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Reese Witherspoon is a Beer Babe

Reese Witherspoon is a Beer Babe

Reese Witherspoon kicks back with a bottle of premium Belgian beer, Stella Artois, during a concert at the Hollywood Bowl with beau Jake Gyllenhaal in Los Angeles on Sunday night (July 12).

The couple watched performances by Ray LaMontagne (with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, conducted by David Campbell), Jenny Lewis and Blitzen Trapper. After the concert, Jake was swatting away paparazzi.

FYI: Reese is wearing a the “Mimi” tunic/ dress from Twenty8Twelve, Sienna Miller‘s fashion line.

10+ pictures inside of beer babe Reese Witherspoon and boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal

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reese witherspoon beer 02
reese witherspoon beer 03
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  • bella

    LOL . . .these two are either playing it up for the paps or they are pissed.

  • British Latin American

    Southern waitress again!

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    i bet she had beer sh^ts in the morning

  • jamie

    DUH! I don’t get the people who think he’s attractive. He has such a DUH! face.

  • Sally

    They are always together and look happy. I think these two are really in love and having fun by this. Great for them!

  • sora

    she looks SO much younger and happier now that she’s out of the marriage and with jake. jen garner and ben remind me of ryan and reese before they broke up. she should learn from her and get out of her own sham of a marriage (although her acting skills is nowhere near oscar winning like reese’s).

  • Jess

    Um mother of two and walking around with a beer bottle. Classy move Reese!

  • ding dong

    What is Avon going to think of her stumbling out of a concert drunk? This is one of many pictures of her looking really over served from the past year. She is in LA on a short break from shooting a movie shouldn’t she spend time with her kids? I was shocked at how she went away several weekends (to Coachella etc.) with Jake while Ryan was shooting a movie in another country. She doesn’t spend time with them when she can and instead she’s out getting wasted. Wow that’s one sentence I never thought I would type.

  • oo

    Doh! Jake looks like such a douch and so damn ugly! Ewwwwwwwwwwww

  • Lee

    Reese drunk! who wouldn’t be when you have to beard with a gay bf and your career is in the drain. hahaha great mom my ass!

  • melinda maria

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  • chloe moely

    a bottle of beer is hardly illegal drug!
    People have picnic baskets w/champagne & wines
    in the July month @ the Bowl.
    It’s a huge deal.

  • Sama

    Reese reminds me of a skinny Anna Nicole in some of these pictures.


    Reese is a drunk and Jake is a closeted gay. They were made to cover for each other.

  • vmars111

    Jake is still contractually obligated to still be in the closet. Another week, another contractually obligated date with Reese.

  • hahaha

    lol @ the third picture

  • hahaha

    I’m sorry but they both look old and ugly


    (FORMER) fan encounter from last night: “I saw Reese and Jake at a concert last night. Jake was very cool but Reese was one of the rudest people I have ever met. It was just me and her and she would not sign an autograph. I was not even trying to take a picture because I was a big fan of hers and really wanted an autograph. I will never pay another cent to watch one of her movies. I can see why Ryan dumped her.” Check it out at Meet the

  • Amanda

    SOOOOOO mature these two are!!


  • ellie’

    They look great together. Having fun, good for you…

  • http://sarah sarah

    his face is so funny!!!!!! :–)

  • whortensia

    Well well. It does look as if she had a beer or two too many. And Jake isn’t happy about her being photographed, I presume. He does look mad as hell. But please can we stop the “gay” nonsense? It can’t be proved or even logically justified as has been shown here again and again. Only very sick people have to believe in a lie to be happy. But DD and others here seem very sick indeed.

  • Irish Girl

    So cute. I know they hate getting their pictures taken but I love seeing them! :)
    Who cares if she has a beer? It’s not a big deal. She is of age.

  • whortensia

    Jake is still contractually obligated to still be in the closet

    You’ve seen the contract of course? Silly ass that you are.

  • intervention

    She had more then a beer she looks wasted!!

  • whortensia

    “Cute”….a word that seems to be 100% of the vocabulary of some dimwits here hardly applies. Neither of them looks “cute” at all. She looks…well a bit under the weather and he looks madder ‘n hell.

  • secret is out

    whortensia is homophobic! whortensia hates gays! whortensia can’t stand it that Jake might be gay!

