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Christian Bale: Sugar, Sugar...

Christian Bale: Sugar, Sugar...

Christian Bale dons a white boxing corner jacket with his character’s name emblazoned on the front pocket as he heads to the set of The Fighter on Tuesday afternoon (July 14) in Los Angeles.

In the movie, Christian plays boxer Dickie Eklund, whose most notable fight was on July 18, 1978 against Sugar Ray Leonard at the Hynes Memorial Auditorium in Boston, Mass. It looks like the real-life Sugar makes a cameo in the movie, he too was spotted on set (inset)!

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  • Geesh!

    Nope….too easy

  • irish girl

    I wonder how long it took him to drop the weight? It seems like he was just at a regular weight recently.

  • sooo

    he looks ill!!!!

  • OMG

    He looks horrible.. OK I get he wants to be a method actor.. but he is messing up his body. His hair is already thinning and he looks unfortunately like a cancer patient.. and that is a sad thing..

    Matt Damon did this in that Jodie Foster/Denzel movie.. I can’t remember the title.. He said it messed up his organs. Same thing with Clooney when he gained weight ruined his back and knees…. Actors don’t need to go this far to convince the audience they are the character.. that is why they call it acting.

  • K.G.

    does he ever smile?

  • Joker

    Stay calm, people! He lost about 30 pounds for the movie role. He lost the weight partly through a high-protein diet and partly through a rigorous boxing regimen. The hair has been thinned to look like he’s losing it. (Not from malnutrition.) Makeup is accentuating the gaunt look. This IS what a lot of actors do and have done through the years, from DeNiro on down to Matt Damon and Clooney. He’s playing the part of a former boxer turned drug addict. That’s the only reason he looks like this.

  • cs

    @ Irish Girl-you can see him slowly get thinner from the early part of the Terminator Salvation promo in late April until the end of the Public Enemies promo at the end of June. Looks like it took him close to 3 months, maybe less, but his natural weight seems to be lower than when he is bulked up for Batman or Terminator, so he was already pretty lean.

  • meh

    dang he looks scary thin for this role

  • YOU/ME

    Wow, he seems to have lost a lot of his weight really fast, that can’t be healthy. He looks like sh*t. I get that it’s for a role, but seriously….why?? Oh wait, I bet he has a few million reasons,lol…

  • OMG

    Well I guess he is working for that Oscar nod..

  • plum

    @OMG: he never was nominated.
    never for “american psycho”! he’s terrific
    never for “the machinist”! he’s again skinnier
    never for “rescue dawn”! skinny body,eat maggots,funny character
    never for “the prestige”!
    not for “Public enemies”! it’ll be Johnny Depp
    Why now? he does what he always does. Every other actor yet should be nominated,not him.Hollywood and Oscar dislike him,it’s all

  • hello

    i love him

  • cindy

    wow! it’s true, bale will be in a “boxing” movie. he and mark walberg have been watching Manny PACMAN Paqcuio training! do ya think he picked up some of his moves?

    bale…..friggin’ awesome actor! =D

  • kate

    Pour a little sugar on it honey
    Pour a little sugar on it Baby
    I’m gonna make your life so sweet, yeah yeah yeah

  • joeybaby

    Looks like he’s trying to be Sam Rockwell with that hairline, etc.

  • caddie

    this isnt in la, its in lowell, ma…about a half hour out of boston. the movie is being filmed there which makes sense b/c ward and eckland are from there

  • Velvet Goldminee

    So true……lol

  • Laura

    Well.. at least now people can stop saying his wife isn’t good looking enough for him

  • lovely

    Gross. That cannot be healthy. I don’t think it’s worth risking your health for a movie role.

  • facts

    He should wear that shirt all the time. Or just change his legal name to that. Either way, it’s quite fitting.

  • hollister

    im sorry i never could understand the appeal……….very average looking !!!!

  • deraj tsuj

    he stole nick cage’s hair

  • angie&brad

    He’s not hot at all and this sounds like another boring intense performance by Bale. Im so happy Brad Pitt pass up on this role because its not worth risking your health and your life and with the case of Bale he torments his body constantly.

  • christine

    aaawww SUGA SUGA honey! i dunno…
    anyway, I don’t c the appeal of Bale. I don’t find him attractive and his personality sucks! And he goes back and forth btw his UK & american accents. Pick one, cause it makes u seem like a weirdo. And may I advise you pick ur NATIVE accent. He seems mean-spirited. And not in any masculine, tough guy way. But in that psycho Tom Cruise way where he calls that NBC Today Show host “GLIB”. I don’t expect him to be cheery. Bales’s just BORING. Insenstive nut. He’s not “intense”. He’s UNAPPEALING. I still can’t believe they cast him as Batman… of all the men… they couldn’ve picked Wentworth Miller for Batman.
    These casting agents should be fired and new ones should be recruited.
    I’m still not over the fact they cast that other weirdo for Robin Hood… See, I can’t even remember that Australian … New Zealand… whatever actor’s name. He’s another one who HITS. Violent, tempermental actors. Need to keep ur testosterone in check.
    Oh yea, Russel Crowe….

  • megan fox

    I hope he just puts the weight back and looks yummy again soon enough.. still remember his AMAZING transition from the Machinist to Batman Begins…. WOW

  • jasmine

    nah he stole brendan fraser’s hair @ 22

  • st dee

    Christian, you’re a Dick ;-)….but I still love you…can’t wait to see the movie.

  • # 24

    Matt Lauer is a glib and the rest of the mainstream media.

  • Blueyes


    Nice! Good to see someone using their brain.

  • Blueyes


    WOW! Got some crazy issues yourself there christine huh sweetie. Do you know this man other than what you’ve read in the O so fair minded media? I think not. And it makes me laugh to no end when people post things like this. You know you’re doing the same thing your bitching about him doing? You’re just doing it with a keyboard.

  • jako

    Can anybody put Bale on Rom-Com movie please!!! ?

    I want to see him in a romantic guy character…….

  • helps

    Christian is a fine male specimen (when he’s at his normal weight) but I don’t envy Mrs Bale. Being married to this man must be a serious challenge for her. I find it hard to believe that he manages to ‘switch off’ at the end of a days shooting. Far too intense imo… probably stemming from deep seated issues.

  • helps


    I agree! I would like to see Bale in a rom com too. It would have to be a pretty spectacular script for him to consider though. He’s on record saying that he likes seriously challenging roles and I doubt he’ll compromise much. If it ever happens I just hope that his co-stars is NOT the talentless Anniston, because I wouldn’t be able to stomach it. Bale for a rom com!!!

  • me

    I was there yesterday, This was in Lowell, not LA! And his hair was thinned for the role. He is playing a cracked out character! Oh, and Mark Wahlberg needs to get some more boxing parctice in. He was too jumpy around the ring. Mickey was probably cringing watching him (he was there too)

  • potter

    this movie will suck

  • wed mother

    Ya’ll do realize that these photos were taken on the film set? Bale is wearing a wig, oversized shirt and pants [a costume] and makeup to play his character. This is not his real look… and no, he’s not going bald.

    To read some of these comments makes me laugh at the gullibility and stupidity of some people.

  • nou

    LOOOOVE CHRISTIAN BALE NO MATTER WHAT!!! He’s intense, he has charisma, he has attitude and he’s a goddawn good actor! That’s all I have to say!

  • nah

    @christine: Do you really think that anyone gives a crap about what you think? Hahaha! So sad…
    If you don’t like Christian, why the hell are you even looking him up? At least he doesn’t post annoying and ill-informed comments about people that he doesn’t even know!!! Get a life.

  • suppress your appetite

    great pictures…