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Beyonce's Nephew: My Auntie Rocks!

Beyonce's Nephew: My Auntie Rocks!

Beyonce Knowles makes a stop at Rodeo Drive’s Ilori boutique on Monday afternoon (July 13) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 27-year-old songstress shopped for high-fashion sunglasses with her mom Tina and 4-year-old nephew Daniel (his mom is Beyonce‘s younger sister, Solange Knowles).

Daniel wore a cool blue pair of Oakley sunglasses and a t-shirt that read, “My Auntie Rocks.”

10+ pictures inside of rockin’ auntie Beyonce Knowles

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beyonce nephew my auntie rocks 01
beyonce nephew my auntie rocks 02
beyonce nephew my auntie rocks 03
beyonce nephew my auntie rocks 04
beyonce nephew my auntie rocks 05
beyonce nephew my auntie rocks 06
beyonce nephew my auntie rocks 07
beyonce nephew my auntie rocks 08
beyonce nephew my auntie rocks 09
beyonce nephew my auntie rocks 10

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  • e

    um.. his name webster by any chance?

  • greentea

    I think his names is Juelz

  • Lisa

    aweeee cute :) the knowles’ are a beautiful family

  • Michelle

    @greentea: Juelz is a nickname and/or his middle name

    He’s adorable

  • Nancy

    Ummm… was it his choice to buy a shirt that says that, or was that just put on him?

    Anyhow, he’s adorable.

  • um

    Love Beyonce. She is gorgeous.

  • Lisa

    He is sooo cute!

  • Shawn


  • Erik

    WoWW, it sure didn’t take long for crowds to develope. Yeah, his name is Daniel Julez but goes by Julez … and Bey looks incredible. Going to see her in Vegas.

    Love how Bey tries to have a normal life everywhere she travels on tour.. she doesn’t just stay in her hotel room and avoid crowds. You’re right Julez, your auntie DOES ROCK……

  • pixy

    Eh,….kinda lame.

  • jason


  • juner

    so they didnt have a tee-shirt that says “my mommy rocks”

    wow the ego on this women is so strong she’ll even stamp over own sister and use her newphew

  • trent

    Beyonce is so pretty. I was at her concert the other. She puts on quite a show.

  • elise

    # 13 I agree. Very entertaining concert. Can’t say the same for Britney.

  • mertz

    awwww juelz. i wonder what solange is saying about this. knew her moms was in la helping her out, but didn’t know it was a family affair and bey was there too. she’s coming here soon…i’ma try and get tix from a scalper or something. people should follow solange on twitter, because she is the business. she went at someone hard recently for dissing beyonce. it was too funny. she’s a good egg.

  • Wendy

    What ever you say Juner number 12
    It’s true Beyonce does rock…Sorry but the tshirt is just stating the obvious. Why else would she be Highest paid celebirty under 30 and 4th most powerful celebrity overall.

  • mertz

    lol some of the comments here. you really need to check it. obviously the kid didn’t buy his own shirt, and obviously his auntie does rock. i don’t think bey dressed him though. lol.

  • ****


  • irish girl

    What a mature looking little boy! Beyonce’s hair looks amazing lately. The colour is beautiful. The shoes.. not so much. Perhaps better at night?

  • fan

    So cute and so happy.

  • OMG

    Love Love Love Beyonces shoes

  • hey

    Rock on.

  • jaz

    I just got back from her tour at the Staples Center. AMAZING! And Juelz is right- his Auntie does rock. She puts on a one-of-a-kind show. And the MJ tribute at the end was touching.

    I wonder if Juelz is gonna get into the music industry one day like the rest of his family? Maybe he’ll be a rapper like his uncle Jay. He looks like a mini gangsta, and he already has a rapper’s name. I bet he already travels the world and “got hos in different area codes.”
    (im kidding)

  • sillyme

    I thought his name was Daniel. Is his father white or light skinned, because Solange is not that light.