  • nicole

    I hate these two fugs. I can’t stand them. She looks wasted as hell. Where are her children? She is never with them anymore!!!! And I hate her god awful outfit. She is the shittiest dresser around.

  • louisa

    Reese is so wasted and Jake looks crazy.

  • jaye

    Little Reese is loosing up since she met Jake. Is he a deer caught in the headlights? lol

  • tShirts & jeans guy

    I think she looks great…and so does the Stella for that matter.

  • madmax

    Who is Jake seeing? Austin? Chris Fischer? Mystery guy? I’d like to know if he’s got a chin as big as Reeke’s? Maybe he likes big chins and blondes. He did say he likes them older.

    This relationship will crash and burn sooner or later.

  • Alicia

    You haters make me ill. Reese is a great, Oscar winning actress, and Jake seem like a really nice guy. Reese deserves a loyal partner.

    Why is everyone up in arms because she drank a beer? Most of us have the occasional beer or glass of wine. Hell, my husband and I went out to a Mexican restaurant with six other couples, and we all enjoyed a Margarita! That hardly makes us drunks!

    Grow THF up, losers! You are getting as bad as TMZ.

  • Irish Girl

    @intervention: Oh, I forgot. No-one has ever gotten drunk in the history of the world. Who cares if she’s wasted? She’s entitled to have some fun.

  • Autumn M

    Reese really does look a bit waisted but so what, that’s not a crime. She seems so fake to me though. Do not like her. Her whole face and chin look like the crescent moon. What does Jake see in her ? Then again, I heard he is rude himself so maybe they are a good match afterall.

  • anon

    I ´ve watched this film when Jake dated Kirsten (LOL).

  • gabby

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  • x

    She is cute and Jake continues totally gorgeous in my opinion.
    However, in these pics she is drunk and he is upset cause paps was taking pics of her. It think they are very funny, never ugly.
    Probably now, they are burst into laughter.

  • megan fox

    LOL at the picture of jake! :)

  • Anon

    I think Jake looks ridiculous! Reese is clearly the more seasoned, level-headed, mature one even when she’s drunk. Jake’s expression looks like he needs to find the men’s room in a hurry! LOL! Didn’t anyone ever tell that stupid Momma’s boy that tehre are…gasp…photographers at the concerts???? Poor thing. Is he her bodyguard? What an ass.

  • Anabelle

    Everyone knows Jake is gay as a goose and he’s Toothy Tile. Look it up, it’s quite enlightening. whortensia why are you so homophobic, ?

  • athena

    Jake just chill out…you’re only pictured every now and then…And you don’t give the paps great pics anyway. That pisses me off. lol.

  • jenna

    Oh wow, I remember when Jake would go to THE IVY with Kirstin Dunst and just die to be photographed by the paps and begged to be treated like a “movie Star.” I guess “downtown” Jake is now uptown Mr. Reese
    Witherspoon and too cool for any of that now.


  • Women’s Electric Shavers

    I think they look like they are having a good time (well at least her!) Everyone likes to have a good time once in a while and not always be posing for the camera!!

  • Jennifer

    What is that under Reese Witherspoon’s left eye. Did Jake beat her up.

  • squishy butt

    So funny facial expressions from Gayllenhaal lol :P

  • whortensia

    I think the truth is that she had a couple of beers too many and Jake was angry that she was photographed in this condition. Not good for her Avon contract or for her rep in general. He isn’t very attractive when he’s angry and he’s madder ‘n hell here, obviously. It is even possible they had an argument. The picture of her staring out of the car window might suggest that.

  • Alec

    No, Anabelle, “ToothyTile” is not Jake G., Maybe you should go back and do your gay homework. Ted told you all exactly who Toothy was, but it went right over your gay- preoccupied heads. Ted just loves that all of you people with the gay obsession seem to think Mr. Toothy Tile is our pal, Jake. But, then, what can anyone expect from a group of “closet” gays with IQs the same as their shoe sizes?

  • whortensia

    I think the truth is that she had a couple of chins too many and Jake was angry that she was photographed in this condition. Not good for her Avon contract or for her rep in general. He is very attractive when he’s angry and he’s madder ‘n hell here, obviously. It is even possible they had held hands. The picture of her chin poking out of the car window might suggest that

  • secret is out

    wartensia knows he smokes teh c.o.c.k and deedee will back me up