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Jon Gosselin Smokes Marlboro Cigarettes

Jon Gosselin Smokes Marlboro Cigarettes

Jon and Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin gets some help lighting his Marlboro cigarette from his girlfriend Hailey Glassman during a romantic getaway on Monday (July 13) in Cannes, France.

The couple was seen shopping at a Gucci boutique and grabbing lunch together.

Four years ago, Hailey, who is the daughter of Kate Gosselin’s tummy-tuck doctor, was arrested for possession of marijuana. What a fine step-mother Hailey will be!

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192 Responses to “Jon Gosselin Smokes Marlboro Cigarettes”

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  1. 76
    sasha Says:

    Yes we all know Kate was SO harsh with Jon but does that give him a free ticket to act like a complete idiot? They both keep saying they care so much about their kids now is the time for them both to step up to the plate and prove it. Jon is this really the pics you want your kids to see in a few years? And everytime someone sees Jon they say he looked drunk…how unusual. The reason why he keeps dating all these twenty somethings is because they are the only ones young and foolish enough to put up with him. I’m no big fan of Kates but Jon needs to grow up and be the dad his kids need him to be.

  2. 77
    ugh! Says:

    These two are disgusting. I really don’t want to hear anything about him or Kate again! I feel so sorry for the kids – those kids are in for some rough times, especially as they get older. They’re going to be picked on like crazy.

  3. 78
    Emit Says:

    Geez, Jared, could you be any more Team Kate? At least Jon is not trying to get sympathy for himself by trashing his other half in an eight page spread in People, or parading them around on the front lawn to the paps can see what a dedicated parent they are.

  4. 79
    amy Says:

    NEWS FLASH PEOPLE E ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK HAVE PROOF JON STARTED THE RUMOR THAT KATE CHEATED WITH THE BODYGUARD TO GET THE HEAT OFF OF HIMSELF AND GIVE HIM A VALID REASON FOR DIVORCE!!!! he’s a piece of **** look how he dresses and now he smokes he’s become a lowlife he obviously doesn’t care about hurting his 8 kids whom he should be at home with the mans even getting an apartment in NY when there are tons and tons in Pennsylvania he obviously doesn’t want to be close to the kids and i can actually see him dropping out and barely being in their lives from now on. He had a problem with the fame but he’s using the money from it to wine and dine his new gf, he didn’t want kate to write books and do book tours yet he’s pushing a shoeline for his gf…wow jon way to slap ur kids in the cheek

  5. 80
    Victoria Says:

    This loser sure shows his true colors since he doesn’t have a job and want no responsibility even to his own children. They could already google your dumbshit as* you uncaring *******. Unimaginable damages done to his kids are just unforgivable. He’ll get what’s coming to him, except that he doesn’t realize that yet.

  6. 81
    jason Says:

    this guy is neither sexy, good looking, or newsworthy.

  7. 82
    sasha Says:

    @amy: How true…he claims he hates the publicity but he doesn’t mind using it to his advantage when its convenient.

  8. 83
    jennifer Says:

    jon, you are so classy with hailey trashman.

    keep smoking those cancer sticks too, you’re such a rebel now that you’re free of kate.

    i really feel bad for your eight kids.

  9. 84
    Tazina Says:

    Big deal. So she smoked some weed in college. Can’t believe that’s even worth mentioning. Jon takes his turn with his kids on Tuesday…Remeber – they’re ALTERNATING. He is entitled to travel, do whatever he wants on his free time. The marriage is OVER. That’s what people do; they move on. The kids will not be shunned or made fun of at school because their parents are divorcing. In fact they’ll fit right in….get over it….everyone is going to be just fine once the dust has settled. And he’s not going to marry Hailey G. – he’s like a kid in a candy store right now after years of verbal abuse and being under the thumb.

  10. 85
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    I don’t know and care why the marriage went kaput. But this d*nk is a real piece of work. His kids are old enough to read and go to school. I feel sorry for what the kids might have to face. He could have shown a little restraint and a little respect to the mother of his children and waited before rolling out the new trollop in his life. I have lost all respect for this guy. “I’m there for my kids,” he claims. Then he pulls this. Dad of the year he is NOT.

  11. 86
    Jon G Says:

    I know people, I’m a total disgrace in front of my kids and my family. But hey, this is what my mom taught me. She taught me that when the going gets tough, choose a different easy way out. After all, I’m a momma’s boy. As for the kids, I could see them during the holidays and more than that, I can’t handle. As you can see I was raised right.

  12. 87
    uhavegot2b Says:

    OK, Yes he is acting like a jerk. But hey, he put up with 10 years of put downs from the “wonderful Miss Money Hungry, can anyone contribute more money to my cause” Kate!! They are both pitiful at this point. He is going through what most men go through which is a mid life crisis, only his is happening about 20 years sooner than the average. Maybe he can get a tummy tuck also now that he is dating the Dr.’s daughter. Boy he must be proud of his daughter, she needs counseling along with the rest of them. I just hope someone is making sure the kids are all OK in this rediculous display of adult childness, on all parts.

  13. 88
    lollipolly Says:

    jon is a total jerk to the kids i won’t be soo surprised when the kids grows up and never even talk to him! he left Kate with 8 kids
    and that glass man girl!!! don’t have any shame …… yeah just jared peeps r rite she will teach her step kids how to smoke marijuana after kate tried to feed them organic food
    i don’t blame kate for turning into a wild person cause i would the same thing

  14. 89
    sewgirly Says:

    You know it looks bad when Jared makes a negative comment!

  15. 90
    aNNE Says:


  16. 91
    Kate's a pig Says:

    I’ll take drug posession in college over scam artist/child pimp any day

  17. 92
    Kataie Says:

    They are POTHEADS!!!!

  18. 93
    Leah Says:

    what a jerk.

  19. 94
    LT Says:

    Uughh….eew….c’mon Jon! I was totally pulling for you! So sad.

  20. 95
    Sgt Friday Says:

    Jon looks really slow to me, like he has some sort of mental disorder. He never looked that way before, IMO. Maybe it’s the extra fat and drinking? It seems to be dragging his face down.

    Also, why is he always red? He’s been like that even on the show. Has he never heard of a little thing called sunscreen? He looks like a beet 24/7!

    These kids really have some top-notch parents. Raving ***** or douchnozzle – take your choice.

  21. 96
    JON IS SCUM!! Says:

    What a scum bag! Love the belly shots looks like Jon ate Kate plus Eight!

  22. 97
    Tasty Calzones Says:

    The truth of the matter is that Kate Gosselin can do MUCH better than Jon. He doesn’t have what it takes for such an important, time-consuming, often thankless job like raising 8 beautiful kids.

  23. 98
    brooklyn Says:

    jon must have a mental problem if he cant see that hailey is a gold digger. whats wrong with this man? nice gut by the way, real cute…

  24. 99
    haha Says:

    @Kate’s a pig: Jon is guilty of scamming the public and Pimping the kids, too.

  25. 100
    Lemon Says:

    Nothing says “sexy” like a pasty, white gut!

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