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Lady Gaga Excites The Irish

Lady Gaga Excites The Irish

Lady Gaga performs on day three of the Oxegen Music Festival in Ireland on Sunday (July 12).

The 23-year-old singer wore the same outfit that she wore in England a few days before.

Last week, Lady Gaga wore a bondage mask when attending a press conference in Floriana, Malta. “It’s not just a mask, it’s a contemporary art piece,” Gaga told reporters in Malta. “Right now, I’m having a very strong obsession mostly with clothing found in sex shops. I would venture to say that all that clothing was designed by gay men.”

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  • Caroline

    It’s called ‘oxegen’ with an e, not ‘oxygen’ like the gas

  • The Narcissist

    Must scrub eyes hard…………

  • LaLaLand

    Jared, it’s called oxegen :D

    And it’s in Kildare, Ireland.

    Love all your work here, btw. Thanks!

  • The Dame

    I love her hair short like that :)

  • Chris

    I hate her.

  • dave

    she was terrible, the worst of the whole festival. couldnt hold a note if she tried.she just danced around changing outfits instead of singing. britney spears cud have sang better live

  • Ilia

    She has a pretty attractive butt – you go GaGa!

  • zxc

    Tranny Gaga is very asexual person.

  • squishy butt

    She’s so odd. And her singing isn’t great. She thinks she’s the new Madonna but she ain’t. Not even close.

  • L

    God she’s fugly.

  • emmaa

    I enjoy her music but the woman is starting to annoy me with her ego.

  • NativeNYker

    They excite easily though…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • *******

    She kind of reminds me of a younger Courtney Love

  • jaykay.

    she’s not to everyones taste, but she has emerged as a surprise success over in the UK/Ireland with her festival performances.

    all reviews i’ve seen and a lot of the crowd i’ve spoken to (who aren’t fans) said she really rocked it and they have more respect for her.

    i’m a converted fan.

    generally, she sings well live. yes its lower, but it has far more power and soul than on the track…plus she IS dancing about after all, it’s not easy. poker face is tricky…so she does the quite frankly, great, acoustic to show off her chops and then goes into the banging crowd pleaser.

    oh, and to the good ol’ haters – don’t even bother trying to say she was the worst at the festival. for YOU, maybe…but you clearly didn’t notice how wild the crowd went for her.

  • Honey

    She wore the same outfit twice!? How dare she! …especially one as bad as that.

  • emma

    She had actually just worn the same outfit in Scotland not England !!
    She was at T in the Park and i saw her perform, not the best, Katy Perry was in another league. Still a great show though, and the outfit looked great on her.



  • gags

    The big question of the day…. Is Gaga running out of outfits to wear? Wearing the same ensemble twice in one week. Is she likely to disappear as a consequence? I sure hope so. She’s here, there and everywhere because she knows her days in the limelight will soon be over.

  • bleh

    I have no word for this nut case

  • Jen

    Love her music and thinks she sings well live but her outfits are just nas/ty

  • Miss Sixty

    Has she just had a nose job? She used to have an unusually massive nose for a Caucasian according to my memory.

  • http://justjared soprano

    Am not convinced that this isn’t a fella wanting to be a girl or a girl wanting to be fella . If you look closely at some photos………very strange, weird person. Even weirder when interviewed…………..

  • Alexander

    cheaper version of Madonna…

  • Raquel

    Hahah i find her entertaining, and its true she sure rocked it at the festival singing live, good performance!

  • LuckyL

    Don’t worry, we recognized it Gaga

  • cccccccccccccccc

    it wasnt england. it was scotland, t in the park ?
    get it sorted!

  • Irish Girl

    Love. Avant garde and tres, tres formidable. She is entertainment personified.

  • Pat


  • pokeman

    Ilia @ 07/13/2009 at 7:25 am

    yes, she does have a nice butt for a “23″ year old. i’ll be you won’t be saying the same in 20 years unless she works her @ss off…..hahahahahahaha!

  • tina

    Saying she was at T in the Park in England instead of Scotland is like saying SXSW is in Canada!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    we’ve heard u, u dumb bitczh
    we get that u like sex alot, and i dont care even if im a guy because u have a freaking man face
    ohhh and u have some massive thighs

  • alex

    Ughhh.. I can’t stand her.

  • maria

    i’ m tired of ”lady” gaga…
    i dont want moreee gaga…Enough!!!
    i m so bored to see every day gaga!!!!!!!!!
    she is so cheap.

  • omg

    Wow, kinda gross.
    I realize its all an act, but honestly . . .can u give it up now?

  • kris

    why is she trying to hard to stand out ??
    by wearing these ridiculous outfits she so calls “art”
    it’s getting her attention alright just not in the right ways

    her music isn’t meaningful what so ever
    she produces stupid pop tunes
    that are pointless crap and garbage to
    music today

    and the fact that she thinks she’s all that makes
    her even worse.
    you’re not hot.
    put some descent clothes on
    and stop trying to stand out so much
    and stop trying so hard
    you’re making yourself look stupid

  • killer of swag

    Shes nasty,Fuggerz, sucks singing live, and her outfits are just ridiculous.

  • sARAHHH x

    ok so i love her songs and like that shes different to the rest of hollywood but damn she is weird.
    And she defs need a size up her boobs are bout to fall out.

  • emma

    she sucks cant sing live or nothing and one time in an interview she said that she hopes her kids would be hores like her and the outfit no comment really she thinks that shes the new pop qween but she is living a fairytale she is not even close and she is a slut if anyone notice i mean she is showing her buut??!! wtf shes sick

  • Kate

    I was there and i thought she was god awful, she cahnged clothes three times she never stopped talking and she played poker face acoustically on the piano with her foot!!!!! utter let down!!! katy perry was AMAZING in comparison, in a league of her own!!!!!

  • Willow Storm

    i like commenting :3

  • Willow Storm

    thats so true

  • dubdub

    heshes a butterface and is seriously effed up in the head .. but gotta give this beast credit at least heshe makes an attempt at singing live unlike miss britney

  • Julia

    beautiful, sexy ans rich

  • Anonymous


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  • laly

    i looove her .. but i think she got chubbier

  • suppress your appetite

    gaga GG

  • silly me

    i like her but she needs to show her face more she s sexxy ii love her