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Natalie Portman is Thor's Jane Foster

Natalie Portman is Thor's Jane Foster

Natalie Portman has been cast as the female lead in Thor, Marvel Studios’s live-action film due out in theaters on May 20, 2011.

According to THR, the 28-year-old actress has been cast to star as Jane Foster, who in early comic book lore was a nurse who became Thor’s first love.

Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth has already been chosen to play thunder god Thor. Tom Hiddleston is set to play Loki, the god of mischief.

What exciting casting news!!!

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  • Sally

    Natalie is gorgeous and really a great actress. Good news.

  • mouche

    Wow, what a beautiful couple!!!

  • Saudia

    yay! They make such a beautiful couple.. damn cannot wait to see how this movie turns out :)

  • Jake G

    Congratulations Nat!

  • marissa

    congrats to nat :)

  • karenina

    nice couple

  • kaila


    i love natalie portman! can’t wait for the movie!

  • h

    Its really funny that this guy looks like chris pine and I just said the other day that chris and natalie would make a hot couple lol These two should totally hook up

  • ella

    Yes – cute couple!

  • jon has big boobs

    damn, that dude is hot.

  • funkey

    I at first thought Ryan Reynolds was Thor but remembered he is Green Lantern..Don’t know who this guy his but, Glad to see Natalie doing a fun movie this time instead of all drama

  • t

    hope it’s good

  • me

    A COMIC book movie? Wow, I thought Natalie Portman was better than this!

  • Cate

    @h: he played kirk’s dad in star trek!

  • me

    Good news for her and her co- star its like a winner.

  • stacie

    I can’t wait to see this movie . I fell in LOVE with Chris Hemsworth in Star Trek. He is totally on my Love list .He’s so Dreamy.

  • Yay

    hes the perfect choice for Thor

  • Jen

    they will make a great couple on screen.. both are gorgeous

  • chloe

    Oh, total hottness.

  • diane

    Thor? really? who chares

  • philipa

    I don’t know who this guy is but he is HOT!! :P

    Natalie is a cute girl, but sucks as an actress….

  • momo



  • lakers fan in boston

    im getting tired of all these super hero movies
    not a big fan of thor either, was never really in2 it
    congrats tho natalie

  • Gasol_fan16

    I agree it is nice to see Natalie will be doing a fun movie for a change. Also, nice to see she has steady work! Keep the posts coming in on Natalie jj!

  • mailey

    that is a bad pic of her.

  • tim

    I am thrilled for Natalie, she deserves nothing but the lead roles in best films, she is gorgeous and talented.

  • elle

    they would make a gorgeous couple

  • funkey

    As long as she keeps getting roles she won’t be out of the limelight for long. She is one actress that is always in demand. I agree superhero movies are going always too far but, i think it’s the sequels that drive some crazy. To me I don’t know a thing about Thor so this will be a change for me to watch this movie

  • adiore

    I thought that was Chace Crawford at first but he does sorta look like Chris Pines (?) …HOT nonetheless.

  • jaye

    I loved this Comic. I think i still have a crush on Thor. I won’t be seeing this movie though, don’t want to ruin a nice childhood memory.

  • padme

    @#25 Mailey -
    Are you blind? This pic of Nat is actually one of her best ever. It was from this year’s Oscars….she was voted best dressed and make-up/hair. Nat is first class all the way….brains, beauty, wit, and compassion. Directors love her….that’s why she’s always working…unlike other media whores in HW. Congrats, Nat!

  • celery gloss

    he’s a cutie. at first he reminded me of chris pine. now i realize he played james kirk’s dad. that’s great casting.

  • lola

    Sure natalie will be great. Finally some love for Tom Hiddleston! Tho not suprising seeing as Ken Brannaghs directing, they cant keep away from each other! lol

  • mertz

    i would do anything for natalie portman. lol. have you heard the natalie portman song from canadian artist k-os, jared? anyways thanks for the news. i am sooooo glad she got the part, and i was going to go and watch it already for the hot aussie dude, but this just solidified my support. love it. and also agreed with lakers fan in boston. i love comics…but this sh*t is too much.

  • vagag

    I wish she was playing Lady Sif instead.

    Oh btw, he’s hot, isn’t. God, a male celebrity who looks like an actual man who can do manly things. Not some glossy, orange, primped and powder botox queen…

  • Gasol_fan16

    Again, not the kind of role I was expecting Natalie to play but, she will make it and do Thor justice. Natalie is likeable anyway and Congrat’s to the fine young lady that looks like she is doing very well. Good for her!

  • ferris

    She’s overrated. She’s cute but not the best looking girl in the business. Charlize Theron and Monica Bellucci are better looking. And she can’t act. Certain movie geek fanboys just worship her for some reason. But the Star Wars films she was in sucked and her accent sucked in V for Vendetta. Yet she acts like she’s so great and so iconic for some reason.

  • Kylexy

    I thought she was going to play Beta Ray Bill

  • funkey


    I don’t know what you consider not good acting but, V got good reviews and so has many of her other films not all do great at the bo some are not ment to. Nat doesn’t go into a film expecting it to break records she does them for the way the story moves her. The actress mention Charlize Theron she too had done her share of poor movies and does good ones. Monica Bellocci started on ER and did Coyote Ugly not a great movie but ok. she is now on Tv guess that was her nitch to begin with TV. SW was Lucas’s and every actor in those movies knew exactly that the vision for Lucas was this was far not Natalie fault if people didn’t like it I thought she did good for being 14 and going to 24 with it. she grew with the movie and as much as it wasn’t her biggest accredited movie it’s still a good one for her. Thor well this must be something she feels strongly in doing maybe b/c Kenneth Braghnau is directing it sometimes the director sells the movie for many actors if they wish to work with them. See this going over well the guy who is Thor was in Star Trek and he was very well liked in it. This will do well if for any reason b/c of these two.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Sigh…Wait! The same hater’s come in 1..2…3…using other names. Sad but true. Who has the work lined up ahead of her and not resorting to selling cheap suntain lotion and sponspering that? Or has a very short list of movies that did her no justice? I say, Natalie is the one working and consistantly making movies. To those that find Charlize more beautiful. Fine. Eventhough, I think Natalie is more of a classic beauty. Comparing the two is rather silly. Whatever floats your boat.

  • tina

    Natalie is the most beautiful, talented and promising young actress in HW, she actually has a range. Don’t compare her to anyone bc she is a unique classic beauty; there are beautiful actresses in HW but she is just the best.

  • funkey

    Totally agree with you Tina she is beautiful and very true to her craft she is one actress directors and producers can bank on. I can’t wait to see Brothers and I wish her the best with Thor.

  • mrs. c.

    Everything about Natalie is genuine….from her compassionate heart to her natural beauty. She hasn’t had any plastic surgeries, botox, collagens, etc. to enhance her beauty like other HW starlet wannabes.

  • http://http// andries price

    i like chris hemsworth and natalie portman on thor movie i like natalie portman she’s pretty hott sexy and beautiful i hope i meet her and i like her so i will see chris hemsworth and her on thor movie so thor movie in theatres may 2011 see ya.

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks amazing!!