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Levi Johnston: Sarah Palin Resigned Over Money

Levi Johnston: Sarah Palin Resigned Over Money

Earlier this month, Sarah Palin announced her resignation as governor of Alaska. Now, her former future son-in-law (and father of her grandson) Levi Johnston is speaking to Today about it:

On how Palin had discussed quitting before: “She was talkin’ about how [being governor] is a very stressful job. After the campaign and things, we had tons of offers, from everybody out there; just all kinds of ridiculous things. There had been talk about, ‘It’d be nice to just take the money and run.’”

On the rumors that Palin is getting a $7 million advance for her book: “I’ve heard anything from $7 million to $9 million. It’s up there.”

On Palin changing after she lost the last election: “[She wasn't] as outgoing. I didn’t see the spark in her eyes about being governor… The fame got to her head. Just being up there and running for vice president, it’s totally different than governor. There’s cameras every day, she had secrets service… You name it. Seeing how she acted when it was all gone, I think it definitely got to her head.”

Watch Levi‘s interview below!

Levi Johnston: Sarah Palin Resigned Over Money
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  • Palin for Dogcatcher

    She is better suited to be a beauty queen that a politician…don’t cha knoe

  • Gee

    Why is this fool still looking for his 15 minutes? Loser.

  • Maria

    Well, it’s getting to HIS head, too. What a jerk

  • noodle


  • S

    I love this kid. He gives us an insight into how really screwed up this family is. Who doesn’t love drama? These people belong as far away from the White House as possible.

  • kristen

    I think he must be bitter about something..hmmm what could that be?? Oh yeah he also seems to like the little attention he gets from these interviews and statements, especially when hes trashing sarah palin, which with the liberal crowd is super awesome..ya know?? LAME–get a life

  • whortensia

    I <3 Palin… she does be as intelligentic as me am

  • truthfairy

    What a bitter young man he portrays himself as. He should keep his mouth shut for the sake of his son and not spill such bitterness to gain attention. That’s his son’s grandmother he’s dissing, and that’s bad.

  • voe

    An obvious d.i.c.k head!

  • whortensia

    @truthfairy: you is teh bitter one!!11!!one11

  • angel hair

    wooo… bring the claws out!

  • amber

    he’s upset cause sarah’s daughter dumped his as$.
    this guy should just shut the f4ck up. he really thinks people are interested in him.

  • Barbara

    this guy is a douchbag. He should stop talking and maybe do something productive with his life instead of using the Palin family to start his “acting career”.

  • Answer me this

    I voted for Obama.I am a Democrat,independent thinker,oops,I just told you my secret there about an being an independent thinker.
    I do not like Palin,politically.
    What is the difference between Repubs and Democrats?
    Real Democrats say say when Dems are right and when they are wrong. They can say when Repubs are right and they are wrong.
    Soto Kristen and the Kristens #6 on here,lets not go there.This is NOT about politics.
    NOW,can somebody please shut this ingnorant and stupidlittle boy up?He is a worhtless piece of sh*t. Why is anything likeToday Show interviewing him.Interview Palin. Her Lt.Gov.
    This boy is proof for these teenage girls,look, you get an adult relationship you should not be in with trash, and you have a baby with this trash so you sort of have this piece of smelly sh*t around STILL!!!!This boy is tiring to be famous. He is telling themost private things,;likewhat Palin and her husband were saying at the breakfast table. Can he be sent off to boardinbg school? Oh,too old for that. He is a piece of trash.100% trash.
    And he is ugly too.

  • bleh

    This guy is beyond pathetic!!!!

  • jessa

    Can’t he just SHUT-UP!

  • http://justjared tanii

    We don’t f*cking care! Jesus, this kid is such a douche.

  • Answer me this

    #13 Barabra ,something productive would be 1-get a vesectonmy. 2)get a real job in Alaska and go to school.3)Support his kid.
    Where are his parents?Oh,his mom has that prescript med trial case to contend with.
    Trash,pure trash….and Idon’t even like Palin,but this Levi trash needs to STFU! Ignorant,stupid lil as*,PWT(poor White trash).

  • ?

    Nasty…why give him airtime…he’s a loser.

  • E

    Levi is too dumb to think of lies so I believe him about Palin. I don’t think much of him either but atlas, he has an excuse that he is young. What’s Palin’s excuse? I think money and offers are the reasons why she quit; Sarah got a taste of fame and fortune and she wants more….screw that public service.
    I swear the Palins are a lot like the Gosselins. ….all class. LOL.

  • truthfairy

    Whorstenchia is a little psychotic I think. Too much crack, dear.

  • Olliver

    The sooner the Wasilla Hillbillies fade into obscurity, the better.

  • Stinkerbelle

    @E: It’s coz she’s American. Americans r the most dysfunctional people ever. Good athletes, scientists etc but dysfunctional. F***** up culture.

