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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel: Hollywood Bowl Buddies

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel: Hollywood Bowl Buddies

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are going strong, keeping their arms wrapped around one another after watching a concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Sunday night (July 12).

The pair watched performances by Ray LaMontagne (with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, conducted by David Campbell), Jenny Lewis and Blitzen Trapper.

Also spotted in the audience: Reese Witherspoon and beau Jake Gyllenhaal.

10+ pictures inside of Hollywood Bowl buddies Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

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Credit: Lomeli; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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45 Responses to “Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel: Hollywood Bowl Buddies”

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  1. 26
    madmax Says:

    Who is Jake seeing? Austin? Chris Fischer? Mystery guy? I’d like to know if he’s got a chin as big as Reeke’s? Maybe he likes big chins and blondes. He did say he likes them older.

    This relationship will crash and burn sooner or later.

  2. 27
    dali Says:

    fake as hell, they’re looking for attention that’s it, they can go fck themselves ’cause i’m not a fan of neither and they suck big time, talentless ppl, and plz stop posting their pics, gimme some channing tatum and his gorgeous wife pictures & britney’s picture & GORGEOUS scarlett johanson

  3. 28
    christine Says:

    I use to live right near the Hollywood Bowl, but never been. Careful… I got into an accident there cause of the f***in intersection. And those stupid Star tour buses get on my damn nerves (not that they have anything to do with the Bowl).
    Jessica has a gorgeous face cut… just like my mother’s.
    I wonder why all these attractve women go for JT. He’s so cheesy and ugly. I hate his nose. Looks like Rudolph the reindeer. And the way he speaks… the worst impersonation of being “hip hop” or “r&b” or WHATEVER. Maybe it’s his “coolness.” I think I saw him in some reality show with Cameron Ditzy, and supposedly he has a personality or IQ or smething (bsides his wee-wee… ya know y’all were gonna state it, if i didn’t) that attracts women. I dunno!
    Jessica is SO hot tho. But JT, man, he is just ICKY! Must be one hardworking dude. Or maybe he pays for all these things for his girlfriends and is a real gentleman towards them. Otherwise, can’t figure it out. (Besides, the weewee again).
    Interviewers need to ask these women that go out with him. “What is it about JT that you like/love about him?”

  4. 29
    jessica the mAN Says:

    Damn is hard to find an uglier woman in Hollywood and every time I see the staged photo ops of this manly looking fame ***** I go WTF is she wearing?
    Can’t this ***** find a stylist ?
    Justin ,Justin how can you form Cameron Diaz to this I don’t know talk about DOWNGRADE .

  5. 30
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i seriously dont understand these 2
    a whole month goes where they arent even spotted together
    and then in the next following week, we see em together like 3 times
    i not sure what 2 believe, if their relationship is going down or strong
    she doesnt look all that nice in these pics

  6. 31
    dali Says:

    uglier and uglier and it’ll keep getting uglier, he should off dated gorgepous scarlett johansson

  7. 32
    marissa Says:

    she never looks nice. for a person with a so called hot bod , she certaintly dont dress for it.

    and I agree with Bob. she needs to come out the closet. it’s freakin obvious

  8. 33
    mailey Says:

    This **** needs to stop trying to make his glasses happen.. You dont look cool or trendy so stop already.

  9. 34
    miwooo Says:

    just trying too hard to look happy, they’re obviously faking it a half-hearted smile both of them and i don’t think she has a beautiful beaudy, it’s kinda ugly and over ratted but that’s my opinion maybe others think differently i dunno, she’s ugly to me, and he’s so fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i really dislike him, and he can’t do better than this hag, they deserve each other, trailer trash talentless white trash pple

  10. 35
    miwooo Says:

    oh look they’re smilling “hallelujah” but it’s a fake smile, nice try tho

  11. 36
    trev Says:

    I wonder when she’ll find out that he cheated on her with another girl in an LA club a few weeks ago. Lindsay Lohan was right as she was there too, it was just too dark in the club to take a picture.

  12. 37
    alice staley Says:

    i used to like him so much, but lately – - – i don t know.
    Jessica looks great though, she always does, natural beauty.

  13. 38
    sad Says:

    I am really sad to see Justin through his amazing potential away engaging in those photo ops with this fame ***** he doesn’t need it he needs to go back touring or in a studio to record a new album where is Timberland where you need him?lololololol

    I have been a fan since I have been 14 years old and right now I am sad .

    Praying for the day he finally wakes up and is tired of being used and dumps her ass looking at his past relationships that day hopefully is not too far off .

    I know his next girlfriend would probably be someone famous not a regular girl but lets hope that at least she is famous in her own right doesn’t use him to further her career .

  14. 39
    heonlymarriedjen Says:

    They need to just get married already. Nothing like dating thru the “honey moon faze”. If you aren’t ready for marriage at this age and after 2 years of dating then cut her loose u selfish a**hole

  15. 40
    Lisa Says:

    Photo op!

  16. 41
    ira Says:

    He has to go for a she-male because no one else wants him and by no one else I mean no good looking woman with pride, style and intelligence would wish to be with him so this really really poor creature (Biel) is the only thing he can get. It is a pity indeed, for someone who thinks of himself that he is the sexiest guy on earth hahaha PLEASE! GROW UP YOU *******! You can`t find a real woman so you have to stick with these *******! (By the way: ******* like yourself!)

  17. 42
    whortensia Says:

    cute cute cute cute cute cute–the crutch word of the brainless ninny

  18. 43
    whortensia Says:

    wonder what kind of psycho sickness makes people want to think other people are always gay, without any proof at all. it says far more about the person saying it than the person about whom it is said (for whom it is irrelevant). I do think it is a pathetic desire to pretend to know all about them when the person really knows almost nothing about them and is terribly bothered by that. It would be like claiming a person had cancer or diabetes when they don’t, but it gives the impression that you know all about them.

  19. 44
    marissa Says:


    dont be mad that you dont know the obvious and everyone with some common sense do. Oh poor doggy

  20. 45
    suppress your appetite Says:

    jess :)*

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