jon’s immature behavior became so regular for her she didn’t realize that she was speaking to him like that. They always say hindsight is 20/20 right? And, for 10 years Jon was a OK with everything… then he meets his little honey and his tune changes…

    I’m sure right now Kate is feeling like hell because the man she loved with her being… the father of her children up and left her. I’m sure shes dying inside every time she sees a tabloid on the news stands. Its probably taking everything in her to keep her head up for her kids, while Jon traipses around the globe with his little girlfriend in hand.

    Kate at least owned up to the fact that she spent too much time out pushing her books and doing meetings. Jon never once owned up to anything hell… he even let a teacher go down in flames. It’s now coming up that Deanna was just a cover for this little whore he’s flaunting around. Plus his divorce isn’t even final for gods sake!

    Thats the thing men and women ( because there are women out there who cheat as well) like Jon don’t get… you don’t parade the new toosh til your old toosh is completely out of the picture. And Kate filed the papers last month. It takes a few months at least for a divorce to finalize. I mean lets get real… just because they were separated doesn’t mean in Kate’s heart of hearts it was over. If you watch the show at all you know that she shed real tears. She really and truly wanted to work things out.

    And just as I’ve stated on other threads where these two are concerned… if you think she was messing around with her body guard, again watch her body language in the first episode this season. In it, you can clearly see how she had no clue this was all going to happen, and when she was around Jon at the kids party, she she laughed louder and did that whole “I’m going to show you how happy I am without you, but I’m dying on the inside” thing. Women and men who cheat, don’t act like that. People who cheat are just done… They tend to change drastically and act like the antithesis of the person they were. Which leads me to believe that what I have been hearing about Jon’s reps making up the Kate + Body guard is true. That it was total BS to feed into the whole Jon is the victim crap.

    So why give props to a man who cheats, isn’t being a good example for his children, I mean seriously hes showing his kids that this is how a woman should be treated. That vows and promises don’t matter, that family isn’t a top priority, and now he is parading his extra marital affairs out in the open… Oh yea… this guy really deserves praise! Makes me wonder if the people who stick up for him have an morals and priorities at all?

  • disappointed

    I feel so sorry for the children, i can just imagine the ridicule they must be getting from school as news travel.

  • jessica

    She won’t make a good stepmother because she has smoked weed? What rock do you live under? The GRAND MAJORITY of parents have smoked weed at some point in their lives.

  • jessica


    LMAO! “Big media splash” because he dared walk on a sidewalk? Holy mother of goodness. What should these “celebs” do? Never leave the house??

  • stephanie M


    Omg, finally someone who is sane. I absolutely agree with you 100%

    I absolutely disagree with ALL “previous” Jon Gosselin fans who feel that he’s a slime ball and is moving on too quickly. WHO CARES! The number of days since the divorce is irrelevant – what makes sense is how long they’ve been out of love. Has anyone actually ever WATCHED Jon and Kate plus 8? All Kate ever did was mock him, make fun of his weight and any other thing she could poke at. She’s also become a stuck-up, prissy diva since she started bringing in the money from her shows. She deserves to be alone because no man would be able to tolerate the constant critism and ridicule infront of millions of people. He deserves to be happy because all he tried to do was live up to her expectations which is obviously impossible. I’m more than happy for Jon and hope he has a happy future ahead of him. At least now he’s able to do all the things he couldn’t do before!

  • stephanie M

    I absolutely disagree with ALL “previous” Jon Gosselin fans who feel that he’s a slime ball and is moving on too quickly. WHO CARES! The number of days since the divorce is irrelevant – what makes sense is how long they’ve been out of love. Has anyone actually ever WATCHED Jon and Kate plus 8? All Kate ever did was mock him, make fun of his weight and any other thing she could poke at. She’s also become a stuck-up, prissy diva since she started bringing in the money from her shows. She deserves to be alone because no man would be able to tolerate the constant critism and ridicule infront of millions of people. He deserves to be happy because all he tried to do was live up to her expectations which is obviously impossible. I’m more than happy for Jon and hope he has a happy future ahead of him. At least now he’s able to do all the things he couldn’t do before!

  • stephanie M

    and one more thing, why are all of you criticizing his “gut”? All Kate ever did was tell him to lose weight, work out, and when he DID eat a piece of cake or something sweet she wouldn’t shut her mouth with the insults and childish remarks. I’m happy for him, now he can eat whatever he wants and doesn’t have to live someone else’s life. And yes, she WAS and IS a she-wolf.

  • pete davis

    Jon grow up and accept your responsibilty… What is going to happen when the money quits coming in? How are you going to support your kids, or even provide health care for your kids? GROW UP JON

  • g

    i think they are absolutely PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER…..u guys lay off them…coz they’re two losers who got together…if he kept on with kate, who knows…maybe cheated behind her back? went out for milk but really bumping another woman? so good for them…coz trash attracts trash…my gosh, wy the hell is he showing us his belly? looks like he’s gonna bear twins soon! hahah…guess hailey can be the one with the pants this time around. LOL

  • Chris

    Kate is beautiful and this girl is not ….

  • haasy0988

    @bILLY BOB:

    Haaa Haaa, so true!

  • suppress your appetite

    hot girl/….