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Hilary Duff Gets Shy and Shady

Hilary Duff Gets Shy and Shady

Hilary Duff puts on her sunglasses as she gets a little shy walking around Monday (July 13) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 21-year-old Cheaper by the Dozen actress was out and about this past weekend, showing off her recent ‘do from Kev Paves.

Earlier in the week, she worked out with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak at his gym in West Hollywood. It was also announced that Hil will be heading to Bogota during the first week of August for the Blessing in a Backpack cause.

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  • mailey

    cute skirt.

  • savannah

    She looks cute in that outfit. Wonder who’s going to be the first looser to comment on her weight??

  • laya

    cute skirt yes, but the outfit looks awful: soooooooo shortening on her…and she’s already super short!!

  • The Beautiful Life TV Show

    Hilary is so beautiful, she shouldn’t put shades on to hide away.

  • Violette

    Boots look all wrong with that outfit

  • Jensen


  • cherrybaby

    She looks freakin adorable!! I don’t miss the unhealthy skinny days at all.

  • monique

    She carries the bag I really want to have right now! Where do you think I can buy a bag like hers??

  • Sydney

    I think it was you!

  • (:

    she is pretty but what is she wearing.. i dont like it at all.. i mean, they are pretty pieces but they just clash badly with each other in my opinion.

  • sooo

    she looks shorter

  • Michelle

    Um…and she has breast implants, hello?! How can you not notice…she used to be flat as a pancake!

  • Jensen

    Bonnie & Clyde is today *—————–*

  • SMA

    i would try to hide too if I wore that outfit. YUCK! Is she preggers?

  • Andy


  • Meream

    That is a cute skirt! I think I will try this outfit tomorrow. :D

  • savannah

    Read carefully what I wrote idiot,I wasnt being negative about her at all, what who was going to be the first one with the negative comments,,

  • savannah

    And the honnor goes to Alex the first looser to make a nasty comment

  • xo

    this dress is for fat chicks to hide their fatiness inside!!! anyone wearing this kind of outfit is normally fat or ugly!!! and hillary fits in perfectly!!! i do not care what you ppl think..its only my opinion so live it it!!!

  • Josh

    She’s so pretty, I’m loving all this Duff posts jared keep it up! She works the outfit nonetheless

  • xo

    Hey savanah!!! alex is entitled to his opinion!!1 whats your problem..I am sure you are one of those people who is ignored by society and have no real friends because you are ugly and fat!!!

  • irish girl

    She seems like a little cutie. Nice personality, but tragic outfit.

  • kate

    Hmmm, she’s got a Ken Paves ‘do and she’s lookin’ a whole lot like Jessica Simpson here – you now, that stuffed sauage look. This is not good….

  • Saudia

    love her .. Hilary has such an awesome body, great curves :) Can’t wait to see her on GOSSIP GIRL!!

  • OLya


  • lynn

    She looks really soft.

  • pam


  • squishy butt

    She is chubby, if that offends people, then so be it. She is a short, chubby woman. What used to be called pleasantly plump, or comfortably upholstered. I always thought that HW was size zero city, the anorexic capital of the world. Now the trend seems to be for short, plump starlets instead. Shame, coz I miss the long, elegant ones.

  • Ben

    She is an average cute girl, with very little real talent. A Disney Channel Widget sold to that demographic which is outgrowing her. Then What?

    I believe this board and every other one like it is being spammed with false positive comments about her, from spam companies hired to promote her.

    The public is clueless that this goes on. In the music business, where I work, its part of the budget.

    Just a little reality folks. PLEASE!

  • truthfairy

    @Ben: Course they r. And fans r gullible enough to believe it. A friend of mine made decent money writing positive letters on little miss such and such slut paid for by her PR company! Just to sway public opinion.

  • Somebody

    Oh come on, the peasant skirts with beading went out about 5 years ago and cowboy boots? If she really felt the need to wear a skirt from 2004, then wear some flip flops or something. Are the cowboy boots left over from the Jessica Simpson line back a few years ago? Seriously, who dresses these people?

  • Avery

    Damn people, get over yourselves. She is not a red carpet, she is walking around in her neighborhood. Of course, she knows the paps are going to get her, but I’m sure she doesn’t care what we think about her boots and skirts.

  • korrah

    ehh yeah what was she thinking that outfit is horrible the girl behind her in the pictures has a better fashion sense. I love hilary though!

  • LOL

    LOL . . .bad outfit. . .looks like something Shia’s mom would wear.

  • ben

    At least her teeth don’t weigh more than her now.

  • Mick

    Shes lost weight.

  • Helen

    I love her!
    but i hate the outfit
    and her weight looks fine its just that her arms look bulky and not that flattering

  • christine

    She has a very beautiful figure.

  • christine

    Her arms r not bulky. They’re just fine! Anyway, short and full-figured is a beautiful thing… much more fun in bed. You can pick those gals up and they’re legs won’t hit u in the face!

  • doll123

    so pretty

  • SMA

    her arms are HUGE. WOW! Hulk Hogan is jealous. Is this the return of “Puff Duff”? Even her ice dancer bf looks puffy.

    I love her for her charity stuff – she is tops, but her acting & singing is subpar. If it wasn’t for Paris Hilton or Kristin Cavallari – Hilary would be the worst actress in H-Wood.

  • michelle

    she dress sooooooooooooo bad

  • Kim

    I love this Hillary much better than the skinny minny version. She looks beautiful!

  • Boo

    she has the worst dress sense, she needs to get herself a stylist asap

  • steve says

    @christine: You couldn’t pick her up! Not without getting a hernia! Christine, short and full figured is not beautiful. Not to a guy anyway! Long legs, small waist, firm breasts and butts’ll do it but no-one wants a gal with sumo wrestlers arms and no visible waist line. Specially one that’s vertically challenged. It just don’t do it! I know they say that you don’t look at the mantelpiece while stoking the fire but, hey, we guys can only keep our eyes shut for so long.

  • Natasha

    Men aren’t posting on here. Those are chicks pretending to do so. BECAUSE men I know wouldn’t call hil fat. She is not this super skinny chick but she is still slim. The out fit is tres horrible. The skirt is beautiful. Would have looked nicer if it was high waisted. The cowboy boots are soooooo 2005! Would have looked better with heels or gladiator sandals. Her hair looks bad. All she needs is a good hairstyle and make-up. THEN she wouldn’t have looked like a sausage midget.

  • Aline

    She is very fat again!! She sould took care about weight before getting so fat again.

  • steve says

    The guys you know are just being polite. She’s overweight. And last time I looked I still p***** upright, thank god. Why can’t you gals just accept the fact that guys don’t like fat bints. We don’t, it’s gross. Fat is such a big turn off. We like long legs, firm tits and a nice tight a**. No plastic! No buck teeth, yellow teeth, overbite, braces, jug ears, big honkers and lard butts either. This gal is no pin up in my locker, that’s for sure.

  • Avery09

    I’m so excited that she will be on GG. She will fit right in with all the other beautiful GGs! I really like her outfit, too.

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh

    Hate the skirt, hate the skirt, it’s hideous. My eyes, oh my god, my eyes. It’s repulsive. You gotta have a waistline to wear that, like, you know, it’s so important. It’s so, so, so, so, so bad and wrong, wrong, wrong. Hilary Duff, I’ve had enuff, please, no more fashion crimes.