  • newmoonrp

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  • camille

    Lol cute kid

  • child protective services

    They are always trying to turn this little boy GAY! They drag him off to fashion shows and never allow him to play with male children his own age. They want him to be GAY GAY GAY!

  • Honey

    Thats so cute!

  • Jolie hot chin not

    #24: You will find that in the African-American community two dark skinned people can have a very light child or one light skin parent and a dark sinned parent can have a very light child.

    Genetically, it is rare for two white parents to have a very dark child that is almost blakc but on the contrary two dark skin black people can have an almost white looking child. It’s the recessive gene thing. Learned this in genetics class.

    So I always laugh when people are surprised at how light some black people are given who their parents are. It’s genetics. So Solange’s son is just a light kid and he may even be lighter than a biracial kid. Just the mystery of genetics. Also I laugh when people say Beyonce was not that light before. Actually her mom is of Louisiana lineage and people from that region are some of the most genetically diverse so you never know what the kids will look like given that melting pot.

    Beyonce looks great.

  • Anita

    They are so sweet!!:)

  • anon

    Yes, kids are always good for image building…especially if you want to be seen as loving mother figure. Best not get in her way though if there are no cameras around…really

  • Not impressed by JA

    Why is Matthew never in the picture ?
    I don’t know, i would have think that at times he is either with his daughter, either with his gand son doing ‘boy’ things, going to sport, ect.

  • cutie pie

    Beyonce is the best and if i could find a t-shirt saying she rocks i owuld wear it too, ahe is the greatest!! At least one on the greatest but it damn sure aint Madonna!

  • too cute

    Beyonce does Rock!!!
    Work It !!!

  • http://aol susan

    Why do we so rarely see her with her husband!!!
    Mom does not look happy in the photo.
    And, yes, she is an incredilbe performer. I love the way she dresses.

  • dori

    I want one of those t-shirts for my niece


    bey, i love you!!
    GOD bless you and your family!
    please come to Brasil!!!

  • mertz

    child protective services @ 07/14/2009 at 8:01 am They are always trying to turn this little boy GAY! They drag him off to fashion shows and never allow him to play with male children his own age. They want him to be GAY GAY GAY!
    how the hell do you know this you fake. juelz has a lot of male friends. sheesh. get off that steeze and maybe get bent loser.

  • Michelle

    @child protective services: if you read Solange’s twitter, you would know the boy hangs out with LaLa Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony’s son all the time.

  • http://khristi07/14/2009@2:33pm Khristi

    I love her shoes. It must be nice to be able to afford some of the most amazing fashion.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol that actually looks like her nephew from the ds commercial she made, i just thought it was some random kid
    she doesnt look bad i just hate those ugly ass boots, they’re atrocious

  • youlikeme

    i think i’m starting to love her, she’s sooooooooo cute and seems to have a good heart, i only hate on her when she’s acting all diva-licious which i can’t stand, i strongly dislike ppl like Kanye west with a soooo called big ego, that’s pathetic, but i’m starting to like bey, i mean she’s OK

  • msblknasty1

    momma and pop are divorcing….. 80 million and your hair looks dirty sweaty and nappy wtf…. juelz is so cute … bey needs to keep her feet covered them corns are a no no…..lolo

  • Beyonce rocks

    That cute, he right she rocks. He has the best antie adn she spoils him rotten . He is such a cutie.

  • do ur research!!

    Ummm IrishGirl is clearly white bcus Beyonce’s hair looks a freakin mess!!! If u think her hair looks amazing then I wonder how terrible ur hair looks honey!!! lol

  • trey

    Beyonce looks good as usual.

  • Pippi

    Love me some Beyonce. Rock on baby girl. Little man got it right!

  • Siriana

    Beyonce uses this kid as an accessory. She parades him around in some get-up looking ridiculous just so she can look cute with him. Shame.



  • Lisa