  • Barbara

    @Answer me this:
    you should get:
    1. spelling lessons
    2. a bag for your head
    3. a plug for the verbal incontinence

  • Honey

    This could get interesting…

  • Leni

    He is nothing but a total looser. I hope they prevent him from seeing his child.

  • Shakirakitten

    My condolences to the Palin family. This is a spoiled brat spilling his milk. How terrible to have such a turncoat as the father of your child, Sarah. He does not even remember that he has a duty and responsibility as the father of a child. If he has nothing good to say, say nothing at all.

  • Raquel

    What a douchebag, when will he go away? I thought his 15 min were up? He is good looking i will give him that, but once he opens that yap its just no good, douchebag in every way!

  • chloe moely

    this punk is a scumbag
    pro or contra Sarah..he’s a stoolpigeon

  • http://condoningdeadbeatdads Media that promotes losers

    Any media outlet that hosts or reports on this loser has to be the most sensationalist-seeking media outlet around. Talk about desperately looking for any story that could cause controversy. What rubbish.

  • levi is not alone..

    What is the difference between Levi and La Toya and Joe Jackson
    spilling their stories of Michael who is dead they are all scum of
    the earth..

    Sarah deserves what she gets Levi got paid and so did all the
    celebrities who have not been seen in years being interviewed
    the body guard for Joe Jackson why the hell does he need one..
    Talking away just like Levi giving his version of what happened
    when in the year 2009 no one is talking about this year.. And
    Joe repeats himself on tv all the time I have not seen Michael in
    a long time.. so get over it every person does this not just LEVI

  • Vicky

    How pathetic. Regardless of whether you like or hate her, this guy is just bitter about being dumped and is looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Seriously, he needs to get a life.

  • iggy

    he’s just being honest and as the father and a young teenager, i find it comical that Sarah Palin picks a fight with him. She picks a fight with everyone – does she ever stop? It’s no secret that she has a big payday coming out with her new book and if she were governor, she couldn’t have taken the money.

    I hope she leaves politics. If she can’t handle the stress level of a small populated state (600,000 – smaller than my small city), then how does she even think she’d handle the presidency which is 100x more stressful.

  • Anna

    Why is the media even interviewing him? It’s because in their minds, Palin herself can’t possibly be telling the truth. What idiots (the media and Levi)……




  • Bonging the bangi

    If she promises to make pot legal, she has my vote.

  • -

    what a loser seeking for his 15 mins of fame. i hope the palin family won’t allow this douche bag to see or even hang out with his newborn that he abandoned.

  • kelly

    This guy is an uneducated slime ball! The Palin family should thank God Bristol is not going to marry him. I’ll bet if they offered him money to stay out of his son’s life he would take it in a heartbeat. Money well spent I’d say!!!

  • mouche

    If I had been a US citizen I am sure I would have been a Democrat;) But I also think that the Sarah Palin bashing often is a little over the top lol lol! This young man seems just bitter, rude, and really unpleasant!

  • eliza

    I would have had a little respect for him if he had kept his mouth shut, but he’s milking this for all it’s worth. Sad.

  • DT

    Just because he’s a loser doesn’t mean that Palin isn’t a loser too.

  • Jamie

    I’ve never heard one good thing about Sarah Palin from anyone in her circle.

  • summersucks

    ok seriously, i REALLY hope people arent going to believe everything that comes out of the mouth of a redneck, high school drop out kid

  • Jeremy

    The media LOVES having a Palin “insider” who is willing to talk trash about her. You better bet the media is going to milk Levi for all he’s worth. The liberal media is even lower than this 19 year old kid.

  • Bob

    TMZ is about to break with the cancelled checks that the Democratic Party has been writing to Levi so that he will keep bashing Palin.

  • pebbles

    why is he even talking? it’s not his place to discuss such private matters about a family he is no longer affiliated with. seriously, stfu!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    as much as i dislike her and her hillbilly ways
    i hate fame whores such as levi
    not only that but i hate it when it’s guys who fame whore
    dude, just shut ur mouth already….this is only get u farther from ur kid if u even still remember him

  • lauren

    he’s such a dumb ass! & can’t we just leave sarah palin alone already??? sheeesh

  • Me

    Isn’t his fifteen minutes of fame on somebody else’s coattails up?

  • VICTORIA # 1

    Poor kid. He is definitely upset over his fading moments of 15 minutes on television history isn’t he. Well, arrogant sweetie, your past will soon catch up with you. Or should I say your ” WORDS. ” Blasting and talking spitefully about your son’s grandparent’s, was NOT the wisest choice you could have made, and you will unfortunately find that out. Your family, is not any better. They came across looking like the Beverly Hillbillies who left the ice hole without any prior coaching from anyone.
    You need to keep your mouth shut, and quit looking for some type of fame or money, because you are making people sick of looking at you, and listening TO you. Sadly, you have absolutely NO idea what you are saying or what you are talking about. For your son’s welfare and future, just SHUT UP !